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Click here. cover image of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Harry Potter Series, Book 4 · Harry Potter The Triwizard Tournament is to be held at Hogwarts. J. K. Rowling - The Goblet of Fire. Home · J. K. This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. DOWNLOAD TXT Rowling, J K - 04 - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Read "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" by J.K. Rowling available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. "'There will be three.

Come, Wormtail, one more death and our path to Harry Potter is clear. I am not asking you to do it alone. By that time, my faithful servant will have rejoined us -" "I am a faithful servant," said Wormtail, the merest trace of sullenness in his voice.

I brought you Bertha Jorkins. Without it, I could never have formed our plan, and for that, you will have your reward, Wormtail. I will allow you to perform an essential task for me, one that many of my fo llowers would give their right hands to perform.

What -?

Your part will come at the very end. I killed Bertha because I had to. She was fit for nothing after my questioning, quite useless. In any case, awkward questions would have been asked if she had gone back to the Ministry with the news that she had met you on her holidays.

Wizards who are supposed to be dead would do well not to run into Ministry of Magic witches at wayside inns. But Memory Charms can be broken by a powerful wizard, as I proved when I questioned her. It would be an insult to her memory not to use the information I extracted from her, Wormtail.

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The man with the cold voice had killed a woman. He was talking about it without any kind of remorse - with amusement. He was dangerous - a madman. And he was planning more murders - this boy, Harry Potter, whoever he was - was in danger - Frank knew what he must do. Now, if ever, was the time to go to the police. He would creep out of the house and head straight for the telephone box in the village.

Harry Potter is as good as mine, Wormtail. It is decided. There will be no more argument. But quiet. I think I hear Nagini. He started making noises such as Frank had never heard before; he was hissing and spitting without drawing breath. Frank thought he must be having some sort of fit or seizure. And then Frank heard movement behind him in the dark passageway. He turned to look, and found himself paralyzed with fright.

Something was slithering toward him along the dark corridor floor, and as it drew nearer to the sliver of firelight, he realized with a thrill of terror that it was a gigantic snake, at least twelve feet long. Horrified, transfixed, Frank stared as its undulating body cut a wide, curving track through the thick dust on the floor, coming closer and closer - What was he to do?

The only means of escape was into the room where the two men sat plotting murder, yet if he stayed where he was the snake would surely kill him - But before he had made his decision, the snake was level with him, and then, incredibly, miraculously, it was passing; it was following the spitting, hissing noises made by the cold voice beyond the door, and in seconds, the tip of its diamond-patterned tail had vanished through the gap.

There was sweat on Frank's forehead now, and the hand on the walking stick was trembling. Inside the room, the cold voice was continuing to hiss, and Frank was visited by a strange idea, an impossible idea.

This man could talk to snakes. Frank didn't understand what was going on. He wanted more than anything to be back in his bed with his hot-water bottle. The problem was that his legs didn't seem to want to move.

As he stood there shaking and trying to master himself, the cold voice switched abruptly to English again. There were footsteps and then the door of the room was flung wide open.

A short, balding man with graying hair, a pointed nose, and small, watery eyes stood before Frank, a mixture of fear and alarm in his face. Where are your manners? Wormtail beckoned Frank into the room. Though still deeply shaken, Frank took a firmer grip on his walking stick and limped over the threshold.

The fire was the only source of light in the room; it cast long, spidery shadows upon the walls. Frank stared at the back of the armchair; the man inside it seemed to be even smaller than his servant, for Frank couldn't even see the back of his head. You've done murder and you're planning more! And I'll tell you this too," he added, on a sudden inspiration, "my wife knows I'm up here, and if I don't come back -" "You have no wife," said the cold voice, very quietly.

You told nobody that you were coming. Do not lie to Lord Voldemort, Muggle, for he knows. Well, I don't think much of your manners, My Lord. Turn 'round and face me like a man, why don't you?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I will face you. Wormtail, come turn my chair around. The snake lifted its ugly triangular head and hissed slightly as the legs of the chair snagged on its rug. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay. The Casual Vacancy. The Hogwarts Library Collection. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Quidditch Through the Ages. The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Very Good Lives. How to write a great review.

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Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J. Rowling series Harry Potter 4. download the eBook Price: Choose Store. In this series View all Book 5. Book 6. Book 7.

Book 1. Skip this list. Ratings and Book Reviews 4 85 star ratings 4 reviews.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire

Overall rating 4. Yes No Thanks for your feedback! Report as inappropriate. After almost a decade I decided to relive the excitement I had with these series as a teen, this time in digital format. I've read four of them so far, so maybe one of the remaining three will usurp this one's title, but for now, this is the one. This book is the tipping point; it is the last in a series of yearly, independent adventures also the best of them, in my opinion and its climax serves as the introduction to the single overarching chronicle that follows.

It marks the end of the protagonists' childhood and innocense. From here on it's not about discovering the magical world anymore; it's about loss and survival. Fill yourself with awe and wonder one last time before growig up. I have read this series dozens of times and when it finally became available on Kobo I was over joyed! I cannot wait until I have them all, and can take the every where!!! This is honestly my favorite Harry Potter book. I am a Harry Potter geek.

I was only 10 when I started to read Harry Potter, and this is the book that I told everyone that I loved the most. Read it, or else Harry finds himself in over his head when he's entered in a tri-wizard tournament even thought he's too young. Even at pages but who is counting , the book is entertaining and only drags a couple of times. And the cliffhanger ending left me wanting more.

They learn that Moody is in fact Barty Crouch Jr. Crouch's son, disguised by Polyjuice Potion. Crouch had sentenced Crouch Jr. Crouch Jr. Eventually, Voldemort had gotten in contact with Crouch Jr. The real Moody is found inside Crouch Jr. Harry is then declared the winner of the Triwizard Tournament and given his winnings.

Hermione discovers Rita Skeeter is an unregistered Animagus, who can take the form of a beetle, and blackmails her to force her to stop writing her libellous stories. Not wanting his tournament winnings, Harry gives them to Fred and George to start their joke shop and returns home with the Dursleys.

Rowling stated that she "knew from the beginning it would be the biggest of the first four". She said there needed to be a "proper run-up" for the conclusion and rushing the "complex plot" could confuse readers.

She also stated that "everything is on a bigger scale" which was symbolic, as Harry's horizons widened both literally and metaphorically as he grew up. She also wanted to explore more of the magical world. However, [3] J.

Rowling expressed her indecision about the title in an Entertainment Weekly interview.

Then I changed Doomspell to Triwizard Tournament. In the end, I preferred Goblet of Fire because it's got that kind of cup of destiny feel about it, which is the theme of the book. This stockbroker had been very rude to Mr. Weasley in the past, but now he and his Muggle wife had inconveniently produced a witch, they came back to the Weasleys asking for their help in introducing her to wizarding society before she starts at Hogwarts". Rowling considered Rita Skeeter to be "much more flexible".

He mentioned how Voldemort and his followers are prejudiced against Muggles and how in Goblet of Fire Hermione forms a group to liberate Hogwarts' house-elves who have "been indentured servants so long they lack desire for anything else". All forms of intolerance, the whole idea of that which is different from me is necessarily evil.


I really like to explore the idea that difference is equal and good. But there's another idea that I like to explore, too.

Oppressed groups are not, generally speaking, people who stand firmly together — no, sadly, they kind of subdivide among themselves and fight like hell. That's human nature, so that's what you see here. This world of wizards and witches, they're already ostracized, and then within themselves, they've formed a loathsome pecking order.He was wearing a long black cloak, and there was a bald patch at the back of his head.

Rowling - 4 - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I revolt you. The snake lifted its ugly triangular head and hissed slightly as the legs of the chair snagged on its rug.

Frank, for his part, believed the boys tormented him because they, like their parents and grandparents, though him a murderer. Ron is shocked and jealous to see that Hermione is attending with Krum.

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