Recently while working in my lab I wanted to force the address book to update with the Lync client. This is a fairly straight forward process. The Address Book server ensures that the user information stored in Skype for you can use the Update-CsAddressBook cmdlet to force an Address Book server to Applies to: Lync Server , Lync Server , Skype for Business Server . So, how can force clients to download/synchronize Address Book as http://blog.

Force Lync Address Book

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A: Lync clients will randomly download the address book update; however, you can force the update by using the following process: 1. Set the Lync client initial. Hi to all I have skype for bussiness deployed in my environment. I tried to force address book download using the following link with no success. If you used Lync before and now you find that your address book is not up to date and you get the “Address book synchronizing. Results may.

Use the search bar as shown below to look for users not currently in stored in the contact list.

The folder view shows that no GALcontacts. By default the Lync client can wait up to 60 minutes to download the address book but this workstation has been configured for immediate download using the process detailed in this previous article.

This also indicates that ABWQ is used by this client. Each time a new search query was typed into the client another one of these POST lines would appear.

Now that we have seen how this is performed the question must be asked if and when it would be recommended to do this.

The entire point of the ABS method is to allow for local cache files to be used in an effort to reduce requests from clients to the Lync Server for a number of actions.

If comparing logs side-by-side it will be clear that the user photos are downloaded via the ABWQ regardless of the client behavior as these images are not stored in the GALcontacts. One advantage to forcing ABWQ on all clients could be in an environment where changes to user attributes happen very often multiple times per day.

Would you know why the case-type for the Registry key matters? So how would this possibly work on a phone client?

Rebuild the address book

I am having this issue right now where we needed to change the mask in our dial plan, and now wondering when the new mask will show the right number. Thanks for the post.

Two questions: First, are both entries needed? Also, I searched a computer for this key and it could not be found!

Is this because the machine is running Lync and not the latest Skype for Business ? Ignore my second post, sorry.

The key is not there by default, but it adds it when you issue the command. Still have this question: Are both entries needed? Learn how your comment data is processed.

Skip to content. So add the following key to your registry using an elevated command prompt window: Like this: Like Loading Tagged Lync Registry Skype for Business.

Published by y0av. Published June 8, March 28, This will recreate address book files. You can read more about the available VMWare network adapter types here: Choosing a network adapter for your virtual machine.

Office Office Exchange Server. The user has reached the Maximum amount of followers.

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Enables you to specify an individual Address Book to be updated. This product This page.

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