Bapsi Sidhwa's Novel Ice-Candy-Man: A Feminist Perspective Abstract: Bapsi Sidhwa (b. ) is a Pakistani novelist of Parsi descent who writes in English. Her novel Ice-Candy-Man () earned her international acclaim and acceptance as one of the most promising English novelists from South Asia. “The novel. Bapsi Sidhwa's Ice-Candy-Man: A Thematic Study Talluri Mathew Bhaskar Lecturer in English ABSTRACT: Bapsi Sidhwa's novel Ice-Candy-Man is a realistic.

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Request PDF on ResearchGate | Ice-Candy-Man | The story of the upheaval of the Sidhwa's Novels: The Crow Eaters, Ice-Candy Man and An American Brat. Book Bapsi Sidhwa Ice Candy Man Read | Download / PDF / Audio id:7dlsup3 we've compiled books by women authors from across the globe to keep. Ice Candy Man. Bapsi Sidhwa's novel Ice Candy Man defines an altogether different partition experience. The novel speaks from a Pakistani's point of view.

In addition, she originates from a Parsi family as is free from any religious or ethnic inclination. In Ice-Candy Man, Lenny is the story persona.

These perplexities likewise include the family unit staff. Entries portraying slaughter and murder highlight the animal in individuals. And after that there is towering inferno in Lahore. Lenny watches: The entire world is consuming.

The air all over is so hot. I think my fragile living creature and garments will burst into flames. I begin shouting: madly crying—to what extent does Lahore consume?

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As the story advances, everything is sifted through the cognisance of Lenny. There are no limitations on her developments and she is by all accounts getting a charge out of the considerable number of happenings around. She can go to the Parsi meeting to examine the future game-plan in the wake of Partition clashes and can likewise saunter around parks, shabby lodgings, and such different places alongside her ayah and can have admittance to the well known assessment.

They are all Muslim. There are no young women among dead! The author has shown us through this novel how the violence of partition had brought a drastic change in the mindset of a common man like Ice- Candy-Man. Before the arrival of the ghostly train he was an innocent fellow who loved to make gossip and recite poetry.

This incident brings a complete change into the character of Ice-candy-man.

A friend has become a foe for another friend. What rules the state at this time is the religion. During this communal animosity religion Index Copernicus Value: 3.

Therefore Ice-candy-man does not ashamed to vent his spleen for his Sikh friend Sher Singh. The massacre of the train makes his blood boil and takes away his poetic complacency and turns him into a violent beast.

This horrible sight causes him to lose his sanity. He runs in the streets of Lahore to avenge the genocide of his Muslim brothers and sisters by taking active part in killing Hindus and Sikhs. This event becomes the tragic flaw of his character which causes his down fall later on.

As a consequence, inspite of the suffering of his conscience and the repeated cry of forgiveness for his misdeed he fails to win the heart of Ayah. In this way Sidhwa has posited that during communal strife, sanity and human feelings are forgotten. Infact riots anywhere in the world follow the common pattern where distrust and rumour reign everywhere which leads bloodshed and terror.

Ice-Candy Man

In the post-partition era the transformation of Ice-Candy man from the pattern of communal discord to that of reconciliation is emphasized by the veteran novelist. Repudiating his all angry destructive look of the partition era Ice- Candy man arises as a love-bird with renewed vigour, zeal and poetic impulsion like the rebirth of Finix from its ashes. From a treacherous rogue person, always ready to nudge Ayah Ice-Candy man becomes a man of refined sensibility.

Though Ice-candy-man is considered as gifted poet he is a socially degraded fellow in the eyes of the so called upper middle class people. He is born and brought up in Hira-mandi, the place of dancing girls. Poetry flows down like a stream from his mouth when he interacts with others. He loves to describe each and every moment of life with the words of poetry written by great Urdu poets like Mirza Galib, Faiz or Mir.

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Ice-Candy-man has no social strata. This incident so horrifies Dilnawaz that his communal and obscurantist passions are aroused. When there is news of trouble at Gurdaspur, the Ice-Candy-Man and his friends at once interpret it as: This is best exemplified in the rage of Ice-Candy-Man who states: I hated their guts.

And God help us if we are stuck with Sikhs.

Art of Narration of Bapsi Sidhwa in Ice Candy Man

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian! We will abide by the rules of their land. When the riots break out Ayah, the protagonist, becomes a victim of the lust of the uncivilized and frenzied mob. Mad with the rage, he throws Ayah into the hands of the frenzied mob: They drag her by arms…her bare feet- that want to move backwards-are forced forward.

Such acts of violence are an intimate destruction of the feminine. Similarly the Sikh families are also attacked in Lahore.

Prakash and his family migrate to Delhi and Rahool Singh and his pretty sisters are escorted to a convoy to Amritsar. The moneylender Kripa Ram flees leaving guineas and money behind.

Hari, the gardener, is circumcised and converted to Islam for protection. Moti, the sweeper, opts for Christianity, the Masseur is butchered grotesquely, markets and houses are burnt and living beings are torn asunder. Thus Partition is shown as a series of images and events depicting human loss and agony. The dislocation of settled life is aptly revealed by Lenny: Only hordes of Muslim Refugees. And what happens if they break it where our house is? Or crack it further up on Warris Road? She worriedly remarks: One day everybody is themselves — and the next day they are Hindus, Muslims, Sikh, Christians.

People shrink, dwindling into symbols.

Bapsi Sidhwa artistically shows the human loss in Partition: Within three months seven million Muslims and five million Hindus and Sikhs are uprooted in the largest and the most terrible exchange of population known to history.

The Punjab has been divided.

The novel artistically describes the mindless Partition violence and focuses on its socio- historical consequences to women. Ice-Candy-Man enables the reader to understand the extent of the trauma of Partition and review it in its historical context, and thus suggestively delineates the fruitlessness of violence in individual and collective lives.

It looks at Partition as a means of spreading disharmony which resulted in frenzy and chaos.I will make her happy.

You are free to go to your temples. The communal riots in Lahore also transforms Ayah. Parsi diaspora and partition To study the dynamics of the socio-political and religious change that the Partition brought. Thus, the novel Ice-Candy-Man shows how the'raw emotions in simple people can transform them into extremists.

Voices from the Partition of India Ice Candy Man focuses on the thematic paradigm of partition theme ,the disintegration of social mores with the advent of partition has been brought out , it also evinces demonstrates the beguiling impact of communal forces hell-bent on whipping up the frenzy, and a study of inferiority complex.

Or crack it further up on Warris Road?

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