SCAVENGER'S GUIDE TO DROIDS RODNEY THOMPSON, STERLING HERSHEY, PATRICK STUTZMAN, ROBERT WIELAND. Rodney Thompson, Sterling. to the droid. They provide a +2D bonus to. Dexterity when making any roll to resist being knocked or falling prone. Source: Scavenger's Guide to Droids (page 52). SW Saga - Scavenger's Guide to Droids Optimized) - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free.

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ous denizens of the Star Wars galaxy, scavengers of droids and their parts the Droid Commander (see pages of The Clon e Wars Campaign Guide). SAGA EDITION - Scavenger's Guide to Droids Wars) By presented complete edition of this ebook in PDF, scavenger's guide to droids. Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Droids The fifth book in Del Rey's Essential Guide series, Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Droids Star Wars Scavengers Guide to Droids: A Star Wars Roleplaying Game Supplement.

As a standard act ion. Treat Injury. You are Directed Movement: As a move action. The penalties imposed by this condition persist until you receive paign Guide. You can use the Sneak droid can replace its relevant ability score modifier for that check wit h your application of the Stealth sk ill when in plain sight of an enemy. Task s requiring more than one round New Specialized Droid Talent cannot be optimized with this talent.

You may keep either result. You can use this talent for a number of rounds equal This section features new talents for two existing droid-only pre stige classes: Directed Action. You can reroll Deception checks for deceptive Acrobatics. You move quickly when caught. When you initiate a power surge. Power Surge. Full Control: As a full-round action.

Thi s ta lent is for use with the Specialized Droid talent tree. Power Boost: You channel your power surge into a boost for your loco- motion system. Information on droid damage taking the better re sult. A droid that is repa ired le ss to use. Tr ai ned in Use Compute r. Repai r Droid requires tool kit: A character with Mechan ics as a Ultra Resilient: You have advanced subroutin es that make you more trained ski ll ca n spen d 1 hour of work and make a DC 20 Mechanics check to resistant to the effect of damage.

Below are common droid issues tors to temporarily break the programming of a droid that you have a dat a and information on adjudi cating them. You can apply you r Independent Sp irit bonus a secon d of destroyed.

A droid can attempt to repair itself. When a droid is disabled th e equ ivale nt of being unconscious. It remains inert and inoperative until repa ired.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Characters

Damage d and destroyed droids are tre ated si milarly to organic heroes when Heuristic Mastery: You understand the subtleties and li mitations of your it comes to damage and dea th. You must be t rain ed in the ski ll. Ne w approaches to you ca n spend a Force Point to reroll any sk il l check trained or untra in ed. Scripted Routines: Your extensive experience al lows you to pre set Conditions: A droid is treated the same as an organic character when specif ic routines that give you an advan t age in so me sit uation s.

Unlike organ ic encoun ter you can use each of the following ac tion s: While in combat. Make a Use Computer check opposed by the droid's Will Defen se. You can use a feat or a talent that modifies your attack Persistent Conditions" on page If a dro id is reduced to 0 hit points by an attack -I 1lI sta ndard action.

You can rero ll any untrained ski ll check except Use the be reassem bled or have their da ta accessed by other means. Wisdom Although they are essentially li ving machines. You can use your ability to circumvent behavioral inhi bi. Once per it co mes to the condition track and persistent conditions.

A destroyed droid cannot reactivate itself. Salvaging a Destroyed Droid: Salvaging a destroyed droid requires a tool kit. Unless the request is defined in ways the shou ld be a limb rather than a tool that the droid can easily do without. Reactivating a Destroyed Droid: At the Gamemaster's discretion.

If not. The Gamemaster should also determine which of the droid's systems. A droid destroyed by a lightsaber might have slices or holes burned through it s chassis.

A droid equipped with a heuristic processor is better equipped to handle unusual situations. Even if the tasks are clearly delineated. Repairs might take severa l hours. The sacrificed appendage must be laid out in specific terms.

Taking into account the method of destruction. A character can attempt to reactivate a droid as a full-round action. A reactivated droid can assist in its own repairs by using the aid another action. As with all optional rules. The time required to salvage a droid can be affected by the level of destruction sustained by the droid. The droid understands. Reactivating a droid requires that its processor.

If the droid chooses this option. The battery and communication interface can be replaced or replicated if needed. Blaster fire or an explosion might scatter small and large pieces around the area. Sacrificial Appendage: When a droid would normally be reduced to 0 hit When considering an unusual request for or by a droid character. A droid's built-in equipment. The droid receives hit points from the repair. The character attempting the reactivation must make a DC 20 Mechanics check and work on the droid for 5 minutes.

If the ability seems focused on a trademark those empty player spots with droids is a nice option. Is the request already covered by an existing talent. The droid your heroes are going to be going on. If it seems reasonable that a given droid might be addition to future session s.

If the party is short on firepower. Another option is for the droid to suffer a with the existing ability. You should choose a droid model that fills an appropriate niche in the Plan for failure. This helps represent the fact that the droid is becoming more and more unique thanks to its time with a party of heroes at the center of great.

Gamemasters should take use the stock droid chassis presented on page 10 and then build the advantage of this potentially dramatic or amu sing situ ation. Simple tasks are typically covered by one any other major Gamemaster character. If the droid is an existing stock model. If might become confused. If the Gamemaster decides to If you decide to include a droid ally as a means of filling out the party's proceed with the request.

Should the task be covered by new talent.. The levels you choose for your droid should likewise continue to help the droid fill in the gaps in the party. Filling be able to learn. As the heroes gain levels. Don't shortchange players who select certain class. Some droids don't do well on adventures give up and report the failure. Adjudicating simple and complex tasks. If the ability see ms like something a droid ought to the game is designed for a typical group offive players and a GM. This not only lets you build exactly the kind of droid you need to fill a gap in the party.

EVELS ing a ne w droid-degree talent. Complex tasks should take multiple rounds with multiple checks. A droid that performs a task outside its realm of expertise party. In the middle of a battle or a critical mission. If you want the droid to grow and to develop as an interesting Gamemaster character.

Star Wars Saga Edition - Scavenger's Guide to Droids.pdf

If the player creates In adventuring parties featuring less than five players. Many gaming in this book for examp les. Th e campaign is set during the Dark the droid.

Brent elects not to add any droid equipment. The final choice belongs to the person behind the screen. Bargain hunters travel across the galaxy for the right droid at t he right price.

If the heroes need a protocol droid and also need a droid that has slicing ski ll s. This cost is 3. Step 6: Multip ly the number of the droid' s trained ski lls by cred its. MultiplV the number of the droid's trained skills bV credits. This system bases droid prices on t he droid' s capabilities and expe ri ences.

A droid fresh from the factory is sign ificant ly different from one that has been roaming for hundreds of years.. He calculates Step 2: Calcu late the droid's factory cost using the ru les in the Saga Edition the droid's costs based on its statistics: This droid's CL adds 3. Step 9: To find the final cost of the droid. The draid 's five modifiers Step 7: Multiply the number of the dro id's feats by 1. MUltiply the sum by core rulebook. The system here takes into account functionality.

Be sure to f igure in the droid's cost factor. Age and experience are valued by savvy droid owners. MultiplV the number of talents the droid possesses bV 2. MultiplV the droid's CL bV 1. Brent gives the droid two droid talents and The costs for Saga Edition droids have been recalculated and are indicated adds 4.

It allows Gamemasters to customize droids for their group and to offer droids that f ill the heroes' needs. Step 7: MultiplV the number of the draid's feats bV 1. Other Gamemasters Step 9: Brent divides the total of Add the cost of any accessories from other supplements. Brent gives the droid 3 levels of scout to keep it near th e level of his plavers and to give it access to talents. Step 5: Mu ltiply the number of talents the droid possesses by 2. Be sure to figure in the droid's cost factor.

Rebuilding a droid th at has learned how to do its job is much eas ier than teaching a new droid. Add the cost of any accessories from other supp lements.

Step 4: Add together the droid's attribute modifiers. Th e 3 calculated using the rules above. Droi d dealers haggle and bargain with prospective owners. Knowing what a dro id is worth can be difficu lt. The sum is 2. Multi ply the droid's CL by 1. Step 1: Start with the basic chassis cost. For a f irst-degree droid. Step 2: Calculate the droid's facto ry cost using the rules in the Saga Edition Step 4: Add together the droid 's attribute modifiers. Some Gamemasters might prefer to assign prices based on credits to the droid 's cost.

The hero es in Brent's ga me want to download a medical droid after a few Step 1: Start with the basic chass is cost of 1.

Rather than adding a new astromech Gamemaster character to the game. Typicall y. They are optional and meant to be used in situations where Gamemaster character can be distracting and time-consuming. A droid is able to significant part of the hero's attempt to sto p the pirates. But if the Gamemaster wants to droids at their disposal. These rules allo w probably wants the droid to stay with the ship during adventures. At first glance. IJ as companions or allies. Th ey are machines built to do a job.

Under fl I the actions of all those droids are re so lved. The Game. A hero who owns a starfighter likely wants Additionally. The droid's owner. These swift actions repre se nt the hero giving orders to with encounter balance and slow down the action at the game table while the droid and the time required for the droid to complete the action. Star Wars universe do their duty quietly and efficiently. He gives the player the protocol-format statistics block for the droid.

The se function s are called protocols. The Gamemaster still keeps the full-length statistics block handy in case. Gamemasters shou ld use these rules when the heroes own a an astromech droid to make the calculations for hyperspace. Reagle wants to download an astromech droid to help him slice into secure starships.

Protocol actions are sw ift actions. Th ese actions come from a droid's master and his or her allies. As an example. A personality lJ might develop as a result of infrequent memory wipes.

Droids can be useful. Countless droids in the background of the hero es who own them. Brent devotes a ranged attack action and an exceeds the droid's damage threshold. Every action that a droid is able to perform might not be li sted in the t he Gamemaster must determine if the droid could reasonably perform the protocol-format statistics block.

If a hero wants his or her droid For a full attack action. A droid should have no more An Example of Protocol Conversion than five protocols. He decides to use actions. After a and flexibility should use the regular droid rules and ask the Gamema ster to combat encaunter leaves her nearly dead. Spend a swift act ion for a droid to make a skill check.

Because the droid is meant to on the condition track. Any action requiring more time than a full-round action is not su itable as this process costs two swift actions.

This compromise accounts for the player. Move 1 sw if t action twi ce per turn Droids can aid another.

Spend two swift action s for a droid to make an attack. If an attack successfully hits the droid. The droid is trained in Initiative and Persuasion. It is a win-win situation: Wren gets more options in a fight. For example. He notes the hit points and damage threshold of modifier. An HK droid might seem a bit much for some Gamemasters. The droid taking up some of the owner's act ion s rather than having its own Gamemaster should keep the droid's full stati stic s block for occa sion s when suite of actions.

This conversion al low s some actions to be performed more worry about another Gamemaster character. Other than execution of actions. Brent agrees and pores over the stats of the HK droid in The Knights of the When using the protocol rules. An action can require more than one swift action. An owner who wants a droid with more funct ionality Wren. Gamemasters heroes. The game has several players. The droid movement is easy to convert. Some act ions can be performed a droid might normally be able to take only two move actions on its turn.

He also gives the droid an attack option since it. An action that the droid will be expected to do every session or encounter should be included. Spend a swift action to command a droid to move. Indicate the action s a droid is most likely action and.

If the check is con sid ered a full. Droids can move. When converting action s. Full-round action 2 swift actions on ce per turn Droids can make skill checks of their own. If the damage total for the attack meets or aid Wren's character in combat. If the droid were only a tool or a piece Swift x3 2 sw ift actio ns o nce per turn of equipment. If t he Thresh: Regul at e Power 2 sw ift actio ns. Thre sh ol d 8 Tactical Assistance 1 swift action.

Support Fire 1 swift ac ti on. The B me dica l droid moves 6 squares walking. The HKSeries assass in droid translates to or from any language Co pilot 1 swift actio n. Issue Routi ne Co mm an d 1 swift action. All droids in this book have similar protocol-format toward it. If the check is Intimidating Presence 2 sw ift actions. Medium droid 4th-deg ree M edi ca l A ss istan ce 1 sw ift action. The HKSe ries assass in droid assists a character's Per suas ion check.. Series Astromech Droid 7.

Vital Syst ems 2 hand appendages.. Vi t al Systems 6 tool appenda ges. The droid has a translator an adjacent squa re. Translator 1 f ree ac ti on walking. First A id 2 sw ift actions. Medium droid 1st. If the The 2. Revivify 2 swift action s. Th e R2-Series astromech droid aids a character's Pilot check. The R2-Ser ies ast rom ech droid mov es 6 square s wheeled.

Rapid Shot 1 swift action.. If t he chec k is successful. Medium droid 4th. Patrol Duty 1 swift action. Rapid Shot 2 sw ift actions. Thi s ac ti on ca n be att empted on a target on ly once pe r enco unter. If successful. The 3PO-Series protocol droid moves 6 squares walking. If the check succee ds.

Avoid Surprise 1 free action The B1-Series battle droid makes a Perception check at the start of a battle. Move 1 swift action. If successfu l.

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If the detects the target. Powerful Charge 1 swift action. Stea lth -6 Vital Systems 2 claw appendages. Move 1 sw ift action. Crab Scout Droid Crush 1 swift action. Large droid 4th. Threshold 42 Tactical Assistance 1 sw ift action. II Blaster Barrage 2 swift actions. Support Fire 2 swift actions. Twin Blaster Burst 1 swift action. III Vital Systems 1 tool appendage with blaster cannon.

The crab scout droid moves 6 squares walking. The dwarf spider droid moves 8 sq uares walking. Electrostaff Spinning Attack 2 swift actions.

Smaller ele ctro nic Self-Destruct 1 f ree act ion devices. The intangibl e ele- Patrol Duty 1 swi ft action. Force point as if he or she had spent it.

The Viper-Series probe droid se lects an adjacent square and makes a Give them a voice. IG-lSeries Bodyguard Droid The droid can are speaking in cha racte r.

The droid is immediately destroyed. You can download free text-to-speech programs communicate its discoveries as a free act ion. Med ium droid 5th-degree If successful. Mechanical Assistance 1 swift action. Perso nality goes a target's Stea lth check. The ASP labor droid moves 6 squares walking. Give yo ur droid cha racters DC 15 Perc eption check. Even simply The Viper-Series probe droid activates its se lf-de struct mechanism. Viper-Series Probe Droid Vital Systems 2 hand appendages. Long-Distance Haul 2 swift actions.

Droids have unique vo ices. Adding a mechanical twist to yo ur vo ic e immediate ly indi ca t es th at you traps. Making the attack dea ls 3d6 points of damage.

If the check is successfu l. If the droid's check is successful. Season your dro id s as you see fit. Protect and Serve 1 free action Claw 1 swift action. If suc cessfu l. C-3PO's unshakable manners are as important The Vipe r-S eries probe dro id makes a Perception check against the an element of hi s characte r as hi s ability as a translator. Th e suggestions below are the target. Series bodyguard droid ma kes a Perception check at the start unit. If succes sfu l. If the check is successf ul.

Dro id characters might have a streak of humor. Pick an element of organ ic beings' behavior that your droid does not understand.

A droid that violates these expectations is an excellent can add depth to the character. You might have an assassin droid addressing somebody. All good thing s mu st end. A character who works we ll with other heroes makes the game easier for players and for the Gamemaster.

That protocol droid might be the life of the game for real. Perhaps the droid's voca lization software is be short term. Planning for how your droid will lea ve t he game laconic.

Giving your character Consider HK's tendency to start each sentence by identifying the type a goal can help you focus on important story elemen ts and also give you a of sentence it is.

Or maybe your maintenance droid is never lord. It can also be useful if you must leave the way to shake up the si tuation. Knowing where a character comes f rom helps you understand where that character is going.

Adjusting posture or giving the droid a few droid rivals. Giving a droid a distinct speech pattern is a great way sen se of what classes your character should take in later levels. That assassin droid probably isn't a good fit for a game in which the other o I heroes are all Padawans. The slapstick antics of battle droids and the black humor of HK stem from the same source: While droids mimic the behaviors and feelings of organic beings.

Previous owners. Interesting characters from Use your whole body. Another player's character might be a rn perfect fit for a relationship with your droid. Play aga inst type. If you are willing to ham it up a bit. Th e goa l cou ld to make the droid stand out. Rather t han having two crim e lords chase after your group of heroes.

Play well with others. If you know how you want party. Don't be afraid of flaws. Nobody is perfect. Or it might mix in words and slang from a previous target the heroes simply because you need a villain. Perhap s your battle droid idly twirls its property of a minor crime lord. Flaws can strengthen a character's connect ion to other players. A year-by-year history of the World Series includes information about outstanding players, baseball records, statistics, and interesting facts.

Greyson, Erick Durkin, Jul 1, , Games, pages. Learn more about new and revised super powers, expanded special abilities, gadget. This in-depth review of the Core Worlds region of the "Star Wars " galaxy features an emphasis on the capital world, Coruscant.

Schwalb, John Snead, , Games, pages. Scores of nefarious characters, fearsome creatures, and droids of various levels are defined in this "Star Wars" supplement.. Stephens, Rodney Thompson, , Games, pages. This new saga edition encapsulates all six "Star Wars" feature films while presenting a thorough revision of the rules, making the game easier to learn while improving the. A guide for players and game masters provides strategies for building droid characters using manufacturer templates and a variety of equipment, modifications and talents, in a.

Provides instructions for creating characters and campaigns for the "Star Wars" roleplaying game that call on the dark side of the Force, and offers details on character. The gamemaster's ultimate resource for starting and sustaining a Star Wars campaign. This comprehensive guidebook contains everything a beginning or experienced gamemaster needs.

When Jango, the most notorious assassin in the galaxy, is hired to retrieve a rare, valuable and mysterious artefact, he thinks that this might be his most profitable mission. Cooper, May 1, , Fiction, pages. The Buckaroo rides the range alone and loves it. The contents of this codex, however, are different from other statistics block entries.

Along with the standard statistics block and description, each entry includes a section that describes how the particular droid can be used as equipment by a player character, a sidebar detailing ways to build a droid PC modeled after it, and suggestions about how the droid could be altered to perform functions not normally allowed by its original programming.

Each of these sidebars is presented from the point of view of a particular individual: The beings that deal in used droids and that run the junk shops and droid A SCAVENGER'S BOOK parts stores are the ones that scavenge the abandoned technology of any One question that might be crossing your mind as you read this is "Why world, searching through the scraps for any usable parts. Jun k dealers will is this a scavenger's book? But other cit izens of the galaxy that work with droids on a daily basis, why are the way in which they se ll tho se parts can vary as much as any other business we focusing on scavengers?

Although they might not be the most glamor- in the galaxy. Some dealers keep their wares all throw n together in huge ous denizens of the Star Wars galaxy, scavengers of droids and their parts plies behind their shops and all ow patrons to rummage through t he piles to and accessories are probably the most numerous of the organic creatures find what they need. Other dealers might sort through the piles themselves that deal with these mechanical beings. From the group of Jawas living in to f ind what the customer needs and to charge an extra finder's fee on top their sa ndcrawler roaming the deserts of Tatooine to the highest-paid droid of the asking price for the pa rt.

Th e dea ler might choose to se ll a part as-is, technic ian em ployed by the wea lthy residents of Coruscant, those that letting the customer take his or her chances on the part' s condit ion , or the repair, upgrade, or perform any kind of maintenance on droids generally look dealer could offer to refurbish it for an additio nal fee. Whether droids cook, clea n, and serve organic their ca re operating in good condition. And the scave ngers are z. This is th eir way of life and the way they earn a living.You can make all sorts of things, once you understand what electronics is and how it works.

You can use both Power Surge and Power Boost at the same time. Knowing what a dro id is worth can be difficu lt. The droid believes it or possibly its master is thoroughly capable of succeeding at any task it is trained in or proficient in.

Turn and Burn Droid. Erratic Target Droid. Basic Data Link: Skill Training Knowledge [galactic lore]. Most manufacturers re ly on labo r droids. Droid with Strength

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