Are you looking for a copy of the Rich Jerk ebook to download free?. I caved and bought the ebook. I love it. I'll report more on it later on but I wondered if there some place for a future Rich Jerk to get the product. download The Rich Jerk (either basic or deluxe) through my affiliate link below and receive a free copy of "30 Days to Niche Success"! This 60 page eBook outlines a .

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then gave me this eBook, I could get it all back within 12 months that's how reading my ebook, I highly recommend you become a Rich Jerk affiliate and. “Congratulations! Apparently you do have a brain!” so the $47 dollar eBook begins ;). I first read 'The Rich Jerk' a little over 3 weeks ago. There has been so much coverage of the Rich Jerk and the "scam" in the past an eBook that teaches you how to get rich or that passive monthly paycheck?.

But then I saw the infommercial. One problem: Share this: Email Facebook Twitter Google. Like this: Like Loading Previous Post Previous post: Stormfront on Asians.

Download the Rich Jerk Ebook for Free

Next Post Next post: Leg Shaving Among Straight Men. Don't know how to build a Website? No problem.

The Rich Jerk will tell you where to find the tools that make building your own Website a piece of cake. He explains such things as affiliate marketing, too, just in case you don't know anything about it. Is The Rich Jerk's ebook the magic money making solution that everyone is constantly looking for?

No, but that doesn't exist.

What The Rich Jerk offers is sound money making advice that you can put to use right away with a minimum amount of time and money to invest. You can reasonably expect to earn money in as little as a week using his systems.

If you are willing to spend some time to read the book and a few days to a few weeks to put the knowledge to use, you can certainly make money using the advice of The Rich Jerk. This character has been so successful that it has spawned copycats and even anti-Rich Jerk products.


Will we see other types of characters pop up online promoting products? When you think about it, fictional characters are nothing new to product marketing.

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The Rich Jerk proves that a fictional character can be used successfully to market a product online. However, the character will have to have some uniqueness in order to be memorable.

The Rich Jerk copycats will never be as successful as the original. Originality is the key.

The Rich Jerk Is Jerking Off

If you are thinking of creating a fictional character to promote your product or service, here's what you should do: Think of an interesting name: Names are important.

When you first heard about the Rich Jerk, what did you think? Who is this guy?

See, the name or moniker itself made you curious to find out more about this character. The character's name should be catchy and easy to remember. Create a backstory: A backstory is what authors and scriptwriters use to flesh out a character.

In order for any character to successfully touch people in a certain way, they have to be believable. Who is this person? How old is he or she? Where did they come from?

How did they get to where they are now? What is their purpose for being?

Treat your character like a real person.And all that in 40 pages! He starts off by spending a few pages on affiliate programs, before jumping straight into the fine art of PPC pay per click traffic.

Him and his partners want out. Some accuse him of making big promises that the ebook just does not live up to. Heard of the Rich Jerk? No Downloads.

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