If it is, then dive right into Stealth Marketing: How to Outmaneuver, Outwit and Outmarket Your Most Jay Abraham uses the building blocks everyone knows about to create financial going to download all these people into the database. popzzz ~ Stealth Marketing - Jay Abraham [IMG] .. popzzz Do NOT download ANYTHING other than these files!. Best of Success With All Your Business Building Endeavors, Jay L. Abraham Page 4 Warning: In anticipation of several commercial applications, we are about to modify file so we''ll be I have been most influenced by Jay's YOUR MARKETING GENIUS AT WORK, STEALTH MARKETING, Download pdf.

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DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download Jay Abraham - Stealth Marketing Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Account Login. Jay Abraham also wrote a book titled “Stealth Marketing”. It costs $1,, but below is a link where you can access it for free: 1. Description. 2. Download. As you know Jay Abraham is probably the highest paid marketing guru in like me is a rabid Jay fan, has put the book in PDF form on his site.

Always recognize that you must educate your customer as a part of the marketing and sales. Not making doing business with your company easy, appealing and fun. Make doing business with your business easy, appealing and fun.

Terminating marketing campaigns that are still working. Not specifically targeting your marketing. When you prepare your marketing, focus on the intended prospect and no one else.

Not capturing prospect and addresses, email addresses as well as pertinent contact information. Capture everything on a prospect or client that you can in an organized, retrievable system. Not being strategic. Not having a marketing or sales system. Have a marketing and sales system in place and refine it continuously.

Not taking advantage and integrating the Internet into every aspect of your marketing and sales efforts. Integrating the Internet into all your marketing and sales activities. In sales situations, shooting from the hip. Constantly using and refining a sales script. Will I require any additional software? Your e-Books may be delivered in zipped up compressed format, or in regular pdf format. If its a zipped file, you will need WinZip to extract the file.

Again If you dont have it, download it free from winzip. Your ebook will be password protected, and you will be given a password to access the document, for your use only. All ebooks are encoded so that they cannot be copied.

Your USP may be that you only sell the highest-grade products in the industry. Your USP may be that you sell your products at the lowest markup in the industry. Your USP may be that you provide more information, education, and service than anyone else in the industry.

Your USP may be that you have everything in inventory at all times no out-of-stock, no waiting, and no back orders. Your USP may be that you maintain hour, seven-day-a-week service for your customers.

Your USP may be that you maintain five times more service personnel than anyone else in your industry, so you can respond in three hours instead of three days. Marketing Mistake Number Four: Not having a back-end. Most companies never address the back-end or residual part of their businesses. But the back-end is allimportant.

He actually lost a few dollars up front on every sale. But thats just the first step. The back-end is vital to any business. Look at the above illustration. Until and unless you can identify how much back-end business you can expect, you wont know how profitable or unprofitable an ad, sale, customer, or promotion really is.

But are you losing in the long run? If you induce those new customers to download a similar product or service from you within 45 days, you double the value of the customer, and all of a sudden youre far into profit instead of loss.

Motivate them to come back once every three months and repeat the average transaction, and youve set up an annuity. But within three months, or less, the back-end business should offset your subsidy several times over. The same dynamics apply to salespeople and sales. Yet, if the new customers do repeat business, or if you develop a back-end that converts normally one-shot sales into repeat customers, you accrue fabulous future income even if your salesperson loses you money at first.

Another part of back-end dynamics is harvesting the residual value of a customer. This takes a lot of thought, experimentation, and careful analysis. Look for logical product or service extensions to offer your customers.

Experiment with salespeople locking clients into an ongoing downloading commitment. Experiment with capturing their names and telephone numbers and mailing them a specific offer, or making a specific offer by phone and measuring the response. If you are basically a one-product or one-service company, seek out other products, companies, or services to offer your customers as your back-end. Be open-minded about other products, services, and companies that might fit, based on either demographics or areas of interest.

Religiously, work the back-end over and over again. Ironically, most businesses rarely try to resell their current or previous customers. You should do it constantly. Marketing Mistake Number Five: Failing to determine and address your customers and prospects needs. Ninety percent of the businesses I look at never precisely determine the needs, desires, or requirements of the people to whom they are trying to sell. How can you expect to adequately fill someones needs if you never take the time to understand them?

Its laughable! Yet few companies seek to meet their customers needs. Those companies that do understand their customers needs, and attempt to satisfy those needs, seem to end up with all the business.

You can end up with all the business too, if youll take the time to learn what your customers need and want.

Lets probe the problem a little. To induce someone to favor you with their business, you normally have to offer them some need-filling advantage.

Lets review just a few of the possible needs people want filled They want products that offer convenience or better quality. They want things that last longer, save time, look better, perform more functions, are state-of-the-art, save money, make life less difficult by saving effort, generate more money, or make their owners more effective.

What do your customers want or need most in the product or service you offer? Do they want the convenience of knowing they can go down the block and get it from you, or the knowledge that your firm stocks or offers more items, or sizes, or products than any other company?

Do they want the top-of-the-line product or service? Or, do they want highly personalized service, attention, advice, and instruction?

Jay Abrahams – Stealth Marketing Now a Free eBook

Perhaps they merely want to acquire the kind of goods or services you sell at the lowest possible price. Or maybe price alone isnt what theyre after maybe they want the best guarantee or the best service to support the sale. I dont know which need, or which combination of needs, your potential customer seeks more than anything else, but that customer does seek fulfillment of some singular need or combination of needs, and sometimes he or she doesnt even fully realize it.

But once you find and fill that need, you'll own your business niche. If you dont know what needs your customer most wants you to fill, start by recognizing that no one can be all things to all people. You'll dilute your image as a need-filler if you try to do that.

So, first determine which needs you can fill, consistent with who you are, what your business is, and how you operate. Then talk to clients, prospects, and customers, and have your salespeople do the same. Experiment with the image you convey in your advertising and promotion. Monitor the consensus and gauge the feedback. Let your customers tell you which specific needs they most want filled, then determine which of those needs you can actually fill.

Then, dont merely fill those needs silently. Make sure your customers, prospects, salespeople, and your entire marketplace learn that your business listened and that you finally did something to satisfy the needs of your customers.

Continuously albeit tactfully inform, educate, and outright point out that your company is filling those needs for your customers. Change your ads to feature these specific need-filling advantages. Have your field or in-store salespeople point out what you are doing. Send out letters that do the same.

Best offer

Phone your customers and inform them that youre prepared to fill their needs. Once you determine precisely what your customers needs are and you commit to fulfilling those needs, then do it.

If you decide that service is the critical element, offer the best service, the fastest service, the most skilled service people, the most knowledgeable staff. If top quality is the need you decide to fill, dont offer mediocre goods!

Jay Abraham - Stealth Marketing

If you claim to be the best-quality business, make darned certain youre a regular fussbudget about what you sell. If you promise the lowest price, keep that promise. Integrity requires it. If you dont genuinely fill the needs you purport to fill, your customers will soon abandon you. Marketing Mistake Number Six: Forgetting, or never recognizing, that you have to both sell and educate your way out of a business problem.

You cant just cut the price. I am frequently asked to help a company out of a problem. Often, I bail a company out of an inventory overstock or I stimulate patronage for some service or product thats just not selling. How do I do it? Whats my secret? The answer is so basic and simple and obvious youll laugh. I tell my clients to tell their customers and prospects the truth. Then tell people what other retailers or wholesalers would normally offer these or comparable widgets for, and tell them the price youre willing to sell a widget or a specific quantity of widgets for.

Then tell the prospects why youre selling the widgets to them so cheaply the real reason but with a delightful embellishment. But add to that explanation a parenthetical exclusive qualifier like But were only offering this value to our best customers as a reward for your patronage. But were only making this offer to new, first-time customers who download an equal amount of other products or services.

Were only making this offer available to people who download some other very specific product. An important point in fact, its vitally essential is that your customers and prospects wont understand or appreciate a value, or a bargain, or a service, or a benefit, unless and until you first educate them to appreciate it.

Merely offering a product or service at a specific price even the best price doesnt generate excitement or a response until you tell people what theyre getting, what a value it is compared to other products and services, and why you can offer such value. This applies to any problem. When your business has a problem say youve taken money or advances for a product or service and something goes wrong, precluding you from fully or promptly or properly rendering that service, never, ever fail to acknowledge your screw-up.

Thats the sure way to commit integrity suicide. Be up-front and honest. Call, write, or individually approach your customers and apprise them of the problem. Tell them precisely what you were supposed to do, and tell them why you cant fulfill your obligations. Tell them with certainty when you will be able to perform. And this is the clincher. Give them some wonderful consideration to compensate them for being put out.

Give them a small gift that costs you a lot less than the profit youll lose if youre forced to return their money. Or, send them a discount coupon, or rebate a portion of their original download price. Whatever consideration you offer, tell them why youre doing it, apologize for what went wrong, thank them for their business, and assure them honestly that you can and will rectify the problem that everything will be put right by such-and-such a time or method.

Marketing Mistake Number Seven: Failing to make doing business with your company easy, appealing, desirable, and even fun. It surprises me that most companies never put themselves in their customers or prospects position. Why else would they make doing business with them so hard?

If someone calls your company and a telephone operator is their first contact, can that operator make a compelling response to the prospects' or customers' requests? When people come into your store, how well-versed are your sales clerks? How much time have you spent in preparing dialogues, phrases, questions, and advice for your people to ask or offer to customers?

How willing are you or your people to answer questions and render truly informative advice, even if it does not directly or immediately benefit you? How easy is it to find things in your store? How conscientiously do you follow up on sales requests, orders, and inquiries?

How well do you keep customers informed on the status of their order? How much do you take your customers, prospects, and business for granted? By merely stepping outside your office and walking up to your business wearing the hypothetical shoes of a prospect, you may see a lot of flaws in your operation.

Once they are remedied, you can dramatically improve your current and repeat business potential. By making it inviting, easy, informative, nonthreatening, educational, inspiring, and fun to do business with you, youll loft your company above your competition. Remember: 1 You cannot service too much. Marketing Mistake Number Eight: Failing to tell customers the reason why.

Whenever you make an offer, ask for a sale, run an ad, have a salesperson make a proposition to a customer or prospect, or offer a product or service for sale at a specific price, always tell the reason why. Why can you sell a product or service at a lower price than your competitor?

Is it lower overhead or volume downloading?

Do you download odd-lot inventories? Do you not give all the services? Why is your price so good?

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If your price is high, again, tell the customer or prospect why. Do you offer a product far superior than the norm? Is your product made with demonstrably finer materials? Why is your price so high? Is it handmade? Is it made twice as durable, or with three times the personal stitching or handiwork of some machine-made similar product? If your price or the package is an especially appealing value, tell me why youre making the offer to me.

Is it because Im going to order from you for the first time, and its an exclusive offer to first-time customers? Or, is it because you got a great download on all or part of the components in the package, and you want to pass the savings on? Or, is it because youre overstocked and you want to get your capital out of slower-moving inventory, so youre able and willing to sell me your product this one time only at an actual loss far less, in fact, than what any other company could or would legitimately offer the product or service for?

Please, tell me your reasons why! Why should I patronize you instead of your competitors? Tell me what you are doing, will do, or will avoid doing that makes favoring your firm better for me than dealing with someone else. Why can your salespeople handle my download better than someone else? Tell me all the reasons why.

The more factual, believable, credible, and plausible reasons you give me for dealing with you, the more compelled I am to favor you with my business. Marketing Mistake Number Nine: Not sticking with marketing campaigns that are still working.

Many companies change campaigns indiscriminately in mid-stream. In the process they: 1 Dont let the cumulative effect of a winning concept work for them. Business people get tired of their advertising and marketing campaigns long before the marketplace ever tires of them. Remember the section on testing at the beginning of this report? Dont violate the tenets I taught you! Test to find out which ad, marketing, or sales approach works best.

Then, only change or alter that approach if and when a new ad or concept outperforms your control. Continually experiment with new ideas, ads, and concepts without abandoning the one that works best. If an approach works, dont arbitrarily abandon it only replace an approach when youve verified and validated a more successful and profitable successor.

Most ads or commercials produce only a modest percentage return every time they are run. Direct-response ads usually produce a. You may have to run them times before you even begin to saturate your market.

Just because you are sick of seeing, hearing, or watching the same marketing does not mean your marketplace is also sick of it. The only vote thats relevant is the vote of the marketplace. Test, test, test test different concepts, approaches, and ideas, but never, ever abandon your control until you find something that pulls better.

Reread the section on testing.

When you are tempted to abandon a winning, producing, profitable approach that you are tired of, try to develop new approaches using a related or similar view. If youve found the combination to your customers responsiveness, keep going until the combination stops working. How many times have you scanned an ad in a newspaper or magazine and not had the slightest idea what it was all about, or who the information was intended for?

Ads, mailing pieces, or commercials all need a headline. A headline is an ad for the ad. Its purpose should be to reach only those who are most qualified to be a prospect for your proposition. Without exception, humorous, abstract, or circuitous ads or commercials are a waste.

If you run ads in general interest publications, TV, and radio, and your product is pest control, you should not use headlines or opening statements like, Got the bug to clean the house?

Instead, fashion a headline or opening that states the purpose of the ad and qualifies the reader. For example: If your home is plagued by ants, roaches, mice, or rats, we can eliminate the problem with our exciting new monthly maintenance service.

If you sell plumbing supplies to the contractor market and you run ads in Contractor magazine, you shouldnt run ads that begin, The best source of them all. Address your target audience in the headline with teaser copy or the opening line. If you want to reach people over 45, for instance, say: If youre 45 or over and thinking of adding to, replacing, or acquiring life, health, or disability insurance, this information Or Insurance coverage for people over 45 with no physical, no waiting, no restrictions.

If youre trying to reach health- or weight-conscious people for membership in your health club, use a headline or opening line like this: Heres a way to become tight, lean, attractive, radiant, and remarkably healthy in just 45 minutes, three times a week. If you want to reach people interested in furniture, dont use a cutesy headline.

We have in stock right now.If you decide that service is the critical element, offer the best service, the fastest service, the most skilled service people, the most knowledgeable staff. Heres what I did: 1 First, I learned all I could about the difference in construction of high-grade exotic boots over cheap, run-of-the-mill cowhide boots.

The same dynamics apply to salespeople and sales. Or, is it because youre overstocked and you want to get your capital out of slower-moving inventory, so youre able and willing to sell me your product this one time only at an actual loss far less, in fact, than what any other company could or would legitimately offer the product or service for?

Add to this the unusual financial dynamics of a newsletter. Have a marketing and sales system in place and refine it continuously.

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