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to welcome Mr. Ratan Tata for a conversation. My name is He is the Chairman of the Sir Ratan Tata Trust and Sir END OF THE INTERVIEW. Here is how Ratan Tata narrated his journey to becoming one of India's finest corporate achievers. In the flesh, Ratan Tata addresses all three perceptions. Limited, the holding company of the Tata. Group. exclusive interview with Philanthropy Age, the.

How does Tata go about about injecting its own management ethos into the companies it owns? We satisfy ourselves, early on, that the people in the company share our values and ethics, and that we can have good human contact with the management, because we would want the management to continue to be there.

That is how we have worked with Daewoo, with Corus, with Tetley Tea and other companies we have acquired. We aim put our imprint on the company through a negotiation board, but the existing managers continue to run the company.

Tata Motors has a tech centre at Warwick University.

If the JLR deal goes through, will that move to Gaydon? We have no plans to move. Tata Motors wants to be an international car company, which means it needs a window on the latest technology, and the operation we have serves us very well for that. Do you own a Jaguar or Land Rover? Neither, but I hope to have both, very soon. Why have you brought the Nano to Geneva? Do you have plans for the European market?

We will eventually address the European market, including the West, but not in the short term.

We have been exhibiting our other cars at Geneva for 11 years. This was the first European show we came to, and we were treated with respect from the beginning and we feel an emotional attachment to it. The Nano received far more attention in Europe than we expected, so we felt we would not be very generous if we left it at home.

10 Questions for Ratan Tata

But our priority market for this car will be India, and Africa after that. The issue will be to build up capacity. What is the nature of your relationship with Fiat? It is a very open relationship, friendly but not finite. It has the potential to be very deep or very slight, as we choose.

But it is unique. Every time we have had a relationship with another company, they have wanted to own us or own a piece of us. But with Fiat it is an association of true individuals for the right reasons. We both want to keep it friendly and wide-ranging.

We have listed our ways of co-operating as jointly developing new platforms, exchanging existing platforms and exchanging technology. Sergio Marchionne and I have agreed that Tata wants to regard Fiat as its preferred development partner, and vice versa, though of course, we would both still be open to relationships with other companies on the right terms. What are other manufacturers doing wrong? We live in a low-cost country. It is likely that the others have cost structures that make it more difficult for them than it is for us.

And we are very happy with it, as you can appreciate.

If we have started a trend, that will be satisfying to all of us. We will continue to do what we do.

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Opportunites come along from time to time. From its humble beginnings in , the Tata company has been responsible for India's first steel plant, first luxury hotel and first domestic airline.

Since then, it's continued to pioneer different markets and made a name for itself around the world. The man currently at the helm of this sprawling business empire with 67 billion dollars in revenue last year is Ratan Tata.

The great-grandson of the company's founder, he's further globalised operations and secured some big-name international acquisitions including Jaguar, Land Rover and Tetley Tea.

But unlike many other Indian business powerhouses, the Tata Group is steered but not majority owned by its chairman. Ratan Tata holds just one percent of the company while more than 66 percent is controlled by trusts charitable organisations that support a wide range of educational and cultural institutions across India.

This week on Talk Asia, we're in Mumbai for a rare interview with the media-shy, never married business baron as he opens up about succession, the aftermath of the Mumbai attacks and shares some very surprising stories about his private life. You and your family have a fascinating history, what is it about the Tata family that has brought so much success in a country of more than a million people? Well I guess success is to be judged by others, but I think the one thing the family has done is it created a lot of industries in the early days prior to independence, which were national industries, infrastructure in the form of power, steel, etc.

And then, gave most of it away in philanthropic grants. You really believe that? Yeah but, they did much more sort of earth breaking and visionary things.

How do you keep up with all this? I would say that I am blessed with a very very good executive team that operates reasonably autonomously each of the companies.

We have a review system, I am the non executive chairman of, nine or so, of the major companies.

Ratan Tata

Where do you get the strength and the stamina to deal with all these different entities that you have to make sure do well? People are looking at you and watching you. Do you think in order to do business here that you have to play this game of kickbacks, bribes? No, we have succeeded in growing in the manner we have without in fact partaking in this.

We have also been I would say that we could have grown faster and could have prospered more as a group but we have never, we have never in fact partaken in this kind of activity. There have been things said recently because of this bandwidth scandal about you, about one of the Tata companies.

Did you, anyone in your company or any lobbyist for your company do anything inappropriate or illegal? I can say with my hand to my heart we have not in fact partaken in any clandestine activity.

Ratan Tata: A journey in four stages

I am hopeful that the investigations that are underway will truthfully bring out the position and that the truth will be on the table before too long. When it comes to corruption, do you think the government has been doing the right thing?Tata was a surprise choice to head the group after JRD as J. Find an Autocar car review Driven this week. Whether the difference is disruptive or constructive, one should put in efforts like there is no tomorrow, stressed Tata.

Beyond that, we look for strategic complementariness and an equal status. This is an encouraging development for our large pool of young and bright managers, though we still have room for improvement in this area.

Tata is a historic company and yet it has always found ways to stay fresh and competitive. Tata companies have been encouraged for some time to introduce innovative products and services for the lower half of the social pyramid in India and similar markets.

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