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downloadrs can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos ) from the Recognition of the reader's self has been aroused -- as a psychic power Life demands clear soul-windows. Authors: Frank Channing Haddock. by Frank Channing Haddock (Author). Be the first to review this item Don't have a site? Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App. The author of The Law of Psychic Phenomena is as fascinating as the great work itself. Frank Podmore, Richard Bucke, Judge Troward, Max Heindl, etc., - Thomson Jay Hudson . The following book by Thompson Jay Hudson is available to download in eBook form for immediate download. Frank Channing Haddock.

Whenever a man feels depressed or irritated, it is simply because his false identity seems not to be confirmed. Both these reactions are false, so man is their slave. Have you ever noticed how nervous people get when their pet ideas are challenged? Let this be a clue for you. By patient self-investigation we discover who we are not, and that ends the anxiety of not knowing who we are.

To summarize this vital point, man wrongly believes that he possesses a separate self, an individual ego. This false idea causes fear, loneliness, neurosis.

It throws him into conflict with other people who are also under the illusion of having separate selves. No man is apart from the whole, from the all. Man is one with the universe.

Human beings are like dozens of ponds, each reflecting the light from the same moon. This is not philosophy, this is fact. The situation takes charge of you 2.

You take charge of the situation It is one or the other. There is no third choice. So it is important to examine both of them. When a situation takes charge of you, it is always accompanied by a feeling of anxiety. Listen to this discomfort, for it is trying to teach you something valuable. It may be trying to reveal that you are imagining yourself to be in command of the situation, when in fact you are commanded by it.

Exposing imaginary self-power is highly helpful. Being nice to someone, pleasing him, has no influence whatever in changing his nature from bad to good. It is useless and unnecessary to try to change others, for nature-change must include self-change. You will never again waste your days or be betrayed if you remember that you have no real need for a harmful or sour man or woman. You can do this by thinking of present situations where you now say YES but wish you could stop.

Recall several small situations. Perhaps you have agreed to meet regularly with a friend or relative but realize that it is really a burden. Maybe you agreed to take the leadership in a certain project but now you wish you had declined.

The next step is also clear.

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SAY NO. Make the necessary contact and resign. Just like that. Do it even if you feel nervous about it. Do what is right. Do you know what you are doing! You are getting your life back! He saw through the illusion of suffering and fear and loneliness. From until his death in he wrote books and conducted classes which reflect a degree of skill and understanding that may be unsurpassed in modern history.

He has an uncanny ability to cut through the fluff and puff and jolt people into seeing who they really are. At times humorous and gentle,at other times demanding and forceful. They may then be read on your computer and printed out.

He was a man with great talent for bringing out the very best in all those who knew him - family, friends and acquaintances. He had a great love for all life and a great love for scientific and intellectual pursuit. Logic was, for him, the password for life.

It was during the period of through that man began another of his periodic great "upsurges" of making serious inquiry into the nature of man, man's evolution, man's relationship with all nature and the actual working of man's mind.

Truly for him the writing of The Law of Psychic Phenomena was a labor of love and a challenge to his genius. That it proved to be one of the most successful books of the past century over 47 printings appeared to be somewhat of a surprise to him as he had envisioned the book to be primarily of interest to scholars seeking a scientific approach to "right living and thinking.

He was only interested in "sparking" an intellectual and spiritual awakening in man. Above all else, he was concerned that man be made aware of the great evidence of the existence of power in thought and of the importance of developing a spiritual nature. Hudson was a great forerunner of modern day giants of science, psychology and theology. Hudson was involved in so many diverse activities and intellectual pursuits that to enumerate them all would be beyond the scope of any introductory remarks.

However, to really appreciate his great breadth of knowledge and intellectual curiosity, a little of his life should be known. Even while working on his father's farm in early years, he studied natural philosophy, chemistry and logic, which were subjects far beyond the usual prescribed educational pursuits of the mid's.

Later, while preparing for college, his father insisted that he study for the ministry. In this request he stubbornly refused. He stated that he could not accept much of the theological dogma that he had been given. Forced therefore to leave his father's protection and support, on his own, he pursued studies in law. He was admitted to the bar at twenty-three and practiced as an attorney and journalist in Port Huron, Ohio, until - the year he entered politics.

During the years he was studying and practicing law, he was actively working with new ideas concerning both mind and matter. During an oil boom in the Lake Erie area of Canada around , Hudson spent considerable time researching and exploring the oil fields themselves; and his most inventive mind developed a number of devices and processes for working in oil fields which are still used today.

In all of his many careers, he used his most analytical and inventive mind. Everything he touched was affected most constructively with his ingenuity and curiosity. He later became editor-in-chief of the Detroit Daily Union.

In , he became Washington correspondent of a national syndicate - a post he held until offered a position on the examining corps of the United States Patent Office in This position was a "natural" for Dr. Hudson with his inquiring and open mind and his own penchant for invention.

He remained with the Patent Office for thirteen years, rising to the position of Principal Examiner and in charge of one of the scientific divisions of that office. Hudson famous throughout the English-speaking world.

As one of his biographers has stated: "Without violence to the truth it may be said that one morning, in , Dr. Hudson awoke to find himself famous throughout the English-speaking world.

Hudson spent the remainder of his life in pursuing his study into the "true nature of man" with particular emphasis on the extra-sensory powers of man as manifested through psychic phenomena. It is only a part of our social crime that men nurse the notion of the desirability of great wealth. Great individual wealth is never really desirable. On the contrary, it is as undesirable as death. It is undesirable for the individual because it limits his best development and robs him of the best success in living.

We should establish asylums for exclusively rich people who have achieved their own wealth. The passion for excessive riches is insanity; the great money-getters who achieve nothing else are an insane.

Huge individual wealth is also undesirable for society, since it means the absurdity and crime of widespread poverty. This book has no interest whatever in your future wealth. It advises you to cultivate decency and reasonably limited means. Our goal in the interest of your courage is precisely that: the expectation of reasonably limited means for health of body and culture of mind.

This induces a further observation: e The limitation of personal means should be purely personal. One man or woman needs just enough with which to make the most of himself or herself and life no more, no less. You cannot get a twelve-ounce life out of an eight-ounce brain. The twelve-ounce brain, however, has no greater right to make the most of itself than has the eight-ounce brain. The needs of the small personality are as imperative as are those of the larger one.

One man needs less than another, but his needs are just as emphatic and true. The Universe is for all, and it provides for all the goal of a fine career of happiness and full development.

It does not compel the achievement, but it makes the achievement possible. You can create a self for yourself, a world for and in that self, both of which shall forefend against an old age of Poverty and dependence, barring the one thing, bad luck", if you will masterfully think yourself as adequate now to the work before you and as always to be adequate, and so self provided for in the days to come.

It is necessary, however, to observe: 7. What then? It is essential do define "bad luck" down to the truth. A man in the West saw the need of a parcel delivery system in a southern California city. He instituted such a system, and later sold his business fourteen thousand dollars. Then he built and, furnished a good home for himself, and proceeded to "take comfort. Then he permitted his insurance to lapse one day, and his neighbor's house went to ashes the next night, and his own followed.

Had this man's insurance been kept up, and had the company carrying his risk, ordinarily sound, been sent into bankruptcy by the San Francisco disaster, that would have been a case of bona fide "bad luck " according to unforeseen and uncontrollable law. The laws, which you cannot control sometimes, go against you, not withstanding all reasonable precautions that you have taken, and the outcome is a real "bad luck".

The laws, which you can control, are always for you if you control them. When you fail to do this, your "luck" may be bad, but it is not true "luck". The suggestion, therefore, is that you intelligently control the laws related to your life so far as that is possible, humanly speaking.

Hence we come to our regime. First Phase: Now Adequacy. In the failure to handle reasonably controllable laws is where your fear of poverty, perhaps, finds its inspiration. If you feel adequate to life now, yet feel the vague fear of possible poverty later on, this is purely a case of feverish imagination, and the present regime should dispel the fear.

You are invited, therefore, to practice intense and vigorous thinking in some such form as this: I am adequate now, and ever shall be, to all demands on my ability and courage. You are urged to put into operation the law of demand discussed at the beginning of this chapter, by formulating demands for adequacy and for Mastery of Self For Wealth Power Success Page 18 ample provision for old age, observing the instructions given in the discussion.

Third Phase: Building for Compensation. If you still confront the fact that "bad luck" may strike you in the future, this is your main trouble. For that trouble you are urged to cultivate confidence and courage by the persistent use of the present regime, and you are invited now to observe the still deem and more beneficent law: The human self may win compensation against all disaster.

Poor wisdom to conceive Experience alone may weave Fine tapestry of mind, of heart; rare lace: How work the gods in men With brush or chisel, score or pen Ere school of years might claim to give them grace? And must experience mean Defeat and pain the builder's lien Exacted to the full in coin of age, And not the nobler store Of youth's perfections brought to more, And joy of growth assured, our finest wage?

Thought-creative power is every soul's possession. If you create a wealthy self to-day, no old age can rob you of that.

Do not try to gauge the value in old age of such possession. No mood or state of to-day can accurately judge the attractions of tomorrow. When you are ill, food is tasteless, the ticking of the clock is preterm naturally loud, and all the wall-figures take fantastic shapes.

Will these things turn out exactly as they now seem when boundless health is again your own? Thus with the compensations of creative thought. To-day you desire for old age sufficient means for comfort.

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That is assured you if you observe the regimes of this book barring a true "bad luck". But if actual "bad luck" comes and leaves you poverty-stricken in old age there is not one chance for that in ten thousand, for you are already on the way to adequacy and success yours then, if now you create them, the compensations of a self and an inner world that will be rich in content, happy in growth, full of the memories of a well-spent life.

For, observe these pictures. Note the contrasts. The first picture reveals a wrecked, undeveloped, unhonored, memory-blasted old man, alone in a garret, at eighty years of age. I bid you heroically to create against that condition.

The second picture reveals a physically feeble but mentally developed, honored, memory-blessed old man, alone in a garret, at eighty years of age. He will not be alone in a garret: thousands to one against such an outcome. But, if so, he has still the vast compensations of the true self, the courageous self: the full-grown mind, the splendid recollections of life.

And all values possessed this man has created just as the Almighty has created suns and constellations. Mastery of Self For Wealth Power Success Page 19 You are invited, then, to remember our insistence that in such a case old age will not find you in a state of poverty, and you are invited to develop and maintain a full sense of adequacy and courage for the now holding the sense over from day to day until it becomes the permanent possession of your entire being.

This is the error into which magazine and newspaper literature commonly drifts. The successful people are the moneyed people, it is often supposed, or the leaders of great industries, notable art, politics or society. This conception is untrue and absolutely groundless. The error is based on the false notions that money is property and that publicity is power. Money is not property, except in the bare material, and the right to use the material in a certain way.

And money is not wealth, except in its material, at all.

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Money is a substitute for property and a token of material wealth. A dying man caused all his ownership in property to be converted into money, and then gathering his relations about him, threw the money into the fire, remarking that he thus relieved them from all trouble concerning it. The act was detestable, of course.

Yet all the wealth his money had represented still remained in the world. The property that he had surrendered in the exchange for money still remained. Fire merely destroyed the token. It is error to regard money as evidence of success, in itself. Money represents a kind of success when it stands for material values created by individual effort.

Many possessors of money are unable to point to values behind it as their own creation. Unless your money represents some values, which you have created, it is not a symbol of your success. Your success, as indicated by money, consists, then, not in accumulation of money, but in creation of values.

Money is not a value: it is a medium of exchange of values. There are multitudes of values in the world, which have brought heir creators no money. Stolen inventions and the application of scientific discoveries may be cited. No man's success, therefore, is necessarily represented by the amount of money he owns. Money symbolizes the superficial in life, but success strikes away down into life's very heart. Similar truths obtain with reference to power. Power is ability to create, transform or move values.

Values are the things that are indispensable to progress. This power to create, transform or move things that are indispensable to progress cannot reside in publicity nor consist of office or position, since it is often unseen and without the leverages usually employed. Always, at the last, we discover that power is solely a Mastery of Self For Wealth Power Success Page 20 matter of thought and action directed by will.

The only wealth man knows is value indispensable to progress. The only power man knows is ability to create such value. The only creator of real value man knows is will-directed thought-action. Success is the development of ability to create values indispensable to progress, and the creation of such values through will-directed thought-action.

We conclude, then: You possess this ability to some degree; if you have made the reasonable most of that ability, you are so far a success. If you have created some values indispensable to progress, as, reasonably speaking, you surely may have done, you are a success.

You possess a will and the power of thought: if you have developed and used will and thought to your reasonable best, you are a success. Let us understand that the average man and woman has it in his or her power to achieve, for him or her, just as great and genuine a success as any man or woman of wealth, position, fame or genius.

It is, therefore, a mistake to look to any other human being for a standard of your success. You alone can furnish that standard. The only legitimate standard of an individual's success is what that individual, reasonably speaking, can or ought to be and do according to his endowments with environment or circumstances merely considered as stimulus to achievement.

Success is absolutely personal, and has no necessary connection with external matters. When we measure success by externals, we invariably setup as a standard some other personality or some other person's achievements.

Thus we judge individuals, and ourselves, by mere notions. If the individuals fail to realize our notion, they have failed, we thoughtlessly decide. If their life does not take on certain external signs, they are, again, failures, we conclude. Hence, when we fail to resemble a given individual in personality or in achievement, we judge ourselves to have failed. First Phase: Real Success Now.

No man's or woman's success depends on his resembling a given individual or upon his duplicating another's achievements. The juniper bush or ground cedar is not a failure merely because it may not grow to be as tall as the oak and bear acorns. The possibility of a given kind or degree of success is born into every human being. That is his right and his responsibility. If he wins that, no failure is he. The real question, then, is this and it is enough: "What can I, any human, be and do to create, transform, or move values indispensable to progress"?

Your success is your practical answer to that question. Mastery of Self For Wealth Power Success Page 21 The fear of failure has, therefore, no ground in which to thrive, if First, you make practically your own the principles of this chapter; Secondly, you resolve to make good, and, reasonably speaking, do make good, the practical answer to the question above given.

You can never fear failure while you are so engaged. The resolve and the action will infallibly breed the courage-feeling that you are and shall be equal to all the entertainable demands that may come into your life. As you now read, that feeling arises in your consciousness: make the feeling habit by will and by incessantly recalling the idea. In the meantime, you are invited to continue in deepest action the demand-thought that all success possible to you shall assuredly be forthcoming from year to year through all your life".

Whatsoever things ye desire believe"! Physically explained, friendship is due to a certain closeness of harmony between two individuals. This harmony obtains fundamentally in the etheric movements of the personal atmospheres. If the harmony etheric tends to merging of movements because all movements in one person fit perfectly those of another person, the friendship will be that of love. A looser complementing, so to speak, is the harmony of ordinary friendship.

As we are born with a definite number of brain-cells, which may develop, but the multitude of which never in life can be increased, a certain limited range of nature is determined for us by our birth. These and other facts constitute the basis of the conclusion that we are born friends, not manufactured.

In terms of matter, the last analyst is of each person's nature leads to the idea of a given arrangement and number of movements in the etheric matrix as ground of physical body and parts. With such an endowment we are also born. In terms of psychics, the individual nature is definitely endowed for development with powers and traits, which may be symbolized by such etheric movements, but which really express within them.

In mechanics, some varieties of motion will not harmonize with others. So, in the etherground and the psychic system of any individual, harmony with other systems persons may require greater ingenuity of skill in adjustment often obtaining not very satisfactorily, failing to secure certain friendships, or even proving utterly impossible.

Your real friends, then, are given you when you come into the world. Somewhere they await you, as you await them; sometimes they will come to you, as you will go to them.

You need not seek them: the nature of things will in due time brings them to you. Mastery of Self For Wealth Power Success Page 22 Then you will know the one who has come: not, perhaps, instantly, but sooner or later surely know. The measure in which these propositions are sanely true depends on the measure of your steadfast fidelity to your truest and highest self.

By so much as you are splendidly and growingly YOU at the best reasonably speaking , by so much will you have true friends to the very last. This is an infallible method for winning friends. If you try to make them, you will fail.

You can only create friends, and this you accomplish by growing friendships, and this you achieve by being always, freely, with idealism and aspiration as your motive powers, your whole true and highest self. When you catch and feel the certainty of the truth here presented, your fears for future loneliness must vanish provided you accept the regime. You are, therefore, urged now to resolve and always to make good the resolution: "I am now and from henceforth I freely shall be, in idealism and aspiration, my whole highest true self".

If you will look back upon your life, you will see that always your deepest friendships have sprung up without search, effort or planning.

You have for a time, now and then, felt that this or that person was surely your friend. But time, space, work, has intervened, and the so-solid seeming bonds have faded away. Yet here and there bonds have somehow held your relations of friendship have been kept up, and you know now that nothing can dissolve the ties that bind, nothing can destroy the few friendships, which remain to you. These values are yours forever. Second Phase: Self as Resource. It is the loss of the ephemeral friendships that suggests some final day of loneliness to you, and inspires the fear now before us.

We observe: No human being should ever permit himself to depend on any other human being for happiness. The happiness which springs from friendships is legitimate and desirable, with a reservation that self and God's world still hold good and are enough, whatever becomes of this friendship or that companionship. Thus appears the foundation-truth of real friendship. Your value to your friend, and his value to you, is in each case measured precisely by your ability to companion and be alone with your own soul.

You enjoy your friend by giving and receiving values, and the values depend on the depth and wealth of the self. If you can find happiness and wealth in self, you will make a true friend for some other self. But when you depend on your friend, you by so much leave yourself unmined, undiscovered, undeveloped, and you thus rob yourself and your friend. You are therefore, urged to be your whole true and highest self, and to cultivate ability to find there happiness, and power and comradeship.

By so much as one observes such a principle, by so much must the fear of future loneliness vanish from his thought. You are invited to bring psychic demand upon the present for true friends now and thus to develop within the subconscious self an attitude and quality which shall in the future always secure you the now -friends you need, both for happiness and for welfare and success.

Psychic demand alone will infallibly banish the fear here discussed. When self, the I, from Self Supreme Divides, as life from death's dull dream, Then is all courage dear.

But lo, I am! While reigns the changeless Law of Laws That each effect reveals its cause, While 1, the self, and Self Supreme Share will and thought, as bank and stream? The Author "Fear binds the free vibration of the life through the body by paralyzing the life-force which is in it. To fear is to lessen our spirit's hold on its godhood.

To fear is to lose confidence in the power of your own spirit to hold you and to keep you in perfect harmony. To fear is to weaken your spirit's hold on its supply God. To fear is to place yourself as a servant to all those things that are beneath you. There is no cause for fear, as man is made with the possibility of generating all power within himself.When you engage in thinking, you create thought. Make the necessary contact and resign. If you persistently make use of true psychic demand that all shall be well with you; you will not only banish fear, but also actually suggest to the subconscious self alertness and adequacy against unseen contingencies and unforeseen events that is, you will thus train subconscious activities in personal protection.

downloadrs can download a free scanned copy of the original book without typos from the publisher. He later became editor-in-chief of the Detroit Daily Union. Let us see about this: Thought is Power. This power to create, transform or move things that are indispensable to progress cannot reside in publicity nor consist of office or position, since it is often unseen and without the leverages usually employed. Fire merely destroyed the token.

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