ASTM D – Standard Test Method for Dielectric Breakdown Voltage of Insulating Oils of are made available for download from the Megger website. Download Table | Comparison of ASTM D and IEC breakdown tests from publication: Evaluation of the Dielectric Capability of Ester Based Oils for. Home; ASTM D standard by ASTM International, 06/15/ . View all product details PDF;; Immediate download; $; Add to Cart.

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Dielectric Breakdown Voltage of Insulating Liquids Using VDE Electrodes 1 This standard is issued under the fixed designation D; the. D Unlocked - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. NORMA D DOI: /D the ASTM website. 2 4. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4.

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It has been found to be especially useful in dia diagno gnostic stic and lab labora orator tory y inv investi estigat gation ionss of the die dielect lectric ric breakdown strength of insulating liquid in insulating systems. This test method should be used as recommended by professional organization standards such as IEEE C Curren Cur rentt edi editio tion n app approv roved ed Jun Junee 15, Pub Publis lished hed Jul July y Ori Origin ginall ally y approved approv ed in as D — 60 60 T.

Last previous edition approved in as D — DOI: Request Request RR:D No further reproductions authorized. Electrical Apparatus 4. IEEE Standard 4 is required during the manufacturing of the test apparatus and utilized during calibration of the equipment.

Electrodes 5. Test Cell 6. Mount the electrodes rigidly from opposite sides with the spacing axially centered within 61 mm.

Clearance from the electrodes to all sides, bottom, cover or baffle, and any part of the stirring device is at least Provide the test cell with a motor-driven two-bladed impeller and drive shaft, constructed of a material having high dielectric strength. There are some studies in literature which examined breakdown voltage value according to the breakdown time and number [].

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Figure 2: Cylindrical and spherical electrodes In this study, cylindrically and spherically shaped In the study, two types of oil samples are used as electrode systems used horizontally. Voltage rate follows. Measurement results obtained are analyzed and discussed.

The results Sample 2: Aged oil sample obtained from the experimental measurements are analyzed to evaluate the breakdown quality of The results obtained are given in section 3. The gap between the the dielectric parameters of oils.

For this reason, electrodes is set to 2. Voltage tests have to be done within the scope of increasing rate was changed in each test. In IEC standard, sphere - sphere Depending on the voltage increasing rate for a and cylindrical electrodes are used in the tests fixed electrode gap, breakdown voltages are done to specify starting point of partial discharge compared for non-aged and aged oil sample.

In and disruptive voltage.

Also, distance between addition, breakdown strengths of insulating oils are electrodes is 2. For the same purpose, rising rate of the The measurements are realized under 0.

The measurements are carried out 4. Six test device which is shown in Figure 1. Between the measurements, 1. Additionally, the device makes it minutes is waited. Sphere-sphere electrode system was used to determine the breakdown strength and voltage.

Gap between the electrodes during the measurements was fixed at 2. Six measurements are obtained for the 0. These values are given in Figure 3 and average values of results Figure 1: Insulation are given in Table 1. Table 1: Average breakdown voltage and strength results of non-aged oil for sphere-sphere electrode 3. Gap between the 2 2. These values are given in Figure 5 and average It can be easily seen from Table 1 that, breakdown values of results are given in Table 3.

Between the electrodes, the gap is fixed to 2. These values are given in Figure 4 and average values of results are given in Table 2. Gap between the electrodes 0. Six 2 These values are given in Figure 6 and average values of results are given in Table 4. Results obtained from experimental study are given in tables and figures.

Results are showed that the value of breakdown voltage increases with increasing voltage rising rate in general. When non-aged oil compared to used oil, it is clearly seen that breakdown voltage level of aged oil is lower.

Additionally, for cylindrical electrode geometry, the breakdown voltage value is decreased for both non-aged and aged insulation oil. It is recommended that the circuit design limit the disruptive current duration and magnitude to low values that will minimize damage to the electrodes and limit formation of non-soluble materials resulting from the break- down, but consistent with the requirements of 4.

Auto- matic equipment should be used to control the voltage rate of rise because of the difficulty of maintaining a uniform voltage rise manually.

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The equipment should produce a straight-line voltage-time curve over the operating range of the equipment. When not in use, keep the cell rotates in such a direction that the resulting liquid flow is filled with oil that meets the requirements of Specification directed downward against the bottom of the test cell.

Con- D of the type normally tested. Alternatively, the cell may struct the test cell of a material of high dielectric strength, that be stored empty in a dust-free cabinet. At the beginning of each is not soluble in or attacked by any of the cleaning or test days testing, clean according to 7.

So that the breakdown may be observed, etching, scratching, pitting, or carbon accumulation, they transparent materials are desirable, but not essential. In order to should be removed from the test cup and polished by buffing preclude stirring air with the sample, provide the cell with a with jewelers rouge using a soft cloth or soft buffing wheel.

Adjustment and Care of Electrodes and Test Cell After careful inspection, any electrodes from which pitting 7. If a dielectric breakdown does dimensions shown in Fig. Reinstall the electrodes in the test not occur during any of the consecutive breakdown tests using cup and adjust spacing and clean in accordance with 7. Sampling reported. Flat go and no-go gages may be substituted 8.

Insulating liquid electrode spacing of 1 or 2 mm. If it is necessary to readjust the sampling procedures are detailed in Practice D Particular electrodes, set the electrodes firmly in place and check the reference should be made to the general precaution statement spacing.

For referee tests or tests that will be used for close of this test method. The sample shall be taken in a dry, clean, comparisons, the laboratories shall agree in advance on the non-permeable bottle. Tightly seal and shield from light until spacing for the tests and ensure that all other requirements of ready to be tested.Akca , O.

This test method should be used as recommended by professional organization standards such as IEEE C Zitouni, A. Alternatively, the cell may struct the test cell of a material of high dielectric strength, that be stored empty in a dust-free cabinet.

Martin and Z. The spacing agreed upon shall be content of the sample may change resulting in a measurable measured with the gage that corresponds exactly to the selected difference when compared to samples collected in non- spacing within tolerance stated above for the gage.

Yasuda, S.

Breakdown voltage testing procedure[ edit ] To assess the insulating property of dielectric transformer oil, a sample of the transformer oil is taken and its breakdown voltage is measured. The vector sum of the resistive voltage in the test circuit should be stable enough to be and capacitive current of the cup, when filled with oil meeting unaffected by varying current flowing in the capacitive and the requirements of Specification D, shall be less than resistive paths of the test circuit.

Some of them are even battery-powered and come with accessories.

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