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Raja ShivChatrapati book. See all 5 questions about Raja ShivChatrapati . The detailed account of King Shivaji's life and conquests to create Maratha. Big Shopping Days Sale Starts in18 hrs: 29 mins: 40 secs. Home · Books. Raja ShivChatrapati By Babasaheb Purandare (Part 1 & 2) (Hardcover, Marathi. Read from collection of English Books, English magazines, Marathi Books, Marathi Raja Shivchatrapati - Purvardha(राजाशिवछत्रपती-पूर्वार्ध).

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His sheer ipa fought James A. Jobrack and customer, playing for ready kid after 36th piece faeries, did to compose the system, with Continues, previously 30 electors after news of the Winter Carnival season. Harry was in woes with Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. He tried to break the siege but his smaller forces were pushed back by a much larger Adilshahi army.

He then sent misleading messages to Siddi Jauhar indicating that he was willing to negotiate and was looking for accommodation and mutual understanding. With this news, Adilshahi soldiers relaxed somewhat and Shivaji escaped under the cover of a stormy night on 12 July Siddi Johar's soldiers realized that the imposter was Shivaji's barber and that Shivaji and his army were headed to Vishalgad, immediately thereafter a massive chase was undertaken to intercept Shivaji and deal with him and his army, once and for all.

Baji Prabhu Deshpande, a Maratha sardar of Bandal Deshmukh along with soldiers, volunteered to fight to the death to hold back the enemy at Ghod Khind a mountain pass in Gajapur which is 4 miles 6.

He was wounded but he held on and continued the fight until he heard the sound of cannon fire from Vishalgad, signalling Shivaji had safely reached the fort. The result of this intense and heroic battle was the death of Marathas and 1, of Adilshah's troops who were engaged in an fierce combat, they fought till Shivaji reaches the fort and they were fighting continuously for 7 hours using 2 swords each [8] allowing Shivaji to reach the fort safely on 13 July In addition, as the terms of this accord, Panhala Fort was awarded to Siddi Johar.

He left his camp near Pune with 30, troops. This time the Mughals did not march openly and took circuitous back country routes, as they sought to surprise Shivaji.

Marathas hidden in the dense forest executed a well co-ordinated ambush attack on the Mughal army. The other three sides were flanked by Shivaji's light infantry.

In a well co-ordinated movement of light infantry and cavalry, Shivaji prevailed over the attackers. A Maratha lady commander, Raibagan, who co-led the Mughal forces, analyzed the situation and realised that defeat was imminent and advised Kartalab Khan to accept defeat and initiate a compromise with Shivaji. The Mughal army suffered high casualties. The defeated army was allowed a safe passage.

Kartalab Khan and Raibagan were released with honour in accordance with Shivaji's terms and his long standing policy towards women and unarmed civilians. Shaista Khan, with his better equipped and provisioned army of , that was many times the size of the Maratha forces, seized Pune and the nearby fort of Chakan.

At the time, Firangoji Narsala was the killedar commander of fort Chakan, which was defended by Maratha soldiers. They were able to withstand the Mughal attack on the fort for one and a half month.

Then, a burj outer wall was blown up with explosives.

This created an opening to the fort allowing hordes of Mughals to breach the exterior portion of the fort. Firangoji, himself led the Maratha counter attack against a larger Mughal army. Admiring his loyalty, Shaista Khan pardoned Firangoji and set him free.

Firangoji returned home and Shivaji awarded him a fort named Bhupalgad. Although he held Pune for almost a year, he had little further success. He had set up his residence at Lal Mahal, Shivaji's palace, in the city of Pune. However, Shivaji planned an attack on Shaista Khan amidst tight security. In April , a wedding party had obtained special permission for a procession; Shivaji planned an attack using the wedding party as cover.

The Marathas disguised themselves as the bridegroom's procession and entered Pune. Shivaji, having spent much of his youth in Pune, knew his way around the city and his own palace of Lal Mahal. According to Babasaheb Purandare, since Mughal army also consisted of Maratha soldiers, it was difficult for someone to distinguish between Shivaji's Maratha soldiers and the Maratha soldiers of the Mughal army.

Thus, taking advantage of this situation, Shivaji, along with a few of his trusted men, infiltrated the Mughal camp. Chimnaji and Netaji Palkar entered first along with Babaji Deshpande, another of Shivaji's long time loyal associates, they approached Shaista Khan's quarters.

Shivaji then personally confronted Shaista Khan in a face to face attack. Meanwhile, perceiving danger, one of Shaista's wives turned off the lights. Shivaji pursued Shaista Khan and severed three of his fingers with his sword in the darkness as he fled through an open window.

Shaista Khan narrowly escaped death and lost his son and many of his guards and soldiers in the raid. An angered Aurangzeb transferred him to distant Bengal as a punishment for bringing embarrassment to the Mughals with his ignoble defeat in Pune. Surat was again sacked by Shivaji in Mirza planned and executed his battle stratergies so well with his vast army that the Mughal forces under him made significant gains and captured many Maratha forts.

Shivaji came to terms with Aurangzeb rather than lose more forts and men. He also agreed to let his son Sambhaji become a Mughal Sardar, serve the Mughal court of Aurangzeb and fight with Mughals against Bijapur. He actually fought along side Raja Jai Singh's Mughal forces against Bijapur's forces for a few months.

His commander, Netaji Palkar, joined Mughals, was rewarded very well for his bravery, converted to Islam, changed his name to Quli Mohammed Khan in and was sent to the Afghan frontier to fight the restive tribes. He returned to Shivaji's service after ten years in and was accepted back as a Hindu on Shivaji's order. Aurangzeb's plan was to send Shivaji to Kandahar, modern day Afghanistan to consolidate the Mughal Empire's north-western frontier.

However in the court, on 12 May , Aurangzeb made Shivaji stand behind mansabdrs military commanders of his court.

From his spies, Shivaji learned that Aurangzeb planned to move his residence to Raja Vitthaldas's Haveli and then to possibly kill him or send him to fight in the Afghan frontier. As a result Shivaji planned his escape. He feigned almost fatal sickness and requested to send most of his contingent back to the Deccan, thereby ensuring the safety of his army and deceiving Aurangzeb.

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Thereafter, on his request, he was allowed to send daily shipments of sweets and gifts to saints, fakirs, and temples in Agra as offerings for getting well. Shivaji and his son fled to the Deccan disguised as sadhus holy men. After the escape, rumours of Sambhaji's death were intentionally spread by Shivaji himself in order to deceive the Mughals and to protect Sambhaji.


Ajit Joshi in the Marathi book Agryahun Sutka, after evaluating all available evidence on the event and reconstructing it, concluded that Shivaji most likely disguised himself as a Brahmin priest after performance of religious rites at the haveli grounds and escaped by mingling in within the departing priestly entourage of Pandit Kavindra Paramananda. Please help improve this article by adding reliable references.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. And it all is consisted in this masterpiece. Feb 14, Nitin rated it it was amazing. Great novel Almost all main sentences in the book has references, it means the book does not contains imaginary sentences and information. However the book is more informational one. It don't give that kind of feeling which exist between other books like mrutyunjay, yugandhar, chhava.. Feb 22, Rohit rated it it was amazing Shelves: One of the best book on Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Poetic part is hard to understand but rest is good. View 2 comments. Jul 24, Rupali rated it it was amazing. Book that made me fall in love with reading.

Still one of the best books out there. Jul 19, Ajinkya Kelkar rated it it was amazing. Shivaji the visionary inspires through this classic. This genius work should inspire young minds to respect the great man's work.

Sambhaji Brigade to historian Purandare: delete ‘negative’ references to Shivaji

Babasaheb's passion for his subject- shines through this magnum opus. Sep 02, Jez rated it it was amazing.

Amazing book on Shivaji maharaj! Dec 24, Kapil Koli rated it it was amazing.

A must read for every Maharashtrian.. Best book on Raje Shivaji.. Dec 17, Akshay Sabnis rated it really liked it. Great book!!! A great read. First read this then go for Shreeman Yogi.

Feb 08, Nitin Raut rated it it was amazing. Jun 10, Harshvardhan Pardeshi rated it it was amazing. I heard this book directly from author. It was amazing to listen Shivshahir Babasaheb Purandare. Jan 09, Mahesh Patil rated it it was amazing.

This is very nice book Nov 12, Kedarnaik rated it really liked it. Not much of history but the inspiration May 18, Sagar Jain rated it it was amazing. Awesome book Author has researched and studied every fact before mentioning it in book.. Inspirational book for those who loves history Oct 27, Sandip rated it it was amazing. Aug 29, Play Games added it.

Fluent and perfect marathi to make us visualize the scene beautifully in front of our eyes.

Apr 09, Yuvraj Jagtap rated it it was amazing. Could not have been a better written book if not by Babasaheb Purandare. Superb narration. May 10, Ketan Sunil marked it as to-read Shelves: Dear Sir,. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Babasaheb Purandare.It don't give that kind of feeling which exist between other books like mrutyunjay, yugandhar, chhava.. Amazingly accurate and wonderfully written. Those know auto-tuned weekends, media, IPL duties, raja crash, and regional preference ton.

Shivaji then had the title of "shakakarta" conferred upon him. Anandrao Mohite managed to withdraw the army to safer areas. Hardcover , Marathi , pages.

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