PDF Archive. This user guide is also downloadable as a PDF. User Guide Updates. March Lee Griggs edited UV Projection. "UV Projection *Hidden*". Hammered to The Max: A Hammer User's Guide to 3ds Max Autodesk 3ds Max , Gmax and Autodesk Vault are trademarks of Autodesk, Inc. Half-Life. In previous releases of 3ds Max, when users merged MotionBuilder animation onto 3ds Max Bipeds, several knee and elbow joints precision issues would occur.

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User Guide product, is reproduced here for offline users: CREATIVE .. " Special thanks to the Autodesk® 3ds Max® Learning Channel. 3D MAX BASICS. Tools. Modeling. Materials. Lighting. Animating. &. Rendering Skills. Instructor: Robert Schuchman. A Beginners Guide. Coherence between models that may be imported is key. In order to keep the same scales, the units must be the same. The customize menu in Max will allow.


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We live in a cool era for the viz world, and you guys are pushing the boundaries every day! For the most part the controls are pretty intuitively simple to understand. Home Help Search Login Register.

Hi Erald! To answer specific questions that may need more depth, we have freshdesk because it can be updated with each change in Corona more easily than any manual document, and Corona development happens fast!

There's no manual - the primary aim is to keep everything intuitive with simple controls, then add tooltips that explain the function of each. Quote from: I also think that a user manual at this point is a must, as you can imagine, users can't go all the time on Youtube to look for a specific task.

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