I have cleared the SSC CGL exam with a rank below Before I suggest you what books to What is the best book for SSC CGL history preparation? 12, Views For GA- Study only Lucent GK. (You can expect upto. General Awareness (GA) is the most scoring section of SSC CGL Tier I Exam. There's no need to . Once again, Lucent's GK book is also good for this section. SSC CGL Online GK Books: SSC CGL GK section is where most students start panicking due to its difficulty level. Since SSC CGL GK Syllabus.

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Rs, download from FlipKart promo/download-. General Knowledge Concise Medium: English. Rs. General Knowledge Guide For SSC Examination. Dear Aspirants,. We are providing Book and e-book for SSC Examination. Best of Luck!! SSCPORTAL. Kiran Prakashan SSC CGL Tier 1 Online Mock Test Series Kiran's SSC General Awareness Chapterwise & Typewise Solved Papers March

General Knowledge by Arihant Publications: Aspirants will find all the statistical data and facts in this book that are helpful to answer the questions easily. It provided all the information about elementary mathematics.

One can also access many practise papers. Quantitative Aptitude by Dr R. Aggarwal: This is the best book for clarity over the basic concepts and provides all the shortcuts to solve the questions in less than a minute.

Aggarwal: This is the best book for the reasoning section. Keep a monthly plan also to revise the topics you have studied in that particular month.

It will help you retrieve information without any effort in the examination. Whenever you are studying anything, try to make relation with something else that is very common to you so that whenever you see a question with this piece of information, you will definitely be able to recollect information whenever required.

It helps you retrieve such information from memory. Making mind maps means relating one information to others so that you can remember everything if you remember only one thing.

While revising, your main objective is to go through the salient points and not the whole thing. It becomes easier if you make notes while going through the chapters while studying them.

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You can make graphical notes or you can have audio notes so that your interest is sustained in studies.

Taking mocks will help you achieve this objective.

There are many books on the market but then it is very important that you do not get misguided by wrong information or unnecessary information. It is due to the opportunity it provides, many people are after this examination and some even take it year after year only to improve the ranking so that they can get the desired posts.

You can understand from all these, the craze of this exam in India and the efforts that you have to put in to get the desired post through the examination.

General Awareness will play a very important role in this journey because it is scoring as well as less time consuming than other subjects. Objective General English by S.

Bakshi: It consists of many concepts and helps you prepare for the grammar-related questions in a constructive manner.

Pay special attention while reading the grammar rules. Lucent's General Knowledge by Dr Binary Karn: This is one of the best books for the general knowledge section where everything is explained in a simple language.

It provides all the basic information about history, geography, economy, science and Indian polity.

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General Knowledge by Arihant Publications: Aspirants will find all the statistical data and facts in this book that are helpful to answer the questions easily.It is better to start with all the subjects at a time. Avoid any guess works: Guesswork may lead you to wrong answers and will increase negative marking.

Aggarwal: This is the best book for the reasoning section. Analytical Reasoning by M. You have to memorize these points by revising frequently. The above books are focused only on the concepts, shortcuts and preparations techniques, one should also consider books related to previous' year question papers and practise papers.

Analytical Reasoning by M. Practice Important Topics: Students can look into the chapter-wise analysis mentioned above and focus on the important topics first.

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