1. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Athlantean. Translation by Doreal. A literal translation and interpretation of one of the most ancient and secret of the great. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Literal translation and interpretation of one of the most ancient and secret of the great works of ancient wisdom. Translated by. The Divine Pymander and the Emerald Tablets of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus EMERALD TABLET I: The History of Thoth, The Atlantean 15 Thoth.

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The Divine Pymander and the Emerald Tablets of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus Including the Glory of the World, the Table of Paradise. the Science of the. The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth. Ionut-Florin Moraru. T h e Em e r a l d T a b l e t s o f T h o t h t h e At l a n t e a n Tr a n sla t ion & I. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth are ancient relics enshrouded in mystery and intrigue. Free masonry, the ancient mysteries of old and the.

While the Emerald Tablet gives us all the working parts of overall alchemical process which can be applied practically in many different ways, it is also fairly explicit in one particular type of process where one can obtain the specific philosophical Elements. It must be stated, that even though Hermes put everything in the Emerald Tablet with nothing left out, it does not read like an obvious instruction manual.

The Art of Alchemy has been a hidden art for thousands of years for precisely this reason. Without actual instruction in practical alchemy by someone trained by a master or an adept, this is very little likelihood that the uninitiated are going to make progress in unraveling what has been safely and adeptly hidden for thousands of years. Many texts refer to needing the Prima Materia before one can commence with true alchemical work.

While this is true, it is adept misdirection to keep those who do not know what the Prima Materia is from gaining entry to the Great Work. In order to gain entry into the Great Work, adepts have always instructed the Sons of Art to study and observe nature.

This has led to many saying to sit outside and observe nature, contemplate the processes, meditate on the processes, etc. While some of that has value, the adepts were not saying to study nature from the outside, they were saying to observe nature from the inside. That is why so few understand that while the macro level of existence does reflect the micro level As Above, So Below , that observing the exterior process for either results in little illumination.

A fact of which they were clearly aware. From this first stage, the alchemist obtains the philosophical Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. When each of these has been appropriately purified, they can then begin to be put back together in different ways to obtain different spiritual substances, generally quintessences.

Saint Germain knew how to create this material. His possession of it was why he was able to do all the alchemical works for which he is renowned.

Successfully working through all the processes in this work then prepares the student of the Art to commence work in the mineral kingdom and the quintessences become significantly more powerful on an archetypal level. Aside from obtaining true alchemical quintessences which shift and expand consciousness, one of the most important reasons for doing alchemy work is to learn the underlying mechanism that exists within all things, including ourselves.

In ancient Mystery traditions this statement was placed over the entrance doors into the sacred temples. This admonishment, to know oneself, is referring to knowing oneself in the same way that practical alchemy allows one to seek what is inside a substance when it is reverted back into the Chaos of the Elements.

This is the kind of knowing oneself that the ancients were talking about, not the particular quirks of personality that everyone has, but the underlying mechanism of what a human being actually is and what it has the capacity to become. If one has done the practical laboratory alchemy work to get to the Chaos of the Elements and done the purifications, then one knows of what all natural things are thus composed, including oneself.

On each level of existence, the physical and the nonphysical, the mechanism is the same. As Above, So Below. Thus, however the mechanism functions on the physical level is also how it functions on a nonphysical mental level.

Grasping this truth, one can then begin to embark on the Great Work within oneself on a psychospiritual level and learn to manipulate the philosophical Elements within in order to achieve the accelerated evolution that is the result of true alchemy work.

When exploring the inner alchemy mechanism, one begins to correlate how magic and alchemy are two composites of the same process , which leads to increased understanding of the nature of oneself and the matrix in which all things exist. From this are and do come admirable adaptations where of the means is here in this.

Hence I am called Hermes Trismegist, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world That which I have said of the operation of the Sun is accomplished and ended.

Chrysogonus Polydorus, Nuremberg : Verum, sine mendacio, certum et verissimum: Quod est inferius est sicut quod est superius, et quod est superius est sicut quod est inferius, ad perpetranda miracula rei unius.

Et sicut res omnes fuerunt ab uno, meditatione unius, sic omnes res natae ab hac una re, adaptatione. Pater eius est Sol.

Mater eius est Luna, portavit illud Ventus in ventre suo, nutrix eius terra est. Pater omnis telesmi [10] totius mundi est hic. Virtus eius integra est si versa fuerit in terram.

Separabis terram ab igne, subtile ab spisso, suaviter, magno cum ingenio. Ideo fugiet a te omnis obscuritas. Haec est totius fortitudinis fortitudo fortis, quia vincet omnem rem subtilem, omnemque solidam penetrabit. Sic mundus creatus est.

Child of the Light, turn not away. Draw me in power to melt in thy furnace; One with all things and all things in One, fire of the lifestrain and One with the Brain. Ever through space ye may seek wisdom, bound not by fetters forged in flesh. Onward and upward into the morning, free flash, O Soul, to the realms of Light.

Move thou in Order, move thou in Harmony, freely shalt move with the Children of Light. Seek ye and know ye, my Key of Wisdom. Thus, O man, ye shall surely be free. Aeon on aeon thou existed in beauty, a shining through the darkness of night. Master, He, from a cycle beyond us, living in bodies as one among men. Not as the earth-born, He from beyond us, Sun of a cycle, advanced beyond men.

Know ye, O man, that Horlet the Master, was never one with the children of men. Far in the past time when Atlantis first grew as a power, appeared there one with the Key of Wisdom, showing the way of Light to all. Showed he to all men the path of attainment, way of the Light that flows among men.

Mastering darkness, leading the Man-Soul, upward to heights that were One with the Light. Divided the Kingdoms, He into sections.

Ten were they, ruled by children of men. Upon another, built He a Temple, built but not by the children of men. Out of the Ether called He its substance, moulded and formed by the power of Ytolan into the forms He built with His mind.

Mile upon mile it covered the island, space upon space it grew in its might. Black, yet not black, but dark like the space-time, deep in its heart the Essence of Light. Swiftly the Temple grew into being, moulded an shaped by the Word of the Dweller, called from the formless into a form. Builded He then, within it, great chambers, filled them from forms called forth from the Ether, filled them with wisdom called forth by His mind.

Formless was He within his Temple, yet was He formed in the image of man.

Dwelling among them yet not of them, strange and far different was He from the children of men. Chose He then from among the people, Three who became his gateway. Chose He the Three from the Highest to become his links with Atlantis. Messengers they, who carried his councel, to the kings of the children of men. Brought He forth others and taught them wisdom; teachers, they, to the children of men.

Placed He them on the island of Undal to stand as teachers of Light to men. Each of those who were thus chosen, taught must he be for years five and ten. Only thus could he have understanding to being Light to the children of men. Thus there came into being the Temple, a dwelling place for the Master of man.

I, Thoth, have ever sought wisdom, searching in darkness and searching in Light. Long in my youth I traveled the pathway, seeking ever new knowledge to gain.

Until after much striving, one of the Three, to me brought the Light.

Brought He to me the commands of the Dweller, called me from darkness into the Light. Brought He me, before the Dweller, deep in the Temple before the great Fire. Down I knelt before that great wisdom, feeling the Light flowing through me in waves. Long have ye sought the pathway to the Light. Each soul on earth that loosens its fetters shall soon be made free from the bondage of night.

Forth from the darkness have ye arisen, closer approached the Light of your goal. Here ye shall dwell as one of my children, keeper of records gathered by wisdom, instrument thou of the Light from beyond.

Ready be thou made to do what is needed, perserver of wisdom though the ages of darkness that shall come fast on the children of men. Live thee here and drink of all wisdom. Secrets and mysteries unto thee shall unveil. Give thou of thy Light that I may be free.

Go thee now and learn greater wisdom. Followed I then the path to the star planes, followed I then the pathway to Light.

Unveiled before me, ever more wisdom until I reached a new knowledge: found that all is part of an ALL, great and yet greater than all that we know. Deep and yet deeper, more mysteries I found. Light there was in ancient Atlantis.

Yes, darkness, too, was hidden in all. Fell from the Light into the darkness, some who had risen to heights among men. Proud they became because of their knowledge, proud were they of their place among men. Deep delved they into the forbidden, opened the gateway that led to below. Sought they to gain ever more knowledge but seeking to bring it up from below. He who descends below must have balance, else he is bound by lack of our Light.

Opened, they then, by their knowledge, pathways forbidden to man. Saw He the Atlanteans, by their magic, opening the gateway that would bring to Earth a great woe.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth (Hermes Trimesgistus)

Fast fled His soul then, back to His body. Up He arose from His Agwanti. Called He the Three mighty messengers. Gave the commands that shattered the world. Down sank Atlantis beneath the dark waves. Shattered the gateway that had been opened; shattered the doorway that led down below.

All of the islands were shattered except Unal, and part of the island of the sons of the Dweller. Preserved He them to be the teachers, Lights on the path for those to come after, Lights for the lesser children of man. Take all your records. Take all your magic.

Go thou forth preserving the records until in time Light grows among men. Light shalt thou be all through the ages, hidden yet found by enlightened men.

Over all Earth, give WE ye power, free thou to give or take it away.

Gather thou now the sons of Atlantis. Take them and flee to the people of the rock caves. Fly to the land of the Children of Khem. Into the spaceship I brought all my records, brought the records of sunken Atlantis. Gathered I all of my powers, instruments many of mighty magic. Up then we rose on wings of the morning.

Yet ever to him who has knowing, open shall be the path to Amenti. Fast fled we then on the wings of the morning, fled to the land of the children of Khem.

There by my power, I conquered and ruled them. Raised I to Light, the children of Khem. Over the spaceship, erected a marker in the form of a lion yet like unto man. Know ye, O man, that far in the future invaders shall come from out of the deep. Then awake, ye who have wisdom. Bring forth my ship and conquer with ease. Search and find in the pyramid I built. Each to the other is the Keystone; each the gateway that leads into Life.

Brotherhood of the White Temple

Follow the Key I leave behind me. Seek and the doorway to Life shall be thine. Seek thou in my pyramid, deep in the passage that ends in a wall. Use thou the Key of the Seven, and open to thee the pathway will fall. Now unto thee I have given my wisdom.

Now unto thee I have given my way. Follow the pathway. Solve thou my secrets. Unto thee I have shown the way. Hark to the knowledge of powers forgotten.

Long, long ago in the days of the first man, warfare began between darkness and light. Men, then as now, were filled with both darkness and light; and while in some darkness held sway, in others light filled the soul. Aye, age old is this warfare, the eternal struggle between darkness and light.

Fiercely is it fought all through the ages, using strange powers hidden to man. Adepts have there been filled with the blackness, struggling always against the light; but others there are who, filled with brightness, have ever conquered the darkness of night.

Support Stillness in the Storm

Long ages ago, the Suns of the Morning, descending, found the world filled with night. There in that past time began the struggle, the age old battle of darkness and Light. Many in that time were so filled with darkness that only feebly flamed the light from the night.

Some there were, masters of darkness, who sought to fill all with their darkness; sought to draw others into their night. Fiercely withstood they, the masters of brightness; fiercely fought they from the darkness of night. Sought they ever to tighten the fetters, the chains that bind man to the darkness of night.

Banded together in as order, Brothers of Darkness, they through the ages, antagonists they to the children of men. Walked they always secret and hidden, found yet not found by the children of men. Forever they walked and worked in darkness, hiding from the light in the darkness of night. Silently, secretly, use they their power, enslaving and binding the souls of men.

Unseen they come and unseen they go. Man in his ignorance calls Them from below. Power have they gained from the darkness around them to call other dwellers from out of their plane in ways that are dark and unseen by man. Around it, they close the veil of their night. There through its lifetime that soul dwells in bondage, bound by the fetters of the Veil of the night. Mighty are they in the forbidden knowledge, forbidden because it is one with the night.

Hark ye, O man, and list to my warning: be ye free from the bondage of night. Surrender not your soul to the Brothers of Darkness. Keep thy face ever turned toward the Light.

Know ye not, O man, that your sorrow only has come through the Veil of the night? Aye, man, heed ye my warning: strive ever upward, turn your soul toward the Light.

For well know they that those who have traveled far towards the Sun on their pathway of Light have great and yet greater power to bind with darkness the children of Light. List ye, O man, to he who comes to you.

But weigh in the balance if his words be of Light. For many there are who walk in Dark Brightness and yet are not the children of Light.

Easy it is to follow their pathway, easy to follow the path that they lead. But yes, O man, heed ye my warning: Light comes only to him who strives. Hard is the pathway that leads to the Wisdom, hard is the pathway that leads to the Light. Many shall ye find, the stones in your pathway; many the mountains to climb toward the Light. Follow ye not the Dark Brothers ever. Always be ye a child of the Light. For know ye, O man, in the end Light must conquer and darkness and night be banished from Light.

Listen, O man, and heed ye this wisdom; even as darkness, so is the Light. When darkness is banished and all Veils are rendered, out there shall flash from the darkness, the Light.

Even as exist among men the Dark Brothers, so there exists the Brothers of Light. Antagonists they of the Brothers of Darkness, seeking to free men from the night. Powers have they, mighty and potent.

Knowing the Law, the planets obey. Work they ever in harmony and order, freeing the man-soul from its bondage of night. Secret and hidden, walk they also. Known not are they to the children of men. Yet know that ever they walk with thee, showing the Way to the children of men. Ever have They fought the Dark Brothers, conquered and conquering time without end. Yet always Light shall in the end be master, driving away the darkness of night.

Aye, man, know ye this knowing: always beside thee walk the Children of Light. Masters they of the Sun power, ever unseen yet the guardians of men.

Open to all is their pathway, open to he who will walk in the Light. Suns are they and Lords of the morning, Children of Light to shine among men. Like man are they and yet are unlike. Never divided were they in the past. One have they been in Oneness eternal, throughout all space since the beginning of time. Up did they come in Oneness with the All One, up from the first-space, formed and unformed.

Given to man have they secrets that shall guard and protect him from all harm. He who would travel the path of a master, free must he be from the bondage of night. Conquer must he the formless and shapeless; conquer must he the phantom of fear.

Knowing, must he gain of all the secrets, travel the pathway that leads through the darkness, yet ever before him keep the light of his goal. Obstacles great shall he meet in the pathway, yet press on to the Light of the Sun. Now to thee give I the secrets: how to meet the dark power, meet and conquer the fear from the night.

Only by knowing can ye conquer; only by knowing can ye have Light. Now I give unto thee the knowledge, known to the Masters; the knowing that conquers all the dark fears. Use this, the wisdom I give thee.

Master thou shalt be of the Brothers of Night. When unto thee there comes a feeling, drawing thee nearer to the dark gate, examine thine heart and find if the feeling thou hast has come from within. If thou shalt find the darkness thine own thoughts, banish them forth from place in thy mind. Send through thy body a wave of vibration, irregular first and regular second, repeating time after time until free.

Start the Wave Force in thy Brain Center. Direct it in waves from thine head to thy foot. But if thou findest thine heart is not darkened, be sure that a force is directed to thee. Only by knowing can thou overcome it. Only by wisdom can thou hope to be free. Knowledge brings wisdom and wisdom is power. Seek ye first a place bound with darkness. Place ye a circle around about thee. Stand erect in the midst of the circle. Use thou this formula, and thou shalt be free.

Raise thou thine hands to the dark space above thee. Close thou thine eyes and draw in the Light. Come from the Flower that shines through the darkness.

Come from the Halls where the Seven Lords rule. By their names I implore thee, free me from darkness and fill me with Light. See ye not that the names have the power to free by vibration the fetters that bind?

Use them at need to free thou thine brother so the he, too, may come forth from the night. Let him not lie in the bondage of night. Now unto thee, give I my magic. Take it and dwell on the pathway of Light. Light unto thee, Life unto thee, Sun may thou be on the cycle above. Open thy mind-space and drink of my wisdom.

Dark is the pathway of Life that ye travel. Many the pitfalls that lie in thy way. Seek ye ever to gain greater wisdom. Attain and it shall be light on thy way.Open the door to the Kingdom of Light. Now I call forth, Continence, the power which is over Concupiscence. Three holds t he key of all hidden m agic, creat or he of t he Halls of t he Dead; sending fort h power, shrouding wit h darkness, binding t he souls of t he children of m en; sending t he darkness, binding t he soul force; direct or of negat ive t o t he children of m en.

He who descends below must have balance, else he is bound by lack of our Light. List to the voice and thou shalt be free.

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