For your convenience, we've compiled a list of Bible reading plans for you Duration: One year | Download: PDF. 52 Week Bible Reading Plan. 52 Week Bible Reading Plan. Epistles. The Law. History. Psalms. Poetry. Prophecy. Gospels. Week. (Sunday). (Monday). (Tuesday). (Wednesday). ( Thursday). Featured Download: I compiled a collection of 46 printable PDF Bible reading plans for you to download. Plans you won't find in this list.

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Bible Readin. September. New Testament. Old Testament. >LUKE. >HEBREWS. >PROVERBS >ISAIAH. 1. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ 2. ☐ The most thorough list of bible reading plans for (Including a list of PDF and printable). If you have plans to read the bible in one year, two. The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan offers special features that will •If reading through the entire Bible in one year looms as too large a task, you can.

Ask yourself questions such as: What did the person learn in this verse?

What does God say on how I can apply this in my life? How can I place myself in this situation, and use it to better my life?

Here is the ultimate guide to the better Bible reading plans

Some Christians think there's a mess of life and they're confused and they don't know the answers. Does this sound like you?

As a beginner reading the Bible can give them life answers and make them feel fulfilled, at peace and closer to Christianity and God. The Bible contains many chapters about how the earth was created to the extent that Jesus, the Son of God, made his way through this earth as a human being in society and also what happened after he returned to heaven with God.

Download a Free Bible Reading Plan

There's nothing wrong with reading the Bible and forgetting that other people call you hopeless. The Bible is for everybody who wants to read it - from beginners to advanced.

If your looking for help to remind yourself of God's love, visit Christian Affection to find products you can wear everyday and keep a mind on the scripture.

After all: There is no time limit whatsoever to read it.

You can try to read the bible by setting a schedule every day, week, month. You can read from 3 chapters anywhere from a different part of the Bible. Look at it this way You wouldn't feel stuck for a couple of days and weeks if you could switch areas every day.

Try this type of strategy and you will not fail on your annual goal of reading through the Bible every year. Read From 4 Separate Places This plan gives you a good mix of reading an Old Testament book, a wisdom book and two New Testament books for each reading.

It is also structured well enough that you could shorten your reading for each day by focusing only on Old Testament, New Testament or some other variation. Read from the Old and New Testament This is a pretty straightforward plan starting from the beginning of the Old and New Testaments and working its way to the end.

The family readings are meant for going over with your family, in groups or at a Bible study whereas the secret readings are for your own personal devotional time.

Legacy Reading Plan

You could just as easily read the secret readings in a group and vice versa. The whole Bible will be read through in an orderly manner in the course of a year.

Read in chronological order This plan is based upon the historical research of scholars as it compiles readings according to the order that the events actually occurred.

Read in the order each book was written This plan is founded upon the research completed in regard to the dates each canonical book was authored.

Thus progressing through the Psalmistry once each year. Because the Book of Proverbs is replete with principles for successful daily living, the Legacy Reading Plan is to read one chapter of Proverbs each day, thus progressing through Provers once a month.

Genre: To understand Scripture in the sense in which it is intended, it is important to pay special attention to the genre we are reading. In other words, to interpret the Bible as literature, it is crucial to consider the kind of literature we are interpreting. As a legal brief differs from a prophetic oracle, there is a difference in genre between Leviticus and Revelation.

Genre is particularly significant when considering writings that are difficult to categorize, such as Genesis which is largely a historical narrative interlaced with symbolism and repetitive poetic structure.

Chronological Readings

During the spring the plan is to read through historical narratives, while the focus for summer is prophecy. Author: As it is essential to read through Books rather than bits, so it is helpful to read biblical authors sequentially. As such, the Legacy Reading Plan is grouped by author. Likewise, John alone identifies Jesus as the true witness John 5; Revelation 2 , and it is John who most exploits the Mosaic requirement of two witnesses John 8; Revelation 2.

Context: Context has an impact on how you contextualize one set of biblical Books in relation to another.Tweet 2.

Giving Guidance to Your Scripture Reading

We have created a unique four-fold method of bible reading that directs the individual to read a short passage of scripture four times. God always manages to use those readings to touch me that day with whatever I may be going through and often He links the readings together.

And maybe best of all, the Old Testament made a lot more sense! The reading calendar is naturally segmented into seasons and the seasons into months. As a legal brief differs from a prophetic oracle, there is a difference in genre between Leviticus and Revelation.

Context: Context has an impact on how you contextualize one set of biblical Books in relation to another. More about the Facebook Group Mentioned Above.

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