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Airborn, Skybreaker, Starclimber (Matt Cruse) known as Kenneth. Oppel - Airborn Trilogy: PDF free', or even 'where to download Kenneth Oppel - Airborn. Share This Title: Skybreaker by Kenneth Oppel. On Sale: 09/22/ To read e-books on the BookShout App, download it on: iPhone/iPad · Android. KENNETH OPPEL is one of the most highly regarded authors of Find him online at and @Ken (). cover image of Skybreaker.

The group sets off to set out to do what no one has been able to do, to capture the Hyperion , but they won't be the only ones participating in the chase I was a bit worried when I started this book because I had read Airborn a couple of years back, but the author recaps throughout the book so I didn't feel lost.

This book will definitely appeal to people who love to get lost in an adventure. What makes it stand out from other books in it's genre is the concept of airships. I felt like I was actually in these ships and I could understand Matt's awe of these machines and his love for the air.

In this book we get to see more of Matt's insecurities as a boy struggling to become a young man. He feels the pressure to have money, make a name for himself, and wants it so bad it hurts.

File size: Mb Kenneth Oppel : Skybreaker before downloading it in order to gage whether or not it would be worth my time, and all praised Skybreaker: 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful. Even better than the first!

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Sadly, I am a latecomer to this wonderful series by Kenneth Oppel. I was hooked. What a thrilling ride!

It's like the Empire Strikes Back of the series! Better, more fleshed out story and characters. Simply breathtaking stuff! Although, I thought the ending could've been just a little better. It would've been nice to know Nadira's and Hal's reaction to the gold bricks found in the cargo hold on the orinthopter. And a whole lot nicer! Oh well.

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Can't have everything. The book itself is one of my all time favorites!

Kenneth Oppel knows how to pull you into his world and you're right there with Matt and company soaring high above the earth.

Crafted for all ages to enjoy in a magnificent tale that will be sure to keep you on your toes. Started reading it out to my friends on a long car ride and got them hooked. Starclimber starts out a few months after the last one ended. Matt is in Paris with Kate doing what he loves, flying. It seems like it's going pretty well for a not even 18 year old young man.

That is until trouble finds Mr. Cruse, which it always does.

Matt Cruse has a chance to go into space but first he must prove himself. As he goes into tra There is a space race! As he goes into training and testing and so forth. Things with Kate are not at all well. It partly has to do with Kate's parents' accepting a poor boy but also Kate herself. Now for the stuff I liked, Matt for starters.

A good protagonist is always an excellent sign. He has a little really minuscule fault here or there but really an all-around good guy who is trying to follow his dream.

Who wouldn't love that? Next is the fact that it all seemed believable. The science that Oppel presents is understandable and well described without being exceedingly boring or completely unbelievable because almost everything that is mentioned we know about. These books have always had a great sense of atmosphere to them and this one was no exception.

The whole time I pictured them floating around in space. I forgot about quite a few things like how the books could actually be funny. The professor was definitely the funniest character. It was a thrilling ride through space because, as you can guess, things don't always go according to the plan but if something goes wrong it's always a good idea to have Matt on your side.

Lastly, I enjoyed space immensely but I think Matt said it best "I missed my sky. I started reading this trilogy when I was ten, and now, 6 years later have finally finished it.

I actually had no idea that there were two other books in the series, which is why I've only just finished the last book. Anyway, on to the loves and non-loves of this book.

But then Kate has been slightly annoying since book 1, so I don't think this really counts. It's just the way she is. Honestly, I didn't like him, but I didn't want him dying.. That man is such a jerk face. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes suspense, a good laugh, and a romance. Matt, is one of my favorite characters because his personality is very much like mine, and I like how he keeps a cool head in a suspenseful situation.

Kate is my second favorite character, because i like how she always gets what she wants, and she doesn't care who's feelings she hurts in the process. I also like her a lot because of the imager Starclimber is one of the best books that i have ever read. I also like her a lot because of the imagery Matt uses to describe her, from the way her perfume smells, to the way her auburn hair shines when its hit by light.

My least favorite character is Sir Hugh, for being such a jerk at times, for always giving all of the credit to himself, and being such a pessimist all of the time. My favorite lines in the book were: "Marry me," I said. She lowered her teacup, shaking slightly, to the saucer.

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I reached into my pocket and took out James Sanderson's ring, which I'd picked up off the floor of the Starclimber after we'd crash-landed. Kate de Vries, will you marry me?

But it will be terrible.Skybreaker is a bit shallower than Airborn, and Starclimber just about scrapes the bottom of the barrel. Try the distress frequency. A homesick angel was a steep and very fast ascent—like an angel speeding heavenward—usually only made in emergencies.

I've hit a reading slump. The group sets off to set out to do what no one has been able to do, to capture the Hyperion , but they won't be the only ones participating in the chase

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