Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2TM This is where the PRINCE2 . Projects with PRINCE2 to effectively deliver what is required by (TSO, ). You should be studying the official Prince2 book Managing successful projects with PRINCE2 Download free PDF of this book on this page, using the link below. [PDF] Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 Edition Manual EBOOK FOR DOWNLOAD PDF FREE.

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Projects With Prince2 Edition [PDF] [EPUB] PRINCE2 is firmly uk Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 Edition. Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® Edition (Polish This publication is also available as a PDF from the TSO Shop. Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® Edition - PDF · Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® Edition - Online.

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For items not readily available, we'll provide ongoing estimated ship and delivery time frames. The four levels of management are: Organization information should. As part of directing the project.

In such cases. For example: As the Project Board is accountable for the project. A good Project Board should display four key characteristics: Depending on the size and complexity of the project. The Executive representing the business viewpoint and Senior User representing the user viewpoint roles can often be combined. The managerial level required to fill the roles will depend on factors such as the budget. The Project Board has authority and responsibility for the project within the instructions initially contained in the project mandate set by corporate or programme management.

The structure allows for channels of communication to decisionmaking forums and should be backed up by role descriptions that specify the responsibilities. As one of the key responsibilities of the Project Board is to provide direction to the Project Manager.

This role will include providing supplier resources to the project and ensuring that proposals for designing and developing the products are feasible and realistic. Project Board members are often from senior management positions. The Executive will then be responsible for designing and appointing the rest of the project management team. The frequency and detail of communication required by the Project Board during a project should be documented in the Communication Management Strategy.

If the project is part of a programme. The concept of management by exception allows the Project Manager to keep them regularly informed of project progress but only requires decision making at key points in the project. The Senior User s specifies the benefits and is held to account by demonstrating to corporate or programme management that the forecasted benefits that were the basis of project approval are in fact realized.

This role is accountable for the quality of products delivered by the supplier s and is responsible for the technical integrity of the project. It is important to review the level and frequency of reporting for each stage during the Managing a Stage Boundary process. The role of the Executive is vested in one individual.

Project Board members may require more detailed or frequent information at the start of the project. Project Board members should not be involved in the detail of how the project is managed. For the sake of effectiveness the role should not be split between too many people. The Executive has to ensure that the project gives value for money. Senior Supplier The Senior Supplier s represents the interests of those designing.

As the project progresses. Executive Although the Project Board is responsible for the project. The Executive is appointed by corporate or programme management during the pre-project process of Starting up a Project. This role may require more than one person to cover all the user interests. The Senior User role commits user resources and monitors products against requirements. The Project Board is not a democracy controlled by votes.

Throughout the project. Where Project Assurance tasks are shared between Project Board members and other individuals.

Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 2009.pdf - It is...

If they have sufficient time available. Project Board members are responsible for the aspects of Project Assurance aligned to their respective areas of concern — business. If necessary. The Project Board may also make use of other members of the corporate organization taking specific Project Assurance roles.

But projects may be in a dynamic environment. In fact. Technical knowledge may also be needed to evaluate potential changes. Anyone appointed to a Project Assurance role reports to the Project Board member overseeing These delegated authorities must be written into the appropriate role descriptions.

In a project where few changes are envisaged. For projects that exist within a programme. Exceptions to this do occur. Depending on the severity. Project Assurance is not just an independent check.

The Project Board needs to decide before the project moves out of the initiation stage if it wishes to delegate some authority for approving or rejecting requests for change or off-specifications. Project Board members are accountable for the Project Assurance actions aligned to their area of interest. To facilitate this. Personnel involved in Project Assurance are also responsible for supporting the Project Manager. Refer to Chapter 9 for more information on changes.

The Project Board needs to represent all of the interested parties in the corporate organization. To avoid enlarging the Project Board. These groups discuss user or supplier issues and risks. Any changes that fall outside of these limits would have to be escalated to the Project Board. It may also be appropriate to appoint members of these groups to user or supplier Project Assurance.

If a user or supplier group is involved. Organization 37 Example of a Change Authority A Project Manager is given authority to approve changes to individual products only if the changes would: User groups User groups User representative area 1 User representative User area 1 representative area 2 User representative area 2 On a large project.

There are many reasons why the Project Manager may decide to appoint other people to be Team Managers rather than undertake the role themselves. The Team Manager reports to. In projects with no separate individual allocated to a Team Manager role. The Project Manager will normally come from the customer corporate organization. In projects with no separate Project Support role. This person has the authority to run the project on behalf of the Project Board within the constraints laid down by the Project Board.

Among these are the size of the project. They can be used formally or informally depending on the needs of the project. In addition to the information included in Appendix A. Defining the deliverables at the appropriate level will also assist new Team Managers in becoming more effective as it is clear what has to be produced.

As the single focus for the day-to-day management of a project. Leaving them out of the Directing a Project process could cause delays due to the lack of supplier resources to deal with change and to address specialist issues. The Team Manager role may be assigned to the Project Manager or a separate person. The decision on whether to include external suppliers on the Project Board may be a cultural one based on fear of divulging commercial or financial information.

Organization If the Team Manager comes from the supplier corporate organization. Knowledge of different types of personalities and how these work together can help the Project Manager to structure balanced teams that can work together effectively during a project.

In practice. A clearly defined team structure. Although ideally the Project Executive and Project Manager should stay with the project throughout its lifecycle. It is important to stress that the role of Project Support is not optional.

Project Support and Project Assurance roles should be kept separate in order to maintain the independence of Project Assurance. Some corporate organizations may have a project office a temporary office set up to support the delivery of a specific project or similar structure.

After the supplier has been selected and the project moves to the development stage.

Example of changes to the project management team A project may include a procurement stage. In a given environment. It could also provide specialist functions to a project such as planning or risk management. If required. Project roles should be reviewed for the next stage during the Managing a Stage Boundary process.

Project Support defaults to the Project Manager if it is not otherwise allocated. Unless performed by a corporate or programme management function. Different people have different characteristics.

The use of management stages also allows a smooth transition for changes to the project management team. It is not enough to have the required processes and systems in place: The use of End Stage Reports and Stage Plans can help to ensure that any handover procedure is thorough and well documented. A Team Manager. In the context of the project. Project Support is typically responsible for administering any configuration management procedure and tools as defined in the Configuration Management Strategy.

The structure of the project management team does not necessarily reflect line function or seniority but represents roles on the project.

Before the supplier has been selected. If individuals are tasked with working on too many projects. During a project. It is important to achieve the correct balance: Solutions include undertaking fewer projects in parallel or.

Parttime team members suffer more absences and diversions. This could include training on any processes and standards to be used on the project such as configuration management procedures. Others are more analytical. Project Managers can find difficulties when managing cross-functional projects due to the inability to agree overall leadership from within the various groups. The Project Manager should allow for this when designing a plan — either by negotiating guaranteed availability or greater tolerance.

As a result. Project Board members may also need training on their roles. The Project Manager should ensure that training needs are built into the appropriate plans.

Whatever the environment. Project Managers who know the natural roles of the team members can use that knowledge to build effective teams during the Starting up a Project process for the management team and the Initiating a Project process when identifying team members.

The manager of a small project is therefore likely to find that team members are. Understanding and working within the wider corporate organization can be challenging for the Project Manager.

Setting up clear project controls at the start of the project. Parties external to the project management team can exert a powerful influence on a project. Example of stakeholder analysis Stakeholder analysis identified the following stakeholders for a project to relocate a chemical factory: It is important to analyse who these stakeholders are and to engage with them appropriately.

All projects need to have some level of some stakeholder engagement. A centre of excellence can be useful where: Effective communication with key stakeholders. Such people may: Example of a centre of excellence An organization has established a centre of excellence that provides: Note that some of these were external to the project management team but internal to the corporate or programme management organization.

It is usually carried out at the programme level. Where the project is part of a programme. Their position in the corporate organization and expertise in the subject matter will. If a formal stakeholder engagement procedure has been completed. For each interested party. For instance. Project Assurance could be involved in checking all the key stakeholders. The Project Manager should be responsible for documenting the Communication Management Strategy during the Initiating a Project process.

They have the potential to affect the success of the project. Many projects have a formal commencement meeting to introduce the project and its aims to the corporate organization. When planning the final stage of the project it is also important to review the Communication Management Strategy Defining the methods and timings of the communications. These are best planned after defining how the project will engage with the different stakeholders.

Perceptions may be mistaken. If this type of meeting is used. When selecting the senders of information. Defining how the project can effectively engage with the stakeholders. Gaining an understanding of the influences. It is also important to review and possibly update the Communication Management Strategy at each stage boundary in order to ensure that it still includes all the key stakeholders.

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Refer to Appendix A for more details of the suggested content for the Communication Management Strategy. It facilitates engagement with stakeholders through the establishment of a controlled and bi-directional flow of information.

Identifying the individual stakeholders involved in. Ensure that the Communication Management Strategy is appropriate and that planned communication activities actually take place. Advise on project team members and stakeholder engagement. Advise on selection of project team members.

Executive Appoint the Project Manager if not done by corporate or programme management. Prepare role descriptions. Refer to Chapter 19 for more detailed information on programme roles and how they may interact with project roles.

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Approve the Communication Management Strategy. Confirm the appointments to the project management team and the structure of the project management team.

Define and verify user requirements and expectations. Prepare the Communication Management Strategy. Advise on stakeholder engagement. Organization to ensure it includes all the parties who need to be advised that the project is closing.

Team Manager Project Assurance Manage project team members. Table 5. Provide supplier resources. Project Support Provide administrative support for the project management team. Review and update the Communication Management Strategy. Provide information to the project as defined in the Communication Management Strategy. If a project forms part of a programme.

Underestimating or omitting quality management activities is likely to lead to slippages. It is frequently the case that more than one permanent organization will be involved in a project — for example.

A programme. A quality management system is the complete set of quality standards.

It is defined by the product breakdown structure for the plan and its associated Product Descriptions. This can lead to misunderstandings. The Quality theme also covers the implementation of continuous improvement during the project — for example. In the project context. The Quality theme addresses the quality methods and responsibilities not only for the specification.

Without this understanding. Quality planning is about defining the products required of the project. Quality assurance should not be confused with Project Assurance. Quality assurance would look for or require effective Project Assurance as one of the indicators that the project is being conducted properly.

Quality assurance activities are outside the scope of table 6.

Team Managers and project teams. Quality assurance is about independently checking that the organization and processes are in place for quality planning and control i. Note that. What they do How they differ Must be independent of the Project Manager. Performed by personnel who are independent of the project i.

Project Support. How they relate Quality assurance as a corporate or programme management function could be used by the Project Board as part of its Project Assurance regime for example.

Responsibility of the corporate or therefore undertaken from within the programme management organization. Responsibility of the Project Board. This is. The first two of these are covered by quality planning section 6.

Quality for assuring that the project is conducted properly in all respects. Although Project Assurance is independent of the Project Manager.

Project Assurance and quality assurance do overlap. They are defined and agreed early in the Starting up a Project process. Where possible. When these aspects of planning are neglected. The key quality requirements will drive the choice of solution and. Quality planning comprises: The terms used in the diagram are explained in the remainder of this section. The expectations are captured in discussions with the customer and then refined for inclusion in the Project Product Description.

They are then used to identify more detailed acceptance criteria. It is used by the Closing a Project process as part of the verification that the project has delivered what was expected of it and that the acceptance criteria have been met. Examples are ease of use. It is subject to formal change control and should be checked at stage boundaries during Managing a Stage Boundary to see if any changes are required.

Acceptance criteria should be prioritized as this helps if there has to be a trade-off between some criteria — high quality. The Project Product Description defines what the customer is expecting the project to deliver and the project approach defines the solution or method to be used by the supplier to create the project product.

The approved Project Product Description is included as a component of the Project Brief and is used to help select the project approach. This may include complying with certain engineering standards relating to product durability.

The acceptance criteria should be agreed between the customer and supplier during the Starting up a Project process and documented as part of the Project Product Description.

Once finalized in the Project Product Description. In considering acceptance criteria. When the project can demonstrate that all the acceptance criteria have been met. The Project Product Description includes: Identifying the acceptance methods is crucial because they address the question: The content of a Product Description is described fully in Appendix A.

The level of detail in a Product Description is a matter of judgement. They govern the development of the products and their subsequent review and approval. These define the quality controls that must be applied during product development and in the review and approval procedures for the completed product.

They exist to help support the planning. The time needed to create good Product Descriptions will depend on factors such as how important.

Quality tolerances Quality tolerances for a product can be specified in quality criteria by defining an acceptable range of values. Where models and standards are to be tailored. Key responsibilities for quality should be defined both within and outside the project management team. The Quality Management Strategy also provides a means by which the levels of formality to be applied in the quality plans and controls can be scaled and agreed according to the particular needs of the project.

Where there is already an established quality management system for projects. The quality criteria should be of sufficient detail and clarity to enable those reviewing a product to unambiguously confirm whether the product meets its requirements.

Product Descriptions that are too detailed can lead to an unnecessary increase in the cost of quality for the project.

Product Descriptions are not optional. It should outline the arrangements for quality assurance. Where necessary. Care should be taken not to write Product Descriptions in too much detail. The Quality Management Strategy describes how the quality management systems of the participating organizations will be applied to the project and confirms any quality standards. The Quality Management Strategy is maintained.

Quality criteria The Product Description should include the quality specifications that the product must meet. Bob Ali.


Performance Test. It is created during the Initiating a Project process as the products and quality control measures are being defined. Quality 53 example of quality criteria Consider a project to design and manufacture a new camera. The product breakdown structure identifies a user guide product.

There are two primary types of quality methods: It is then maintained in line with the current baseline plans throughout the project.

One quality criterion is that the camera and its packaging must weigh no more than 1 kg. The responsibilities will fall into one of three categories: John Feb Mar Mar. Where specialized skills are implicit in the quality table 6. Questions to be asked include: What is the target market for the camera? Does this also imply that the manual needs to be written in several languages?

Will that mean it gets heavier? This could reduce the weight of the manual and allow the camera itself to be heavier. Maintenance Paulo Test. It follows that the size and weight of the user guide is an important factor and not. Quality responsibilities To avoid doubt. Rita John Rita. Quality methods The quality methods section of the Product Description is used to specify the quality activities to be implemented during the development of a product. Considering quality criteria often highlights connections and factors such as these which inform the subsequent planning process.

Bob John. Paulo Result. There are two types of quality methods: The techniques can be used within the project. Even when testing is the primary appraisal method. There are. Quality control comprises: There are a variety of systematic inspection techniques. The amount of information included in the Quality Register can vary considerably. It follows that quality inspections. A quality inspection is a systematic. A systematic but flexible approach to quality inspection can be used: Used as a project management team control.

It is much easier and cheaper to correct a design document early in the project than to correct a design fault that is only discovered when the finished product is being tested or.

An example of a Quality Register is shown in Table 6. The Quality Register provides key audit and assurance information. Peer and gateway reviews are examples of quality assurance activities that can be implemented by using or adapting a generic inspection technique. The review team agrees any action on each question as it is raised. The review team agrees actions on each question as it is raised.

The administrator records the actions and responsibilities read back actions administrator Confirm the actions and responsibilities determine the review result chair Lead the review team to a collective decision.

Global questions are ones that appear repeatedly throughout the product. Chairing quality reviews requires competence in facilitation and independence of the product being reviewed the primary responsibility is to ensure that the review is undertaken properly. The presenter also coordinates and tracks the work after the review. The options are: Thus the quality review roles have no specific relationship to roles in the project management team structure.

Do not allow discussion to drift onto other related products. Products that have been signed off as complete at an inspection or review may still have to be submitted to a separate authority for approval. Some reviewers may be selected to address specific aspects of the product and their comments may be considered to carry more weight in those areas reviewers Do not introduce trivia at reviews spelling. If it appears that there may be a problem associated with a related product.

Does the product have to be changed or not? Do not allow discussions to drift. This is particularly true for users. The reviewers must have the opportunity to introduce their issues but allowing too much time invites comments that would not otherwise be made.

The presenter should not be opening discussions unnecessarily Chair Resolve each point as it is raised by getting a decision from the review team. These should be done post-review Chair Focus on this product. It is your responsibility to ensure that the approved product is fit for purpose Chair If a reviewer cannot attend the review. Structured quality inspections are among the most effective ways of encouraging download-in to the project.

Many important stakeholders may only have direct contact with the project through these reviews. The formal approval of a product may or may not result from a quality review. Avoid the temptation to formulate and agree solutions. PRINCE2 does not specify the format or composition of approval records as these will depend on the level of formality required.

It can be employed on programmes. When these records are received by Project Support. The records support entries in the Quality Register by providing the Project Manager and the Project Board with assurance that: Acceptance may be qualified. Acceptance is frequently required from more than one set of stakeholders. The format for approval records could include. During the project and at project closure. Where concessions have been granted by the Project Board. Quality Formal and informal quality inspections are opportunities to focus on building an effective project team.

Quality records should include references to the quality inspection documentation. Approve the quality methods. Assemble quality records. Team Manager Produce products consistent with Product Descriptions.

Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2

Project Support Provide administrative support for quality controls. Approve the Quality Management Strategy. Prepare and maintain the Product Descriptions. Approve the Project Product Description.

Prepare the Project Product Description with users. Approve Product Descriptions for key specialist products. Provide acceptance of the project product. Confirm acceptance of the project product. Provide quality assurance. Provide resources to undertake user quality activities and product approval. Provide resources to undertake supplier quality activities. Manage quality controls for the products concerned.

Prepare the Quality Management Strategy. Maintain the Quality Register and the quality records. Approve Product Descriptions for key user products. Advise the Project Manager of product quality status. Therefore plans need to be produced at different levels of scope and detail see section 2. Those involved in providing resources cannot optimize their operations. They enable planning information to be disseminated to stakeholders in order to secure any commitments which support the plan.

The term is also used to describe the formal procedures used in this exercise. A plan requires the approval and commitment of the relevant levels of the project management team. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this.

No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds.This will include the use of diagrams versus text and will be driven. Chief Executive. Because PRINCE2 is generic and based on proven principles, organizations adopting the method as a standard can substantially improve their organizational capability and maturity across multiple areas of business activity business change, construction, IT, mergers and acquisitions, research, product development and so on.

Confirm acceptance of the project product. During a project. Appendix A: Unless performed by a corporate or programme management function.

Prepare the Communication Management Strategy. John Cutting.

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