Modern JavaScript Tutorial: simple, but detailed explanations with examples and From the basics to advanced topics with simple, but detailed explanations. use OST's Sandbox and learning tools. read about what to expect in the Advanced JavaScript course. review JavaScript basics. use the Developer Tools in your. ADVANCED JAVASCRIPT. SETUP. Card 1 of 6. I'm Learning: JavaScript. Produced by CoderDojo Foundation // @CoderDojo. This set of Sushi Cards will take.

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This tutorial provides an overview of Javascript programming language, it's a training document course in PDF under 34 pages designated to. Download Advanced JavaScript Tutorial Download free online book chm pdf. Combining advanced. JavaScript/DOM techniques Prototype automatically evaluates JavaScript when Content-type: Complete tutorial & demo code.

This enables all sorts of clever tricks. This is particularly useful for dealing with tree structures, such as those found in the browser DOM. JavaScript lets you name function expressions for this. This allows more optimizations to be done by the engine and results in more readable code. The name also shows up in the debugger and some stack traces, which can save you time when debugging. Note that JavaScript functions are themselves objects — like everything else in JavaScript — and you can add or change properties on them just like we've seen earlier in the Objects section.

In classic Object Oriented Programming, objects are collections of data and methods that operate on that data. Instead, JavaScript uses functions as classes. Let's consider a person object with first and last name fields. There are two ways in which the name might be displayed: as "first last" or as "last, first". You end up with dozens of functions in your global namespace. What we really need is a way to attach a function to an object. Used inside a function, this refers to the current object.

What that actually means is specified by the way in which you called that function. If you called it using dot notation or bracket notation on an object, that object becomes this. If dot notation wasn't used for the call, this refers to the global object. Note that this is a frequent cause of mistakes.

Since there are no global variables called first or last we get undefined for each one.

The Modern JavaScript Tutorial

It creates a brand new empty object, and then calls the function specified, with this set to that new object. Notice though that the function specified with this does not return a value but merely modifies the this object.

It's new that returns the this object to the calling site. Functions that are designed to be called by new are called constructor functions. Common practice is to capitalize these functions as a reminder to call them with new. The improved function still has the same pitfall with calling fullName alone.

Javascript Tutorial

Our person objects are getting better, but there are still some ugly edges to them. Every time we create a person object we are creating two brand new function objects within it — wouldn't it be better if this code was shared? Can we do any better than that? It forms part of a lookup chain that has a special name, "prototype chain" : any time you attempt to access a property of Person that isn't set, JavaScript will check Person.

As a result, anything assigned to Person. This is an incredibly powerful tool. The root of that chain is Object.

We can revisit that now. The first argument to apply is the object that should be treated as 'this'. For example, here's a trivial implementation of new: function trivialNew constructor, This is not something you use very often, but it's useful to know about. In this snippet, We've seen this once before, with an earlier makePerson function. If a called function relies on one or two other functions that are not useful to any other part of your code, you can nest those utility functions inside it.

This keeps the number of functions that are in the global scope down, which is always a good thing.

This is also a great counter to the lure of global variables. Eloquent JavaScript This is the second edition of the great book which teaches you how to write precise, elegant and practical code. It starts off with the basics of programming but as you go deeper you'll get into topics like object-oriented JS and higher-order functions. After you've learned all that, the book will show you how to build an HTML game and some example apps with Node.

Eloquent JavaScript A vast collection of examples for the most quirky parts of the language, which are the most likely cause of bugs. JavaScript Garden 5.

This book is suitable for developers from all skill ranges, as it takes care to explain exactly how things work and what to do when you encounter a problem. The books listed in this section will teach you how to write beautiful code. Learning JavaScript Design Patterns An in depth look at both classical and modern design patterns that help us structure our code in the most optimal way.

This book is targeted mostly at professional developers as it looks at advanced JS concepts like closures and prototypal inheritance, that require a certain level of basic prior knowledge and understanding of the language. Learning JavaScript Design Patterns 7.

The JavaScript language

This book studies closely the differences between ECMAScript 5 and 6, the new additions and how to make the best use of them. Human JavaScript Code is run by machines, by written by humans.

This book covers how to write simple and maintainable code. It discusses routing, views and templates, event handling, configuration, testing and more. If you wish to write modular and bug free code with your team, give this one a read.

Human JavaScript 9. Speaking JavaScript A book targeted at people who are already familiar with other programming languages and want to learn JavaScript. Speaking JavaScript It's full of practical design patterns and architecture that will help you write more flexible and reusable code. If you have a large JavaScript code base, there is a good chance you'll find valuable insight in this book.

Only experienced JavaScript devs should approach this book. JavaScript Spessore Frameworks and libraries Writing complex applications is difficult, which is why the community has created a growing number of robust frameworks and libraries. Here are a few books that will make developing with frameworks easier. HTML 5 Shoot 'em Up in an Afternoon A book that guides readers through the process of making a shoot-em-up game similar to the classic video game using Phaser.

Developing Backbone.It doesn't offer any access to Operating system functions.

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More detail on this can be found in the spec proposal , which has since been implemented. Shadow DOM slots, composition. It discusses routing, views and templates, event handling, configuration, testing and more.

This is also a great counter to the lure of global variables.

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