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Specifically, we show how a range of stakeholders framed HPV vaccination as a personal—rather than a public—matter, despite the absence of a controversy over mandatory immunization as was the case in the United States.

Our findings suggest an erosion of the persuasiveness of public good arguments around collective immunization programs in the policy discourse. A biological pharmaceutical agent the vaccine is administered to an individual, who makes a choice to assume the vaccine's benefits as well as any potential risks, and the overall benefit of herd immunity is threatened without sufficient download-in by individual participants.

We examined the state of public good arguments in immunization policy processes through a qualitative analysis of the Canadian experience with the world's first vaccine against human papillomavirus HPV , Merck's Gardasil. We demonstrate how arguments for the public health benefits of collective immunization programs can dissipate in the presence of policy framing that emphasizes the personal, rather than the public, dimensions of immunization.

Gardasil was originally licensed in Canada and the United States in for use by females aged 9 to 26 years on the basis of Phase II and III clinical trials determining the vaccine's safety and efficacy in females aged 16 to 26 years and immunogenicity studies in younger individuals aged 9 to 15 years.

In this way, we hope to offer lessons for policy debates surrounding the adoption of new vaccines. By early , 2 states had enacted provisions to make HPV vaccination compulsory, and others were considering it, resulting in a substantial backlash from a variety of stakeholders.

Many have held that mandatory vaccination was altogether inappropriate given that HPV was a precursor condition for which the usual herd immunity arguments did not apply and that undue political pressure from Merck in lobbying for mandates derailed what could have been a measured roll out of a promising new vaccine, with an eye to public education and continuing evaluation.

Can arguments about a disproportionate burden of personal risk in collective immunization programs be mitigated by avoiding policies that make vaccines compulsory?

We attempted to address these questions by looking at the HPV policy experience in Canada. Even in the absence of a debate over mandatory immunization in Canada, the policy discourse about HPV nonetheless revolved around considerations about the individual versus the collective.

This finding demonstrates that different types of trade-offs can serve to erode public good arguments around collective immunization programs. By studying the ideas represented in discourses, framing, and narrative story lines about policy, we can uncover how policy actors distill complex conflicts into solvable problems and reasonable courses of action.

Our qualitative analysis of HPV vaccine policy was an embedded case study to examine the policy process and hurdles associated with the adoption of new vaccines. This analysis used data sources from a systematized review of publicly available policy and legal documents on immunization policymaking processes, including government records for example, legislative debate transcripts, committee reports, and federal financial reports , supplemented with participant observation in the policy community at 2 successive biennial national immunization conferences, review of mass media articles and peer-reviewed literature, and a set of validation interviews with key senior public health decision-makers.

From time to time, the federal government has provided fiscal and administrative support for local activities, but there is no national immunization schedule, and the policy instruments wielded by federal departments responsible for immunization are primarily regulatory dealing with vaccines as biological pharmaceutical products or information-based immunization education and promotion.

Since the mid s, the primary source of national-level, expert immunization recommendations has been the National Advisory Committee on Immunization NACI , a group of specialists in infectious disease. NACI does not have legislative or financial levers at its disposal; its recommendations are not legally binding in any way. The range of conditions under which vaccination is compulsory in Canada is highly limited. As far as we are aware, there are no indications of any intent on a policy level for expanding these indications.

A broad process of public health renewal in Canada in the late s made more urgent by the outbreaks of severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS prompted structural changes intended to improve federal coordination of public health and immunization.

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By , an intergovernmental body had also been established for collaborative public health decision-making: the Pan-Canadian Public Health Network, the governing council of which would report directly to provincial governments. By , however, there was no clear indication that immunization would continue to receive dedicated federal attention or, more importantly, funds. Meanwhile, the HPV vaccine had been licensed. As is often the case for targeted federal-provincial transfers in Canada including the immunization funds of and mentioned above , the HPV monies were offered as a lump sum in trust, providing considerable autonomy for the provinces to draw upon the funds as they saw fit.

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When effective new vaccines become available, it is in the best interest of Canadian families to receive them as quickly as possible. The Chief Public Health Officer welcomes the willingness of governments to support and fund vaccine programs like this, and contends that their leadership in moving quickly should be congratulated rather than criticized.

At the end of January , the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health began a study on postmarket surveillance of pharmaceuticals, in which one committee member repeatedly expressed misgivings about the safety of HPV vaccine, 58 although no postmarket adverse events had yet been linked to the vaccine in the Canadian setting.

However, 4 provinces had already gone ahead with immunizations for the — school year. Furthermore, whereas the Canadian Immunization Committee statement assessed vaccine acceptability and acknowledged ethical challenges, it did not address the negative discourse that had so besieged public health advocates since the vaccine's release.

By summer , 10 provinces had announced voluntary, school-based, publicly funded immunization programs for HPV. Alberta was the last province to announce its program in June and met with another round of negative press. The Alberta Conference of Catholic Bishops released a statement echoing earlier religious objections in the United States, advising parents to rethink the HPV vaccine on the grounds that abstinence, not vaccination, was the best way to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

It needs to be linked to a national immunization strategy and program… so that… no child in this country is lost through the cracks because of a bureaucratic set-up. That's a women's health issue and it needs to be addressed.

The representative from the Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Quebec went on to state, in our opinion, as gynecologists, [HPV vaccine] is the best thing that has happened to women since the invention of the pill.

Yet, central to public health is the conception that individuals, acting solely in their own interests, cannot adequately provide for the health of populations and that collective action—sometimes referred to as a justified paternalism—is required to achieve a state of public health. By late March , the term cancer vaccine had frequently replaced HPV vaccine in parliamentary parlance.

Framing the vaccine so clearly as a cancer prevention measure, however, paradoxically highlighted tensions in interpreting the concept of universal susceptibility related to communicable disease; HPV is an antecedent to cancer, and cervical cancer is a condition to which not everyone in a population can succumb, even if exposed to the infective agent. Furthermore, the care of cancer in health systems has been intimately tied to personal care provision and not to public health, entailing a different range of policy instruments for health care financing and delivery.

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By framing the HPV vaccine as cancer prevention, the policy debate's focus on broad public health benefits related to immunization was shifted in favor of a perception of HPV vaccine as intended for targeted use, a shift that has been theorized to accompany the proliferation of therapeutic vaccines in the future. As is customary given the high degree of provincial autonomy over health care decisions in Canada, provinces independently elected to offer HPV vaccine for narrow cohorts in selected school grades.

This represented a clear mismatch with recent messages related to the National Immunization Strategy, which was founded on a goal of equitable access to new vaccines across jurisdictions through public funding. In Canada, where vaccine mandates are rare, parental perceptions regarding which vaccines are universally recommended for their children have been linked instead to public payment.

A Political Issue The third dimension of the framing of the HPV vaccine in personal terms was the portrayal of the HPV vaccine as a political issue: a venture pursued for political gain by government, industry, and other self-interested stakeholders. This dimension was strongly forwarded by opponents of the vaccine and the mass media. It's in the name The teams are locality-based, and come with names that are funny and whimsical. Hence the name. Most of the grounds in Chennai have about players on weekends, so the pitches are small.

In such a scenario, one-pitch wicket makes sense.

Dhanesh R. Sometimes, the distance between each pitch is only four feet. Though most incidents end with apologies, a few may reach the cops who help everyone involved arrive at a compromise.

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