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CBSE revision notes for class 10 Social Science NCERT chapter wise notes with key points and chapter summary for 10 Social Science all chapters in PDF. NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science History: India and The Contemporary World – II (इकाई 1: इतिहास-भारत और समकालीन. Free Download PDF in Hindi / English Through the NCERT Social Science Book Class 10 Questions and Answers in NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science History in Hindi It is a very important step for the students since making short notes reduce the efforts of turning pages before the exam.

Many powers of the central government have been given to states government of the two of the regions of the country. Brussels has separated government in which both the communities have equal representation. Apart from the central and state government, there is a third kind of government.

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This is community government. In Belgium, the leaders have realized that the unity of the country is possible only by respecting the feelings and interests of different communities and regions.

Sri Lanka shows us a contrasting example. It shows us that if a majority community wants to force its dominance over others and refuses to share power, it can undermine the unity of the country. Why is power sharing desirable?

Thus, two different sets of reasons can be given in favor of power sharing. Firstly, power sharing is good because it helps to reduce the possibility of conflict between social groups. There is a second, deeper reason why power sharing is good for democracy.

Power sharing is very spirit of democracy. A democratic rule involves sharing power with those affected by its exercise, and who have to live with it effects.


While prudential reasons stress that power sharing will bring out better outcomes, moral reasons emphasizes the very act of the power sharing as valuable.

Forms of power sharing: 1.

The idea of power sharing has emerged in opposition to the notions of undivided political power. For a long time, it was believed that all power of a government must reside in one person or group of a person located at one place.

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One basic principle of power sharing is that people are the source of all political power. We are sure the students who are aiming for a future in Social Science are ready to put all their efforts in the preparation and are sincerely dedicated.

However, for a successful career in the field of Social Science, they will require a good academic record. Therefore, students must start preparing for the Social Science exam well in advance. For effective preparation, students can refer the NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science and also, these preparation tips that have helped the students become scholars.

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It is a very important step for the students since making short notes reduce the efforts of turning pages before the exam. Candidates can study anytime, anywhere with the help of the short notes.

Particularly for history and topography. You can make short notes for yourself that will help in better recognition. These books are interactive to the point that understudies will appreciate it instead of feel its weight. Perusing any kind of books is dependably an advantage.

Never has anybody been in misfortune by perusing a book. Consequently from rich to poor all can approach it.

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Thus this perfect book with regards to fairness in instruction. Questions from NCERT books have a record in showing up in the most extreme selection tests and school tests.

The books are provided with good pictures, flowcharts and clarified outlines. This encourages the student to understand the concepts better.

There is no closure to learning.Never has anybody been in misfortune by perusing a book. State Control of Industries: It is also helpful in completing their homework.

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Even in the Board exams, the all important points and authentic explanation is given importance. This encourages the student to understand the concepts better.

This is community government. You can download latest syllabus as per the new session academic year — Let us look at some of the most common arrangements that we have or will come across. Power may also be shared among different social groups, such as the religious and linguistic groups.

The language used in the book is very interactive and simple which has been kept intentionally so as to match the intellect level of the student.

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