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WH40K - Codex Cult Mechanicus - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. codex. LORDS OF THE MACHINE. The Tech-Priests of the Cult Mechanicus control grotesque armies of cybernetic horrors. Every one of their priesthood wields. development of the Cult Mechanicus armies used at Tempus Fugitive events and Codex, Dark Eldar, Dark Angels, Dark Future, the Double-Headed/Imperial.

Any Tech-Priest no matter the rank though is totally committed to recovering the priceless knowledge and technology lost many millennia ago. Outfitted with rare tech-relics and aided by a small Cult Mechanicus contingent, they roam the galaxy in their holy mission. Options: Tech-Priest Lords may choose from the Armory as normal. Tech-Priest Engineer Tech-Priest Engineers are specially trained to spend their lives in the field, aiding other Imperial forces in combat as well as leading Adeptus Mechanicus forces of their own.

They are often found leading small units in Imperial Guard armies, or training Techmarines of the Adeptus Astartes. Unlike other Tech-Priests, they do not concentrate on a single disciple but are instead near-masters of nearly all Imperial technology.

Their presence on the battlefield is often invaluable in maintaining fighting efficiency.

It is often even said that a weapon repaired by an Engineer is superior to one brand new! Options: Tech-Priest Engineers may choose from the Armory as normal. Special Rules: Weapon Repair: Tech-Priest Engineers are highly trained in battlefield repair, and their mech-empathy gives them a chance to bring even the most badly damaged system back to life.

Any Tech-Priest Engineer in base contact with an Imperial vehicle or support weapon at the start of the turn may attempt to repair one destroyed weapon. On a roll of a 6, the weapon is repaired and can fire as normal in the following turns.

Any Tech-Priest Engineer attempting a weapon repair may not move that turn, even if the attempt is unsuccessful, but may shoot and Assault as usual. Servitor Bodyguard Tech-Priests have a hard time trusting people, preferring to place their trust in the Machine God and his minions namely machines. Servitors are thus the perfect bodyguard for them, as their mindless devotion will ensure the best protection when in the field. Special units of these drones are fitted with the finest biomech upgrades and combat programming, and serve no other purpose but to preserve the life of their master.

Weapons: None. Options: Any bio-mech upgrade listed below can be taken, but no single upgrade can be taken more than once per Servitor and all upgrades must be modeled. Special Rules: All normal Servitor rules below apply to Servitor Bodyguard members, with the following exceptions: Servitor Bodyguards are programmed to defend their masters at all costs. When the unit is struck with ranged weapons, allocate hits as normal but the Tech-Priest player is allowed to allocate two hits per Servitor before having to allocate any on the Tech-Priests.

Servitor Bodyguard can never be used to man or recrew a Support Weapon. Their purpose is to protect him, so they never leave him.

If the unit is Pinned, the Servitors cannot move but can still shoot. If their leader is killed or leaves the unit, no other character can take control of the unit. The Bodyguard will go on Emergency Orders for the rest of the game. This will not count as a further HQ or other selection. Options: Adeptus Mechanicus Rhinos can take any of the vehicle upgrades from the Armory list. Elites: Electro Priests The smell of ozone and the bright flashes of blue-white herald the arrival of the Electro-Priests into battle.

Electrically charged fanatics, they are the warrior elite of the Cult Mechanicus. Each is covered with an elaborate network of circuitry and power-runes embedded into their skin, and in combat they light up the battlefield with arcs of lightning dancing from their bodies. These special Electoos give them superhuman strength, and even allow them to fire short ranged electrical bolts at nearby enemy. Only the most zealous and fanatical of Tech-Adepts are chosen for the subdermal implants, as their new electrical powers are a constant drain on their own mental energies.

Even so many fall to the ground in the midst of combat, their minds taxed beyond even their endurance by the intense strain.

If a model is only making a single attack due to being within 2 of the enemy but not in contact though, the attack will be a S3 and has no Power Weapon effect. These will always target the nearest enemy unit in Line of Sight though, in any direction! Static Shock: The powerful electrical discharges arcing across their bodies in combat makes it near suicidal both for them and the vehicle to be bunched together in a transport vehicle.

Electro Priests can never be carried in any type of transport vehicle. Fanatical Attack: Electro Priests will always attempt to move towards the nearest enemy in Line of Sight, and Assault the nearest enemy unit. Instead, remove an additional D3 Electro-Priests as exhaustion forces them to collapse exactly in the same manner as removing as casualties in an Assault as normal. Treat the combat as if it was a Drawn Combat in all other respects. Techmarine Apprentice The Adeptus Mechanicus is responsible for the final training of the Adeptus Astartes Techmarines, those Space Marines who have shown special aptitude in utilizing and maintaining their various weapons systems.

At any given time the Tech-Priests are imparting some of their experience to hundreds of aspiring Techmarines, but never are all secrets revealed of course! Often Techmarines accompany the Tech-Priests into the field, both as a learning exercise and also to aid in Tech Quests as experienced warriors. All are bound by powerful hypnoaths never to reveal anything that might be found on these expeditions though, much to the frustration of their chapter leaders.


Techmarines operate independently and so follow the rules for independent characters given on p74 of the Warhammer 40, rulebook. Note that for the purposes of mission objectives Techmarines cannot capture table quarters, hold objectives or count as surviving troops in a Meat Grinder battle.

He may not take Terminator Honors. Robot Cohort The living embodiments of the Machine God, whose Spirit animates these ancient constructs of arcane metal and circuitry. They stalk the battlefield, implacable and deadly in their advance. Each Robot has a primitive artificial brain of bio-plasm, specially maintained for centuries by the finest Genetors of the Legio Cybernetica. The art of growing new Robot cortex units is an almost lost one dating back prior to the Emperors First Crusade, and thus each Robot is a near priceless tech-relic in its own right.

The risk of loss is outweighed though by their superior firepower and combat effectiveness. All members of the Cult Mechanicus venerate these loyal and powerful devices, and they are a source of inspiration to the faithful in battle.

This additional weapon cannot however duplicate a weapon already taken by that Robot. Tech-Adepts or Tech-Priests who have joined the unit leading a Cohort of Robots will draw strength from their implacable followers and so will also pass all Morale tests, never Fall Back or suffer Pinning. If required to take any Leadership-based tests, the unit may always use the Robot Leadership value of Big and Slow Moving: Robots move as if they were always in Difficult Terrain roll 2 dice, pick highest as the movement distance but never suffer any other movement penalties.

Codex Cult Mechanicus

Robots cannot be transported either due to their large size. Integrated Weapons Design: Robots may Move and Fire a single weapon or stay stationary and fire two weapons, even when using Heavy Weapons. Rapid Fire weapons fire as if stationary, even if the Robot moved that turn like a bike.

Bio-mechanical: Due to some of the mecha-organic components used in Robot design, Robots can be effected by Needle Rifles and other items that effect living creatures. They can never be Pinned by them though.

Leader: The cohort must be lead by a single Tech-Adept Overseer at the points cost indicated. If at any time he is killed, or is more than 2 away from the Cohort, the Cohort will go on Emergency Orders: Move towards the nearest enemy unit, shoot at nearest enemy unit if possible, Assault the nearest enemy unit if possible, only Consolidate in an Assault.

If their leader is killed and any Tech-Priest Engineers are in play, any TechPriest Engineer can take control of the unit if he moves within 2 of it. No other Tech-Priest characters have the necessary equipment to control a Robot Cohort. While not as deadly in combat as the mindless Servitors or fanatical Electro-Priests, they are totally loyal to the Cult of the Machine, well-trained and well-equipped, and flexible in combat.

When not in combat, they often serve as assistant archeologists and skilled labor for their Tech-Priest masters in their search for lost technology. See Codex: Imperial Guard for details on twoman heavy weapon team rules. He is armed with a Master Crafted Laspistol, and may choose additional equipment from the Armory except for Tech-Relics or other items as noted.

As he is part of the higher ranks of the Cult Mechanicus, any weapons he chooses from the Weapons list of the Armory will be Master Crafted. Transport: The unit may be transported in an Adeptus Mechanicus Chimera if it numbers 10 models or less. This will not count as a further selection for the army. Note that if the unit size is larger than 10, it may not take this option. Transport: Up to 10 models from a single unit, plus up to 2 characters attached to the unit.

This is the lesson shown to all who would defy the Adeptus Mechanicus by these, their mindless drones. Servitors are organic machines, cyborg hulks of flesh and metal. Many are grown in artificial bio-vats and mated to special mechanical augmentations, but some are once-human beings convicted of horrible heresies or other crimes. Now mind-wiped and programmed only to serve, they demonstrate the folly of challenging the Imperial might and the Masters of the Red Planet.

Servitors are used for an endless number of tasks throughout the Imperium, and form the bulk of the populations on Forge Worlds.

Once programmed for a task they perform it endlessly without complaint, no matter the hazard or tediousness involved. Their mechanical adaptations allow them to function in hostile environments, and to operate specialized machinery. In combat they serve as everything from driving transports to manning dangerous support weapons, to forming small individual fighting units.

While not very effective in combat, their mechanized targeting systems make them excellent shots and their implacable advance even when sustaining heavy casualties is unnerving to most enemy. Weapons: None Options: Note you may take both for a model if desired, but they must both be modeled! Mindless and Implacable: Servitors will always pass all Morale Tests, and never Fall Back even if forced to do so automatically or suffer Pinning. Tech-Adepts or Tech-Priests who have joined the unit leading a unit of Servitors will draw strength from their implacable followers and so will also pass all Morale tests, never Fall Back or suffer Pinning.

If required to take any Leadership-based tests, the unit may always use the Servitor Leadership value of Slow to react: Servitor units can only Consolidate after an Assault; they are too slow in reacting to Advance much like Terminators. The unit can do nothing else in that turn. In the next turn one or two Servitors stay behind to re-crew each vacant weapon, and the Support Weapon may then be operated as normal.

If the unit only has one Servitor left plus an Overseer, the Overseer will stay with the Support Weapon as well but cannot operate it. Leader: The unit must be lead by a single Tech-Adept Overseer at the points cost indicated. If at any time he is killed, or is more than 2 away from the unit, the Servitors will go on Emergency Orders: Move towards the nearest enemy unit, shoot at nearest enemy unit if possible, and Assault the nearest enemy unit if possible.

If their leader is killed and any Tech-Priest Engineers are in play, any Tech-Priest Engineer can take control of the unit if he moves within 2 of it. No other Tech-Priest characters have the necessary equipment to control a Servitor unit. Others are recruited from Forge World planets to join these holy expeditions. Many may go on to join the ranks of the Tech-Guard, or perhaps even become members of the higher rankings of the Cult Mechanicus.

But all start as members of Machine Cults, ready to prove their faith in the divine intellect of the Emperor. As he is part of the higher ranks of the Cult Mechanicus, any new weapons he chooses from the Weapons list of the Armory will be Master Crafted. Fast Attack Tech-Guard Sentinel Squadron Cult Mechanicus forces often bring several squadrons of these common Imperial walkers, as they are useful for advance scouting of the area. Sentinel pilots are trained in long range reconnaissance and are usually sent out far in advance of the main force.

Each carries a potent ranged weapon, and many are fitted with special excavation claws to aid in recovering buried or heavy machinery which double as effective close combat weapons too!

WH40K - Codex Cult Mechanicus

Claw Arm Often Tech-Guard Sentinels are fitted with a large mechanical claw, used for digging and lifting out precious tech relics the Priests discover on Questing expeditions. These claws are also useful in combat, as many Sentinel pilots have found in the midst of a desperate combat! Special Rules Scouts: Tech-Guard Sentinels are often sent out into the forefront of the expedition, scouting out the advance terrain and picking out good deployment and excavation sites.

Tech-Guard Land Speeder Squadron There are few of these vehicles in the Imperium, and apart from the Adeptus Astartes only the Cult Mechanicus fields these flying weapon platforms in great numbers. Land Speeders require almost daily maintenance to ensure proper operation of their anti-grav drive plates and compact turbo-fan engines, and the Tech-Priests are reluctant to share their operating knowledge with anyone.

Only to their comrade Techmarines, with whom they feel kinship from the years of apprentice work these Space Marines perform, will they impart such carefully guarded secrets. This is only a tiny fraction of the ancient lore kept sequestered in the Red Planet however, as the most valued of arcane mysteries must never be allowed to fall into outside hands. Firstly they act as mobile command center for the force, giving a very visible sign of the Imperial presence as well as acting as symbols for spreading the word of the Machine God to the local populace.

Their other more obvious role is as powerful firebases and transports in case of conflict, where they excel like few other Imperial vehicles. The Support Weapons in each Battery do not have to be the same weapon; you are free to mix weapons in the Battery as desired.

Each Battery counts as a single Heavy Support selection, and the points value per Support Weapon includes the cost for the crew of two Servitor operators.

As noted above, Servitors will never Fall Back even if forced to do so automatically and can never be Pinned. If any Tech-Priests or Tech Adepts are leading the Battery, they draw strength from their implacable followers and also will also never Fall Back or suffer Pinning. Note that the battery does not require an Overseer though Servitors assigned to Support Weapons have such a narrow range of required instructions that they can function without constant control.

Almost any Imperial weapon can be easily mounted to the chassis, and with the aid of built-in weapon-linking mechanisms they are very accurate. If a Tarantula moves, it looses its Linked ability though and thus cannot re-roll misses. Only if it stays stationary can it re-roll misses. Rapier Laser Destroyer Cost: 50 points each Rapier is the common name for a variety of small tracked engines mounting multiple lasers designed to all focus together as a single strike.

Known primarily as a tank-killer, the high power beam also have give it a reputation for making sure that any enemy hit stays very, very dead!

When it moves over 6 inches, the crew move with the Rapier they hitch a lift on it as it moves, then get off within 2 of the model. Rapiers have superior targeting mechanisms, allowing you to re-roll the Armor Penetration roll or roll to wound if you wish.

You must accept result of second roll though, even if it is worse. Mole Mortar Cost: 50 points each Mole Mortars are odd devices much like regular Imperial Mortars, but they fire their shells under the ground rather than through the air. While often inaccurate, they can often catch the enemy unprepared, and the resulting underground explosion literally knocks them off their feet! The crew can pick it up and move it 6 in movement phase, but cannot move it in the Assault phase. Firing Procedures: Mole Mortars operate much like a regular Barrage weapon, but have a minimum distance of 12 for the Guess range.

Once the distance is measured, roll the Scatter die and 2 D6 at the Guessed location. If at least one Operator has Line of Sight to the target spot then the shot will still scatter as per rules below, but only of the distance rolled rounding up. If an arrow, move the template the distance of the higher of the two dice rolls Mole Mortars are not very accurate! The Torpedo then explodes just below the surface, creating a crater the size of the Blast template which remains in play for the rest of the game.

All models covered or touching the template take a Strength 4 hit at AP5. Any unit that suffers casualties in this manner is Pinned automatically, unless they are immune from Pinning. If Doubles are rolled, the torpedo has emerged into the air and exploded, spraying shrapnel all around!

Scatter the template as per the roll, but use Ordnance template to represent the huge airburst. Any models covered or touching the template take Strength 3 hit at AP5. No crater is created for an Airburst.

Units suffering casualties in this manner take Pinning checks as per normal Barrage Pinning rules note it is not Ordnance Pinning, even though that template is used for the area of coverage. Thudd Gun Cost: 60 points each Thudd Guns resemble Rapiers in many respects, but instead of tank-killing lasers Thudd Guns are armed with multiple short-barreled cannons designed to lay down a salvo of explosive anti-personnel shells.

It can move up to 6 in Movement Phase in the same manner as regular infantry if desired though.

Thudd Guns operate much like a regular Barrage weapon, but have a minimum distance of 12 for the Guess range. If at least one Operator has Line of Sight to the target spot then the shot will still scatter as per rules below, but only of the distance rolled. Place the first marker as normal, and generate second marker placement as per normal Salvo rules on page 58 of the Warhammer 40K Rulebook.

Then scatter the third template from the location of the second, and so on. Their use is forbidden by any not of the Cult Mechanicus. A lot of these languages have words and even entire grammatical structures missing, eroded by the entropy of millennia or corrupted by scrapcode. They are sourced and re-imagined from alphabets, lexicons and tongues throughout history into an omnibet that only the Tech-Priests truly understand. This meta-language is the root of the sigils and icons that adorn the warriors and war machines of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

More than that, it is the foundation of the battle cant they chant to empower their minions in times of war. Whenever a Black Crusade surges forth from the Eye of Terror, Agripinaa meets it with all the tremendous firepower at its disposal. Upon the mindbending cog plateaus of Temporia, Cohorts Cybernetica and conclaves of Electro-Priests trade blasts of lightning with the mechadaemons of Warpsmith Valadrak.

Here the might of the Adeptus Mechanicus is tested against a bleak reflection of its own manias and obsessions. Perhaps it is not upon Cadia that the fate of Segmentum Obscurus will be decided, but in the Eye of Terror itself Dropships capable of transporting Titans berth next to sleek explorator ships designed to travel vast distances without resupply.

The Explorators of the Fleet Mechanicus form something of a breed apart in the Cult Mechanicus, though in theory any Tech-Priest is free to join their ranks. They undertake the Quest for Knowledge across the stars, seeking out undiscovered data, uncatalogued phenomena, the lost worlds of the Empyrean, forgotten archeotech hoards and unknown life forms. Research stations, pioneer ships and outposts settled far from the forge worlds are all likely to be manned by Explorators.

Depending on who you ask, they are intrepid and resourceful adventurers that delve in the unexplored reaches of the galaxy, or else madmen intent on dabbling with that which is best left alone. Though such Tech-Priests have found many of the greatest prizes in the Quest for Knowledge, countless Explorators have met with grisly deaths upon the hostile frontiers of the Imperium.

In the halls of the forge worlds it is even whispered that, on several occasions, their ill-conceived prying has unleashed cataclysmic horrors on Mankind. Such is their curiosity, they wage war against the alien races of the galaxy not to conquer, but to study.

Their dangerous yearning for the war-tech of other races is often overlooked, for Stygies VIII provides a great deal of vital war materiel for the surrounding systems, and in these tempestuous times the Imperium cannot afford to lose it — even the High Lords of Terra have deemed its continued existence vital.

Within its yawning reliquary-halls, battles between Deathwatch Kill Teams and radical Tech-Priests are still a disturbingly frequent occurrence. There are those amongst the Stygian priesthood who have taken their obsession with xenos war-tech to another level entirely, breaching the ancient webway portals of nearby Vulcanis III and taking entire war processions into the labyrinth dimension of the Eldar.

They seek nothing less than to find the Black Library, plunder its boundless riches of knowledge and return triumphant to Stygies VIII — even if they have to cut their way through Eldar Harlequins, Chaos Space Marines and worse to achieve their goal.

Clad in a body of gold, and wreathed in the firmament of the storm, the Lord of All Machines will stand in the midst of his people, and shall reign over all the dominion of Man. So great shall be the glory of his presence, that the sun shall hide his face in shame. However, since the Cult Mechanicus breached the strange portal atop Mount Laochan — and in doing so triggered a devastating invasion from migrating Donorian Fiends — the forge world has been subject to emergency relocation.

It now resides in a geometrically perfect network of space stations that crests the planet like a glittering diadem. Though the Cult Mechanicus does not make it widely known, the Graian Crown is capable of independent flight. The last time Graia attempted this, it was assaulted by an invasion fleet of Necron aircraft that soared up from the Laochan Gate and teleported unliving warriors directly onto the surface of the Graian Crown.


Only by sending massed Cohorts Cybernetica on magnetically-controlled space walks did the Graian Tech-Priests hold back the foe long enough to effect warp translation. Too obsessed with what can be created, they do not stop to consider whether it should be created in the first place. Grax descended, those days are long past. The greenskins made planetfall upon Ryza in the hundreds of billions.

That number soars and dives with every hour, defying even the ability of the Magi Logis to quantify it. The Imperium has met the greenskin assault with over twenty Astra Militarum regiments fighting alongside Skitarii macroclades, Legio Cybernetica war cohorts, even Titan Legions, yet the Orks attack afresh with every new dawn.

The TechPriests of Ryza have turned to more inventive measures: virus bombs rain down across the Obduras continent, laying low lesser greenskins by the million as hermetically sealed Kastelan Robot Maniples thump phosphor rounds into those Orks tough enough to survive.

Above the polar metropolises, Ork fighter craft are harried by Onagers modified to crawl up the sheer hive walls. Salvation teams reclaim fallen god-machines, piecing them back together with ritual and supplicant incense even as Ork mekaniaks resurrect their Gargants with little more than welding torches and foul language.

Upon Ryza it is not attrition that will carry the day, but invention — a quality the Adeptus Mechanicus considers all but heretical. Dominus Lycathrensis Bute pulled his cowl forward as the sky burned bright with the fires of engine war.

In the strobing shadows of the basilica, a killclade of Sicarian Ruststalkers were slashing their way through a throng of orkoid warriors, but the mob of crude Ork dreadnoughts stamping across the plaza were as yet unengaged. Bute gave a binharic blurt of irritation as he turned to the Kataphron Destroyers at his back.Even the Emperor himself clings to life through the toil of the Adeptus Mechanicus, for the Tech-Priests alone can claim to comprehend the secrets of the Golden Throne.

More often than not.

A farewell "Fuck you" from your fallen Dragoon. Each time a vehicle model suffers a penetrating hit from this weapon. Instead, make all range Guesses first as normal, then work out their firing effects one weapon at a time.

Scatter the template as per the roll. Take these saves as normal. Whilst the foe scatters in disarray the Breachers accelerate, crashing into enemy lines to crush and kill with piston-driven talons and coruscating arc claws. First person tell me why and there are two reasons.

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