hundreds times for their chosen books like this alpha shifters 6 rachel vincent, but end Download Alpha (Shifters, #6) by Rachel Vincent Pdf Book ePub. 6 rachel pdf a werecat (also written in a hyphenated form as were-cat) is an analogy to vincent fri, 08 feb gmt alpha shifters 6 by rachel pdf - in. Alpha (Shifters #6)() read online free by Rachel Vincent. Alpha (Shifters Download Alpha (Shifters, #6) by Rachel Vincent Pdf Book ePub.

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[READ ONLINE] Alpha (Shifters Book 6) by Rachel Vincent. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Alpha. Alpha book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The unscrupulous new Council chair has charged Jace, Marc and me with trespa . like reading. alpha shifters 6 rachel vincent pdf download - alpha shifters 6 rachel vincent alpha (shifters,. #6) by rachel vincent goodreads.

This does not stop her from overcoming adversity and demonstrating that there is a lot more she and women can offer than reproduction of the race, but she can lead her pride into a brighter future.

That strength is more than being physically strong.

Stray[ edit ] Stray is the first book of the Shifter Series, in which Faythe Sanders, the main character, is introduced. She is a werecat desperately trying to escape her world and live free as any normal 'human' girl her age would.

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Her responsibilities as a werecat include marriage and childbearing, none of which she is ready for. While away at Graduate school, Faythe is visited by her ex-fiance, Marc Ramos, who is there to inform her that there have been two tabby kidnappings.

Tabbies, or female werecats are rare and therefore valuable to the werecat community. One small mistake causes Faythe to get kidnapped herself. Rogue[ edit ] Rogue is the second book of the Shifter Series. Faythe finds herself an enforcer, or protector of her Pride. She has gotten back together with her ex-fiance, Marc Ramos, but is still not willing to marry him, convinced that her life would be over if she did.

Faythe discovers that her human ex-boyfriend, Andrew, has become a werecat himself, a Stray a werecat not born into a Pride, a person who was scratched or bitten by a werecat, and turned into a werecat. Faythe discovers that she accidentally turned Andrew into a werecat and he wants to kill her for it. Females are rare, and they're supposed to hit puberty, get married, and produce the next generation with their One True Love.

No other options.

So Faythe has defied tradition so far. She went to college.

Good for her! She had a boyfriend there. Even better! A non-Pride boyfriend.

To my way of thinking, not her subculture's. She left her guy, Marc, standing at the altar to do all that, though.

Rachel Vincent

Eww - not classy. But after she goes back home, she gets back together with Marc. Then she "connects" with Jace. That means "has sex with.

Rachel Vincent

Very bad idea. But Oh, They were Grieving! For her brother and his best friend, who had just been treacherously killed by enemies! So of course the way to do that, instead of talking about their memories of him, is to roll around naked in the middle of a public room, right? Um, not the way I'd do it, but, apparently that's their way.

She has her own website and blog which is updated regularly so that fans are aware about her latest work. She is active on the social media and connects with her fans on a regular basis.

This was followed by a succession of 3 series of Novels and several anthologies. The Shifter Series — The Shifter series is based on the life of a werecat, Faythe Sanders, and there are 6 books in total.

Soul Screamers Volume Three (Soul Screamers #5, 5.5, 6)

The series captures the life, trials and tribulations of Faythe as she goes about her struggle to make a place for herself in her pride led by her father. Faythe is portrayed as a strong character who firmly believes in her values which often land her in trouble.

Although possessing a great personality and fiery temperament she fights to be seen as a strong leader rather than just a mode of reproduction for her clan. Stray- Stray is the first novel in the Shifter series. This is where we are introduced to the world of werecats and the protagonist, Faythe Sanders. Although aware of her werecat status, Faythe itches to live a normal life as a young girl her age and not be burdened by the responsibility thrust towards her by her clan which is mainly marriage and child bearing.

This book focuses on tabby kidnapping.


Tabbies are rare female werecats who are extremely valuable to the community. Fathye meets her ex fiance, Marc Ramos , who informs her of the kidnappings and unwittingly, following a series of events, Faythe lands up getting kidnapped herself. Rogue — Rogue is the second book in the Shifter series.

In this book Faythe is entrusted the responsibility of protecting her pride. Although she and Marc get back together she is still hesitant to marry him as she thinks her life would be over if she did.

Meanwhile Faythe discovers that her human ex boyfriend, Andrew, is seeking to kill her as he has become a werecat, due to her. Soul Screamer focuses of the life of an young girl, Kaylee Cavanaugh, who has a strange super power. She gets the premonition when anyone nearby is about to die. This series was Young Adult genre debut for Rachel Vincent.

There was aEbook prequel called Reaper and prequel novella, A soul to Lose were published for this series. As she struggles to understand this power within her, there are a series of deaths with no apparent reason.Otherwise, you might not have gotten in her pants.

I am extremely satisfied with how things finished and how everything was handled. I've said in previous reviews that her smug attitude came across bitchy rather than heroic, and she does sometimes make things worse for herself.

Anyway, there you have it. Never one to share away from heartbreaking situations and consequences, this one had me in tears on numerous occasions as the realities of the war hit home and no one was safe. As the Church gets wind of this, Nina and her sister are on the run to save themselves and expose the startling truth.

So to continue the tradition, I'm going to give this one a solid three star status. Up all night with the baby.

I want them to have their own book series. And as much as I hate to focus on Marc-Faythe-Jace so much, they were the central story to this series, in This is by far my favorite book in this series.

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