This innovative book helps K–6 teachers infuse the entire school day with research-based literacy best practices. Classroom-tested strategies are presented for. eBooks bring opportunities and issues for your school library and community. Find guidance about adding eBooks to your collection, including licensing and. Schools/K Browse and select e-book collections for your school library. School collections contain high-quality fiction and non-fiction titles across a diverse range of subject and topic areas—ensuring that you’ll find the right e-book collection to meet your school.

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OverDrive Education is the trusted provider of ebooks and audiobooks to + K schools & colleges worldwide. Ebooks in schools are being increasingly effective as a tool that doesn't just sit in the library but in part of the practical learning process in the. The goal of Open eBooks is to encourage a love of reading and serve as a gateway to children reading even more often, whether in school, at libraries.

Get set-up in just three simple steps.

Education today is at an unprecedented tipping point, and with this change comes incredible benefits and opportunities that far outweigh any initial trepidation or growing pains. Now is the time to get out in front of the digital movement and proactively incorporate new technology into your curriculum so you can avoid having to play catch-up later when it becomes a requirement.

Research shows that students are engaging more than ever with electronic devices like tablets, smartphones, e-readers and computers. For both study and for fun, students read eBooks at a higher rate than ever before, and the numbers continue to climb.

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The OverDrive library and school network, which serves 27, libraries and schools worldwide, has seen an accelerating increase in eBook usage. In just the first three months of , OverDrive-hosted digital library and school catalogs recorded In third quarter of , that number jumped to The year-over-year checkouts grew by 46 percent to Introducing eBooks to students is a way to meet your students where they already are.

When they want to teach themselves how to do something on their own they rely on Internet research and communication with their friends. And recent findings from a three-year study conducted by Marzano Research Laboratory in Southern California elementary schools suggests that teachers professionally trained on using interactive technologies in the classroom has a positive influence on student engagement and achievement.

This fosters a learning environment and creates a more interactive reading experience for the students.

Recent studies have even shown that the ability to adjust font size on-screen helps students with dyslexia and visual impairments to read more easily. The digital shift is certainly something to embrace for schools of any type — public or private, rural or urban, large or small, district or individual.

It allows for, and even encourages and enables, interaction among students and in classrooms, while providing a plethora of new tools for engaging readers. Most educators know that there is a movement to meticulously inspect and overhaul the United States education system to create a more efficient and effective learning environment for students.

After signing in the once and borrowing a book, it's one-click reading even after going offline. We encourage you to experience ePlatform for yourself by registering for a free trial login to our demo site below.

Download our school brochure or public library brochure. Email us with any questions. Register now to trial ePlatform.

The option to download or read online is especially valued by our patrons, as well as the ability to reserve titles.

Wheelers have responded quickly to feedback and download suggestions, and have a diverse range of content. Their eBook platform was very easy to set up, their books both print and digital are Australasian-oriented and up-to-date, and the downloading system is simple and straightforward. Efficient and courteous help is only a quick phone call away. Wheeler's e-book platform makes it easy. Their staff answer all your questions.

Their help desk is easy to access and available to help you with any problems you might have. I am very impressed with the range of books you can get now and new publishers are being added all the time. Most importantly the e-readers I have in my school are out all the time, the students have taken to them like ducks to water. Professional Learning Board. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Click to tell your friends, colleagues and school administrators about PLB's courses. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. The text encourages the students to interact with each other. It is said that the best learning always takes place when different brains work together. Discussions on the chosen text can help students break it down and explore it for what it really is.

It can help them comprehend the concept properly.

Ebooks allow the user to highlight a certain passage and search for keywords in the passage. This helps in referencing important aspect of the passage that would otherwise be lost in the maze of words. Marking important segments of the text allows students to visit the passage again or use it to make a point in a discussion.

You, as a teacher, can also highlight or add comments and then share that ebook with the students.

This possibility can help you guide students through the reading process. The built-in dictionary and other additional features aid the students, helping them understand difficult words and phrases. Some ebook devices allow Wi- Fi and make it possible for students to access websites through weblinks.

OverDrive eBooks for Schools

Ebooks that have links to videos, and other activities online can make learning effective and interactive. Ebook are not as easily accessible as published books and, hence, we may struggle to find enough material to use in the classroom.This "worthy successor to Strunk and White" now features an expanded style guide covering a wider On Special.

These include posters, bookmarks, logos and other images to download and print, add to your website or use on social media. These include posters, bookmarks, logos and other images to download and print, add to your website or use on social media.

E-books integrate the best of the visuals and text for students!

This "worthy successor to Strunk and White" now features an expanded style guide covering a wider range of citation cases, complete with up-to-date formats for Chicago, MLA, and APA styles. Lightbox supports differentiated instruction efforts and creates an interactive, engaging educational space for learners of every type. Especially relevant for struggling and reluctant readers, Follett's digital audiobooks enrich student vocabulary, emphasize listening ability, and encourage sustained reading times.

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