World Made by Hand book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. For the townspeople of Union Grove, New York, the future is not. The critically acclaimed World Made by Hand, is an astonishing work of speculative fiction that brings to life what America might be, a few decades hence . World Made by Hand: A Novel. ID.: GA Category: USmix/Data/US Rating.: /5 From Reviews. James Howard Kunstler. *Download PDF.

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World Made by Hand is a dystopian novel by American author James Howard Kunstler, . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. James Howard Kunstler's most recent social commentaries have pointed to mayhem — ranging from bad surburban planning to how the loss of. The World Jones Made PHILIP K. DICK ACE BOOKS, INC. Avenue of the Americas New York, N.Y. DESTINY WAS IN H.

I fucking get it, you don't like the way the world is. I should have started counting how many times he mentions decaying strip malls and useless stores.

Series: World Made By Hand

I'm not sure if I could count that high though. There are many post-apocalyptic novels out there.

This is another one. For the record, this is another book, one of many that the author has written, that rely on the fruits of the world that he hates to produce and distribute, and probably also to write. Is this unfair to point out?

Is it weird that I think of the author and the points he never seems to let up or tire at making being similar to those of a teenager saying 'fuck you mom and dad' while spending his time playing video games on the giant tv that those same parents bought for him?

Author, social critic and blogger are, um, not exactly professions that are, um, you know, um contributing something to the world that you are supposedly preaching for. I know, I know, you have some great insight that needs to be shared, and you are opening peoples minds, serving as a self-appointed vanguard or something or other.

Do aging baby boomers dream neo-Leninist dreams? This book is a squishy liberal fantasy of what happens after society collapses.

The book takes place in the fictional town of Union Grove, NY. I was hoping when I started to read the book that it actually took place in Saratoga being that it was the author's home for at least a while , but no luck there.

It's still the fall of civilization taking place in my neck of the woods. It's a fairly peaceful fall.

Terrorist bombs have destroyed a number of big cities, and the oil supply has run out. But Robert Earle, protagonist of the book, doesn't feel it does any good to look back at all that's been lost.


Earle is a software executive turned carpenter, and he's somehow come to terms with the loss of his family to the disaster that America has become. He even manages to enjoy a world without electricity and gasoline, given the fact that Union Grove has running water drawn by gravity from the nearby Hudson River.

He's got a mistress, too, in the wife of the local minister.

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And he ekes out a comfortable living as a fisherman and a handyman. The tranquility was pleasing, he tells us at the outset of his story, despite what it signified about what had happened to our society.

Of course, things don't remain tranquil for long. Earle soon finds himself a witness to a murder that the Union Grove inhabitants are almost wholly incapable of dealing with. He then takes a dangerous trip on horseback to search for some men who've gone missing in Albany, which Earle describes as having reverted to a frontier town.

The stakes rise ever higher when Earle's Union Grove friends elect him mayor, placing him in a world of pain.At the other end of this sub-genre are books that are very well-written, yet weak on technical detail, with regards to the re-engineering of available resources, weapons, etc. It aint sic fine literature, its a page-turner.

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James Howard Kunstler born is an American author, social critic, and blogger who is perhaps best known for his book The Geography of Nowhere, a history of suburbia and urban development in the United States.

And we could make a little honest profit too.

The critically acclaimed World Made by Hand , is an astonishing work of speculative fiction that brings to life what America might be, a few decades hence.

Even though Bullock is nominally the town magistrate, his community is somewhat removed from Union Grove.

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