Sri Ujjvala-Nilamani. Chapter 1. Varieties of Heroes. Invoking Auspiciousness. All glories to the eternal Supreme Personality of Godhead. His holy name. Ujjvala Nilamani Kiranah. A Ray of Light from the Ujjvala Nilamani. (the resplendent, bright blue sapphire of Lord Krsna). Sri Viswanath Cakrabarti Thakur. The book Sri Ujjvala Nilamani by Rupa Goswami in English in PDF format.

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Ujjvala Nilamani (hindi) उज्जवल नीलमणि. Topics: Ujjvala Nilamani (hindi), उज्जवल नीलमणि. Collection: opensource. Language: Bihari. Srila BV Narayana Maharaja reviewing the draft manuscript for Sri Ujjvala- Nilamani with Sripad BV Madhava Maharaja. In this photo, Sripad. Books in PDF format Ujjvala-nilamani-kirana 1Ed He has compiled a scripture named Ujjvala-nīlamaṇi, which is replete with realization of the ultimate .

Just as there are innumerable very sentimental songs and poems describing the love between men and women in this world, one might suppose that this literature is of a similar nature.

However, the reading of this book will definitely astonish us as to what an exact and detailed study of transcendental love of God has been carried out by the author. It is said that the love of God exhibited by the pure devotees can be compared to gold whereas the so-called love between conditioned souls in the forms of men and women can be compared to iron.

The truth of this statement will surely be amply confirmed by a reading of this great literature. However, as Srila Prabhupada indicates to the professor, we should first very carefully study the Bhagavad-gita before attempting to read such a book as this. Bhagavad-gita leads us to the point of surrender to Sri krsna. After surrender, one should begin his study of the Srimad-Bhagavatam, starting with the First Canto. As in this book, the intimate pastimes of the Lord Krsna are portrayed in the Tenth Canto of that great work.

By study of the first nine cantos, one comes to a proper understanding of the Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Only then is one actually able to properly appreciate the Lord's transcendental pastimes, as described in theTenth Canto.

Ujjvala Nilamani (Hindi)(1)

In this world, as you all must know very well, everyone is engaged in a very hard struggle for existence and for the most part, our attempts at finding fulfillment in loving relationships meets with great frustration.

Here is the remedy for our faulty condition of life- let us be informed that there is another world, beyond this world of birth and death. In that transcendental abode of the Lord, life goes on as it should be. The all attractive Lord is the center of everyone's attention and He mercifully merges all into a limitless ocean of transcendental loving relationships that give full satisfaction to the soul. We can thus understand that his writings are not mere products of his imagination.

He is not simply blindly repeating what he had heard from previous authorities. He has first-hand knowledge of all that he describes in this book.

He will find You, violently capture You, and forcibly drink the nectar of Your lips. Therefore, what is the use of trying to hide from Him? Expert in Singing: Vrnda-devi says to Radharani: O Radharani, please give a wonderful festival of vocal music in the fifth mode, that attracts all the deer.

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Do not worry, Your irritable husband will not be able to see Ka running to find the source of this singing. Charming Speech: Ka to Radharani: O beautiful-faced Radharani, what sweetness is present in the words from Your mouth? This sweetness has filled the cuckoo with despair, and made the sweetest nectar completely useless by comparison.

I cannot tell, for You both act in the same way. You both perform no activity other than to steal away the religious priciples of respectable young girls. Radharani to Ka: O Lord who makes piety prosper, whose saintliness is very famous, and who has become eternally purified by the auspicious worship of the chaste gopis' breasts, please be kind to Me.

Rupa Gosvami

I have carefully bathed for the worship of the sun-god. Please don't touch, don't touch My body now. Although She 19 r Ujjvala-nilamani humbly complies with all their demands, as soon as She sees a single surabhi cow in the evening, She at once leaves Her place and runs to see You.

Radharani to Her gopi friends: In the pastimes of My quarrel with Ka I repeatedly offended the Lord, and for this reason I have now become famous as Radha. O slender-waisted gopi-friend, because of the fragrent flower blossoms of mercy given to Me by you gopis, Ka has again accepted Me. There is not other cause for His accepting Me other than your mercy.

Full of Mercy: Vrnda-devi to Paurnamasi: Seeing a calf whose mouth was pierced by a sharp straw, Radharani felt very unhappy. With tears in Her eyes, She at once dressed the calf's wound with red kunkuma.

Expert: Radharani is the original teacher of the art of drawing pictures in colorful mineral pigments. Her mind is beautifully decorated with expertie in the art of cooking. In the battle of speaking clever, witty words She bewilders even Ka, and even Brhaspati, the guru of the demigods. She is the most learned scholar in the science of stringing flower- garlands. In reciting poems She is more expert than the parrots.

In the pastimes of gambling She defeats even the unconquerable Ka. She is expert at the arts of transcendental amorous pastimes.

Her intelligence shines with all varieties of knowledge. Let me find the scattered pearls.

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On this pretext She was able to dispatch many charming, loving glances to Me from the corner of Her eyes as She pretended to search for the pearls while Jatila looked on. Shy: Rdhrni addresses Her own shyness in the following words: Although it is very difficult to see Ka, the prince of Vraja, He has come to this secluded place, and He appears to be filled with longings.

O friend shyness, please withdraw now so that I may uncover My face for a moment and send a sidelong glance at Ka.

Respectful: Syama: My friend, You look very thin and pale. If the cataki bird of Radharani refuses to eat, She will certainly give up the living condition.

Radharani: The cataki bird of Radharani will not accept any nourishment except for the nectar rain of the dark cloud of Ka. My superiors have forbidden Me to go. It is not auspicious for Me to disrespect their order. An elderly gopi approaches Radharani with a message from Ka: O Radharani, You have not noticed that tonight is the full moon night of the month of Sravana, a time when all one's desires may be easily fulfilled. Mukunda desires now to shower You with all transcendental nectar.

My child, please take this opportunity and consent to meet with Him. This advice I give You is the proper course of action for You to take. After hearing these words, Radharani, the daughter of the sun-god's friend 20 Vrsabhanu, declined to go to the rendezvous, and instead sent Citra-gopi in Her place. Calm: Paurnamasi to Nandimukhi: Padma spoke many lies trying to implicate Radharani.

Abhimanyu's mother Jatila brought a flower-garland supposedly given to Radharani by Ka and later stolen by a monkey. The affectionate child Saibya brought a jasmine flower supposedly given to Radharani by Ka. Hearing all this evidence, Radharani's husband Abhimanyu became furious, and he bitterly rebuked his wife.

Radharani is very tolerant of all this abuse. She does not reply to Her accusers, but simply stands, calm and silent. Grave: Rupa-manjari to her friend: In this midst of this feroicious quarrel Radharani remained very sober, calm and cheerful. My friend, this exalted virtue is very rare. Expert at Enjoying Life: Radharani dispatches many darting glances from the corners of Her playfully crooked, glistening eyes.

Her face is illumined by the moonlight of Her jasmine flower smile. Glittering earrings swing on Her cheeks. Every half word She speaks is an inscutable, powerful mantra to invoke the presence of cupid. With all these features She has enchanted Ka. With the waves of Her cheerful playfulness She has swept away His heart.

Situated at the Topmost Level of Ecstatic Love: Radharani cried a great monsoon of tears that doubled the water in the Yamuna, and made Her appear like a candrakanta jewel melting in the moonlight.

She stuttered, the syllables breaking in Her throat.

By rla Rupa Goswami

The hairs of Her body stood up, making Her appear like a kadamba tree. The sound of Ka's flute made Her appear like a plantain tree tossed about in a hurricane. Whenever we vrajavasi see Her our hearts become filled with love for Her. Her Fame Shines in All the Universe: Paurnamasi to Radharani: O beautiful Radhaani, the moonlight of Your fame makes the blue lotus flower of this universe blossom with appreciation. Shining on the ear of the queen of the demigods, Saci-devi, it appears like a white jasmine flower there.

That moonlight makes the vegetation of the hairs of the bodily hairs of Lord Brahma's wife Savitri sprout with joy.

Some say that their original names were Santosha Bhatta and Amara Bhatta respectively. On the demise of Kumaradeva, the three sons moved to Sakurma, near to the capital of Gaudadesa Bengal where they continued their studies.

They lived for the rest of their lives with their new monastic names and forsake their birth names. The three brothers studied the Nyaya-sastras treatise on justice from the famous logician Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya and his brother Madhusudana Vidyavacaspati.

They also studied Sanskrit , Arabic and Persian.

Due to their noble characters and academic proficiency, Rupa and his elder brother Sanatana were later forced into government service by the sultan of Bengal, Alauddin Husain Shah — CE which led to their excommunication from Hindu society by the orthodox caste brahmanas of Gauda. First meeting with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu[ edit ] Rupa and his brothers made their residence at the state capital of Ramakeli Rahanpur, Nababganj and it was here, in CE, that they met Chaitanya Mahaprabhu for the first time.

The meeting changed their lives and they decided to leave the service of the Sultan and take up a life of renunciation in the association of Chaitanya and his followers. Rupa Amara's initiated name loaded all his wealth onto two boats and left with his brother Anupama Srivallabha's initiated name for their ancestral home at Fatiabad in Jessore, where they distributed it. The messengers returned with the news that Chaitanya had already left Sylhet for Barogharia, Nababganj.

Rupa and Anupama immediately decided to go and they wrote a letter to Sanatana telling him of their plans and asking him to meet them in Nababgonj.

They also told him that they had left 10, gold coins in case he was in need of financial help. Later, when Sanatana was thrown into prison by the Sultan for disobedience, he used this money to bribe the jailer and escaped to Varanasi to meet with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

It was here that Rupa and Anupama met him for the second time.

At the Dasasvamedha Ghat a famous bathing area on the banks of the River Ganges , Chaitanya imparted instructions to Rupa Goswami and explained all the intricacies of the doctrine of Gaudiya Vaishnavism. Rupa Goswami was specifically commanded by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to carry out two tasks: to re-locate and preserve the lost holy places of Vrindavana, and to write and preach Gaudiya Vaisnava theology.

He then sent Rupa Goswami to Vrindavana to carry out these orders. Namo Mahavadanyaya Verse[ edit ] During the time of the annual Rath Yatra festival, Rupa Goswami composed one mystical verse that Chaitanya Mahaprabhu requested him to read to his most intimate associates.

Upon hearing this verse, all the assembled Vaishnavas praised Rupa Goswami for his outstanding composition that was filled with deep devotion for the Naths. Due to this, it was proclaimed that Rupa Goswami was the very embodiment of Chaitanya' Mahaprabhu's esoteric teachings of rasa divine mellows. Because of this, Rupa Goswami is considered by the gaudiya vaisnavas to be the foremost follower of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and those that strictly follow in his preceptoral line are known as Rupanugas followers of Rupa.

Vrindavana[ edit ] Rupa and Sanatana remained in Vrindavana for the remainder of their lives. Their mood of renunciation and devotion was exemplary. Rupa uncovered various holy places associated with the pastimes of Krishna and rediscovered the famous deity of Govindadeva, which was originally installed and worshipped by Krishna's great-grandson, Maharaja Vajranabha.

Shortly after, they were also joined by their nephew Jiva Goswami who was given initiation by Rupa and personally trained by him in the philosophy of Gaudiya Vaishnavism. Rupa Goswami departed from this world in CE and his samadhi tomb is located in the courtyard of the Radha-Damodara temple in Vrindavana. In Gaudiya Vaishnava theology, Rupa Goswami is considered to be the incarnation of Rupa Manjari, the foremost junior cowherd damsel who eternally serves Radha-Krishna under the guidance of Lalita.

Importance[ edit ] Even though there are so many great acaryas, Srila Rupa Goswami has been attributed with the honour of being that person who has established the mano-'bhistam, the innermost heart's desire, of Sri Krsna in the form of Caitanya Mahaprabhu.The words we speak in classes may disappear into the sky, but what is written as a document, in books like Sri Caitanya-caritamrta, Srimad-Bhagavatam, and the books of the Gosvamis will remain forever and help for millions of years.

There was one young boy there, however, named Rupa, who later on became that very same Rupa Goswami. From past births' impressions, you are somehow or other coming in touch with pure devotees like Srila Swami Maharaja, who traveled everywhere to help so many. The gopis whose names are listed here, beginning with Radha, proceeding thtough Visakha, Lalita, Padma, Saibya, and others, and ending with Kunkuma, are all leaders of groups of gopis.

This stage is very critical, and I think most of you are in this stage. Why are You asking Me to love the Sun-god?

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