'[A] unique and probing examination of modern thinking on the caliphate. This detailed analysis of the ways in which the Muslim Brotherhood, Hizb ut-Tahrir. The Inevitable Caliphate? A History of the Struggle for Global Islamic Union, to the Present by Pankhurst, Reza. London: C. Hurst, Against this backdrop, The Inevitable Caliphate? provides a carefully .com/ sections/books/books/

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Reza Pankhurst previews his recently published book, The Inevitable Caliphate? A History of the Struggle for Global Islamic Union, to the. While in the West 'the Caliphate" evokes overwhelmingly negative images, throughout Islamic history it has been regarded as the ideal Islamic polity. In the. Standardisierte Logistikprodukte für globale Belieferungsnetze: Realisierung, Optimierungspotenziale u. Preisgestaltung / Bernhard Oymann, Peter Schumann, .

The Caliphate. Hugh Kennedy. Islamic Exceptionalism: Shadi Hamid. The Impossible State: Islam, Politics, and Modernity's Moral Predicament.

Noah Feldman.

The Inevitable Caliphate?

Review "Reza Pankhurst provides a unique and probing examination of modern thinking on the caliphate What they will find is a narrative that does not use western liberal democracy as the yardstick.

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The inevitable caliphate?

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Paperback Verified download. It provides a coherent overview of the various discourses regarding the Caliphate and the concept of 'State' in Islam.

This provides readers with a radically more appropriate analytical framework which goes beyond Modern and Post-Modern assumptions. Reza Pankhurst draws out the general blueprint for this normative-framework, which is without doubt a major contribution to the academic study of Islam and "Political Islam".

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Through this normative-framework, Dr. Pankhurst examines the concept of State and the Caliphate in the discourse of: The Muslim Brotherhood Hizb ut-Tahrir Al-Qaeda Tanzeem al-Islami Jama'atul Muslimeen And al-Murabitun In doing so he provides insight into the method-of-thinking and the conceptual frameworks employed by these movements as opposed to arbitrarily putting them into pre-constructed Euro-centric labels.

More so, by providing us with insight into the method-of-thinking and the conceptual frameworks employed by these movements the author gives us the tools needed to contextualize and of course analyze the policies of these movements. Lastly, it is quite a relief that there is finally a reference that I can point to when asked for a book on "Political Islam" or "Islamic Politics". A reference which is both objective and enlightening.

A nice read and as others have pointed out does a good job of introducing the post-caliphate movements without resorting to apologia. However, personally, I think he could have dedicated some more ink to, at least, Tanzeem-e-Islami. For example, the concept of "theo-democracy" that is so pivotal to Tanzeem - and probably an important viewpoint in the grand picture - leaves the reader un-satiated.

Overall the author has done a good job of explaining the different connotations of caliphate especially as espoused by the Muslims, and how while it is a unifying concept but at the same time very diverse understandings of it exist in differing socio-political environments.

It is a must read for those who have only heard of the caliphate from the media or terrorists. site Edition. Anybody who wants to know why the Muslim world reacts to Western ideas so differently needs to read this book because the author does not take the apologetic narrative as most others do, instead he demystifies the Muslim view very analytically and objectively.

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In the wake of the "Arab Spring" and the removal of long-standing dictators in the Middle East, in which the dominant discourse appears to be one of the compatibility of Islam and democracy, reviving the Caliphate has continued to exercise the minds of its opponents and advocates.

Reza Pankhurst's book contributes to our understanding of Islam in politics, the path of Islamic revival across the last century and how the popularity of the Caliphate in Muslim discourse waned and later re-emerged. Beginning with the abolition of the Caliphate, the ideas and discourse of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hizb ut-Tahrir, al-Qaeda and other smaller groups are then examined.

A comparative analysis highlights the core commonalities as well as differences between the various movements and individuals, and suggests that as movements struggle to re-establish a polity which expresses the unity of the ummah or global Islamic community , the Caliphate has alternatively been ignored, had its significance minimised or denied, reclaimed and promoted as a theory and symbol in different ways, yet still serves as a political ideal for many.

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The inevitable caliphate?

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