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Hey friends, today i am going to share a hack tool that will help you to hide you identity online so that you can surf online anonymously without getting monitored.

Do you actually know what your IP address means? Are you aware that your IP address is exposed every time you visit a website? How you will feel when you come to know that some neighbour is monitoring your home every time? Many websites and hackers use IP address to monitor your home address and other personal information. Your IP address is your online identity and could be used by hackers to break into your computer, steal personal information, or commit other crimes against you.

Now as hacker you will never wish that somebody monitor you. So i got a tool called Super Hide IP that will not only hide your identity online but also help you to block the monitoring by computer tracing cookies. Super Hide IP allows users to surf online anonymously, keeping your Identity and IP address hidden from the third party, protect your personal information against hackers and security administrators and provide full encryption of your online activity, all with a simple click of a button.

Download Super Hide IP. So friends, surf online safely and anonymously without being watched by any third person. As your privacy is yours and no body has any right to violate that. Is your Computer running too slow due to large number of applications which are installed. It is a pain for a lot of users to install different softwares for different file formats after installing a fresh copy of their OS.

It can give a breath of life to those systems which have low memory. Code Files. Hacker's Zone: Archive Hacking RSS feed for this section.

To make process and connect to a PC with ProRat v2. IP address, port number and server password will be sent to the notification address you set when creating the server. You will be connected to the server.

To connect to a PC with ProRaT client the server should not have to be directly connected to internet. If the victim is connected to internet this will be enough. Please try new victims and you will see that it will connect.

If you still cant connect to a victim after trying few times read the help file and try to find where you are making a mistake and feel free to ask us questions if you still have problems. PRORAT will close the Firewall optional and this will give a chance to this kind of worms to infiltrate and close systems.

To take measures please read the help file and you will see links to download patch files. We do this as shown in the figure below What we get is a list of authoritative name servers for the com domain.

Notice the dot.

Now we get the list of authoritative name servers for infosecinstitute. Now we need to query these name servers to get the IP-address of Infosecinstitute. For this we need to write the IP-address in reverse order for e. As Simple as that!

In the information gathering stage of a penetration test of a website, it is important to identify the subdomains and the IP-addresses corresponding to them. Introducing a Wildcard feature reduces this to a small extent. This is done by brute forcing the subdomains. We have a wordlist in which we contain the subdomain names we want to test the domain against. Then we do a ping of all these subdomains, if these domains resolve to an IP-address different than the host IP-address, then we can very surely say that this subdomain actually exists.

However before performing a brute force it would be better to actually check if Wildcard entries are enabled or not. For that we can ping some random subdomains for e. If this is the case for some random subdomains, then we can clearly say that Wildcard entries are enabled for this domain.

We will perform a demo of this in the coming section.

Top 100 Hacking Websites and Blogs for Hackers

For eg in the case of google. These Nameservers are used for handling requests related to the domain google.

Usually a big organization will have more than one nameservers so that if one goes down for some time, the other one is ready to back it up and handle the requests. Usually one of these servers will be the Master server and the other one will be the slave server. Hence to stay in sync with each other, the slave server must query the Master server and fetch the latest records after a specific period of time.

The Master server will provide the slave server with all the information it has. A properly configured nameserver should only be allowed to serve requests of Zone transfer from other Nameservers of the same domain. However if the server is not configured properly it will serve all requests of Zone transfer made to it without checking the querying client.

This leads to leakage of valuable information. We will be using the tool Fierce present by default in Backtrack. Fierce is one of the best tools available out there for DNS Analysis. We get something as shown in the figure below. What fierce does is that it first finds out the nameservers for the domain.

It then checks to see if they allow zone transfers. Since one of the nameservers is not properly configured, it allows zone transfer and what we see is a dump of all the information records,subdomains etc. Why is Zone transfer a Security Issue?

A zone transfer reveals a lot of information about the domain. We can figure out a lot of things by looking at the dump.

Some of them might be running on different servers. Those server may not be fully patched and hence be vulnerable.

From this point, we can start thinking about Metasploit ,Nessus,Nmap etc and do a full vulnerability assessment of the domain. Hence this kind of information increases our attack vector by a fair amount, an amount which cannot be ignored. To protect your nameservers from leaking valuable information, one must allow zone transfer to other nameservers of the same domain only. In fact, it will not work most of the time.

Security researcher MalwareTech pleads guilty

Most of the DNS servers are properly configured and do not allow zone transfers to every client. Well what do we do then? Basically we have a wordlist containing a huge list of hosts.

We first check for wildcard entries by checking if a random subdomain for e. If this is the case, we know Wildcard entries are set. We then query the domain by using each of the word in our wordlist. If it resolves to a different IP-address then we are sure that this subdomain actually exists. If wildcard entries are not set , we do the same thing and see if we get response from any subdomain we query.

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If we get a response back, we could be sure that the subdomain actually exists.Active cracking is more effective. Blog hackread. Takeshi Onikawara. The goal is to know something about everything rather than getting comfortable being in a box. Blog toolswatch.

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