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wield a Magical Warhammer, a weapon forged in ancient times and possessed of raw destructive power. A General of the. Empire may also carry an Imperial. This book focuses on the armies of the Empire, offering you all the information you need to field this force of. Men in your games of Warhammer. Hello people, I searched on google for Warhammer fantasy pdf books of you people know some links for the Empire (I found some pdf books.

Two-handed, Always Strike Last weapon. This will make a skaven player fielding the hell pit abomination cry, not only will you be able to deal upto 3 wounds but you will also strip it of it's annoying regeneration. That is, if your near-naked lord survives the abomination attack. Hint: snipe those with the cannons Armor of Meteoric Iron: 50 points.

And that's assuming no Armor piercing special rules. Causes Fear, and if playing against Skaven, it causes Terror. But, all Skaven gain the Hatred special rule when attacking the unit containing the bearer. The White Cloak of Ulric: 50 points. Enemies in base contact with bearer have -1 to hit. Awesome against Flame breath weapon dragons and the like, and Tzeentch daemons. Van Horstmann's Speculum: 40 points. When in a challenge, you swap all not pick and choose, you must swap all characteristics with your challenger.

Hilarious when you steal a Vampire Lord's characteristics when you challenge him with a mere Empire Battle Wizard.

Warhammer Armies the Empire - 8th Edition

Ring of Volans: 30 points. One use only. Choose 1 spell from any of the 8 Rulebook lores and generate a spell as if the bearer was a Level 1 Wizard. The Spell can be cast just like a bound spell, with a power level equal to the normal casting value. Griffon Banner: 60 points. Your extra rank bonuses are doubled. Hint: you cannot purse, but your detachments are free to do so. Steel Standard: 35 points.

You ignore any negative movement penalties for barding an re-roll 1s when determining charging, fleeing, or pursuing distance. Awesome way of quickly catching up to enemies. First off, you need to properly kit out a champion to handle challenges; most armies you'll face are likely to have a champion bigger and nastier than yours.

In order to survive and thrive in challenges, a character will need three things: A good weapon. If you're looking for something more economical, and the Sword of Anti-Heroes can be awesome if your opponents are still playing Herohammer.

Good Armor. Armor of Silvered Steel and the Armor of Fortune are also good choices. Take the Talisman of Preservation or the White Cloak of Ulric to make a character harder to deal with, especially if you're taking a Templar Grand Master or something equally nasty. My suggestion on a grandmaster is: Ogre blade, Talisman of preservation, full plate armour, shield, barbed horse. Magic banners will help you out tremendously. The Griffon Banner is great if you can afford it, while the Steel Standard has your knights ignore barding penalties and allows them to reroll 1s for movement.

The best banner for its points, however, is the Standard of Discipline. It boosts the Leadership of the unit it's in at the cost of using your general's Inspiring Presence; however, this downside is negated completely and then some if you put the general in that unit. A no brainer choice. However, one thing you should be aware of is that the knights in the Battalion do not come with a Knights of the White Wolf sprue Yes they do but, unless you're running a fluffy Middenheim army, why are you taking Knights of The White Wolf anyway?

Magnetize your artillery so you can swap between cannons and mortars and between Helblasters and Helstorms. The General and Wizard boxes both give you two characters for the price of one and are a converter's dream come true. With some fiddling you can fit them on an ordinary warhorse instead of a gryphon. PS: Most empire units can be proxied not in GW by using other companies models.

Army Composition[ edit ] This is largely a matter of personal preference, but keep two things in mind: Size matters. Most of your army is going to be Strength 3, Toughness 3, so melee units need to be big in order to have staying power.

One unit of 30 State Troops is a lot harder to break than two units of The days of Herohammer are dead and gone, probably forever Not anymore thanks to end times. Only take characters if you have a specific role for them to fill in your army. Magic[ edit ] The Empire is one of the few armies to get access to all eight Lores of Magic.

Almost all are of at least solid use because pretty much all buffs and hexes are valuable to army that's mostly made up of mediocre infantry and all damage spells are welcome too even if you'll never blast the opponent off the table. Still some lores are definitely play better. Good choices are: Life: This Lore could only be more awesome if it had tits and was on fire. And every time you successfully cast, you heal a wound, which can be on any model within 12".

Seriously, take this Lore, and take it for the highest-level wizard you have. Metal: A good choice, but only comes into its own against enemies with high armor values Warriors of Chaos, Bretonnians, other Empire armies, and so on.

Casting Plague of Rust on Skinks or Clanrats is a waste of fucking time, and the lore attribute means that direct damage and magic missiles are less powerful the less armor their targets have. On the other hand, all damage spells ignore armor saves, and the augments it offers are fine in their own right.

Light: Gives you a lot of very nice buffs Speed of Light is a godsend should your opponent get into your artillery and debuffs particularly Net of Amyntok. A very good lore, especially considering the fact that it's statistically the easiest lore to cast.

Death: Four words: Purple Sun of Xereus. Also has very good buffs and debuffs, though you've got to be pretty close to an enemy for the latter. Shadow: Has a lot of very good debuffs and can make one guy a flier, but you really want this Lore for Okkam's Mindrazor, which replaces a unit's Strength score with its Leadership when rolling to wound, which means that the unit you cast it on will essentially have at least 7 Strength!

Cast it on your Knights, Greatswords or Flagellants and swing for the bleachers. This is statistically the hardest lore to cast, so make sure to give it to a level 4 Wizard Lord. Heaven:One of the best lores for an all cavalry Empire Army. Use a lvl4 and a lvl1 wizard for that double iceshard which gives -2 hit which goes along way when charging high strenght units and -2 to ld which is really useful when charging steadfast units. Thunderbolt and Chain lightning is decent for taking out MSU armies and Comet can help you against corner armies aswell as controlling the movement of MSU armies.

All the spells are cast at a decent cost which allows you to attempt several spells compared to life, which gives your opponent a dilemma when he have to prioritize which spells to let through.

Also, heaven spells have good range so you can keep your wizard in the back protected by f. This lore is highly underrated. Downside is that it requires some practice to use. If you take direct damage spells especially magic missiles with the notion of blasting your enemy to kingdom come, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

Buffs and debuffs are where it's at, and you'll notice that what all of the Lores recommended above have in common are good buffs, good debuffs and one Spell of Horde Buggery. If you want to just murder shit, though, there is always Fire: Literally just spam fireballs and shit everywhere.

Just spam the fuck out of level one fire wizards, and I can guarantee you, point for point, you'll do far more damage than a fully kitted out gunline of Handgunners and crossbowmen. On the other hand you can probably afford 2 heroes for every one of theirs.

Most of the time all you can do is deny them kills and combat resolution so kitting your heroes to survive the stupid numbers of attacks likely to be inflicted on him is a good direction to take as normal troops would probably just get minced.

Also remember that challenges aren't your only option for handling heroes. Your goal isn't just to kill them although if you can it's generally good it's simply to stop them fulfilling their role. With so many points tied up in a challenge lord, simply deploying well can give you a nice edge, making the opponent march down your cannon's throat if he wants to charge your general.

Honour and valour are for Bretonians, the empire fights to win not to play a losing game of who's got the pimpest general. Detachment use: If you're using detachments and you probably should , you need to learn the detachment rules by heart so you always know what they can and can't do in a given situation. The Good: Melee detachments can make a counter charge. Ranged detachments can make a Stand and Shoot action at no penalty if their parent unit is charged.

Detachments get any special rules that their parent unit possesses, as well as any prayers from Warrior Priests. Moreover, the FAQ has ruled that detachments use the ranks of the parent unit for determining Steadfast, even if it isn't in combat. Detachments lose their special abilities if they are more than 3" away from their parent unit.

Detachments cause Panic now. Parent units do not get to react like detachments do, so a smart opponent will either just charge the detachment instead or tie it up with a chaff unit unless you can give him a good reason not to. The Ugly: Detachments can take up a lot of valuable real estate during deployment, and can't be placed in reserve unless the parent unit is in reserve as well.

Take the high ground: In real life, placing artillery on the highest position available gives you an unparalleled vantage point over your enemy, and the same is true in Warhammer. Placing your artillery on a hill behind your troops means that you can fire over them without giving your target hard cover this is less important for mortars and Helstorms, which fire indirectly.

However, do NOT put your artillery in a building if your opponent has artillery of his own or high-Strength units he can bring to bear on it; every model in the building takes multiple wounds, which can wreak havoc on artillery. The artillery die reroll can apparently be used on the Helstorm now, as well as the engineer's BS. Bulls-eyes with 4" scatter or less means you can do 21 hits on a unit per rocket, for a maximum of 63! Use the reroll wisely, though; you do increase the chances of a misfire.

It's best to reroll misfires duh and 10s, 8s if you feel lucky. If you roll a 6, just hope for bulls-eyes for a 2" scatter unless you get three rockets, in which case you might want to go for it. Ovcr rhc ccnturies thc bordcrs havc shiftcd or disappcarcdand somc states havc riscn or bcen dcstroycd. Vast citics havc grovn in both import and powcr, so much so that many arc now sclf-govcrning city-statcs. But thc mcn of thc Empirc today arc still dcsccndanrsof thosc ancient barbariansand thc ordcr of rulc is similar, vith cach state rulcd by an Elector Count, hcrcdirary rulcrs of cach separatc rcgion who 'clcct' onc of thcir mcmbcrs to scrve as Empcror.

Each Elcctor Count is responsiblc for thc wholc of his own provincc and answerablconly to the Empcror. This system, cxistctrt sincc thc days of Sigmar, has prcscrvcd thc indcpcndencc,idiosyncrasicsand uniquc customs lhat can bc found in thc diffcrent provinccs of thc Empirc. To this day, cach of thc surviving statcs is ficrccly proud of its hcritagc and rightfully wary or outright disdainful of its ncighbour's tradirions. Thc armies of thc Empirc arc rightfully famous.

Thcy havc stood rcsolutc on countlcss batlcficlds, winning thc day through might of arms. Thc bulk of thc Empirc's forccs arc formcd of profcssional statc troops, soldicrs raiscd, traincd, and girdcd for war by officcrs appointcd by thc Elcctor Counts, as decrecd by thc Emperor himsclf. At nccd, thc statc troops arc joincd by militia, lcss drillcd pcrhaps, but morc than rcady to fight for thcir homeland. Additionally, many commanderscan call upon elitc military brothcrhoods to aid rhcm in battlc.

Young aspiring noblcs form units of Pisrolicrs, vhilc most daring of infantrymcn arc promotcd to thc. Thc Knightly Ordcrs of thc Empirc arc powcrful forccs that stand rcady to fight ar thc command of thcir Grand Mastcr. And so it has cvcr bccn.

For wcll ovcr 2,ycars plagucs, thc Empirc has cndurcd,survivinginvasions, and civil wars. Its vcry birth was forgcd in battlc: Sincethosc fabledtimcs, the nationhas grown to thc promincnccwith which it dominatcsthc Old World today.

Many rcfcr to thc Empirc as if it werc a wholly unificd of nation,but morc rcalisticallyit is a conglomcration. Wizards, Warrior Pricsts, Enginccrs, mighty artillcry picccs and fabulous war machincs autmcnt thc armics fortunatc cnough to havc thcm.

Thcsc soldicrs of thc Empirc march to war undcr many diffcrcnt banncrs and wcaring diffcrcnt uniforms. Thcir panoply of wrr is varicd in colour and dccoratcd with many imagcs, all of which say somcthing about a soldicr's bclicfs, his localc, or his rcgimcnt's history.

But whcn thcy form in placc into a battlclinc, it is for onc purposc - to bring victory and glory to thc Empirc. From profcssional can bc a homogcnous army an Empire banncr, common a undcr marching militia raiscd to hastily regimcnts, polishcd and unifi.

Each provioccor city-statchas its own distinct colours'iconography, itsclf. This thc Empirc of founding thc to datc back hisrory,whilc rcgimcntsi. Thcrc arc no ovcrriding rules govcrning how, whcrc' or in.

Onc rcgimcnt mighr bc outfittcd entirely in its provincial colours, whilc anothcr could only bcar slccvcs or lcggings of their associatcdhuc. ManY rcgimcnts distinguish thcmsclvcs by.

Stote troops are orgonised into regimentsbeoring the same ueaPon ' so o unit could 6e all halberdiers, cross6oomen,or spearmenfor instonce. Wile theg moy all haoethe sameueopon, it is unusualfor eaery soldier to be armoured and outfttted in enctly the same uay. Unlcss notcd' thc uniforms shown throughout this book dcpict cxamplcs of PoPular pattcrns - it would bc casY to find statc regimcnts which mix thc stvlcs shown with anv of thc possiblc colour combinations.

Somc rcgimcnts follow a strict uniform, but many units lcavc cach soldier to sourcc his own garb, rcsulting in a varicty of gcar, oftcn in differing statcs of wcar. As cach province cquips its soldicrs from its own armourics, somc arc bcttcr ablc to afford fincrics. Rcgardlcss'troops on thc march, bascd in thc wilderncss, or out camPaiSningarc morc ra8ta8 in appcaranccas cquipmcnt wcars oul and rcolaccmentsmust be found. Many rcgimcnts usc simplc colouts or Pattcrns on thcir shiclds.

Thesc arc often in provincial or city-. Banncrs can bc simplc dcsigns, rcpcating thc provincc or city-state colours, or evcn in contrast to thcm. Morc complcx designs can bc: Theseother Electorsmay casta aote, At but may not becomeEmperor themselaes. The Elector Counts ore hereditary rulers uhose fomilies hooelong and often complicated histories.

Thusthe Elector Counts are aluays aary of their successionand the future of their noble houses. The banners shownhere are currentfor the Elector Counts of the Empire in the year of Count Helmut Feue16achofTolobeclond.

Thc Alrdorf colours arc rcd and bluc and thc city-sratc flag bcarsicons bcfitting thc ruling homc of thc Empcror: Thcsc symbols arc commonly rcpcrtcd in variousforms by many Altdorf rcgimcnts,who takc righrcouspridc in bcilg thc prc-cmincnt city.

Thc lavish uniforms and spit-and-polish of many units hrs cernt thc ciry-srarca rcputation.

Mrny rcgimcntscclcbratc thcir famous victorics with commcmorativcmcdalsor scals. It is not uncommonto seegold trim or filogree on the ormour or ueaponsof a soldier of Altdorf. Mony of the reginents are uell poid and not afroid to shou it'.

Most artillery creumon aeor the colours of their city-stote or prooince, but these ore often complementeduith leather jerkins or other protectioe clothing-. Whethertakenfrcn honoured disploy out of the most halloued treasury of o fortress or hostily constructed on the eoeof 6ottle, the bonner seroesas o rallying point for a unit ond a rccognition sign for friend ond foe alike.

Itdorf's Company of Honour, rlso knovn as thc Sons of thc Rcik, rrc r vcll-known sight throughour rhc city. Thc '. Othcr soldicrs instantly rccognizcthc ycllov plumc rnd black stccl rrmd. Altdorf Comprny of Honour lor thc rcgimcrt's rcputation is vcll cstablishcd,its bartlcficld history stccpcd in glory.

Evcry Alrdorf nativc knows rhc distinctivc trumpct blast lhat announccsvhcn thc rcgimcnt lcavcsthc city -. Averland A vcilandis an cxlrcmclv A. I vcalrhy provincc.

Its bordcrsincludcthc dangcrous BlackfircPass,a common invasionroutc inro rhc Empirc. Thc colours of Avcilald arc black and ycllow and rhc soldicrs arc known lor showy unilorms and ostcntrtiouswar gcar. Thc statc bantrcris a sun, and has bccn sincc thc surviving noblcs of downfallcl. Thc provincc is currcntly without an Elcctor Count and thcrc is talk of rcinstrting thc banncr of thc prcvious houschold.

The lossof o regiment'sbonnerin bottleis consideredo shomefuleoent,eoenin aictory. Many fierce com ots erupt Dhen an enemy attempts to cut doun the stondard besrer ond capturc o rcgiment'sflag. Likc his farhcr bcforc him, Dukc Bcrrold von Kragsburg is forcvcr r..

Whilc thc scruplcsof thc 'Di4y lDonc mry contcst thc ulit's fightiog prowcss. Guard get. Drokaold patrol forces often 6eor colour schemesor eoenemblemslinking the oorious regiments ond detachments. Thc sturdy troopcrs of Hochland arc clothcd in rhc slalc colours of rcd and grccn.

Thc provilciJ broncr bcrrs rn Impcrial Cross on r ficld of rcd. Thc Empcror's cmblcm was addcd in thc ycar as a spccial honour aftcr a Hochland forcst patrol savcdthc lifc oI Empcror Karl Franz vhcn his small hunring cxpcdirion vas assailcdby a mrraudiog forcc of Bcasimco.

Now knovn as thc Battlc of thc Wccpiog Glcn, thc bloody affair is still sung about in mrny Hochland inns up and down thc Old Forcst Road. Dcspitc frcqucnt patrols and forrificd vatchtowcrs along thc roadvays,ambushcsby bandirsor vorsc arc common undcr thc dark cavcsof Hochhnd.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle - Armybook - The Empire[ENG]

The noblesof both Hochland ond Stirlond lay cloim to the sym ol of the hunting hom. The Imperiol Cross is a common symbol ofthe Enpire, representing loyolty to the Emperor. Fortifications ond uotchtouers are often locoted ot key crossrood junctions olong the Old Forest Bood ond troops gorrisoned there frequently adopt ooss deoicesto identify their regiment.

Drakvald forcst covcrsHochland vith a canopyof darkncss. Thc vasl tracts of wildcrncssthat scparatcvillagcsarc akin hostilc tcrritory. For protcctiona scricsof forts, fortificd inns and vatchtowcrsarc stationcdalong thc highvap. Occasionellytroops will band ition into thc forcst to scck out aad dcstroy bandits, ncsts of Forcst Goblias, or Bcastmcn sl.

In some cosesporent units ond their detochmentshaDethe sameor similor uniforms.

In this casethe main regiment, the Gruncaps,ore green ond red quartered uith o detochmentof mostly green - Gundermon'sSurefires,ond one of mostlg red - the Crimson Defiants. All formations are olso interlinhed uith similor insignia,o skull 6adge. The Gruncaps are oeteran patrollers, haoingfought mony in the fotest.

The Surefires hoaetrained: Thc Whirc Wolf is thc sign of Ullc. Thc Cult of Ulric is ccntrcdaroundthc rcgiol and thc imprcssivcTcmpleof Ulric is a vondcr of thc city that attractsmary pilgrims. A povcrful army, clorhcd in thc city-statc colours of bluc and vhitc, garrisonsthc nigh-imprcgnablcvalls and tirclessly prtrols thc roads lcading to thc Ulricsbcrg - thc rock plrtcau on vhich Middcnhcim standsas if bcsicgcdby thc surroundingforcst.

And so it is, for thc Drakwrld is dark, dangcrous,and synonymouswith pcril. Thc Middcnhcim banocrdcpicts rhc Whitc Wolf standingguard ovcr thc fortrcss vrlls and gatcsinto thc city - a sign of Ulric prorccting his ovn.

The uhite aoloes of the Drokaald are fierce and mercilesspredotors that are notorious for end. Some regimentsbear the personal emblemof their potron. This could be their Elector Count, a locql nobleor guild, or eoeno fomed officer. For emmple,Todbringer's Oon is one of many Halberdier regimentsormed ond equipped under the direction of the Elector Count himself. The oon Strumpet rcgiment is formed aroundon inspirationol captoin ond the Grimmhogen Suordsmenare poid ond equipped 6y a traders guild from the city street beoilng that title.

Becorse of the fosness of the dyes, the shadeof 6lue often oaries rcgiments 'etbeen and sometimes eoenuithin the same uniform. Svords of Ulric rc onc of thc mrny rcgimcnts formcd by aod pard for by thc Tcmplc of Ulric in Middcilcin. Thc hcarty soldicrs of Middcnland arc quicklv turncd into scasoncdvarriors as thc spravling woods of thc untamcd Drakvald harbourscoulilcss Goblins, Bcastmcn,and vorsc.

Thc statc colour of Middcnlald is bluc, with ribbons and slashingof contrastint colours uscd to idcnrify diffcrcnt rcgimcnts. Thc statc flag bcars a whitc volf, thc symbol of Ulric, thc ancicntwarrior-god of thc Empirc who prc-datesrhc coming of Sigmrr. Thc Elcctor Coult, Craf Boris Todbringcr, rcsidcsin Middcnhcim and has added a castlc morif dcpicting thc provincc'smost importatrt city onto the provincial banncr. Nordland provinccof Nordland fhc I is famous for its naw and its hcavily tollcd coastalroads which providc safc passagc for rich mcrchantstravcllint to Maricnburg.

Many sca fortrcsscs rnd vatchlowcrs linc thc coast, as raidcrsfrom acrossthc Sca of Clavs arc all too common. Thc statc troops of Nordhnd, including thc Nordland Marincrs, vcar distioctivc bluc and ycllov uniforms. Thc provincialbanncrbcarsa dcpiction of a sca caglc clutching a shicld vith thc aallcy icon. Traditionallyrhc Elcctor Count of Nordland is rlso thc Princc oI Maricnburg,and this has bccn a point of contcntionsitcc thar ciry scccdcdfrom thc Empirc.

Orhcr oft-sccn cmblcms il Nordhnd includc thc Impcrial Cross, variousship, anchoror fish dcsigns, and rhc fivc-pointcd crown of thc sca god Manann. Many Nordland stote troops rotote duty as part of a garrisonfor o uotchtouer and o6oord shipspatrolling the coastlines. In addition to oast ttscts of coostland Nordland is qlso a proainceof dense uoods, including the Forestof Shodowsond the Lourelon Forest.

Nuln city of Nuln tnils only fhc a' I. Altdorf in trrms of sizc rnd population. Famousfor its anciclt rcadcmicsand its indusrry, Nuln is rhc homc of vast forgcsand thc Impcrial Cunncry School. Thc uniforms -. Thc city banncrof Nuln dcpicts a goldcn lior holding thc scrlcs of iudgcmcnt - a symbol of Vcrcna,goddcssof lcarning.

A blindfoldcd maidcn crrrying scrlcs is anothcr populrr morif amongstmany units of Nuln. Orhcr symbols vhich appcarlrcqucntly on rcgimcntal shiclds rnd banncrs,arc cannons,thc famous bridgc of Nuln, and variationsof thc lion.

Some reoeredgunshaoe seen centuries of noble seroiceond haDeuelle sto6li shed repu to ti ons. This proctice is discouroged 6y the Imperial College of Engineers ond the Imperiol Gunnery School, uho seethe superstition os 6adfor recruitment. As firing on ortillery piece is notoriously filthy uork, often coDeilng the crcD in soot ond grime, it is conDenientthot the Nuln uniform colour is 6lack. Would be totally worth it if cannons didn't exist.

Crunch-wise, not so much. Not worth it at all. Luthor Huss: I see what you did there. Luthor is now the only Warrior Priest with the prayer "Unbending Righteousness", which makes his unit Stubborn for two rounds of combat.

He also has a one use power which makes him even more of a beast in close combat.

His points cost went down, but so did a basic Warrior Priest, and by the same amount. In short, he's actually worth taking now, especially if you're in need of a mounted Warrior Priest that can handle a challenge.

Warhammer Armies the Empire - 8th Edition

Balthazar Gelt : Dude cheats people by giving them fake gold as payments and accidentally turned his own face to gold. Good, but would be a lot better with a different Lore say, Life. Also quite expensive at pts.

Balthazar Gelt, Incarnate of Metal: This guy is fucking metal, both literally and figuratively.

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New version merged with his pegasus for End Times Archaon. On Gelt's next turn, they all deep strike anywhere so long as the units are in formation and not within 1" of any units or impassible terrain. The guests now suffer d unsavable wounds and are now pointing where you need them to, which makes this spell a risky, RISKY proposition.

Issue is that he's still in a very situational lore, and his new spell can easily mess up a fighting force you were teleporting alongside Gelt. Also, he's still insanely expensive. Generic Characters[ edit ] Note: While named characters are judged against their generic counterparts, generic characters are examined based on their role in your army.

General of the Empire: Has very good attack capabilities and gives his unit Lizardmen style Leadership against Break tests. Grand Master: Pretty much a General with a barded warhorse and a better statline. Also doesn't have the Hold the Line rule that the General has, but he has Immune to Psychology, which he can share with with a unit of Knightly Orders or Hippogryph Knights that he's joined, which is why he's generally not worth the additional 27 points he costs over the identically-equipped General unless you've got Knights in your army.

Not as good as he used to be, but still worth taking. Not as awesome as it was in 7th Edition, but a very good force multiplier if deployed correctly. Wizard Lord: Gives you all the fun you can expect from magic-users.

At the very least, upgrade him to level 4. A Wizard Lord using the Lore of Beasts can take a griffon as a mount.

Captain of the Empire: This guy is your Battle Standard Bearer and is therefore absolutely mandatory to take unless you're grabbing Ludwig instead. Like the General, he gives Lizardmen style Leadership to his unit against Break tests. Warrior Priest of Sigmar: All sorts of goodness wrapped up into a zealoty bundle. Taking one for every major melee unit would be ideal, unless you're taking an Arch Lector on the War Altar.

Battle Wizard: While being lower level and therefore less useful than a Wizard Lord, you can also take nearly three of him for the same price. Again, upgrade him to level 2 and use him as a scroll caddy. Witch Hunter: This guy downloads you Magic Resistance 2 and a small boost against Terror for a unit, and a character assassin who works just as well with his pistol as up close.

And he's cheap, too. Ridiculously cheap. Take these guys, and send them after whoever your opponent's most important character is. Be warned, the only model you can download him in is Failcast, and his model is both incredibly prone to bubbles Oh Boy and includes a sword which is always bent beyond usability in the casting process.

Double oh Boy Master Engineer: You want him for his ability to reroll artillery dice once per turn; the errata states that you don't have to have him join the crew to gain this ability, and you can use it on all artillery on top of that, which wasn't allowed in 7th Edition.

Leave his toys at home. Try putting him on a hellblaster and watch as this one gun destroys an entire unit of whatever the hell takes your fancy, take that Skaven. Mounts[ edit ] All the mounts available to the generic Heroes and Lords above. Griffon: A Flying, Large target that causes Terror.

Generally quite handy, but isn't as good as other race's equivalents. The Imperial Dragon: It's a dragon. What do you expect? Karl Franz' alternate option for a mount.

Keep away from Dwarf-poleon like the plague. Will also jack up Karl Franz' price so that you have to declare end times to use it, and if you're playing End Times Problem is, it's stricken with the Unreliable rule. At the start of the movement phase, roll a D6. On a roll of a 1, you subtract D3" from its movement characteristic for the rest of the game, all the way down to 1.

And yes, you can repeatedly roll 1s and shut down the mechanism further. Only available to Master Engineers which means that you're either running him on his own for some strange reason, want the glorious charge as the unit coming to attack instantly tears you to shreds, or have found a war machine that can wiz around long distances while shooting because you've decided rules are just too dull.

Warhorse: Standard mount. Useful for joining Reiksguard, Pistoleers, and the like. Hilariously, the mount options say it's M3, while everywhere else in the rules it's M8. Definitely a misprint, and don't be fooled if your opponent says otherwise you need a new opponent in that case. Core Units[ edit ] State Troops: These guys will probably end up being the backbone of your army, and are fully integrated into the Detachments system.

Taking shields isn't worth it; halberds are two-handed, so the shields can't be used in the Combat phase. These and spearmen are your typical 50 man horde unit. Spearmen: Spearmen let you fight with an extra rank, so these make natural parent units.

They can be used either as the parent unit or a detachment, generally geared towards the former. Handgunners: Handgunners give you Armor Piercing and a unit leader with access to a Hochland Long Rifle, which lets him aim separately and snipe your opponent's characters; a repeater handgun, which adds two more shots to the gunline's massed fire; or a brace of pistols with too short a range on a melee-averse unit pfft.

They're Move or Shoot, so take care where you deploy them, since they shouldn't be moving around much. Can be used either as a parent unit or a detachment, and should be kept small, no more than models in each unit. Crossbowmen: Trades Armor Piercing for an extra 6" range. The loss of the specialty guns means you're probably better off with Handgunners unless you're taking a whole boatload of them and try to blast as much of your opponents army on the first turn.

They are still Strength 4 though, good for punching elves off their dainty little feet. Archers: Instead of Armor Piercing or extra reach, Archers have Volley Fire, so the guys in the back rows will be more useful than ablative armor. Still not all that useful here, because why would you be deploying your ranged units in more than two ranks to begin with?

More usefully, they can move and fire during the same turn, which makes them more responsive to enemy developments, and they're considerably cheaper than Handgunners or Crossbowmen. Can be used either as a parent unit or a detachment. Free Company Militia: Wielding two weapons and without armor, these guys will live fast and die young. If you take them, remember that. You can field militia units as detachments, but they cannot be parent units. Knightly Orders: Cavalry ain't what it used to be, so if you take them, take a dozen or more in a unit.

They are motherfucking viking-furries with greathammers from the deep forests of Middenland, what's not to love?.

They are the closest you'll get to vikings in an Empire army. To become a Knight of the White Wolf you have have to kill a wolf with your bare hands and skin it. They wear no helmets, 'cause they are just that awesome. They wear the fur of the skinned wolf on their armor, so they look pretty badass. Crunchwise: No thank you.

Sometimes that doesn't make much difference but sometimes it really will. Especially for a hard hitting and fairly expensive unit it just sucks to occasionally get hacked apart before they even get to strike.

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If your taking them for fluff in your Middenland army, you maybe should consider Knights Panther. They fill the fluff equally good. But lets not be all negative; they might hit last, but keep the Strength bonus throughout the combat and the combat will almost certainly take more than one turn and if you're up against something that's going to hit before you anyway you may as well hit hard.

Special Units[ edit ] Greatswords: Come equipped with greatswords duh , full plate armor, and are Stubborn. Make a great tarpit or anchor for your army. They can also take detachments, and can now take a magic banner. Take thirty or more. And take detachments; Stubborn transfers to them too now, but remember that the detachments' points will count against your Special Units allowance even though their unit type is Core.

Reiksguard Knights: They're their own unit now! They're basically statted out like Inner Circle knights with lances and shields, but now they're Stubborn naturally. The Bretonnians are weeping with envy right now. Stubborn only costs them pennies more per man than regular Inner Circle knights, so they're totally worth it.Kill all of your opponent's characters this way.

Hilarious when you steal a Vampire Lord's characteristics when you challenge him with a mere Empire Battle Wizard. The Knightly Orders consist of over 20 orders mostly but not all mounted. As thc ralcs go, it vas such r maidcn,a hcalcr,who took up rrms and rallicd thc dcfcndcrsto srvc thc plaguc-riddcn city from bcing rakcn by Chaos Ratmcn.

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