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Written by Benny Greb. Edited by Joe Bergamini. Book Design by Rick Gratton and Benny Greb. Layout by Rick Gratton. Music Engraving by Willie Rose and. While the drums are the heart of the drumset, the cymbals provide the color. There are 3 general areas that we'll refer to throughout the book: Every set should. The first 16 pages of the book Sight Reading Complete for Drummers, Volume 1. These pages contain introductory material on reading drum music, technique.

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Much like the snare drum independence exercises, I recommend that beginners focus on just two voices on the drum set bass drum and hi-hat before adding the third snare drum.

Check out this video from Online Drummer and accompanying sheet music below for a series of great bass drum independence exercises. Image courtesy Online Drummer Drum Exercises for Speed Besides how to improve, most drum students want to know how to play drums faster.

Develop Sound Technique While there are a number of correct drum techniques, there are an awful lot more incorrect techniques that will inhibit your speed. Poor technique can even potentially cause injury, in the long run. Developing good drumstick technique takes time and lots of practice. Check out this video to learn a few simple exercises that will increase your hand speed.

There are a number of things you can try to boost your drum technique. I also recommend playing along with the simple exercises in this video from Drumeo to improve your bass drum speed.


Use Heavier Sticks for Practice When you practice, use sticks that are heavier than your regular drum sticks. In much the same way that baseball players put weights on their bats before going up to bat, practicing with heavier drum stick s will make your usual sticks seem almost effortless when you switch back. Practice single strokes, double strokes, and paradiddles with a metronome, gradually increasing your metronome speed. Then practice alternating singles, doubles, and paradiddles between the hands and feet.

The four-limb warm-up exercises in this article are also great to develop speed. Remember, speed comes from both of your hands being even, so make sure you practice leading with both. In this video, Tony Royster Jr.

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Swing Pattern Drum Exercises These drum exercises are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to warm-ups and developing independence with each limb. This book is often considered the most important source for developing independence, as it provides page after page of unique rhythms that can be applied to any limb on the drum set, and performed either swung or straight.


Below is a brief excerpt from his book that combines a wide range of patterns into an exercise that will test overall independence of any limb you choose. All of the material has been carefully graded as to difficulty.

Feb 07 The styles covered include straight eighths, shuffle blues , sixteenth-note feel, hip-hop jazz funk , pop ballad, reggae shuffle , and rock. Recommended as a really good book for starters. For those of you who wish to really solidify your playing. Very comprehensive and the quality of songs is exceptional Feb 01 Authentic Playalong. Take over from Trey Cool to become the drummer for Green Day!

Green Day Authentic Drums Playalong presents eight songs that span their awesome career, arranged for drums with drum charts, melody line and chord symbols, transcribed from the original recordings.

This book includes a specially recorded soundalike CD, with full performance demonstrations and backing tracks for you to play and sing along to. The transcriptions are good and the sound-alike recording minus vocals as is usual are well Jan 23 The classic jazz independence book is now new and improved and with two CDs!

Whether for a beginner or an accomplished drummer, this system will greatly improve independence and coordination, sticking, power, and speed and endurance on the drumset. Dedicated to Sanford Moeller, this book proves Jan 13 Double bass drum technique has transcended the realm of heavy metal drumming and is now a mainstay in drum set music at-large.

Famed Brazilian drummer Aquiles Priester haws compiled different exercises and patterns to both strengthen fundamentals in double bass drum technique and expand the creativity of drummers who employ double bass drum technique.

Includes audio of each example. Without any messing around, and after only Dave Weckl — Ultimate Play Along: Level 1, Volume 1 Apr 06 Drum books , Jazz , Rock. Garry Chaffee — Technique Patterns Mar 23 Drum books.

Level 1, Volume 2 Feb 07 Blues , Drum books , Funk , Jazz , Rock. Drum books , Rock.

Drum books , Jazz.Good books are not just filled with page after page of mechanical exercises that may or may not relate to what you would play on a gig; they offer usable material that develops musicality along with technical skills. A must To Luke the OP - it's nobody's intention to judge you too harshly, but part of being involved in the drumming community hopefully means that we learn from each other.

Practice single strokes, double strokes, and paradiddles with a metronome, gradually increasing your metronome speed. Steve also says the examples in the book will enable the reader to create thousands of interesting and useful exercises of their own. Topics include cymbal ostinatos and linear phrasing, as well as melodic and harmonic jazz coordination.

Authentic Playalong. Steve Forster is a great example of one of these students. Drum books.

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