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Nonton Film Streaming Movie Layarkaca21 Lk 21 Dunia 21 Bioskop Cinema 21 Box Office Subtitle Indonesia Gratis Online Download Life Like (). . Featured Murder Woman Director Violence Love Sequel Revenge Duringcreditsstinger Police Teenager Friendship Death Based On Novel Or Book Female Nudity. Kumpulan Film Artist Channing Tatum Terbaru dan Terlengkap · Whatsapp · Wechat · Facebook TRAILER · NONTON MOVIE · The Book of Life (). SD. THE BOOK OF LIFE, a vibrant fantasy-adventure, tells the legend of Manolo, Produced by Guillermo del Toro, the film has the baroque.

First lets; clarify; I am not Mexican nor any in my family and friend group; however it has been a long long time since we catch kids movie able to captivate 5,6,7 or 8 year old girls and boy and the parents that took them.

Just the quality, colors and artistry of the images; makes the movie worth; but the subject matter is even more impressive. How many times you were able to really laugh on a subject matter like death and make children and adults happy with an adventure that is pure entertainment but also gives a quite poetic look at life and dead. In brief; take your children to see it as an excuse; you probably will enjoy it even more. Saw the movie as part a screening tonight with my sister, her friend, and my daughter age We all really enjoyed the movie.

I laughed a lot and teared up a few times. Song choices were so funny sometimes. If you're like me and in your thirties, you will definitely recognize several of the song choices. When certain ones popped up no names, as I don't want to spoil anything , the parents all started laughing so hard. My daughter enjoyed the movie so much that she wanted to go and see it again.

It had some pretty good life lessons sprinkled in throughout the humor and songs. If your child is pretty young, there may be parts of the movie that scare them just a bit it is a movie about the dead, after all and a couple jokes that are aimed more at adults.

I highly recommend this movie. Don't miss this special animated film! This is a beautiful animated film.

Very unique in comparison to other animated films out there. I loved that it had funny parts - for adults as well as kids - but it isn't a silly comedy. It is a gorgeous, epic folkloric tale of family, tradition and finding your own way. I laughed and cried, and my kids loved it as much as I did. My kids ages 3.


For families: I worried maybe the "skeleton" painted Day of the Dead characters may be creepy but they weren't at all. The sets and characters were all very beautiful and unique.

The Land of the Remembered was especially visually stunning. I found it especially touching as a parent of young kids with numerous generations in "our village" helping raise my kids and help carry each other through life's highs and lows.

I was reminded by this film of the importance of all the generations that came before us - how we are shaped by our families.

How we learn from and must respect those who came before us. That was a nice message for me and my kids. But, it also shows that, while we respect, learn from and inherit gifts from our fore-bearers, we also have a responsibility to be true to ourselves, to make our own way and find our true calling. It was also touchingly romantic. It felt very genuine and warm throughout but the sweet romantic story was especially touching.

You could tell a lot of love went into making this film. I hope it does well - it should on its own merit! Fantastic Halloween Fun! It's October and it is usually the time for Halloween themed movies. Unfortunately for us, Halloween has been reduced to cheap horrors, or repetitive thrillers that are a bit of a bore.

This year has been slightly different, but this reviewer would like the studios to go back in the past and pull some more seasonal themes to entertain us. Well, someone got my vibe, because my last review is on a film that captures the festive fun that Halloween is for the young and young at heart. So sit back my friends and catch my latest review on the animated feature The Book of Life.

I'll start this review with talking about the story. Now we know the typical elements involved in this type of plot, but this film deviates from the typical and gives a little more pep around the story. From the start you get the backstory on each character, and the individual struggles they each face. Then they take these qualities and exploit them by bringing in the two masters of the underworld, who make a wager as to who will win the girl.

The result of this wager, makes for an interesting romantic tale that is fun, emotional, and more realistic than half the dramas we get these days. However, the movie does not stop there, instead it ties in an adventure and blends it into all the aspects, making for a fun film. Once more, the whole tale revolves around the Mexican celebration of the day of the dead, bringing a unique take on the classic Halloween tale and providing a little education as well.

The story isn't the only thing influenced by the Mexican culture though, the artistic style of the movie is also heavily influenced. Many of the elements are similar, with the skeletons and landscapes sharp and angular to mirror the darkness of the afterlife. However, unlike Tim Burton, this director chose to liven things up a little by veering from the dark colors and adding wide splashes of colorful.

This is not only to catch your eyes, but also to mirror the celebration that Day of the Dead is about and that life doesn't end as long as you are remembered. In the Underworld especially the color comes out, and the festivities are brought to full fold in the magical realm of the dead. Deep in the land of the Forgotten, the oblivion of elimination is presented by a frozen cavern where hope is nonexistent. Regardless, the worlds are diverse and fun, filled with ancient Central American influences that were a welcomed change.

Even the characters have pizazz to them, each main character standing out in their own unique way. I in particular liked the Queen of the underworld, impressed with the blend of partying, happy, and death all wrapped into one package. The ruler of the Forgotten Land, was also of unique design, sharp, dark edges in shades of purple, neon green, and crimson to portray the darkness of his soul.

What else makes this movie fun? The next aspect is the comedy, which for the most part is well timed and well delivered.

There isn't much unique writing or witty humor in this movie, but more in how it is delivered. Countless puns are shouted in ridiculous voices, often followed by a character face planting into an object. What's even better is that the comedy is also diverse and spread out instead of following the typical style of beating a joke to death, the exception being Joaquin's obsession with mustaches. Kate Muir. Sports gorgeous, marionette-inspired character design - mucho love has gone into the matadors' bespoke jackets - and a palette so warm you feel yourself developing tanlines around your 3D specs.

Mike McCahill. Not dissimilar in merrily ghoulish spirit to 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', it's hugely entertaining. Trevor Johnston. Such a crowded, colorful, more-is-not-nearly-enough aesthetic could easily have felt garish and confusing.

But for some reason, it doesn't. Bilge Ebiri. Susan Wloszczyna. Yes, it is a dark subject, but it is magically told and illustrated with bright and vivid colors; characterized by some over-the-top yet vulnerable characters, and peppered with some highly entertaining musical numbers.

Paula Fleri-Soler.

Some story problems and an unnecessary narrator can't stopthis film from being a stunning experience. Rachel Wagner. There are many things that are striking about The Book of Life. Ian Wolf. Marisa Carpico. Jamie Neish. Directed by Jorge R. Gutierrez and produced by Guillermo del Toro, The Book of Life is a creative spectacle and an interesting take on a celebrated theme. Josh Terry. Top Box Office. More Top Movies Trailers.

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Real Quick. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Cancel Resend Email. Add Article. The Book of Life Critics Consensus The Book of Life 's gorgeous animation is a treat, but it's a pity that its story lacks the same level of craft and detail that its thrilling visuals provide.

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Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

PG for mild action, rude humor, some thematic elements and brief scary images. Animation , Romance. Jorge R. Gutierrez , Douglas Langdale. Jan 27, Channing Tatum as Joaquin. Zoe Saldana as Maria.

The Book of Life

Diego Luna as Manolo. Christina Applegate as Mary Beth.

Ice Cube as Candle Maker. Kate del Castillo as La Muerte. Ron Perlman as Xibalba.

Cheech Marin as Pancho Rodriguez. Hector Elizondo as Carlos Sanchez. Ana de la Reguera as Skeleton Carmen. Eugenio Derbez as Chato. Gabriel Iglesias as Pepe Rodriguez.Oct 23, Rating: Meanwhile, the two lords of the underworld, La Muerta mistress of the Land of the Remembered and Xibalba master of the Land of the Forgotten take a bet as to who Maria will end up with.

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When Maria returns to town after several years, Joaquin and Manolo vie for her heart. The multi-layered designs were so intricate and meticulous in their endemically Mexican-inspired details. Smaal, attorney who keeps the black book Peter Blok as Mr.

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