GURPS - Cyberpunk - High-Tech Low-Life, , M. [ ], GURPS - Fantasy, , M. [ ], GURPS. GURPS Fantasy Folk treats nonhuman races as unique cultures made up of The Fantasy Folk race creation rules allow the GM to in print and PDF formats . Bales [] p. FF Attributes: IQ +3 [60]; HT +2 [20]. Advantages: Damage Resistance +3 (Tough Skin, %) [9];. Doesn't Eat or Drink [10];.

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PDF. * Price $ * Stock number Always Available – Click here to download ! GURPS Fantasy Folk treats nonhuman races as unique cultures made up of. G U R P S. Fantasy Folk Second Edition. Fantastic Races for Fantasy Roleplaying. By Chris W. McCubbin and Sean Punch. Additional Material by Loyd. GURPS - Cyberpunk - High-Tech Low-Life Pages·· GURPS Fantasy Folk (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System).

Super Luck gives the power to completely dictate the outcome of a single action. Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick : High-Tech recommends several things that can be laid over barbed wire to provide a safe way to get past it: a log, a sheet of metal or thick plastic, or a body. Cast from Hit Points is also an option, though it penalizes the skill roll while doing so, and there was a new Advantage called Energy Reserve introduced in GURPS: Powers that allows a spellcaster to use a separate energy source which is not impacted by health or strength and cannot be externally depleted by enemy attack.

Energy Reserve refills simultaneously with Fatigue Points, and so a wizard who has it is likely to mix both for the sake of efficiency. Cavemen vs. Astronauts Debate : The system is great for resolving these, although it will also create zillions of disagreements about what kinds of knives the cavemen have access to.

The Vow of Chastity can be this or a Chaste Hero , depending on what other disadvantages are taken. A common aspect of some Codes of Honor. Chandelier Swing : The 3rd edition supplement Swashbucklers had extensive rules on swinging from chandeliers. Chaotic Stupid : The Trickster disadvantage can cause this. One famous example is the " intelligent blueberry muffin ". Chunky Salsa Rule : If a character is damaged to x HP , they are not only dead which occurs automatically at -5x HP if they don't die sooner but destroyed.

Exactly what this means depends on the source of the damage, from total incineration or dissolution for fire or acid, to merely being very very much pincushioned by arrows.


This will often preclude means of resurrection that require a recoverable body. Cloud Cuckoo Lander : The highest level of Delusion makes you into this.

Combinatorial Explosion : The treasure tables in the splatbooks aren't unusually long, but there are a lot of modifiers that can be applied to said treasure, and those modifiers can usually be stacked. So a generic "armor table" extends to cover helms, animal armor, and everything else that might protect your skin.

The stand-out example of a combinatorial multiplier is GURPS' massively excessive number of hit locations, which go down to individual fingers and consider the head, the eyes, and the brain to be different 'targets', for instance.

This adds up quickly to potentially over fifty hit locations per person, which multiplies the entire armor table directly with rules causing armor for various locations to be altered with different values , weapons with various types having different modifiers for different hit locations , and pretty much the entire power list and combat-applicable skill table, and to some extent even the health table.

There is a reason most house rules run along the lines of "all armored jackets have sleeves of the same armor value" and "there are no such things as fingerless gloves". The Dungeon Fantasy supplement on treasure claims to have eighty trillion possible treasures. Accomplished by having each table tell the GM to select another table to roll on. Powers adds several pages of generic modifiers that cause the same effect with advantages.

Conspiracy Theorist : There's a skill for this. Contrived Coincidence : Serendipity lets you, the player, specify a random event that would be helpful to you, the character, and have it happen. Crazy-Prepared : You can make character sheets for just about anything, like plants and planets.

Some GMs like to do this for pretty much every obstacle the players might encounter. There are also Techniques, a way to brush up on a specific aspect of a skill; meticulous players can use these to "download off" any penalty they might have to roll against. Gizmos can be used to retroactively become Crazy-Prepared. A good roll against Tactics skill at the start of a battle means your character thought ahead, so you get an advantageous starting position.

The Traps skill is just as good for setting traps as disarming them.

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Critical Existence Failure Averted. When you're below 0 HP, you have to roll your health every turn to do anything at all without collapsing.

But game masters who want cinematic hack'n'slash games often just ignore this when it's inconvenient. Affliction: Heart Attack will make your character roll against HT.

Fourth Edition

If your character fails, he or she dies in a few minutes. Within those minutes, he or she can be resuscitated Crossover Cosmology : Infinite Worlds suggests that echoes exist for many, if not all fictional works at the GM's discretion.

A throwaway line mentions the existence of the Land of Oz on one alternate world and there's mention of a world where Sherlock Holmes actually existed, but he was Killed Off for Real at Reichenbach. Crystal Skull : In the Warehouse 23 supplement. DR is also an advantage that can be downloadd by characters, races, etc.

Previous versions featured the Toughness advantage, a more expensive DR with a two point Cap specifically for human use, with the base advantage restricted to supers or races. Armor piercing attacks generally take the form of a divisor, reducing DR by half or more. The Damage reduction advantage also has a host of options to modify its function, in particular conjunction with Damage Typing. The advantage could be used to simulate anything from thick skin to magical resistance against a given element to an ablative force field that needs recharging.

Damage Typing : Nearly every possible way it could be handled. There's burning, corrosion, crushing, cutting, impaling, small piercing, piercing, large piercing, huge piercing and toxic.

Further, some kinds of armor give varying amounts of protection depending on what sort of damage they are protecting from. On top of that there are also attacks that damage fatigue points, making characters more exhausted rather than damaged. Then after all of that it also handles radiation damage as a sort of hybrid between the other types of damage.

In short, rules for every possible way one could cause damage and different ways characters are expected to react to them. The Supernatural Durability Advantage is basically custom made for this trope. Dance Battler : The Dancing skill can be used to feint or even kick enemies in melee combat. Determinator : Stronger characters in good physical condition can take enough damage that would kill lesser characters outright.

Diving Save : Possible by combining dodge and drop with sacrificial dodge.

Gurps Books

If the dodge is good enough the rescuer can escape harm too. Dodge the Bullet : Sort of. You can use the Dodge defense against bullets but it doesn't strictly represent dodging.

Most moving things get a Dodge stats to represent that fact that they're not perfectly predictable.

Don't Sneak Up On Me Like That : The "Berserk" disadvantage, in addition to everything else the disadvantage entails rabidly attacking every enemy on hand with whatever weapon is on hand , also conveys this, treating anyone trying to restrain the character, friend or enemy, as an enemy. Earlier editions nicknamed the berserker rage "the Doom of the North" for this very reason. The Dragons Come Back : GURPS Dragons, a whole book about handling almost the whole range of Dragon Tropes in the game, has a full sample campaign setting and some short example setting descriptions built around the idea of dragons returning to the game world.

Then, start grabbing supplements to tune up your game the way you want it to run. The "ready to run" series as Estar mentioned are very good! If you want to run a high-fantasy dungeon crawling wilderness exploring class-like throwback, Dungeon Fantasy will tickle those buttons.

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Toss in the several issues of Pyramid focused on DF, and I think there's more pages than you could reasonably burn during a night's rest in the wedge-locked empty room on level 4. IMHO 4e is far superior to 3rd. It's cleaned up, organized and the result of all the previous years worth of play-testing. It has multiple authors very savvy ones I might add who coordinated the new edition. Steve Jackson is awesome, but having multiple and coordinated perspectives I think made the books more concise.

You don't need all the fiddly bits.

Just use what you want. There's already a rule for everything. Just pick and choose, focus on the setting and adventure and run with it.

You will see a bunch of "fix this" or "what if we changed STR to Muscle and reversed gravity" and various pixel-bitching system tweaking whinging that makes a regular gamer go cross-eyed.

The basic game plays just fine, works as written and does NOT need any damn tweeking. If you run a campaign take a few moments to fill out the campaign worksheet for your players.It will work for anyone; if a person finds the bottle and drinks the potion even once, he becomes a wolfmaster.

GMs may invent other sets of specialized magical attributes; see Alternate Colleges for some suggestions p. Healing spells can stop bleeding, cure diseases, or even restore lost body parts, often with the aid of magical herbs.

In any background, a snagger is edible though not particularly tasty. To join, point your web browser to www.

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