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Kisses From Hell - documento [*.pdf] Kisses from Hell Kristin Cast Alyson Noël Kelley Armstrong Richelle Mead Francesca Lia Block Contents. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Short story collections are notoriously uneven, and the newest title in this collection series (following, most recently, 's. kisses from hell by kelley armstrong francesca lia block kristin cast richelle mead and kisses from hell pdf the church's moral teaching that condemns kisses.

I rip off the wrapping nervously and shove a stick into my mouth. The intense minty-cinnamon flavors hit me all at once. I was just about to look around for a dustbin, when… BAM!

The lights go out with a loud, frightening pop. A distressed gasp rises up from the room and I can hear people fumbling around in search of their phones. Someone bumps into me and I stumble backwards slightly. I run straight ahead, pushing people out the way.

I better hurry. So I move faster…and smack. I recognize his smell immediately. Reaching up, I take his face between my hands and kiss him. I just kiss him. So, as I was saying, I wasn't expecting a lot from this, but I ended up really liking it. Dani is going to a mysterious and exclusive art school, in England, for the summer. She hopes that this will be a good way to forget about a problematic situation involving her two best friends and a new step-mother.

But when she arrives at the school, well, it's not quite what she was expecting. The detailed description of the glamorous-yet-fire-damaged mansion was wonderful, and I found the visions in Dani's dreams intriguing.

Although the transition that takes place in the middle of the story where Dani suddenly regains her supposed memories after the incident with the "rose" seems very random and unexplained, the witty male lead of this story, Bram, more than makes up for it.

I had never read anything by Kristen Cast before, but had heard some pretty good things about her, so I was excited to read "Above", the third story. I'm sorry, I just didn't understand what was happening at all. I couldn't even tell if any part of this story took place on Earth or not.

I don't even think I can say anything else about this one, just because I didn't get it. Perhaps if it is a different style than this, I will still try to check out more from Cast. Kelley Armstrong's story "Hunting Kat", was my favorite from this collection, I think. I loved Kat and Neil, and the further suspense generated by subjects of experiment running from the Edison Group.

During the Darkest Powers series, I always wondered about the vampires, as they were the most rarely mentioned group of Supernaturals, so I thought that this story was great. I heard that this is a sequel to another short story written by Armstrong, which I will be sure to check out. Paul Michael was kind of odd, and reminded me of someone that I one knew, so much so that it scared me a little.

Lilith was a little scary, what with her completely insane behavior and all. I had never really heard of Block before reading this, and probably won't check out her other work now. But even though I didn't care for this story too much, I definitely don't hate it.

It was a unique way to wrap up the book. So, over all, I liked this book, but didn't find it as spectacular as I thought it would be. Mostly I was just disappointed by it's utter lack of creepy-ness, which was what made me fall in love with Vacations from Hell. All of the stories in that collection were so suspenseful and deliciously creepy, and this book just didn't have that.

Still, it was a pretty entertaining read, so I'm not too disappointed that I picked it up. I hope that someone is able to find the review helpful! Dec 03, Jagged rated it did not like it. Sunshine-- Richelle Mead One Star.

I didn't like Rhea. She was so incredibly insecure and bitchy. There was no way anyone could talk to her without walking on egg shells.

Don't call her on it though, that just makes her talk down to you like you're a piece of shit. And what the hell..? Why was this about vampires? A human suffering from blood loss could take them out.

Why did Rhea have a fire ability when she didn't ever use it? Not even to defend herself?

Download Kisses from Hell ebook {PDF} {EPUB}

A tug-of-war between two people is not what I would consider a "fight". Rhea, who was supposedly smart, only knew she had to act after Eric is practically falling off the edge of the cliff. I'm also unsure of why Eric had the right to be upset that no one was concerned about Rhea's safety.

She didn't know anyone, and she sure as hell did not go out of her way to get to know anyone. She kept to herself. The only person who would have found her behaviour odd, was Stephen, but there was nothing odd about her not being around. Eric only knew there was something wrong because he had been actively looking for her anyway. Yeah, shitty short story. It was brought to my understanding that this is actually a prequel to the Vampire Academy Series--which I think I have, and have not read yet--I won't be reading it.

I had made a deal with myself that I would never read another book by Noel again, after the whole Evermore fiasco. But it's part of this book and it is a short story, so I figured what the hell.

My biggest problem with this one was that this could have been awesome.

Hence the two stars. However it fell flat because it really was just a reinvention of Evermore. I noticed that Noel never found a healthy balance with her overwhelming description of places and lack of character development.

Noel added fuel to my fire raging against repetitive phrases; especially her in famous: And may I ask, what was up with the squinting? Did they all need glasses or something? Why did they not narrow their gaze, or cast a look of suspicion? Now, I know she has creativity because as I stated earlier, she goes overboard with her description of places, so where does she hide it when it comes to describing expressions?

I wonder who knows Anyway, this story was entirely too predictable. The only thing that surprised me was that Bram was Lucian's brother rather than his son. Anyway, this has not changed my mind on whether I will pick up another book written by Alyson Noel. No, it just confirmed that I will not.

Above-- Kristin Cast One and a half stars. I really wasn't fond of how this was written. It was kind of poetic so I can kind of respect that but it didn't flow well; it was disjointed, confusing, and just ambiguous for the most part.

Not a good thing. These were my favourite lines. Sucked hurt and burn from her body filtered through him leaving shadows of emotion. Not any. Except with her touch. Collared by loss, led by wrath. I read this earlier in the year by itself.

And it didn't do much for me. I am seeing that it was supposed to be part of a series which I have not yet read, but do have in the waiting list. It was lacking quite a bit of oomph. But it was certainly intriguing enough that I am still interested in reading the series. And so far this was my favourite short story in the book. Lilith-- Francesca Lia block One Star. I did not see the point in this short story.

The Trouble with Kissing Connor

Really, I was so distracted, I was tempted to just give up on it. It was not interesting. Over all, I would give this book one and a half stars. It wasn't worth the read. Although this short story lacks the kickass heroine that is Rose, I found that I really liked Rhea. She's an outcast and it's clear from the very beginning, but she is very sure of herself and that is very endearing. Speaking of which, Eric is irresistable. It's no wonder girls love him.

I thought the overall story was great, though I must admit I did think Dennis to be somewhat o 1. I thought the overall story was great, though I must admit I did think Dennis to be somewhat odd.

He scares me. The writing was bliss. I find that reading Mead's work takes no work at all on my part. It's as if the words float into my mind and my eyes don't need to shift from each line.

My favourite part is probably the end where Eric mentions Vasilisa the hero and the part about Rhea's hair as sunshine. Great love story. But regardless of its length, it's a really good one too.

“Sunshine” in Kisses From Hell

I was surprised no offense but I wasn't looking forward to reading this one, only because Shadowland annoyed me so much. But Noel has redeemed herself. I loved the storyline. I loved Bram and Dani.

And I absolutely loved the dark, mysterious gothic vibe. Plus, it's set in London, which I love. The one thing that bothered me about this short story is the fact that Alyson's writing is exactly the same as in the Immortals series.

There is no change in pace, voice, or anything for that matter. If you told me this was a Immortals book, I wouldn't have thought twice despite the vampires part. If this is how Radiance is, then I don't know if I'd be too quick to pick it up, considering the voice would remain exactly the same.

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I couldn't get through Chosen and I definitely couldn't get through this one. I don't know what it is about this girl, but I can't seem to get into her writing. I'll admit I only read the first couple of pages, but in that time, I didn't get it. I couldn't get myself to read on. This one was a DNF.

I've read the first and the last books of the YA series she writes and so I found myself surprised to like this one. I like Kat's character and I found that Neil was growing on me. What is unexpected is all the twists that happens in this short story. I was genuinely surprised and I found myself muttering to myself because I got into this one so much.

It was a neat surprise. But I was thoroughly disappointed. It was not what I was expecting. I couldn't get myself to care about Paul Michael.

I thought Lilith was totally creepy. Her webbed feet kinda freaked me out. But most of all, I thought this anthology was about love. I didn't get that at all from this story. Lilith showed some interest in Paul, but there was no romance. No love at all. After all, she does leave him in the end. If this is an indication of Block's writing, then I think I'll pass.

On a side note, I will say that out of the Hell collection, I think they really stepped it up with the authors on this one. Aug 30, Angela rated it it was ok Shelves: Different from the other volumes, however, this book focuses on vampires only, instead of a wider host of paranormal creature Lacking real bite despite the vampires KISSES FROM HELL brings together five popular young adult paranormal authors with short stories about love and vampires.

Different from the other volumes, however, this book focuses on vampires only, instead of a wider host of paranormal creatures. Even with its two sympathetic main characters, this story fell extremely short due to its confusing and unclear world building that seemed like an attempt to be avant garde or edgy.

In the process, she meets two boys, either of whom may be with her or against her. I really enjoyed this story and would love to see a longer novella or book based on these characters. This story had the potential to be very original, but it seemed out of place in this collection with its very dark tone and lack of any real romance. Outside of those by Mead and Armstrong, the stories weren't very interesting or well-written. In addition, the huge font size and the chapter breaks used within individual stories felt like an attempt to hide the overall short length of the book.

Despite its title and description, most of the stories also contained very little romance or kissing. Jun 28, Ashley rated it it was ok Shelves: Actual Rating: I found this collection of shorts at Dollar Tree.

I recognized three of the authors names but only one is the reason that I decided to waste my dollar. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that her short story was set in the world of VA. This was a nice back story. Her story was ok. At first it seemed rather pointless of a tale, before picking up in pace and then it felt rushed right there at the end. Not a waste of time but not so great that I feel the need to check out any of her actual books.

It is crap actually. I am thankful it was short in length and made even shorter by the extra spacing used as artistic expression? This small tale had me feeling like I was starting a new book or maybe even dropped into the middle of a regular book and this was before I knew that it was a tie-in.

Block is yet another author that I have never heard of. It was very short. I think it would have been better with a few more pages. It ended so abruptly to me. At least I got a small V. Feb 18, Eva Holmquist rated it liked it. There are two great stories in this book; Sunshine and Hunting Kat. The rest are not worth reading. Sunshine by Richelle Mead - 2. Sunshine is the last novella from Vampire Academy universe I haven't yet read, so I was very excited and curious.

I have to say, while I loved both The Meeting and Homecoming , this one wasn't really so great. What I got was disappointing cliche romance story with rich privileged boy and shy, kind girl who's just so d Sunshine by Richelle Mead - 2. What I got was disappointing cliche romance story with rich privileged boy and shy, kind girl who's just so different than any other girls he has ever met. Nothing new. But still, it was well written and at least I found out how Lissa's parents met.

All in all, I still think hardcore VA fans will enjoy this short story, but don't expect much more than rich Moroi kids, partying and teen angst. Favourite quote: Even in moonlight. You know any of them?

Vasilisa the Brave? Never heard of any Vasilisa. Jan 01, Lala rated it really liked it Shelves: This book gets 4 stars for the 4 stories that were pretty good! In "Sunshine" by Richelle Mead we get a look a very sweet, very cute little story. I enjoyed this one. Especially since I was having VA withdrawal.

If you're a fan of the Vamp Academy series, then this short story is a must! First of all This was a great story that was cut waaaa This book gets 4 stars for the 4 stories that were pretty good! This was a great story that was cut waaaay too short!

I really enjoyed this story quite a bit. I like her writing style and would most definitely check out more of her work. This was a nice story but again A very good story, of course I am totally checking out more work by this author. This was a little dark and a lot fun! I would totally skip reading 3 Above. And NOT in a good way: Kisses From Hell May 11, Katie rated it it was ok Shelves: Reviewing as I go.

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Not a great anthology. Plus, what, so they shouldn't be nice to feeders? That's a great message. And according to the Vampire Academy series, view spoiler [Lissa's dad cheats on her mother, so that makes a weird reading experience. I did like seeing more of the world, though.

At least, the end didn't. What about Lucien? Who did she really love? What does she really remember? And I didn't care that I didn't. Experimenting with style can be great, but I'd still like to be able to follow what happens.

Nice little glimpse of the world. The kind of story, I like, in some ways, but maybe a bit too short. There are 5 stories in total, all written by renowned authors.

I never thought I would say something like this about one of Mead's works, but boy was this thing bad.

Kisses From Hell

Even a connection with Vampire Academy wasn't enough to make this thing good. That insta-romance made me gag. Bring Me to Life by Alyson Noel: Kind of predictable. A loner girl gets picked up by an aristocrat art school.

The story had good potential but ultimately turned out to be quite d There are 5 stories in total, all written by renowned authors. The story had good potential but ultimately turned out to be quite dull. This was pretty good, but I'm not even sure if I got the right meaning Is that a good thing or bad thing? It was more of a dystopia though. Hunting Kat by Kelly Armstrong: I think this was my first Kelly Armstrong read. I don't know, I just see her work everywhere on GR but then never gave any of them any try.

Nonetheless, she still gripped the railing with a tightness that made her fingers cramp. Grimacing, she glanced ahead at their destination. Moroi had good hearing, too, but the newcomer had caught her off guard. Glancing over, she saw a guy watching her curiously as he shoved his hands into khaki pants. That hair color was fascinating. Her own was a light shade of gold, but his was a platinum that would probably look white in the right lighting. Silence fell. Rhea hated silence. She always felt the need to make conversation and struggled now to think of what to say next.

He gave her a small smile. He had nice lips, she decided. Is this your private part of the ship? He averted his eyes and stared out to sea. She studied his clothes as he did. She felt self-conscious in her jeans. His next words brought her back from her fashion analysis. Rhea kept hearing snatches of it, and the story seemed to grow more elaborate with each telling. In this version, the Strigoi had actually thrown her to the ground, and all the guardians had been needed to rescue her.

Rhea returned her attention to her odd companion. She saw then that his eyes were jade- colored, as fascinating to her as his hair. That shade of green was beautiful and rare, only showing up in a few of the royal families. When all those people died? Had he known one of the victims? She felt stupid and awkward, silently berating herself for not thinking before she spoke. What was her name? Rhea hesitated, not sure how much she should say about it. Beyond horrible.

Rhea frowned, trying to figure out the meaning in that statement. Did—did you know anyone there? It lurched slightly, causing a few eager squeals from the crowd beyond them. Her companion caught hold of her, helping her stay steady as the boat righted itself and regained its smooth sailing.

Deep breaths, deep breaths, she told herself. She was on the verge of hyperventilating, and her heart felt like it was going to pound right out of her chest. It was just a bad wave. Her body remained taut and locked, unable to move or react in her terror. Sure enough, the island was much closer. A cluster of lights marked the dock, and figures along the shore seemed ready to guide them in. Exhaling, she relaxed her grip—a tiny bit—and shifted her body. He still held on to her, apparently unsure if she really was okay.

As he lifted his hand from where it had been pressed against one of hers, he seemed surprised to notice the ring she wore. Its large marquise-cut diamond glittered like a star on her finger. He stared at it in shock as though she was wearing a cobra wrapped around her hand.

Entrar Cancelar. Entrar Registrar Cancelar. Kisses From Hell. Publicado em The best thing about this story was that it was really short.

The story had good potential but ultimately turned out to be quite dull. Skipped after reading the first 2 pages, I couldn't handle Cast's writing when my head was aching. A lot of action, fighting, nice mythology, a hint at a possible romance.

That shade of green was beautiful and rare, only showing up in a few of the royal families. Her own was a light shade of gold, but his was a platinum that would probably look white in the right lighting.

So what is it? I loved Kat and Neil, and the further suspense generated by subjects of experiment running from the Edison Group. An except from the preface:

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