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The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin Ebook

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In Franklin's Autobiography is offered not so much a ready-made formula for The life of Benjamin Franklin is of importance to every American. The Standard Ebooks edition of The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin: Benjamin Franklin writes about his youth, adventures, and achievements. Franklin told the story of his life, as he himself says, for the benefit of his posterity. He wanted to help them by the relation of his own rise f.

Strangely enough, the first volume only was first published in French, in Paris in Later in a couple of English translations appeared containing the second volume as well. In Franklin's grandson brought out a three volume edition, which left out the last unfinished fourth volume. William Temple Franklin also took great liberties with the text and made his own revisions.

However, in , publisher John Bigelow downloadd the original and complete manuscript and brought out the most complete edition so far. The 20th century saw several scholars bring out more definitive and complete versions. An Autobiography To which I have besides some other inducements. Having emerged from the poverty and obscurity in which I was born and bred, to a state of affluence and some degree of reputation in the world, and having gone so far through life with a considerable share of felicity, the conducing means I made use of, which with the blessing of God so well succeeded, my posterity may like to know, as they may find some of them suitable to their own situations, and therefore fit to be imitated.

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

That felicity, when I reflected on it, has induced me sometimes to say, that were it offered to my choice, I should have no objection to a repetition of the same life from its beginning, only asking the advantages authors have in a second edition to correct some faults of the first.

So I might, besides correcting the faults, change some sinister accidents and events of it for others more favourable.

But though this were denied, I should still accept the offer. Hereby, too, I shall indulge the inclination so natural in old men, to be talking of themselves and their own past actions; and I shall indulge it without being tiresome to others, who, through respect to age, might conceive themselves obliged to give me a hearing, since this may be read or not as anyone pleases.

And, lastly I may as well confess it, since my denial of it will be believed by nobody , perhaps I shall a good deal gratify my own vanity. When I finished the book I felt like I had real understanding of Franklin as a person full of contractions. A man who loathed conflict but supported a revolution, who wrote The Way to Wealth but was an ardent champion of the common man, who was the darling of the French Court but disliked aristocracy In other words, a real person, not a cardboard cutout.

This is the third copy of this book I have downloadd, having given away my other two, that how much I love it. Isaacson wrote an excellent biography of Franklin, one that I've reread a few times. I know the expression"like you were there" is overused but this book actually makes you feel you knew the real Franklin.

I've been reading a lot about the younger Franklin recently, his time as an apprentice to his brother James, a printer, his self-education, his escape to Philadelphia, but this book presents the complete Franklin in a way thats reachable. Its not complicated reading, its an exciting story that makes you totally familiar with the man, warts and all.

I debated about giving this 4 or 5 stars. It is an excellent read but I settled on 4 stars because the book, even though very well written and even though Franklin was probably the most gifted and the most influential of all the Founding Fathers, did not capture my interest as much as the biographies of Adams, Hamilton, Washington, or Madison.

I have not been able to ascertain whether it is Mr. He was almost devoid of the emotional angst that so riveted the other Founding Fathers.

He was born into a laboring class family not a family of privilege as was Jefferson, Madison, and Washington. He did receive a basic education but for the most part he was self-taught.

Despite his lack of education, he was able to develop a theory of electricity which allowed him to manufacture lightning rods for buildings. There were other inventions but this was the one that made him the idol of several Western countries, in particular, France.

He believed in self-reliance, yet at the same time he believed that individuals working together were much more effective in achieving objectives than one individual working alone. Hence, he founded numerous societies and organizations, such as the Philadelphia Fire Department, University of Pennsylvania, American Philosophical Society.

All of these had as their objective the creation of a more just and merciful society.

He believed in frugality and yet he was quick to donate to charitable and patriotic causes. He was probably the greatest diplomat that the United States ever produced.

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

It is unlikely that the French would have given the fledgling U. On the negative side, Franklin was not much of a husband.

This trait probably further endeared him to the French. Some of the blame for this situation can be placed on Deborah, for he pleaded with her to come with him to Europe but she refused to travel. If he was not much of a husband, he was a much worse excuse of a parent.

Franklin's Autobiography by Benjamin Franklin

He disowned his illegitimate son, William whom he and Deborah raised, mother never known because William supported the Loyalist cause in the colonies. Over the centuries, it has oscillated between admiration bordering on idolization and abject disdain.

Why disdain? Because Franklin represents the virtues of the middle class. To many, this is a boring life filled with trifles not a glorious existence of pursuing grand causes. To many his focus upon frugality, shows an emphasis upon the material world not the world of art or spirituality.


Life is filled with trivialities that must be performed. No person, no class of people is above performing these boring but essential activities. Verified download. Benjamin Franklin was a complicated personality whose political views changed over time. Franklin used Greek Philosophy as stepping stones from which he derived his first views on politics, virtues, and moral pragmatism but he shaped and modified these views as he aged.

It is probably impossible to capture the essence of Benjamin Franklin's nature but this biography does it as well as it can be done. Franklin was invaluable when it came to editing the Declaration of Independence and negotiating the post-war treaties with France and England which established the first 13 colonies as an independent nation. Franklin preached tolerance and patience to the delegates as they argued about the creation of a representative form of government for the colonies.

Concise and impartial this biography credits the imaginative Benjamin Franklin with having a significant influence on American culture and politics. See all 2, reviews.

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