A simple dedication for special people Andrea Pirlo For Niccolò – because every In this book Andrea says, and I quote: “After the World Cup in Brazil, I'm. 26 May More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. Replying to @ TransfersCalcio. “@TransfersCalcio: Download a pdf copy of Andrea Pirlo's book: . Andrea Pirlo Autobiography Pdf Download by Littver, released 29 October Andrea Pirlo Autobiography Pdf Download >>>

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About the Book: I think therefore I play Book. Author: Andrea Pirlo with Alessandro Alciato. Publisher: BackPage Press. Publish date: 15 April. Andrea Pirlo - I Think Therefore I Play PDF. Publisher: BackPage Press Limited Language: English. Format: PDF. Category: Autobiography. Downloads PDF Andrea Pirlo: I think therefore I play, PDF Downloads Book Details Author: Andrea Pirlo with Alessandro Alciato Pages:

On 30 March , he scored his first goal with Milan in a 3—1 home win over Parma , from a free kick.

Pirlo led Serie A in the —03 season in four categories — passes played , ball possession hours played and 39 minutes , successful balls , and successful passes ; he averaged almost 90 passes per game throughout the season. During this season, his second with the club, he also managed a career best of 9 goals in Serie A, as Milan finished the league in third place, also winning the Coppa Italia over Roma , [50] and the UEFA Champions League , beating out Italian rivals and Serie A champions Juventus in the final 3—2 on penalties, following a 0—0 draw after extra-time.

In the —05 UEFA Champions League , Pirlo finished as one of the second highest assist providers with four assists, [60] as he helped Milan to reach the final. In the second half, however, Liverpool made a three-goal comeback, sending the match into extra time.

After a 3—3 deadlock, the match went to penalties, and Milan were defeated by the English team in the shoot-out. Despite Pirlo's performance throughout the competition and in the final, one of the most forgettable incidents of the season was probably his penalty miss during the shoot-out in the final, as his spot kick was saved by Jerzy Dudek.

The Champions League final simply suffocated me I no longer felt like a player, and that was devastating enough. But even worse, I no longer felt like a man. When we played together, everything started with him.

I think therefore I play

He always had the great gift of being able to visualise and anticipate plays before everyone else. His vision, what he can do with the ball, and what he's able to create, make him a true superstar. Andrea has something which you don't see very often. Pirlo led Milan in minutes played for the —07 season with 2, across 52 appearances, as he went on to win his second UEFA Champions League title with Milan, also helping his team to a fourth-place finish in Serie A , and another Coppa Italia semi-final.

The club rejected the offer and Pirlo was said to be contemplating a transfer request. During this period, Milan also finished as runners up in Serie A in the —05 and the —06 seasons, as well as finishing second on penalties in the Supercoppa Italiana, and in the Intercontinental Cup.

A player of his level and ability, not to mention that he was free, I think it was the signing of the century!

Top 11 extracts from Andrea Pirlo's autobiography "I Think Therefore I Play"

We dont waste time. We want to download you right now, and weve already spoken to Milan. Theyve said no, but well not give up: were Barcelona. Were used to hearing certain answers but, in the end, things pretty much always change. Well try again with Milan. In the meantime, start making a few moves with them as well. I suppose it was always going to go like that. Back then, they still thought I had all my faculties and so they kept me, without ever getting involved in full-on negotiations.

Eventually he didn't move to Barcelona as Milan were too reluctant to let him go. They looked like they were trying to kill each other: there were definitely some broken ribs, despite silence and denials from the king's buglers who said it was just a 'lively confrontation'.

Those of us who'd witnessed it were put in mind of a mafia-style settling of the scores. The pre-season went very well and Simoni gave me a lot of time asa starter and as the first reserve.

Then Lucescu came who trusted the older players more, Castellini who replaced Lucescu thought I was okay whilst [Roy] Hodgson said my name wrong. We went through four coaches that year Id wake up in the morning and not remember who my coach was. We could tell what was coming and so wed commandeer all the knives.

Frequently bought together

Gattuso would grab a fork and try to stick it in us. Some of us ended up missing games because of one of Rinos fork attacks, even if the official explanation from the club was one of muscle fatigue. Rino's word was law at Milan, and anyone new to the club was aware that the first thing they had to do if they made a mistake was explain themselves to him. A lot of the time, its better than sex: it lasts longer and if it falls flat, it cant just be your fault. Take someone like [Parma striker, his former team-mate] Antonio Cassano.

He says hes slept with women but he doesnt get picked for Italy any more.

Can he really be happy? I wouldnt be. That shirt, with its Smurf-like blue, gives you a whole new image across the world.

It takes you to a higher level. Much better to be a soldier on the pitch than in the bedroom. Hes a man without blemish, but he ruined that purity just for a moment when it came to me. A fleeting shabbiness came over the legend that night. At Milan, he unleashed Park Ji-sung to shadow me. He rushed about at the speed of an electron. Hed fling himself at me, his hands all over my back, trying to intimidate me. Hed look at the ball and not know what it was for.

Theyd programmed him to stop me. His devotion to the task was almost touching.

Even though he was a famous player, he consented to being used as a guard dog. Its already done enough damage: most of it hidden far from the surface. Ill never watch that match again. Ive already played it once in person and many other times in my head, searching for an explanation that perhaps doesnt even exist.

It was suggested we hang a black funeral pall as a permanent reminder on the walls of Milanello, right next to the images of triumph. A message to future generations that feeling invincible is the first step on the path to the point of no return. Personally, Id add that horrendous result to the clubs honours board.

Id write it slap bang in the middle of the list of leagues and cups theyve won, in a different coloured ink and perhaps a special font, just to underline its jarring presence.

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I thought about quitting because, after Istanbul, nothing made sense any more. The Champions League final simply suffocated me. To most peoples minds, the reason we lost on penalties was Jerzy Dudek that jackass of a dancer who took the mickey out of us by swaying about on his line and then rubbed salt into the wound by saving our spot kicks.

I could hardly sleep and even when I did drop off, I awoke to a grim thought: Im disgusting. I cant play any more. I went to bed with Dudek and all his Liverpool team-mates.

Ill never fully shake that sense of absolute impotence when destiny is at work. The feeling will cling to my feet forever, trying to pull me down There are always lessons to be found in the darkest moments.

Its a moral obligation to dig deep and find that little glimmer of hope or pearl of wisdom. You might hit upon an elegant phrase that stays with you and makes the journey that little bit less bitter.

And ever since its existed, Ive been Barcelona, apart from a brief spell way back at the start when Id go Milan.

I cant say with any certainty how many virtual matches Ive played over the last few years but, roughly speaking, it must be at least four times the number of real ones.

Pirlo v Nesta was a classic duel back in our Milanello days. Wed get in early, have breakfast at 9am and then shut ourselves in our room and hit the PlayStation until Training would follow, then wed be back on the computer games until four in the afternoon.

Truly a life of sacrifice. On a different chapter, he wrote, "I don't feel pressure I don't give a toss about it.

In the evening, I went out and won the World Cup. As I began my run up, I still hadn't decided what I was going to do. And then he moved and my mind was made up. It was all impromptu, not premeditated. There was absolutely no showboating about it - that's not my style. I was a Madrid player in my head, my heart and my soul.

I had a five-year contract sitting waiting, and a salary that was out of this world.A space where I can continue to profess my creed: take the ball, give it to a team-mate, team-mate scores.

Being able to see the bigger picture. How are you? Nesta got injured straight away, against the Czech Republic in the group stage. Pirlo writes as he plays, sharp and to the point with a touch of genious from time to time. The second part is the name of the team he wants to play for. Alex Ferguson.

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