A free CCNA tutorial site that closely follows the Cisco CCNA curriculum. Here you can find articles that will help you to study for your CCNA exam. Foreword: This study guide is intended to provide those pursuing the CCNA certification with a framework of what concepts need to be studied. Preparing for Cisco CCNA, CCNP & CCIE Exams? CCNA Q&As E-book is specially designed for the networking aspirants going to appear for CCNA R&S examination. CCNA R&S ebook contains the CCNA level lab questions along with the explanations of the major CCNA R&S topics.

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Internetworking Technology Handbook By Can be read online or downloaded a chapter at a time as pdf file. Online CCNA Tutorials. place and help you, the CCNA certification candidate, succeed in Sybex offers the CCNA Exam Study Guide in PDF on the CD so. Cisco certification can help you get your first networking job or more money The CCNA certification was the first course and exam in the Cisco certification.

Sample tests on Bible knowledge, Greek, or Hebrew are included. Quiz files may be printed. You may set a general time limit optional , allow to skip questions, etc. Topics Included: Internet Protocol cont'd , What is subnet mask? Thanks for doing this - anyone new to this journey can save a lot of time with this directory and info. Thanks for putting this together and sharing it.


Its useful to have all those links aggregated in one place. I found the IPv6 stuff useful for studying when I was away from my notes. All I can say is you rock. I'm experience with technology but very new to networking.

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This helps a ton!!! Obviously you have put quite a bit of work in a very comprehensive list. One thing to note is the "ccnacertificationguide. If someone who is familiar with that site disagrees with that designation, they should go to to Certguard and request that the classification be changed.

First of all let me thank fkhan for this helpfull work. I'd like to submit a question: I know that "dump" has the same meaning as "trash", but what does the term "dump" means referred to a CCNA guide? For example, certguard list some site or guide as a dump. What does it mean?

Thanks a lot. This is an awesome amount of knowledge to sift through, thank you.

CCNA 1: Networking Basics

A "dump" in this sense is truly evil. The term comes from students violating the Cisco Non-Discloser Agreement NDA by leaving the exam and "dumping" onto paper everything they can remember about the actual questions. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Connection requirements vary depending on user requirements, cost, and availability.

Frame relay is a packet switching technology, it is used to join two or more routers with a single interface.

It is cheaper in cost and belongs to ISP. LMI Local Management Interface is a signaling standard that is used between the routers and frame relay switches.

CHAP- challenge message passes and replies with username and password so no other router can come inside. Router- Each port has one separate collision domain and one separate broadcast domain. It is becoming the more common way to connect network as they are simply faster and more intelligent than bridges.

It is capable of transmitting information to specific workstations. Switches enable each workstation to transmit information over the network independent of the other workstations. It is like a modern phone line, where several private conversation takes place at one time.

Routers: The aim of using a router is to direct data along the most efficient and economical route to the destination device.

CCNA CCNP Syllabus PDF 2019 Download

Routers connect two or more different networks together, such as an Internet Protocol network. Brouters: It is a combination of both routers and bridge.

Brouter act as a filter that enables some data into the local network and redirects unknown data to the other network. Modems: It is a device that converts the computer-generated digital signals of a computer into analog signals, traveling via phone lines. It determines how a computer should be connected to the Internet and how data should be transmitted between them.

TCP: It is responsible for breaking data down into small packets before they can be sent on the network. Also, for assembling the packets again when they arrive. IP Internet Protocol : It is responsible for addressing, sending and receiving the data packets over the internet.

When we type something in an address bar, our request will be processed to the server. The server will respond back to us with the request. The messages are sent and received in small packages.

This layer includes two activities Transmitting data to the Network Interface layers Routing the data to the correct destinations So how this happen?

at starting package of

Internet layer packs data into data packets referred as IP datagrams. It consists of source and destination IP address. Beside this, IP datagram header field consists of information like version, header length, type of service, datagram length, time to live, and so on. The datagram are transported through network using these protocols.

They each resemble some function like. It determines how to route message on the network. Likewise, you will have ICMP protocol.

It is responsible for diagnostic functions and reporting errors due to the unsuccessful delivery of IP packets. The ARP or Address Resolution Protocol is responsible for the resolution of the Internet layer address to the Network Interface layer address such as a hardware address.

The image below shows the format of an IP address. It is responsible for providing the Application layer with session and datagram communication services. TCP is responsible for the sequencing, and acknowledgment of a packet sent. It also does the recovery of packet lost during transmission. Packet delivery through TCP is more safe and guaranteed.

UDP is used when the amount of data to be transferred is small.Certification Prerequisites No prerequisites. If someone who is familiar with that site disagrees with that designation, they should go to to Certguard and request that the classification be changed.

Then you can focus your mental energy on the remaining two. Sample tests on Bible knowledge, Greek, or Hebrew are included. At which OSI layer did this happen?

It is useful if you are more focused on security rather than routing and switching, as it includes the fundamentals of the security portion of the CCNA exam.

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