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Read Target TOEIC, Second Edition (w/MP3 Audio CD), Upgrading TOEIC Test- taking Skills book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery . Target TOEIC Second Edition PRACTICE TEST 1 Answer Keys PART 1 PART 3 1. . (B) It includes books given away. (C) Tomorrow at ten o'clock book. Target Toeic, Second Edition (W/6 Audio C Ds), Upgrading Toeic Test Taking Skills book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Target T.

B The man has been painting the door. C The door has been painted by the man. D The door is open. D The carpenter has made a chair. A The two women are angry with each other. B The two women look happy C The two women are depressed about work. D The two women are writing a report 5. A The cars are at a gas station. B The cars are leaving the gas station. C The man is filling his car with gas. D The man is leaning on the gas pump 6. A The woman is using a laptop computer. B The woman is suffering.

C The woman is surfing the Internet. D The woman is surfing. A The paper is stacked across from the table. B The woman is putting paper under the table. C The people are arranging papers on a table.

D The paper is hanging over the tables. A The women are discussing a document.

B The women are resuming a discussion. C The women are walking in an office D The women are walking in the corridor. A The man and woman are conducting a survey. B The man and woman are surveying the view. C The man and woman are watching the view. D The woman is pointing out a new building.

A The woman is seated on the right of one of the men. B The woman is seated between the two men. C The man is seated between two women. D The woman is standing by the window.

Part 2 Questions and Responses Didn't you pick Kristin up at the airport? A Yes, she drove herself. B No, she took the shuttle. C No, I didn't have a good time. When do you want to take your vacation? A Last July. C I'm going to the Bahamas. How long was your flight? A I arrived last year. B Long, about 12 hours. C I haven't been here long. Where's the produce section? A Refer to the back of the book.

B It's on the table. C Go straight down the middle aisle to the back. How did your interview go? A First, I went to the bank and I had trouble finding a parking space.

B OK, but I'm not sure it's the right job for me. C There wasn't a review in today's paper. Do you have any openings in your accounting department? A Yes, here's an application form.

B I'm sorry, the accounting department is closed for the day. C Accountants must be very good with numbers. Who called while I was out? A Walter, he wants you to call him back.

B I went out for dinner with Walter. C Telephone answering machines are very useful. This office is noisy, isn't it?

A I couldn't hear his speech. B Yes, children can be very noisy C It's because it's on the main road. It's always hot in here. Why don't we use the air conditioner? A Sure turn it on. B Because I never stay out late. C Because I'm having a good time. Why didn't you read the instructions first? A I did. But I didn't understand them. B Yes, he's a good instructor.

C First, you remove be back panel. According to our contract we're allowed emergency leave, aren't we? A Only five days, and it must be for a family member. B You are allowed to leave when the meeting ends. C We had to go to the emergency room last night. What should we do about the remaining merchandise? A I think we should download a new car. B Return it to the manufacturer. C She went into merchandising after graduation.

When has the conference been changed to? A Fine, just send out a memo. B The last weekend in March. Is that OK? C I thought the conference changes were very successful. Which building is the accounting department located in?

A Yes, there is an accounting department. B It's the while building on the right. C I'm not very good with numbers. Who should I address this letter to? A I'd send it by express mail. B To Edgar Winters. C I don't know his address. Well, Ms. Watson has accepted my proposal. A Of course! Your proposal was excellent. B There is nothing acceptable about Ms. Watson C I don't know, but I'm optimistic.

What's the exchange rate today? A You can exchange it if you have a receipt. B The same as yesterday. C Most people resist change. I'll get this report to you on either Friday afternoon or Monday morning.

A I was hoping I could look at it over the weekend. B It's going to be a busy week. C When will you finish? How do the employees feel about the new contract? A She felt OK until about an hour ago. B They aren't happy with it. C Contract negotiations are expected to continue through the night.

Can you hold this door for me? A I'll be right there. B We can hold anything for 48 hours. C Please, don't put me on hold. Who was the last person using the computer? A Why? Is there a problem? B I never learned to use a computer. C I'm taking a computer programming class now. Can she type well? A Yes, she's a real professional. B No, I've never seen her before. C It will take about two hours to type it.

Hasn't the new equipment arrived yet? A He's arriving this afternoon. B It's supposed to be delivered within the hour. C I have all the latest equipment. When do you think they'll announce the promotions? A I hope I get promoted this time.

B They'll tell us at the weekly meeting on Wednesday. C There will be an announcement. Where are they sending you on business this time? A Oh, I hardly ever go there.

B Morocco and Egypt. C I'll send you a postcard. How much is the electric lawnmower in the window? A It cuts grass of all lengths at high speed.

B Do you mean the red power mower, sir? C It's a great machine. What time is Sir Michael arriving for the opening ceremony? A Oh,no. I forgot the keys. B I'll open the door in just a moment. C He'll arrive at ten and we'll get started at I'm trying to decide whether Alison or Brian is more reliable. A I've never known Alison to miss a deadline or forget to do something. B You can always reply on someone to help out. C Why don't you replay the message to them?

How are we going to handle this problem without upsetting everyone? A Turn the handle to the right.

Target TOEIC Second Edition

B I have no idea. This is such as mess. C It wasn't my fault. When can I talk to you about the budget? A I'm so bad with finances. B Drop by my office this afternoon. C I'm in a meeting, so I can't talk. Part 3 Short Conversations Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation W You know, the lobby isn't very well lit.

I think our clients feel uncomfortable in it. It's not an inviting place at all. M I suppose we could have some lights installed. It might look nice if we had a chandelier in the center.

W Yes, or, I was thinking of just adding some table lamps. Something small and unobtrusive. Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation. W I know he said that he'd be here, but I think we should start the meeting without Peter. He's always late. M But we'll just have to repeat everything after he gets here. That's just going to annoy everyone. It's about time he developed some time ma skills. M Well, I guess so.

But I'm not sure he'll get the message. Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation.

W Will you look over this report for me? I don't know why, but it just doesn't seem right. M Sure. What kind of feedback do you want? W I'd like you to read it for clarity and check my punctuation. I don't think I have gotten the message cross clearly.

M OK, but you know you are always too hard on yourself. You're a very good writer. Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation W You don't look good.

What's wrong? Are you sick? M Yes. I think I have the flu. I felt terrible all night and didn't sleep well. W What are you doing coming in to work then? It's not as though there's a lot to do at the moment. And besides, I don't want everyone else in the office getting sick, too.

Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following conversation W Excuse me, are these your keys? M Yes, they are. Where did you find them? I've been looking for them everywhere. W In the parking lot. I'm parked next to you, and I saw them when I got out of my car. M Gosh, I'm lucky that no one tried to take my car. It's a good thing I work with such honest people.

Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation M Is what I've heard true? D Setting up a meeting C At the ticket office Burnham does not return their calls. A In a bank B June 2nd D The gunmen, bank clerks, and customers A Architects C People standing in the street D In these professions, men earn more than women. A Female authors earned more than male A suggested B because of announcers. B its D grew A An ad for a loan company B highest B opportunities D Excellent interest rates on your loan C Although C who B A young couple looking for their first A addition D wealthier home A expected C about C More than 85 years D serving B demonstrable C The amount women spent on athletic D developing B information shoes in a year period.

A are available D in D Spending has quadrupled in a decade.

B for A announcement A cost B effective going strong. D time C sailing B A lack of choice of styles D already B opting B To maintain contact with a customer A surpass D will have been B greatly D next Friday December 10th A on C right C According A how many their goods C are being C Despite C He no longer works for Wilcon Products.

B required A biggest A On a separate form B took B working B To encourage workers to be more careful B They are more careful about safety than men. B It may prevent them from ingesting toxins. PART 6 A These accidents are avoidable with care. B alert D recent B An instructional memo B reputation C premises D To assist employees in finding jobs they like D customers C clerks A The supervisor adds comments.

A staff B convey D further B stock D 6 weeks B affected C inconvenience A A special deal on a rental vehicle C You must reserve a vehicle ahead of time.

B His application for a rental car was D Establishing copying limits rejected. C In half, starting in July A They have unreasonably high standards. A The road is full of traffic. A Talking about a letter 2. C The police officer is arresting a suspect. B The man just needs to make a few 3. D The two men are hanging from safety changes. C He thinks they are very helpful. A The man is talking on a public telephone.

B Problems with a fax machine 5. C He is picking a book off a table. A Print out a confirmation sheet 6. D The woman is walking up the stairs. C The document has been sent successfully.

Mạng Xã Hội

C The bridge is crowded. B She feels overworked. B The train doors are open. B More time to complete the work 9.

A The man is confused about something. B The three men are walking together. C In an office supply store D They are out of stock. C An excellent employee C Three people from accounting resigned. B Improved relations with Price A It sure looks like it. B Give Evans a bonus or a raise C I had a wonderful time. A Giving advice about managing time B First, you turn the knob to the left. B By taking his time and not hurrying B It turned out to be more complicated than C Because of stress we thought.

B He has quit his job. C How about on Friday? C She thought the man liked his job. B To a smaller city C Salesman C That was Dawson, our biggest client.

D Give her credit card number A Return it B The machines kept breaking down. B downloading new machines computer graphics. C Comparing the cost of different options A For three days. A Mathematics B By tomorrow afternoon, I think. B Accountant C She is very interested in his offer.

D To order some forms B Turn it so the green stripe is facing up. D Press 4 to hear the message in Spanish. A They were a little disappointing. C A guest speaker is being introduced. D Marketing B Yes, 15 years ago. A Elizabeth Morgan was a science teacher.

A To announce a death D Coronado Partners D Three years C At an airport A To advise passengers about carry-on something. B The black and white looks a little old- B Passengers with young children fashioned. C A catalog D Skiing D Conducting Better Meetings A None B Create a financial budget for the meeting B Made a flight reservation and stick to it B Time management D Bi-monthly together.

C A shopping mall B 12 times a year D A child has got lost. C Value B Give a description of Samantha at the A This is one of the best lines of portable customer service center stereos made today. B People who have trouble sleeping C Emphasize product value D Evaluate whether your credit card serves C 3 you well B Local businesses B Get a card with the lowest interest rate C To fund projects for young people in the possible.

A People who pay the balance in full each C One Greenford youth who wants to study month engineering D Winter D Making a charitable donation in his name B He is one of their clients. PART 5 A To thank Ewan for his efforts over the past A return D memorable year C For C Most A in D any A Before July 28th A who B hopes B He had to perform surgery. B out A have been B His secretary C off B whether C Drilling for oil deep below the ocean D to stay C never D A stock market investor C claimed A since A Take over a Finnish drilling company D must have A lowest B Taking on more difficult drilling jobs D so B developers C 3 weeks and one day D precise A until D Drive a rental car B by D promoted B one C after A What he will be doing in each location D was asked C found B The company was recommended to him.

B long D differing B Prescription drugs for men and outpatient B loyal C entire care for women C lower B objective C Women spend more for medical services. D inefficient A capital B precedent A lend Williams will be under no pressure to B would have A required take out a policy. B A job vacancy D Organize and produce presentations and C remind D premises seminars on management D entitled C every C Membership of a debating society D make C grateful D Her lack of experience D rate C suitable D Enthusiastic D to inform C further B The importance of secretarial work D eligible C earliest Answer Keys B Sending a member of the support staff to B Work on computers to experience problems the conference every year first hand C She thinks it is a wonderful idea.

C Providing chairs with good back support C Eric Richards D As soon as possible A Southwest Telecommunications wanted to A Samples of suitable office furniture solve problems caused by long-term computer use.

C The room has been set up for a conference. C It is too dark. A The man is painting a door. A Putting in some extra lights 3. B There are tools on the work bench.

B download some table lamps 4. B The two women look happy. B The cars are at the gas station. C The woman is surfing the Internet. C His time management skills 7. C The people are arranging papers on a table.

C Edit a report 8. A The women are discussing a document. A Whether she has communicated clearly 9. B The man and women are surveying the view. B She is a better writer than she realizes. A The woman is seated on the right of one of B He thinks he has the flu.

B He should have stayed home. B They are going through a quiet period. B He left his keys in the parking lot. D Coworkers B No, she took the shuttle. A No one tried to take his car. B In June. A He hopes she likes her new job. B Long, about 12 hours. C Go straight down the middle aisle to the C May 1st back. B Shopping for clothes C Disappointed me. A With sympathy B She has been given a raise.

A Walter, he wants you to call him back. A That the company makes the woman work A Sure, turn it on. A I did. C He might lose his job. A Only five days, and it must be for a family B Return it to the manufacturer. C Worried about her job security B The last weekend in March. Is that OK? B The man is leaving. B To Edgar Winters. A Because she needs to find a suitable A Of course!

Your proposal was excellent. B The same as yesterday. A I was hoping I could look at it over the weekend. D At a staff meeting D Beneath the back windows A Why? Is there a problem? B Just before noon C Two medical doctors B She is an excellent lecturer.

C Lived in West Africa B Taos Communications Wednesday. C They have new film projectors. B Morocco and Egypt. B Do you mean the red power mower, sir? B 7 days C Hold on to your hats because it will be D Mild temperatures with gusting winds or forget to do something. A There are not enough seats available. B I have no idea. This is such a mess. C Arbitrarily move passengers to a different B Drop by my office this afternoon.

B When the library is open C He is a tax accountant. B People with vision problems D Rhonda McVities B 2 A A health supplement D According to the distance transported A For three weeks C A penknife C Start with mg, then reduce it to B 70 pounds mg C Anyone interested in improving their C To announce job cuts computer skills D For a year B Twice a month C The most junior employees C A schedule of classes D Six times B Report financial transactions of a certain A That his company has not been doing its size best A They are unhappy about them.

C Call Kevin A Prevent illegal funds being channeled B To promote a new book secretly by organized crime groups A She thought the market was saturated. B To confirm a reservation for a meeting at A Anyone interested in fund management the BV Center A About 80 B The AV department and Food and B number A was held Beverage Manager C within B complex D most time. C due to A competitive B Madrid B would be C Situated B Type the fax onto a website B on D list C A headset C hope B rather A Individuals who conduct international A proved B enough financial transactions D seemed D have changed D 5, regardless of your balance B excited C sum C Transferring funds to another bank fifteen B was A when times in a month, without incurring D Since C better charges B informative A might D from D as soon as B Passengers must fly once a month for 12 B As A have developed months.

C provide D come out B lower C reflect C A maximum of 4 B had been A essential B By calling a special phone line or C currently B on downloading the form B must D Higher B He wants a quiet room. C By telephone C The hotel is located far from the road. C resort A all-inclusive B enter A spend A March 31st B increases C installed C Pay the full amount before July 5th C prosecuted A entitled B He should have paid the full amount by D celebrate B save April 29th.

C initial C comprehensive C 3 C Telephone people who are not expecting to C To get further information A His excellent sales record B To arrange an interview competitors B Call Ms. Prendergast A Whom she can call at the cheapest rate, A She hires new employees. D The airport lounge is almost empty.


D Upset and unimpressed 2. B The man is wearing protective headgear. A Very surprised 3. B There are very few customers in the store. A The company is located overseas. A The woman is using a notebook computer. B It was too low. C Four flags are hanging from the office B Disappointed building. A It will be hard to beat. A Two businesspeople are walking past a B The new receptionist is not very efficient.

C 4 weeks 7. A The man and woman are sitting next to B He needs to give the receptionist more each other. B The man is waiting for someone. B How he would like her to send the report 9.

C There is a file on the desk. D Delivered by hand D The waiter is carrying a tray of drinks. C In the afternoon A Take her to the airport D PART 2 A It will be too early for the man. A No, I have to leave by C He starts early. C On the table in the break room. D He is surprised by the changes.

B Yes, we need to add more desks. C One of their coworkers wanted a different A No, Mr. Curds has one more thing. C San Francisco. B Making an airline flight reservation A Because he lost his wallet.

B a. B It was my accountant. B She is collecting frequent flyer points from A Not as often as I should. B Reading a report A About three quarters of a tank. A He thinks his work might not be good A Here it is, ready to be copied. A It deserves praise. C The water supply has been cut off. A I was in a meeting. A There is not much that they can do.

D Put up signs and close the restrooms C Yes, it was terrible. B At a bank B For at least one year. B Switch to a higher interest account B She seems very competent and kind. A It would be better not to change things. A Yes, I expected it to be longer.

B In five weeks. C To introduce new staff members the table. C Business investments in Asia C Certainly, sir, if I could just see some A Switzerland identification? B There is a dinner with the staff. A By Friday at the latest. C Friday A Because I can never explain what I want to D Friday others.

B Over the telephone D Dallas B International Airlines C Tomorrow at ten o'clock. A The women are discussing a document. Were expecting a few problems because it will affect working hours. W Hmm, well, the first paragraph is too long, and there are a few typing mistakes. B would be A Well, he doesn't often send taxes, does he?

Who on the staff is dispensable? A It only takes five minutes by taxi. B No, Ive never met her before. D Marketing

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