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Title: (Epub Download) The Witcher Boxed Set Blood of Elves the Time of Contempt Baptism of Fire DOWNLOAD, Author: travala, Name. The Fault in Our Stars - John .. Blood of Elves picks up about ten or so years after the events in The Last Wish, with the nightmares of a young girl. Blood of Elves is the first full-length Witcher novel, and the perfect follow up if you' ve read The Last Wish raudone.infor novelsBlood of Elves The Time of.

Yet another bit of translation done. Previous week was really frantic. I had to send revision of paper to publisher, and it took all my time. Then my daughter brought some infection from preschool. It's pretty viral, but symptoms differ.

Blood of elves

She has fever, while it's frequent visits to the throne room for me. But today I felt slightly better so there is a bit of translation. This chapter is really hard to properly grasp some ideas. There are a lot of honorifics here, and they don't sound very natural in English in such quantity.

And there is a slight problem with certain creature. Or rather it's name. After the Hunt had galloped by and the clouds had dispersed, people saw the moon-on the wane, as was customary during the Equinox.

But that night the moon was the colour of blood.


Simple folk had many explanations for these equinoctial phenomena, which tended to differ considerably from each other according to the specifics of local demonology. Astrologers, druids and sorcerers also had their explanations, but they were in the main erroneous and cobbled together haphazardly.

Few, very few, people were able to connect the phenomena to real facts. On the Isles of Skellige, for example, a few very superstitious people saw in the curious events a harbinger of Tedd Deireadh, the end of the world, preceded by Ragh nar Roog, the last battle between Light and Darkness. The violent storm which rocked the Islands on the night of the Autumn Equinox was regarded by the superstitious as a wave pushed by the prow of the fearsome Naglfar of Morhogg, a longship with sides built of dead men's fingernails and toenails, bearing an army of spectres and demons of Chaos.

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More enlightened or better informed people, however, linked the turmoil of the heavens with the evil witch Yennefer, and her dreadful death. Others yet-who were even better informed-saw in the churned-up sea a sign that someone was dying, someone in whose veins flowed the blood of the kings of Skellige and Cintra.

The world over, the autumn Equinox was a night of spectres, nightmares and apparitions, a night of sudden, suffocating awakenings, fraught with menace, among sweat-soaked and rumpled sheets.

Neither did the most illustrious escape the apparitions and awakenings; Emperor Emhyr var Emreis awoke with a cry in the Golden Towers in Nilfgaard.

In Tretogor, the arch-spy Dijkstra leaped up and reached for his dagger, waking the wife of the state treasurer. In the huge castle of Montecalvo the sorceress Philippa Eilhart leaped from damask sheets, without waking the Comte de Noailles' wife.

The sorceress Fringilla Vigo came awake in Beauclair Castle, as did the priestess Sigrdrifa of the temple of the goddess Freyja on the island of Hindarsfjall. Daniel Etcheverry, Count of Garramone, awoke in the besieged fortress of Maribor. And the merchant Dominik Bombastus Houvenaghel in the town of Claremont.

And many, many others. Few, though, were capable of connecting all those occurrences and phenomena with an actual, specific fact. Or a specific person. A stroke of luck meant that three such people were spending the night of the autumn Equinox under one roof. They were in the temple of the goddess Melitele in Ellander.

They're crying over someone's death. Over her death,,, She's dying,,,' 'Don't talk nonsense! September is coming to an end and the nightjars are gathering before taking flight! It's quite natural!

Stop talking nonsense!

Their countenances were grave and ashen. She placed a hand on the boy's shoulder and squeezed hard. We're all watching you, looking for support and succour from you. You must not fear, you must not panic. Master yourself. Do not let us down. About her. I saw her in a dream.

Last Wish: Introducing the Witcher. Andrzej Sapkowski

Not a word about it. Nenneke approaches. She looked weary. She shook her head in answer to Triss's wordless question. Seeing that Jarre had opened his mouth, she forestalled him. Almost all the girls awoke when the Wild Hunt flew over the temple, but none of them had a vision. Not even one as hazy as ours. Go to bed, lad, you cannot help. Back to the dormitory, girls.

This accursed night,,, Go to bed, Triss. We can do nothing.

The thought that somewhere she is suffering, bleeding, that she's in peril,,, If I only knew what to do, dammit! Once awake, Vysogota could not for the life of him recall his dream, but a weird unease prevented him from falling asleep again. Not a single muskrat. A most unsuccessful night. Vysogota cleaned sludge and duckweed from the trap, muttering curses and sniffing through his frozen nostrils.

It's but four days after the Equinox! Ah, I don't recall such chills at the end of September, not for as long as I've lived. And I've lived a long time!

Vysogota didn't even feel like cursing. And now it looks as though the cooling will progress apace. Ha, the elves predicted that long since, but who believed in elven forecasts? Once again the fog over the swamps echoed with the wild, intermittent churring of the goatsucker nightjars and the rapid slapping of their wings.

Vysogota paid no attention to the birds. He was not superstitious, and there were always plenty of lich fowl on the bogs, particularly at dawn. The air was so thick with them he feared they would collide with him.You are my hero, I've been looking for these books for ages.

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A Teen's Guide to T. I personally thought the first couple of books in english were awesome however I wish to overstride the world on my black horse through the black night. Baptism of Fire The Wizards Guild has been shattered by a coup and, in the uproar, Geralt was seriously injured.

Stop talking nonsense!

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