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DO NEF Int tst bklt Tests_2P 25/10/06 Page 1 Lara Storton New ENGLISH FILE Intermediate Test Booklet This Test Booklet contains: ○ an Entry test. Find new research papers in: Physics · Chemistry · Biology · Health Sciences · Ecology · Earth Sciences · Cognitive Science · Mathematics · Computer Science. English File Pre-intermediate, third edition CEFR Mapping - Oxford. 47 Pages· · KB·15, Descargar new english file intermediate third edition pdf.

He hates meeting new people. He can talk to anyone about anything. Please let me pay this time! Use the correct form of the verb in brackets.

English File Intermediate Third Edition Books

They always want to win. Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total 50 Example: We interviewed three people about how family and friends have affected their personalities.

I greatly admire Rob and I hope that one day I can look at life in the way that he does. You receive an email from your home-stay family asking some questions about I spent many hours as a child listening to my uncle your lifestyle. He was the youngest of 11 children following information. At just 14, my uncle began his first job as a fisherman. Uncle Wilson taught me that life is special and that you should take every Reading and Writing total 20 opportunity that you can to fill it with adventure.

As soon as Rob and I met, we connected. He was the youngest of 11 children your lifestyle. Reply to their email and include the whose family lived in a fishing town in Scotland. Life following information. Complete the information with the correct referee. Complete the information with the correct word. How often? Do you or disagree. Give reasons. Use the present perfect simple or the past simple. The people in Ireland are some of the friendliest friendly in the world.

Andy Hello, could I speak to Mr Jackson, please? Steve Yes, I lent it to my brother and I would never do it again! Doctor What seems to be the problem? You should always wear a seat belt in a car. Sean Hello, could I speak to Mr Jackson, please? The people in Ireland are some of the Tom Yes, I lent it to my brother and I would never friendliest friendly in the world.

Curitiba has one of the best public transport systems in the world. The mayor, Jaime Lerner, along with the council, began developing the 3 The council allows people to sell things in the world-famous system in The council put in flowers, lights, and kiosks where people could sell food 5 The council chose to increase the bus service because and other products.

To encourage shoppers to use the it was the least expensive type of transport. Cyclists also 6 The population of the city is about 1. Bus stations provide free maps and facilities to A newspaper is running a story-writing competition.

Answer the following like in an underground station. What happened? He made many of the streets into pedestrian than 1, buses. To encourage shoppers to use the 5 Traffic jams are common on the roads of Curitiba. Cyclists also 6 The inhabitants of Curitiba prefer using public benefit from km of cycle lanes, which follow old transport to their own cars. Bus travel is faster and more 9 Passengers can also download their bus tickets at the convenient than using private cars. The city now uses underground station.

Some of the buses are able to carry — passengers.

They are designed with three doors — two exits 10 and one entrance — so that people can get on and off quickly. Bus stations provide free maps and facilities to help parents with young children and people carrying WR ITI N G heavy bags to board the buses easily.

Passengers download a A newspaper is running a story-writing competition. Answer the following system, Jaime Lerner now offers advice to city councils questions.

Listen to the interview with Karen. Do or disagree. They must be out. Nobody is answering the mobile. I was thinking about downloading it. Shall I look in his diary? She has short curly hair. The match was boring. Everyone in the cinema looked at me. I spent all day sightseeing and bit like Father Christmas! Nobody is answering the can, could, or be able to.

I spent all day sightseeing and shopping in London. Sue Johnston is a psychiatrist. Have you ever thought about changing your appearance?

But experts say that 2 Sue Johnston used to dislike the way she looked. Psychologist Sue Johnston explains: Below are a few look will seem less important. If you do have 9 Some people spend a lot of money changing the way negative feelings about your appearance, try to do they look.

Love the unusual things about yourself. They taught you to ski. Write a letter to thank them. Include the following information: This has a very negative effect.

But experts say that think a lot about your appearance. It may be sticking-out ears, an unusually-shaped nose, or perhaps they are overweight. Below are a few feelings. For example, 8 You should enjoy what makes you look different from focus on success at work, participating in sports, others. If you do have 9 Everyone can look good with a personal hairstylist and negative feelings about your appearance, try to do make-up artist. Cross out the wrong English people and politeness.

Cross out the wrong information. Write the correct information. Speaker 1 went to Hungary. Speaker 1 is from London.

She was going very fast because she was in a hurry. He was wearing a dark coat, so Hannah didn't see him at first. Quickly, she I woke up next morning Try to use stressed on the f irst syllable. Most two-syllable nouns and adjectives are stressed on the first syllable, e.

However, many two-syllable verbs and prepositions or connectors are stressed on the second syllable, e. All the phrases are from the sto ry. Try to re member the verb for c T he re a re two different endings to the story. Have a class vote. Do each phrase. Li ten once and check. B o, l didn't. B In a small hotel. B Good idea. Our flight is at 9. B She's the kitchen. B I'm looki ng for my keys.

You didn't answe r my ca ll. B l'm adoctor. B She'stall and slim. T he jo urn alist saw tou r ists tak ing photographs o f works ofa rt in Rome a nd ew York.

G uess their a beach b wa lk ing c sightseei ng mea ning fro m the context. C heck with your teache r o r 4 David with a dictio n a ry. At do them. It was a bit irritating, but that was all. It didn't C an you?

Then the sad truth hit me. Most of the peoplewere taking photos without looking at the paintings themselves. D1 ask an d a n swer six questio ns a bout work f stud ies,People were pushing me, not because they were trying to geta better view of the art, but because they wanted to make sure fa mily, and free t ime activitiesthat no one blocked their photo.

Was it possible that perhapsthey were taking the photos so that they could admire the D2 describe the appearance and personality ofapaintings better when they got home?

This was very improbable. They were not there to see the paintings, but to take photos to p erson you know wellprove that they had been there. D3 describe a picture in th is book a nd say w ha t isThen it got worse.

Now people were taking photos of theirpartners or friends who were posing next to, or in front of some happening, wha t t he people are wea ring, etc. Neither the photographers northe person they were photographing had looked at the art itself, D4 ask an d answer t hree questio ns about a recentalthough I saw that sometimes they read the label, to make surethat the artist really was famous.

At least nobody asked me to ho li d a ytake a picture of them together, smiling in front of a Picasso! I think that people who want totake a photo of an exhibit should be forced to look at it first, for D6 say t h ree true se ntence using t he connectors so,at least one minute.

Who do you t hink is Then liste n again and complete 0 Customs the chart. Ctures 0 Gates Where to? Then cover the word and look at the symbols. Remember the words and phrases. Then liste n a nd check. I English to youn g child ren. But there are some airports where you can actually enjoy yourself. All goodb In pairs decide if sentences J- 5 are pia ns o r predict io ns airports have excellent facilit ies for business people and children, free Wi-fi, restaurants, cafes, and shops.

But the about the futu re. Write PL pla n o r PR predic tio n. It also has a rooftop swimming pool and beBOinB to a nd practise it.

Copy the with no sense of direction - there are 'Airport Ambassadors' in r. The re is also free coffeep Fast speech: gonna and tea near all the seating areas, and lots of free magazines and newspapers. What are you going t o do? Switzerland, you can rent day rooms with their own bathroom and kitchen and wake-up call service.

English File Intermediate Books

What's it like? What c Look at the high lighted wo rds and phra es related to can you do th ere w hile yo u're waiting for a fli ght? W hich is t he best airpo rt s ifyo u..

A im agine you are at o ne of these airports and yo ur fl ight have a medica l pro blem is delayed fo r three hou rs. B calls yo u o n your mobile. Tell 2 would like to see a film B where yo u a re and what you a re going to do. T hen swap 3 want to do some port or exercise ro le.

Do the sa me with o ther airpo rts. Why d o es Lily get in touch w ith Ben? Li ste n a nd check. D Great. I'm going to book my tickets Lis te n a nd co mplete her flight d eta ils. Why don't you phone me nearer th e Depart Lo ndon Gatw ick at Then we can fix a day and a time to meet. No news from you for ages. Are you still working at Budapest University?

I have a conference there next month and I t hought perhaps we could meet. I'd love to see you again! Ben West D It depends on the day. I'm going to Vienna one day that week, but it's not very far - I'm coming back the same day. I'm sure we can find a time that's good for both of us.

What are you doing that week? Are you free any time? Ben West D Lily! Great to hear from you. Yes , I'm still at t he university here and it's going very well - Budapest is a wonderful city to liv e in. When exactl y is the conference?

I can't wait! Then liste n agai n and repeat it verbs in the Facebook messages. Which two sentence by sentence. T ry to copy the s peakers' into nation.

What time perio d do the other three refer to? A Would you like t o go out for dinner? B I'd love to. Ca n you remember B Sorry, I'm going to the cinema. Listen a nd check. A What about Friday? What are you doing then? B Nothing. Friday's fine. Let's go to the new Italian place. B Great.

Try to sound friend ly. Lea rn more d Talk to other students. T ry to find days when you are both free a nd suggest doing so mething. Write it in your diary. Try to makeabout the present continuo us for future a n a rra ngement with a d ifferent person for every night. Would you like t o go to the cinema?

Liste n to the conversa tio n. What day do they ar ra nge to meet?

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

Complete Ben' diary for the week. What are the missing prepositions? What happens when Ben and c Complete the questions with a preposition. T hen ask a nd a nswer w ith a partner. Lily meet? It then becomes a quest to locate the true definition, if not the etymological origins, of a particular word. Being someone who loves and collects words, the OED is the perfect resource for someone like me!

So, what do I say?


Caveat emptor. You cannot pay once and use the app on both an iPad and an iPhone. I have changed the rating to 4 stars, because there is still some trouble getting the app to restore downloads on additional devices. It required deleting the unresponsive download and a new download and installation. Also, to be fair, the developer did respond to my original derogatory review by email, which sat unread on an unused server for six weeks.JO with?

She compare with a partner. Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total 50 Example: To give teachers and students a 21st century learning experience English File third edition comes with brand new digital components: iTools for teachers: a digital teaching tool that brings the classroom to life with interactive course materials — on interactive whiteboard, projectors or screen. Life following information. Do you have a friend who is looking for a partner?

You didn't answe r my ca ll.

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