captain of the king's Musketeers, he met in the antecham- ber three young men, The catalogue alone of the books we read with this ob- ject would fill a whole. Download our free ePUB, PDF or MOBI eBooks to read on almost any device — your desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, The Three Musketeers. Free site book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. No cover available.

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with the novel. Before Dumas took it up, the historical novel had already achieved . Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, the three musketeers whom d'Artagnan meets. PDF version of The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas père. Dramatic, stirring, and romantic, the story of D'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, and. 09/13/06 PM Page 1 The Three Musketeers Cristo Gulliver's Travels The Hound of the Baskervilles The Jungle Book The Last of the .

The king was angry with the queen. She bowed and went to her dressing room. The cardinal went to the king and handed him a box. Inside were two diamond buttons.

If there are only ten, ask her who could have stolen these two. The diamond buttons sparkled on the shoulders of her ballgown. The dancing began. Every time the queen came close to the king, he tried to count the buttons— but there was never enough time! At last, the king was able to dance alone with his queen. Now I have fourteen! There were 12! He called the cardinal to him.

He had seen everything. When the queen went to her dressing room, he felt a tap on his shoulder. It was Constance Bonacieux. Then she disappeared through a door that was hidden behind a curtain. Behind the curtain was a large, well-lit room.

Suddenly a lovely hand and arm came through an opening in the curtain. He fell to his knees and pressed his lips to the hand. He rode on to Paris, sold his yellow horse, and eagerly went to meet M. They were loud and playful men who seemed ready for anything. He gave his name to a servant, who told him to wait. Everyone was admiring his shoulder belt. It was embroidered with gold thread and shone like water in sunlight.

With Porthos was a man named Aramis. Aramis was a handsome man with dark, gentle eyes and cheeks as soft as a peach. He said that six of you were fighting in a tavern and six of his guards arrested you.

Two musketeers were killed, and Athos was wounded. They dragged us away by force. A handsome but horribly pale face peeked into the room.

But then, overcome with pain, he fell unconscious to the floor.

The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

Athos may be dying! Aramis and Porthos quickly carried Athos to a quieter room where the doctor could examine him. He had only fainted from loss of blood.

What can I do for his son? My revenge comes before anything else! Then suddenly his face turned red with anger, and he dashed toward the door. And with that, he disappeared. But just then, a musketeer stepped out of a door in the hallway. Athos grabbed him. Do you understand?

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Athos had challenged him to a duel. Then off he ran as if the devil were at his heels. At the front door, Porthos was talking with a soldier. He became tangled in it.

He was surprised to see that the belt was golden only in front. In back, it was ordinary leather. The vain Porthos had been keeping the leather half covered with his cloak!

His temper flared. Porthos started after him. So when he saw Aramis standing up ahead, he made a vow to be especially polite. Usually, when a man fought a duel, he brought friends along with him. These friends, called seconds, would make sure that the fight was fair. And they would also carry the sword fighter away if he was wounded. And now, Monsieur, on guard! Athos drew his sword. The guards walked toward them.

He had to choose between the king and the cardinal. It seems there are four of us! Then he rushed over to help Athos, who was still weak from his wounds.

Aramis killed the guard he fought with. But the guard was too brave to surrender to the four men. Bravery is always respected, even in an enemy. The musketeers saluted him and let him go. They walked along arm in arm, calling out to every musketeer they met. Porthos objected. Porthos had seen Planchet on a bridge.

He was spitting into the water and watching the rings it made. So he had hired Planchet on the spot. Soon all four were penniless. It was his landlord, a fat, grayhaired fellow named Bonacieux.

The cardinal has been worse than ever lately. He will do anything to get the queen in trouble. He searched for the stranger for half an hour—but it was no use. He had disappeared as if by magic! He told them what had happened to Madame Bonacieux. From now on, our motto shall be All for one, one for all.

He even removed part of his floor so that only a single layer of wood lay between him and the room below. Four men were there, but only one was armed. She sat in a chair, only half conscious. He saw that she was in her early twenties, with dark hair, blue eyes, and a slightly turned-up nose.

When she opened her eyes, she saw that she was alone with her rescuer. She held out her hands to him and smiled. He thought Madame Bonacieux had the most charming smile in the world. But how did you escape? I thought my husband would be here. She looked at him closely for a moment. When you get there, tell the valet that I have to see him at once. When he said goodbye, he gave her a long, loving look.

He told him where Madame Bonacieux was hiding. He was thinking about Madame Bonacieux. He was still thinking of Constance Bonacieux when he saw a woman who looked very much like her.

The man was carefully holding a handkerchief over his face. He was certain that the woman was Madame Bonacieux—and the man looked like Aramis! He felt betrayed by his friend and the woman he already loved.

But the foreigner drew his own sword with lightning speed. She stepped between the two men and took hold of their swords, one in each hand. Please tell me how I can serve you—even at the risk of my life!

Follow twenty steps behind us until we reach the Louvre. If anyone spies on us, kill him! They reached the Louvre without any trouble. Then Madame Bonacieux led the duke along the dark passages of the Louvre.

She told him to wait in a small room. The duke would be killed if anyone found him in the Louvre—but he was never afraid. He had received a letter signed by the queen, asking him to come to France. When he learned later that the letter was forged, he stayed in Paris anyway. He would not leave without seeing his love.

He was People said he was the most handsome and elegant nobleman in all of England or France. The duke was the favorite of the King of England, and a wealthy, powerful man. He looked in the mirror and smiled at himself with pride and hope.

Just then he saw her reflection in the mirror. The queen! Queen Anne was about She carried herself like a goddess. Oh, my dearest!

You know you are my happiness and my hope. The queen became more and more nervous as the hour grew late. If you are killed here because of me, my sorrow would drive me mad! The duke took it and kissed her hand. His love for his young wife was a very small part of him. In all of his 51 years, Bonacieux had never been so frightened. After he was questioned in the Bastille, the guards took him to another building. They led him to a stuffy room. There, sitting before a fire, was a man of average height with a proud manner.

His long, thin face was made still longer by a pointed beard. It was Cardinal Richelieu himself! His body seemed to be weak, although he was still in his twenties. But the power of his fine mind had made him one of the most extraordinary men who ever lived. After the cardinal questioned Bonacieux for several minutes, he learned two things. First, that Bonacieux was a fool. But the cardinal was clever enough to become very friendly with Bonacieux. He held out a bag of gold coins to the greedy man.

He was the Count de Rochefort. Inside are the diamond buttons His Majesty gave the queen. Then he called for a messenger. Go to the next ball the Duke of Buckingham will be attending.

The duke will be wearing 12 diamond buttons. Move close to him so you can cut off two of them. Let me know as soon as you have the buttons in hand.

He suggested that His Majesty plan a ball. It would be a perfect time for the queen to wear the beautiful diamond buttons His Majesty had given her. When King Louis told the queen about the ball, she turned very pale. The king did not know just why, but somehow he enjoyed seeing her fear. One of the bad sides of his nature was a taste for cruelty.

This was not because of good manners. Her shaking knees were about to give way under her! Of course the cardinal was behind this! The situation was desperate. Buckingham had gone back to England. The queen suspected that one of her ladies must be a spy—but she did not know who. There was no one she could count on. Madame Bonacieux had been hiding in a small room next door. She had heard everything.

I think I have found a way out of your. How can I trust you? We must get the diamond buttons back. You must send a messenger to the duke in England. His three comrades, of course, would come with him. Their servants followed, armed to the teeth. All went well until they stopped at Chantilly for breakfast.

There, Porthos got in an argument when a man insisted that the cardinal was the true ruler of France. Enraged, Porthos drew his sword. The rest of the group rode off. Later that day they came across a group of men working on the road. The men seemed to be doing nothing but making muddy holes. Because Aramis did not like to get his boots dirty, he scolded them.

At midnight, they stopped to rest at Amiens. The jovial innkeeper there seemed to be the most honest, decent man in the world. When Athos looked out the window, he saw his servant lying unconscious.

Clearly, the poor man had been hit on the head.

They decided to leave as soon as possible. But when Athos went to pay the bill, he had a nasty surprise. Hurry on your way! They found a ship headed for England—and just in time! The harbor had been closed by order of the cardinal.

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He and Planchet rented horses and set off in search of the duke. People along the road pointed him in the right direction. He began kissing the diamonds, one by one. Two of the buttons are missing!

Only ten of them are here! Do you think they were stolen? Is there anyone you suspect? Lady de Winter seemed to forget we were on bad terms. She was friendly— very friendly. He called his secretary and gave an order—no ships would be allowed to leave England.

There was a look of relief on his face. He stared at Buckingham in amazement. The king had given him complete power—and he used it to serve his love!

In secret, the jeweler and his men worked day and night. Two days later, the buttons were finished. Twelve hours later, he was in Paris. The cardinal noticed the queen was not wearing her diamond buttons. He smiled and told the king. The king was angry with the queen. D'Artagnan and his friends, now recovered from their injuries, return to Paris. D'Artagnan meets Milady de Winter officially, and recognizes her as one of the Cardinal's agents, but becomes infatuated with her until her maid reveals that Milady is indifferent toward him.

Entering her quarters in the dark, he pretends to be the Comte de Wardes and trysts with her. He finds a fleur-de-lis branded on Milady's shoulder, marking her as a felon. Discovering his identity, Milady attempts to kill him but d'Artagnan eludes her.

He is ordered to the Siege of La Rochelle. He is informed that the Queen has rescued Constance from prison. In an inn, the musketeers overhear the Cardinal asking Milady to murder the Duke of Buckingham, a supporter of the Protestant rebels at La Rochelle who has sent troops to assist them.

Richelieu gives her a letter that excuses her actions as under orders from the Cardinal himself, but Athos takes it. The next morning, Athos bets that he, d'Artagnan, Porthos, and Aramis, and their servants can hold the recaptured St. Gervais bastion against the rebels for an hour, for the purpose of discussing their next course of action. They resist for an hour and a half before retreating, killing 22 Rochellese in total.

They warn Lord de Winter and the Duke of Buckingham. Milady is imprisoned on arrival in England, but she seduces her guard, Felton a fictionalization of the real John Felton , and persuades him to allow her escape and to kill Buckingham himself. On her return to France, Milady hides in a convent where Constance is also staying. The Musketeers arrest Milady before she reaches Cardinal Richelieu.

They bring an official executioner, put her on trial and sentence her to death.

After her execution, the four friends return to the Siege of La Rochelle. The Comte de Rochefort arrests d'Artagnan and takes him to the Cardinal. When questioned about Milady's execution, d'Artagnan presents her letter of pardon as his own. D'Artagnan offers the letter to Athos, Porthos, and Aramis in turn but each refuses it; Athos because it is below him, Porthos because he is retiring to marry his wealthy mistress, and Aramis because he is joining the priesthood.

D'Artagnan, though heartbroken and full of regrets, finally receives the promotion he had coveted. He becomes a father figure to d'Artagnan.

Porthos — M. The least cerebral of the quartet, he compensates with his homeric strength of body and character. D'Artagnan — Charles de Batz de Castelmore d'Artagnan: a young, foolhardy, brave and clever man seeking to become a musketeer in France. Musketeers' servants Planchet — a young man from Picardy , he is seen by Porthos on the Pont de la Tournelle spitting into the river below. Porthos takes this as a sign of good character and hires him on the spot to serve d'Artagnan.

He turns out to be a brave, intelligent and loyal servant.Monsieur Bonacieux — Constance's husband. She held out her hands to him and smiled. She looked at him closely for a moment. Soon the battle became an out-and-out siege. Since they could not leave camp, they sent their servants.

He and Planchet rented horses and set off in search of the duke. He called the cardinal to him. It was his landlord, a fat, grayhaired fellow named Bonacieux.

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