It's not that easy to find one word to describe Basel. Terms such as “Switzerland's capital of culture”, “con- ference location” or “university city” are inadequate as. Here you can find all brochures of Basel Tourism: City Guide | Old Town Walks | City Map | Basel Guide | Restaurants in Basel | Zoo | City Tours | Group activities . The actual dimensions of the Basel map are X pixels, file size (in bytes) - You can open this downloadable and printable map of Basel by.

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Get the free printable map of Basel Printable Tourist Map or create your own tourist map. See the best attraction in Basel Printable Tourist Map. CityGuide PDF - Basel Region. A perfect day in. Museum of Ethnology Basel ( Museum der Kulturen). Basel. Basel is the home . Map Ansicht Show on map. Are you visiting Basel and want to have an offline map to view without internet connectivity? Moovit has easy-to-download transportation maps in PDF format.

Air transport in the country also deserves a praise.

Buses run to each airport on a schedule. Air transport is in demand among travelers only in the case of foreign flights, since the land transport is already well developed in Switzerland.

Map of Basel

Economy roadmap of Switzerland The textile industry is one of the most important places in the construction of the economic structure. The leading position in the food industry is taken by the Nestle Corporation.

The main assets of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry belong to Novartis and Hoffmann-la-Roche. Swede-Swiss concern ABB is engaged in the manufacture of turbines and electrical engineering.

The mechanical engineering is focused on forge-and-press equipment and high-precision metalworking machines. In general, there are very few large enterprises in Switzerland. The economy is based on small single companies and organizations. The transport connection in Switzerland occupies a very important position in the system of European transport interchanges.

CityGuide PDF - Basel Region

The country is crossed by many important highways, in spite of the fact that it was necessary to struggle with a mountainous relief, constructing tunnels, viaducts, and bridges to build them. Car rental on OrangeSmile.

Our guide chapters over Basel Advices for travellers 7. Basel is distinguished by a convenient public transport system. Tickets for buses and trams can be bought in special vending machines that can be found next to each traffic stop. You should keep in mind that these machines do not accept paper money and do not give change, so taking more coins in small denominations with you is a good idea.

Those tourists, who plan to rent a car, should not … Open. Active recreation In Switzerland, everything is expensive, but in large cities like Basel and even more so. In the adjacent streets there are, of course, small boutiques and small benches, but if you do not know about them, you can hardly find them.

Here there are basically typical mass-market brands.

Besides an amazing observation deck, you can find a lot of interesting on the outskirts of the city. There you can see unusual Basel. Taking a stroll through the picturesque neighborhoods and streets of the port area, be sure to look for Schiff restaurant. It can be safely called a local … Open. Festivals and events in Basel If you are coming to Basel at the end of July, make sure to attend the ImFluss musical festival.

This unique musical event lasts almost for three weeks in the open air on a small stage located directly on the Rhine.


Each year, the festival attracts interesting musical groups and performers from different countries. October 26 - November 3 takes place the BaselWineFair, which is one of the largest wine fairs in … Open.

If you don't want to download multi tickets with the machine, you can go to any "Kiosk" and ask for the tram tickets. It's great if you have a group of people and you are only planning to take one trip on the trams. It will save you having to find enough coins to pay for everyone if you have a big group And you get 6 one way trips for the price of 5.

Plan your trip

But if you're planning on making more than 1 trip on the tram, I suggest you consider the day ticket because 2 or 3 rides on the tram will normally be the same price as a day ticket. And with a day ticket, you can jump on any tram and ride it from one end to the other as many times as you want. You can see a lot of interesting things in Basel that way This is a list of my favorites organized in a way so you can make your own little tour of Basel.

So it's not just a Basel city map, it's also a Basel city tour map. Everything on this Basel city map are all within walking distance, but I'd put on my really comfortable walking shoes first From here you can take the number 11 or number 8 tram to Marktplatz.

Once you are at Marktplatz, you won't need to take the tram unless you just want to It's the big red building with golden spires The courtyard is open during the day and you're free to walk around and explore it.

Look for a door in the back that leads up some stairs If this door isn't locked, you will discover the tiny medieval lanes of Basel leading up to the Munsterkirche. The Market at Marktplatz Most every week day, there will be a food market at Marktplatz.

You can download cheeses, flowers, sausages, meats, breads, and a little something to munch on here. It starts closing up in the early afternoon Mittlere Bruck If you walk from Marktplatz towards the Globus department store, you'll see a bridge.

This is the Mittlere Bruck. It was the first bridge built in Basel and one of the first bridges built over the Rhine. The original bridge was built in It had to be rebuilt in , but it is identical to the original medieval bridge.

The Way to the Munsterkirche and Medieval Winding Lanes If the door in the back of the Basel city hall is locked, you can still get to those winding little medieval streets When you come out of the city hall, go to your right.

You'll see a little stairway leading up a narrow street. This will take you to Munsterkirche, but you'll still need a copy of this Basel city map because it's not a direct route.

But generally speaking, once you get to the top of the stairs, continue to your right And enjoy the wonderful medieval homes and buildings along the way! It was built between AD and AD. The original Munster kirche was damaged around by an earthquake and had to be repaired.

In the crypt, there are graves dating back to AD. Sometimes the crypt is open and sometimes it isn't, but the rest of the Munster kirche is open during the day. And you can climb to the top of its roof for a few Swiss francs The Faehri Behind the Munster kirche you'll see a set of stairs leading down to the Rhine It's one of four Faehri crossings in Basel.

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The Faehri are boats that cross the Rhine river without an engine only using the current of the river to get from one side to the other. In the past, the Mitterle bruck was the only way to cross the Rhine in Basel for a long time. Nowadays, no one really needs these ferries, but the people of Basel still support them and allow them to continue operating. And after you ride the ferry, you can walk back up the Rhine to Mittlere Bruck As you can see on the Basel city map, it's not a long walk There are a number of interesting places to visit here.

Next, sometimes there is a market selling clothing, jewelry and food which can be fun and interesting.

Route network

Then there is the "Fastnachts Brunnen" which you can see when you go around the corner of the "Casino".There you can see unusual Basel. It is easy to change the font of inscriptions, all or each individually.

The Treaty of Basel ended the war and granted the Swiss confederates exemptions from the emperor Maximillian's taxes and jurisdictions, separating Switzerland de facto from the Holy Roman Empire. This unique musical event lasts almost for three weeks in the open air on a small stage located directly on the Rhine. Despite the size of the country, there are lots of great highways with a magnificent road surface.

You can download a multi ticket for multiple separate trips too or There are a number of interesting places to visit here. In the Amerbaschsches Kabinett was established in Basel as the first public museum of art.

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