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Ebook: Buku Gratis PDF Bahasa Inggris (english In Focus) Download Buku Guru dan Siswa Pendidikan Agama Islam dan Budi Pekerti Untuk SD Kelas 1. Buku bahasa inggris sd kelas 3. 1. 0 h t t p: / / m a u t i d a k m a u h a r u s m a u. b l o g s p o t. c o. i d / English Book Elementary School. Urgensi buku bahasa Inggris untuk sekolah dasar saat ini semakin terasa dengan mulai diperkenalkannya bahasa Inggris pada jenjang pendidikan dasar agar.

He has a bicycle His bicycle is new 6. She has a doll Her doll is beautiful 7. The dog has tail Its tail is long.

Presented by tsabbitminami E n g l i s h f o r 4 t h E l e m e n t a r y 14 Practice Unit 3 Exercise 1 Complete the dialogues below by filling in the blank.

What isname? My nameFerry 2. Ben, this is my friend Anne. How do you do? I am nine.. Iat Jasmine Street. Exercise 2 Fill the form below base on your data. Full name: Nick name: Last name: Mary has a ruler.

The table has four legs legs are broken 3. The students have a ball. They play with. Peter has a bottle of milk. He is drinking. I have two brothers brothers are kind 6. You leave. We have friends. Miss Helen is teacher. We like the lesson 9. I get candy frommy mother They wait for.. I am an Elementary school student. I am in the fourth grade now. I really love my school my school environment is very clean and beautiful. My class mates are very kind to me.

All teachers teach us patiently. My school is near from my house. It only takes ten minutes to school. Every day I go to school on foot. Answer the question 1. Who is the girl in the paragraph above? Anne b. Shin c. Ellen d. Gina 2. What is she? Teacher b.

Student c. Shopkeeper d. Librarian 3. What grade is she? Fourth grade b.

Fifth grade c. Sixth grade d.

Third grade 4. Is her school near from her house? Yes, it is b. No, it isnt c. Yes, she is d. How does Gina go to school? By car b. By bus c. On foot d. Jumping Vocabularies At School School: These and Those To demonstrate things For plural noun Using be are Always using suffix s after noun These and those put before be are in the sentence Simply put not after be are to make negative sentence Interrogative form: Article a and an a or an are using to demonstrate singular noun a for noun that reads consonant, such as; a clock, a book, a table.

I Are: Presented by tsabbitminami E n g l i s h f o r 4 t h E l e m e n t a r y 17 Look at the pictures below and study the sentences Look at the pictures below and study the sentences Is this a pencil? Yes, this is Yes, it is Is this a white board?

No, this is not No, it isnt Is that a bag? Yes, this is Yes, it is Are these clocks? Yes, these are Are these correction tips? No, these are not Are those chairs? Yes, those are Practice Unit 4 Exercise 1 Choose the correct answer 1. This is a. That is an.. My books a. Thisa clock in my class a. Is that a desk? I write on the.. Book b.

Pen c. Pencil d. Eraser e. Exercise 2 Translate into English 1. Ini adalah kelas 2.

Wake up Take a bath

Ini adalah sepatu 3. Ini adalah sekolah 4. Itu adalah lemari 5. Itu adalah perpustakaan 6. Itu adalah seorang murid 7. Ini bukan seorang murid Presented by tsabbitminami E n g l i s h f o r 4 t h E l e m e n t a r y 19 Exercise 3 Fill in the blanks with a or an.

This is. This is orange 4. This is eraser 5. This iselephant 7. This ishorse 8. This is ice cream 9. This is glass This is ball This isegg This isplate This istiger This is.. I studying hard at school. Heriding new bicycle. John studying English now. My uncle drinking coffee now. The children playing kites in the yard. We eating fried chicken now.

Yousinging a song. Theysitting on the chair. My sisterdownloading new dress.

My mothercooking in the kitchen Presented by tsabbitminami E n g l i s h f o r 4 t h E l e m e n t a r y 20 Unit 5 My Family Read this text carefully I am Sally, this is my familys picture, this is me, using blue dress, this is my father his name is Andrew and that is my mother her name is Mary, Jason is brother he is holding my moms hand.

We are a happy family.


Answer the questions 1. Who is the girl in the text above? Jason b. Mary c. Sally d. Andrew 2. How many brother does sally have? One b. Two c. Three d. Four 3. What is sallys mothers name? Andrew 4. Who is using green shirt? Father b. Mother c. Jason 5. Are they happy family? Yes, they are b. No, they arent c. Yes, they arent d. No, they are Vocabularies Family Father: Simply add s apostrophe and s after noun For noun that ends with s such as; James just add apostrophe after noun.

My pen is on the table Dianas shoes is under the table My clothes is behind the door My school is beside my house Teacher is in front of the class The marker is near by our school The library is between teacher room and my class room.

I school at Strawberry Elementary school. Practice Unit 5 Exercise 1 Answer based on your family fact 1. Do you have brother? How many brothers do you have? Do you have sister? How many sisters do you have? Do you have cousin? How many cousins do you have?

Do you have aunt? How many aunts do you have? Do you have uncle? How many uncles do you have? Presented by tsabbitminami E n g l i s h f o r 4 t h E l e m e n t a r y 22 Exercise 2 Fill in the blank with on, under, beside, behind, in front of, in, between, or at. The first one has been done for you. There are three books There are three books on the table. The cat is sleeping di bawah the table. There is a broom di belakang the door.

Mandy sits. My teacher is standing di depan my class 5.

There are two pencils di dalam the pencil case 6. Emma is standing di antara Julie and Peter. The children are doing their homework. There is a picture di atas the wall. There are two candles di dalam the box The students are singing di depan the class. Exercise 3 Translate into English 1. Ini rumahnya Diana 2.

Rumah nenek di Pulau Seribu 3. Itu computer kakak perempuan 4. Ini Koran ayah 5. Itu kamar Belle 6. Ini makanan bibi 7.


Ini kelas Brian 8. Ini ruangan guru 9. Ini toilet siswa Itu seragam Charles. Presented by tsabbitminami E n g l i s h f o r 4 t h E l e m e n t a r y 23 Unit 6 Kinds of Colors Read the text below carefully This is flower, this flower is very beautiful, it color is pink and yellow, the leaf is green, I put this flower in my mothers garden, there are a lot of flowers in my mothers garden, there are rose, jasmine and chrysanthemum. There are red rose, yellow rose, blue rose, purple rose and white rose, and also there are white jasmine and orange jasmine, chrysanthemum only has one color.

Its color is white. All flowers fragrances are very nice, but I my favorite flower is orange jasmine. How many flowers that mentioned in the text?

Five c. Two d. Three 2. What is the color of chyrsanthemum? Blue b. Yellow c. Pink d. White 3. Where is the flowers are planted? In the yard b. In the bed room c. In the garden d.

English for Second Grade of Elementary School (Buku materi Bahasa Inggris untuk anak kelas 2 SD)

In the living room 4. The sinetrons depict horrible scenes about the spirit world. It is described that spirits often disturb people by frightening them in the darkness, when they walk alone at night or at the cemetery. The spirits are pictured as frightening appearance such as white clothes flying corpse, shattered face copse etc. Firstly, it make a wrong perception of people especially children and women to do activity at nights, for example going to the wells, even cooking at kitchen alone.

How do you fell if you always live in anxiety. Thirdly, such kind of sinetrons waste out time to think unreal phenomena while we are facing many kinds of living problems.

In brief, for the reason, I think television station must stop showing mystery sinetrons. They are bad influences for people, frightening our children and destroying their belief to god. Thank you very much for your attention. Statement of position : I believe that you should always wear a hat at school when you are playing outside , to stop you from getting sunburn. Argument 2 : Secondly, sunburn could lead to skin cancer.

Sunburn can lead to health problems later in life. Many older people suffer from skin cancer which can kill them. Reinforcement of position statement : In my opinion all school students should wear hats.

Spoof One day, two villagers went to Jakarta. They went to the biggest mall and saw shiny silver walls that could open and move apart and back together. They were amazed when an old lady rolled in to the small room and the doors closed.

A minute later, the doors opened and a young beautiful lady stepped out. Whereas the doors were actually elevator doors. The burner is then put on top of the poles. Next, the cables are connected to the burner frame.


The cables also go under the basket in order to hold everything together. After this, the hoses from the full gas tanks must be connected to the burner so that pilot can test it. Next, the mouth of the balloon is held open by two people while it is filled with cold air from the fan until it is quite fat and tight.

Now for the difficult bit. This is so that the balloon slowly stands up. Suzy Moore d. Amanda Moore 3. How old is Mia? Where does Mia school?

Strawberry elementary school b. Jasmine elementary school c.

Strawberry kindergarten d. Jasmine kindergarten 5. What is Mias Brothers name? Jason Moore b. Taylor Moore c. What is your name? Ellen : hi. My name is Ellen. Nice to meet you Erika Ellen : nice to meet you too.After paying the price of the television, he brings it home with smile. Tomorrow is Presented by tsabbitminami E n g l i s h f o r 4 t h E l e m e n t a r y 35 Exercise 2 Write on English 1.

Meanwhile they sell dry goods in the edge area of the second floor 6.

Are you sleeping? The students have a ball. Gina 2.

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