Free download or read online ✅Shreekanto bangla book from the category of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. Portable Document Format (PDF) file size of. Download Srikanta By Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay pdf ebook. Shreekanto is a Bengali book which is written by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. We found a. Feb 18, by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, translated by Kshitish Chandra Sen and Srikanta is his most ambitious book, in style and scope.

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Srikanta is a Bengali novel written by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. Published in four parts . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version . Srikanto by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay | Free Download Bangla Books, Bangla Magazine, Bengali PDF Books, New Bangla Books. Jun 24, Language: Bengali. SRIKANTA. An Autobiographical Bengali Novel. by. Saratchandra Chattopadhyay. Identifier: ShrikantoSharatChandro.

He goes wherever life takes him.

He meets people from every walk of life. This book tells us about the Hindu religion and how people are judged by their caste. People get jobs based on their castes not on merit. This novel tells us that Indian people, especially people from lower castes, are tired of this system.

It was an interesting book and it gave me a lot of knowledge about the Indian culture, which is an umbrella term for the spectrum of cultures present in India. All books of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay are also enjoyable.

There in the prince's tent, he meets Piyari, a nautch dance girl, who is none other than his old and dear schoolmate. Her real name is Rajlakshmi. She has not fogotten her old love which grows more intense while meeting Srikanta.

After leaving the hunting party, Srikanta, the vagabond that he is, joins a group of roving mendicants. During the travelling Srikanta falls ill, and with some difficulty he sends news of his illness to Piyari at Patna , who hurriedly comes with her stepson to him and takes him to Patna.

Srikanta spends some days there in the loving care of Piyari, and one day Srikanta takes leave of Piyari and goes to his native village.

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Abhaya was going to Rangoon to live with her husband, but she is treated very inhumanly by her beastly husband and is refused entry into his house. Abhaya and Rohini, who love each other, live together like husband and wife. Srikanta returns to his native village, but is taken ill there. Rajalakshmi comes to him and takes charge of his treatment and nursing.

There Rajalakshmi is always busy with her religious practices and discourses. Bankim was propagandist as well as novelist, and his work was often a reconstruction of earlier days in his country, as his imagination pictured them. His handling of those days may be compared profitably with Scott's revival of former history. Neither he nor Scott is impartial, as a historian is supposed to be, both frankly taking sides.

But Bankim knew his surroundings, and his pictures of Bengali life would be better known abroad if they were accessible in better translations.

শরৎ রচনাবলী

Even as it is, he is a name that has reached the wider world. Rabindranath Tagore belonged to the Brahmo Samaj, and to the most cultured and eclectic family in that circle.

He has told me that he does not consider that he has been quite familiar with ordinary Hindu life, and the criticism is often made by his own countrymen that his novels and short stories depict what is really Brahmo life. When he was passing out of his teens, Bankim hailed him as his successor and the younger man repaid him by grateful appreciation.

The one sharp division between them, a breach happily healed by the generosity of both men, came from their different attitude towards Hindu society and religion.

Irony and criticism are never absent from his fiction. But his greatness is as a poet, and his novels, with the exception of The Home and the World —which is really a series of episodes treated in the manner of short stories—, are not among his best work.

This is the link—this, and Rabindranath's short stories, many of which are with the finest short stories ever written,—between Bankim and Sarat, and this is the way in which the torch which the former handed to the young poet of Evening Songs, nearly forty years ago, has from Rabindranath reached the most prominent living novelist of Bengal.

Sarat Babu has gone to the world of to-day, and given us pictures of the present.

In his work criticism of society is found, but it is not the radical criticism of such a fearless work as The Home and the World—one of the most courageous books ever written, for which Rabindranath deserves a salute from everyone who loves a brave man—and such stories as Living or Dead and Subha. It does not seriously break a spear with tradition.

Yet he has not escaped attack. Srikanta is written round his favourite social theme, the problem which is constantly exercising his mind—society's attitude towards the professional and public woman.

Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

The reader will be glad that he has made Rajlakshmi so attractive. The second and third parts of Srikanta have been published.

The present volume is only the first part. Valuable advice and help in preparing the book for publication have been given by Messrs.All of a sudden there was a new botheration. Father was a great scholar, and he had tried his hand at stories and novels, dramas and poems, in short, every branch of literature, but never could finish anything.

Hurriedly he came out of the bed and wiped his stomach.

The first made me a tramp and sent me out tramping the whole of India quite early, and the second made me a dreamer all my life. This novel tells us that Indian people, especially people from lower castes, are tired of this system.

We were about ten or eleven years old then. Parineeta has also been made twice.

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