This book follows on from the ffrst two releases for the new GUMSHOE system,. Fear Itself and The Authors: $GULDQ %RWW based on the original Book of Unremitting Horror by 'DYH $OOVRS PDF copies of out of print occult books. Download [PELG03] the Book of Unremitting Horror. Pel - The Book of Unremitting Horror d20 Modern - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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See a PDF sample of the Book here. The Book of Unremitting Horror was nominated in the Best Monsters/Adversaries category of the Ennie. The Book of Unremitting Horror (d20 version) - Players in horror The zipped file is just over eight megabytes, and has a single PDF. The PDF. PDF. $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (17 ratings). The Book of Unremitting Horror has been nominated in the Best Monsters/Adversaries category of the

While the majority of the text is well spaced and readable, some of the headings are anything but; a few appear as the same size as the body text, while others change size and font each time they are used which can be slightly confusing, as for the most part, each section within the book follows the same structured format in each entry. Devil in the Detail As such, I will instead focus on the specific types of content in the supplement and where they really shine.

While the majority of these are logical additions to basic GUMSHOE system such as dealing with drowning or how readily a monster can detect the characters using its Alertness pool , the most interesting of these add-ons is the Aberrance Ability. Monsters and other Entities The next section is most definitely the core of the book; a selection of plus creature descriptions or Other Dark Entities as they are called in The Esoterrorists. Each creature is written up in its own entry, and all follow the same general structure of introducing an entity in a creative and often disturbing way, before detailing the game statistics.

It is only after creating a mental picture of the creature that the game statistics are presented to cement the entity into the GUMSHOE mechanics. Such defined information is great for reinforcing the procedural structure of GUMSHOE, by providing clues about a threat but keeping the true identity of the creature hidden. Artifacts of Horror The next section of the book details a range of horrific artifacts connected to the creatures already described.

Almost as diverse and unsettling as the entities themselves, this collection of objects and devices are a good source of inspiration for adventures and story twists. As with the creature descriptions, all the items are presented using a standard format. Opening with a detailed description on what the object is and its effects on the creature s , humans or even reality.

Are you interested? I hope so.

There must be someone else who will believe their eyes. Reality and what we perceive it to be. For a while I wondered if I was going mad, so I watched the mad and the drunks.

They cringe and weep at things drawn from their past that exist only in their minds: Harvey left no piles of dung, no footprints in the grass. The things I see leave bloody corpses ripped limb from limb, the stench of dead meat seeping out beneath a locked door, fragments of lives like pieces of a jigsaw to be assembled from reports in the press. Please believe me.

New times demand new Reading through the creature descriptions should provide nightmares. This, therefore, is a book of horrors, not a plenty of ideas for scenarios, and there are many additional manual of monsters. There are also further guarding treasure, nor do they lurch through graveyards, suggestions and advice in the Campaigns chapter.

Finally, grunting for brains. Our horrors are nightmarishly intimate, often created from human vice, or let loose by human greed. They show us the ugliness that underlies reality. Each Players and GMs using the OGL Horror game one has its own agenda, its own reason for existence and rules from Mongoose Publishing will note that the its own legend. This determines the kind of Horror that they players realize they are up against something saving throw called for — Panic, Fear or Madness intelligent, if inhuman.

We hope that the fun of playing in — and the required DC. Some creatures provoke more an adventure in which these creatures appear will lie just than one saving throw. This grants the entity a bonus to one attempt to confront them. We suggest that GMs use one, or perhaps two of the horrors as the focus of a single story within a campaign. The thing has me. I hear a popping, tearing sound and feel a searing pain. It only lasts a second and then a watery giddiness washes over me. My vision mists over.

My limbs tingle, prickle and become strangely cold. Something is shaking me like a rag doll. I hear a pumping, rushing sound, like the beating of a huge unnatural heart. With every pulse, there is a sharp tug in my guts. A back alley in a big city, empty but for wind-blown heaps of trash, food papers and dinted cans. A boy is before him, on his knees, probably no more than sixteen.

The jacket he wears was once blue. The boy, limp, offers no resistance. His name is not important. None of his friends knew what his parents had called him anyway. This is an anonymous place; only the hot meat of the body matters, not the name. On the streets, everything feeds off everything else. You do what you have to, to survive. There is almost no noise, only a soft moan rising and falling with the wind.

There is the sound of suction, a grunt of satisfaction. Move nearer and a stew of stinks is strong in the air: Then you notice the decay, the sick, intimate, coughed-up lump of stink like a tooth gone rotten in the mouth.

The man smells worse than food forgotten at the back of a fridge, sunk to brown liquid and pulp. The boy is pale. His neck lolls loosely. His mouth hangs open, a thread of saliva trailing from it. Dead eyes see nothing, or something far, far away.

Scabbed paw-hands with pulsing veins grip his shoulders tightly. It rocks back and forth, back and forth in its pleasure. The eyes retreat into the skull.

The lips draw back from the teeth in an involuntary grimace. It sucks harder and faster. Slowly, reluctantly, the slick claws withdraw. The body silently gives in to gravity, collapsing backwards into the alley without any fuss.

It has nothing of the human about it any more. The limp white carcass is just a thing; cold veal. It closes the teabag-colored gobs that were eyes. The coat it wears is sopping with mucus and blood. But for that, it is a naked, rotten bulk of muscle, livid with wriggling veins. Hot blood vessels thread under the skin like fat cables, pulsing, bursting the surface. The little veins under its skin are livid and mobile as mealworms, itching.

Those in its arms are swollen massively like sausage balloons, gross, taut and shiny, needing only a touch to burst them. The whole creature throbs.

A little blood sprays from the head, like a leak in a garden hose, where there are shallow pink trenches ploughed in the skull. Large Undead its body is either scabbed with mould or Hit Dice: The Speed: The vascular system decays Defence: Once it enters this perverse euphoria Full Attack: Blood drain, blood undisturbed, for as long as possible. The Special Qualities: It no longer gets Saves: Str 20, Dex 17, Con -, Int 15, so long and has to hunt several times Wis 15, Cha 8 a night to slake its lust.

Some of the Skills: Toughness, Trackb, Weapon Focus cache liquor around house. They then work talon through each victim in turn, taking up Challenge Rating: Fear 15 blood draining.

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When the corpse has been veins. All they want is to pump more and interrupted, the body is pallid and more of it in, sucking it up through their contorted. Deep puncture wounds are needle talons, moaning as they do. Massive blood loss is evident, cunning. They lurk in places where the with much more blood soaking the clothes dregs of society go, like railway arches than the wounds would ordinarily account where the homeless sleep or dark back for; it oozes liberally from even light streets where sleeping drunks can be scratches.

This is because the blood snatched up and drained. A blood examinations of the blood detect an corpse will never mount a last stand anticoagulant similar to that used by unless it is so hungry that it has to blood-draining insects. Its arms is shriveled and stark white.

The same end in huge dagger-like talons, which are wounds are found, their edges ragged, hollow and sharp as razors. Depending on but practically no blood is evident.

The its state of decomposition when it rose,. It also out their personality, the craving can suffers a —4 penalty to its AC, as it is sometimes hold the diseased spirit bound distracted by the blissful sensations in to the body. The corpse will not attack monks addicted to prayer and the pursuit during this phase, except to continue of God.

The blood Improved Grab Ex: The corpse can attempt corpses of the modern era and there are to grasp its victim and drive its talons many more than there used to be are most in to feed.

If it successfully hits with a likely to be the result of death through talon attack, it can immediately attempt drug overdose, when an addict just could a Grapple check to drain blood without not cram enough sweet satisfaction into provoking an attack of opportunity. There is even one straggle-haired horror, stalking the Sneak Attack Ex: Blood corpses streets after dark and preying on happy instinctively try to drive their talons women.

Her bulimia killed her, and she into soft vital spots, where the juicy now binges on hot blood instead of on viscera are. This extra damage is 2d6. Should the corpse score a critical hit with a sneak attack, this extra damage is not multiplied. The corpse can sneak attack only human beings. Its intuitive grasp of anatomy does not allow it to sneak attack animals or machines.

Track Blood Ex: Blood corpses can sniff out even tiny amounts of freshly spilled blood, such as from a wound, or even a. If the source of the scent is upwind, the range increases to 60 feet; if downwind, it drops to 15 feet. For the purposes of this ability, fresh blood is that has been shed no longer than one hour before. When the blood corpse sniffs blood on the air, the exact location of the source is not revealed but only its presence somewhere within range.

The corpse can take a move action to note the direction of the scent. Blood corpses can also track creatures that are bleeding or that have blood on them. The typical DC to follow freshly spilled blood is This DC increases or decreases depending on how much blood was shed and the length of time since the creature passed through the area. The ability otherwise follows the rules for the Track feat. A blood corpse tracking by scent ignores the effects of surface conditions and poor visibility.

The following is an amateur transcript of an. It has since become something of an urban legend. Most sources deem it to be a hoax, almost certainly the work of drama students. The supposed names of the persons involved and the context were derived from a very small.

The voices have Scottish accents. The furor surrounding the item has long since died down and only a few websites still archive it. There is one discussion group dedicated to the clip, on which self-appointed experts argue with one another at length about who was ultimately responsible for it. Gareth Michaelis kakraf00n hotmail.

Blossomer mp3 transcript Newsgroups: Bickenstaff Present: Crockford, Sgt. We need to ask you about the school, about the group you and your friends started. The group Mr. Wabe made you start. You can tell us anything you want to, now. Silence Sandy, can you tell us what happened to Stephen? Why not? Nobody does. What he did. For me. For all of us. It was his precious love. He gave himself. Silence Did Mr. Wabe make you do anything? But she will. Just give us time.

We think he may be in trouble. Will you help us? Tell us what happened at the school. You keep calling me that. Sandy is gone. I am Sister Sardonica now. Muttering It is right that you ask questions and that I answer them. I bear witness. In your game? Stupid fat man. You will.

When the babies come. Manfrey sighs audibly. Someone lights a cigarette. Sandy, do you remember Mr. They desperately want him to come home. Sandy, what did Stephen do to you? Silence Yes, have a cigarette if it would help.

You corpulent, patronizing bag of pus. Stephen no longer exists.

He did not scream as he was tied down. He did not scream as Jennifer Mackauley bit off his big toe with her buckteeth. He did not scream as little Gavin Prendle pulled out his tendons like gummy worms.

He bit through his tongue but he never screamed once. You cannot tie them off. Blasphemy, that is. Then Cathy and Penny and I did our part as it is written. We broke his thighbones tenderly and sucked the marrow and passed it back and forth between us in reverent mouthful kisses. Wabe did the readings. He is awfully good at that, you know. Wabe had the honour to tear off his phallus with his teeth.

His face was the face of a man in rapture. Your dead boy nailed to a stick had no idea. Jesus Christ.

Do you, now, sweetheart? Interview concluded nineteen oh seven. We did right. We kept him alive and it heard us. And then he got up on his arms. He got up and he did it to us. With his face. Over and over. I said get her out! If the volume is turned up high enough, you can hear that while Crockford speaks, Bickenstaff is whispering the same words again and again.

Small Undead meeting place; what matters is they smear an image of their patron demon with Hit Dice: The blood of a Initiative family member is the most prized, but any Speed: When the group has earned Defence: Full Attack: Demonic Virility, the cult who is willing to die for the Impregnation Madness, Pounce cause.

The ritual only succeeds if the Special Qualities: Str 20, Dex 17, Con -, Int 6, debasing excesses — drugs, drink, certain Wis 22, Cha 23 sex acts, and violence traditions vary. If the Challenge Rating: The cult continues its feast until they have gobbled up everything below the Most demonic cults are nothing more ribcage, at which point, the corpse comes than pleasure-seekers looking to break to life as a blossomer.

These women will then give birth their intention. Trash like this is of no to daemonic servants — perfect hybrids of use to the legions of the damned. If these manage to prove These children when grown to maturity and their worth, both by making offerings and gifted with the powers of their heritage by using their cunning to go undetected will go out into the world and draw new the demons have no use for the stupid or followers to the cult.

This is the the available women, the mothers-to- Blossomer Host ritual. They need not have a single corpse terminating at the waist. In four years, when they are apparently twenty, they begin Damage Reduction Su: The presence of to age normally. As the demonic Pounce Ex: It can charge or are of age. They do not have horns, vestigial massive assault on her sanity.

Immediately wings or any other demonic feature, nor following impregnation, she must make to they gain claw and bite attacks. One a Will saving throw DC The saving in four will have a forked tongue, which throw DC is Charisma-based.

It cannot be seen unless the observer is within 10 Failure means a descent into madness. She neither speaks nor notices bodies.

Both of these circumstances her surroundings, but spends the rest terminate the ritual immediately, and win of her life rocking back and forth.

Outside interference can be, if anything, even more catastrophic.

The celebrants will stop at nothing to keep this from happening. If the attack is successful, and the ritual fails, the cultists must make Will rolls to avoid intense psychological and psychic trauma; this has the same in-game effects as Impregnation Madness above ; they have failed their patron, who is royally displeased with them. Should a cultist miscarry which can only happen following a disrupted ritual , the fetus looks strange and lumpy see Demon Fetus in a Jar, in the Artifacts section.

I hide my face From surf and swell and blow Since I have seen the queer grey men That nightly come and go. The village squats in sodden dusk With sea-mist draped, and drear. And aye the waves, and aye the waves Come rushing far and near. The old know better than to look. The young are fast abed. I shall not look again. For yet I see them pass, The hollow faces of the drowned In mist beyond the glass. Fragment of verse by A.

Morton- Blunkett, , discovered with his body. The poet hanged himself in the room he was renting from a family on the Scottish island of Islay, where he had gone to seek inspiration. All the houses were old. There was no school only a church. We had lessons in the church and Mrs. Wilson did the lessons.

We played in the street but we were not allowed to when it was dark. When it was dark you had to go and say your prayers and close your eyes very very tight and then go to sleep.

If you did look then the clickety man could get you. The clickety man is all gray and wet and he has hooks instead of hands. He has a proper name but I always call him the clickety man. He makes a clickety noise with the hooks. It is like when Dad carves the turkey at Christmas.

Nobody used to come and see us on the island. That meant we were poor. In the end the people who wanted it to be different just moved away.

There was one person who came to see us. Sometimes this English man would come.

[PELG03] the Book of Unremitting Horror

He had glasses and no hair and smelled like pencils. He used to talk into a tape recorder and get us to sing songs or tell stories. Then he would look happy and go away. Granddad once sang a rude song that sailors used to sing and the man liked that very much. We used to make up stories and tell them to the tape recorder man. We only ever told him made up things. When we found her she was all white and her eyes were empty. They took her away to the mainland and put her in a hospital and now she has all machines around her.

My mummy wants to be near Becky. She cries a lot and has got very thin. Daddy sometimes gets cross and has to shake her to make her stop crying. Perhaps if all the lights went out then the clickety men could come here too.

Is this just some Scots version of the Hook? Medium Fey Hit Dice: Special Attacks: Discorporation apparent physical cause beyond strange Saves: The victim then Abilities: Str 10, Dex 20, Con 15, Int irreversibly wastes away. Even when given 13, Wis 17, Cha 20 nutrients, they still appear sallow and Skills: Combat Expertise, Improved settlement forever. Legends tell that the Disarm, Weapon Finesse church bells of sunken villages can still Challenge Rating: Fear 18 Bowel Rake Ex: Physical damage of Scotland.

The locals believe them to cannot destroy a clootie. Reducing its hit be the wandering souls of dead sailors points to zero causes it to collapse into who have died centuries ago. The island a gush of salt water, which then trickles villagers respect the clooties but fear away back to sea.

The clootie can then them, so dissuade tourists from visiting manifest again on another night. The only way to rid a region of clooties During the daylight hours and all through is to depopulate it. Some villages where the summertime, the clooties are not they used to walk in years past have seen; there is always someone who will simply died out and turned into ghost wonder whether they will stay away for towns, as the people have migrated away.

Inevitably, in the dark The clooties no longer wander these months of the year, the clooties drag streets, as there is nothing for them to themselves out from the sea at night and look at and remember. Of course, should wander into the village.

The reason for people move back, the creatures might very these nocturnal visitations can only ever well return. Perhaps they simply want PCs might want to try to expel the to witness the ways of the living and monsters, using whatever passes for remember what they have lost. This might very with the environments they visit. These visitations to know whether such an act has been are, nonetheless, terrifying.

According effective. Although they are feet. The victim must make a Will saving wrongly believed to be the souls of dead men, these monsters are fey, not undead. Despite the terrifying nature of clooties, the older members of the village community know that their visits are just part of the way things are and will resent any attempt to do away with them. Angering the creatures can bring grim retribution. Each opponent within 30 feet must attempt a saving throw each round at If the clootie scores a critical hit, it the beginning of his or her turn in tears away twice the given amount.

The the initiative order. The clootie can monster gains 5 temporary hit points also make a dreadful gaze as a standard 10 on a critical hit for each negative action, actively gazing at a given target level it bestows on an opponent. These who must then make a further saving temporary hit points last for a maximum throw.

Only looking directly at the of 1 hour. Opponents can avoid takes a —1 penalty on all skill checks the need to make the saving throw by not and ability checks, attack rolls and looking at the creature. However, the clootie gains negative level. It will not molest negative levels.

If a negative level is anyone who does so, neither with its gaze not removed before 24 hours have passed, nor with its hooks. There is no risk of the affected character must attempt a an accidental gaze attack happening if a Fortitude saving throw DC On a person is deliberately refusing to look.

A separate saving throw is required for Fearful Howl Su: When the clooties each negative level. A clootie can howl up outright. Alternatively, if the clootie to three times a night. The body 1d4 points of temporary Strength damage. Charisma drop to zero. Nothing can be In addition, those who fail their saving done for him until and unless the clootie throws become shaken. Opponents who were releases his soul.

Spirit Gouge Su: The hook blows leave red.

Pel101 - The Book of Unremitting Horror d20 Modern

The table, arguably of World War Two vintage, was stained, pitted and burnt; pale wood showed through where prisoners, pulling against their restraints, had cut into the varnish. The metal chair, once securely bolted down, now prone to shifting and rocking, was more recent, perhaps s, perhaps a gift from the Soviets.

There were three African men in the hot fug. The guard was nervous and wanted to leave. He cradled his machine pistol in sweaty hands. He was self-consciously, fussily stylish; even indoors, he affected a pair of mirrored aviator shades. He smoked Gitanes and carried a heavy cane. The man in front of him was sprawled crookedly, as if his arms and legs had been put in the wrong way. They say you have spoken to them of curses.

They say that you have told them to kill the Government soldiers. Is this true? The man in the suit began to remove his jacket and tie, folding them fastidiously.

He held them out to the guard who, momentarily at a loss, slung his weapon, and took the clothes. They smelled of sweat and cologne. He rolled up his shirtsleeves. He picked up his cane, and patted his palm with the weighted handle. He addressed himself to his prisoner. Do you not care that your neighbors are starving? Only his lips moved, soft and spittleless, mouthing silently.

Then his white teeth began to click together, in a curious rhythm; tick, tick-tick-tick-tick, tick. With a grunt, the man brought his cane down. He hit twice more. The guard at the door looked carefully away. The guard thought of cold beer and of the wife who would be cooking for him by now.

[PELG03] the Book of Unremitting Horror

He felt guilty, thinking of her face in this place of blood and shit. The sounds of killing stopped, only heavy panting could be heard. The guard looked again. Nothing was left but an impression of spindly limbs and mess. The guard thought of burst insects smeared across the windshield of a truck. The man in the suit poked at the corpse with his foot.

You were nothing but an old man. There is no place for witch doctors in my Mabutu. Dampness stained his shirt in wide underarm circles. He was shaking like a leaf. The guard knew that it was from exertion.

The man was not scared. It is the presentation of ideas on how to better handle investigative games that helps the would be GM just as much as the system. This is, really, a different approach and a description of how best to implement that approach as much as it is a quality of the system itself that aids investigative games.

Still, this is done well. For non-investigative actions characters still have pools and these pools ARE their skill level. All rolls are done on a single dice against a regulated difficulty from two to eight.

If you want to get a higher score you spend points out of your pool in the attempt to accomplish the feat. This means that this is a game of resource allocation rather than skill per se. This does suit the horror genre, or at least the survival horror genre, but I can see it being frustrating for those who like to play particularly skilled individuals as it can make characters unreliable. Limited resources is great for building tension and making people scrimp but I can see it being very unsatisfying for certain types of player.

I would prefer the strength available to characters to be more regular and the investigations etc to be the variable part. Upsides Great system and advice for investigative games. Encourages rounded characters.Dampness stained his shirt in wide underarm circles. Thick, fatty lumps of ignorance. They are the crawling things under the rock of the everyday, sane world. The corpse can attempt corpses of the modern era and there are to grasp its victim and drive its talons many more than there used to be are most in to feed.

In Fear Itself, the adventure would start with your techie friend going missing. Saturday Night Special 2gms1mic says: Str 20, Dex 17, Con -, Int 6, debasing excesses — drugs, drink, certain Wis 22, Cha 23 sex acts, and violence traditions vary.

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