Burlington Books is one of Europe's most respected publishers of English language teaching Revised Burlington Practice Tests for ECCE Book 3 ( SB). Find BURLINGTON PRACTICE TESTS FOR ECCE BOOK 3 from PETERSON MARTHA at ISBN: Βιβλίο Burlington Practice Tests for ECCE Book 3 Revised για ΑΓΓΛΙΚΑ, BURLINGTON,B2,ΠΡΟΕΤΟΙΜΑΣΙΑ ΕΞΕΤΑΣΕΩΝ,Martha Peterson.

Revised Burlington Practice Tests For Ecce 2013 Book 3

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Revised Burlington Practice Tests for ECCE Book 3: Practice Tests Teacher's Edition by PETERSON MARTHA, , available at Book. 8 complete practice teststips and strategiesmini-companion with Greek translations, defin SKU:BKS Revised Burlington Practice Tests for ECCE Book 3 Student's. Εκδότης: Burlington Κωδικός προιόντος: Συγγραφέας: Έτος Έκδοσης.

What for? Besides - , Sounds good! Im just calling GLOSSARY Part 2 - Listening booth - clarify - collector - enthusiast - entirely - , exchange - , existence - finance - helmet - icon - independence - individually - , legendary - , maintenance - marvel - mass produced - modify - , non-stop - on top of the world - participants - pedestrian - take for a spin - , tinker with - tour - TASK 2 READING TASK 1 agricultural industry - assume - breed - , brink of extinction - clear away - , conclude - , confirm - decline - , , empty-handed - , endangered species - exhaustive - , flock - former - , funding - habitat restoration - major role - native - , , nesting - , prove - , adventurous - allergy - altitude - , azure seas - bungalows - discomfort - , discount - distinctive tribes - divine - elusive - , , fabulous - , fragrance - gradual ascent - guest house - hike up - , integral part - intriguing - legendary - , long-lost civilization - luxury - magical land - majestic - , misty - ,.

GLOSSARY mountain peak - peek over - pristine forest - remote - , retain - , ritual - ruins - savor - serenity - , snorkeling - sumptuous - teeming with wildlife - timeless - , trek - , unique - untouched - , Venetian fortress - virgin rainforests - witness - global network - issuing office TASK 3 access to - benefits - collect-call - cultural exchange - economic contribution - educator - eligible - , endorse - , entrance fees -.

I blame myself for everything that happened. The actor walked me to the door himself. Enjoy yourself at the party. She doesnt live by herself; she lives with her family. I told them to help themselves to anything they needed. A B Who helped you make this wonderful cake? No one! I made it myself! Activity 1 Cross out the reflexive pronoun if it is unnecessary. How often do you exercise yourself?

Jackie made herself a sandwich, but she also made one for her brother. Dont worry. I have enough money and can pay for myself. The story itself isnt very good, but I like the authors style of writing. Shall we decorate the apartment ourselves and save money?

Donna tried to relax herself before the job interview by listening to some music. They looked at the reflection of themselves in the lake. What time shall we meet ourselves tomorrow?

I want you to behave yourselves while I go to the principals office. Tim couldnt shave or dress himself because he had both his arms in casts. A B I was sick this morning I hope you feel yourself much better now. People who suffer from too much stress can make themselves ill. A B Thanks for coming to my party. We thank you. We really enjoyed ourselves. I always shop myself around before I actually download anything.

You should pull yourself together a stop worrying so much! A B Where did you download this dress? I made it myself. Can I have a cookie, please?

Of course you can. Who is going to cook for you while your mother is away? Dont worry! Have you finished your homework? Do you ever get bored?

Are you still going to martial art classes? Have you met Robert? A B defend stay write concentrate Why are you sitting there? Why are you wearing that bandaid on your finger?

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Are you nervous about the exam? Did you hear that Bill and Cindy have taken up bungee jumping? I know. How do you remember so many things?

Greenhouses protect plants from dying in cold weather. The police accused him of breaking and entering. I cant choose between the red or the blue suit.

Whats your reason for coming so late today? I was under the impression that Mary was your sister. Some prepositions can be used more than once. A B from in into for against over between without under beside. Thats the way she is! Its no accident. One sits on either side of me! A B Do understand the book were supposed to read? Put the verb into the correct form. Personally I dont think scientists should experiment on animals. Why is your sister always experimenting with the color of her hair?

They should split up! The problems easy. It had a huge garden. We make every effort to help our clients. Tony tried to make amends by downloading Roberta a bunch of flowers.

The children made fun of the boys pink sweater. The club was so noisy that you couldnt make yourself heard. The children started making faces at one another. They made money by working hard. Activity 1 Match to make sentences. Youll wake mom and dad. We havent got all day! Before you enter the exam room make 4.

Her appearance was sure to make 5. Rachael makes 6. I always make. The grandparents really made 8. I wish youd hurry up and make 9. I know Charlotte made If you want to make. I need to use your phone to make Mike and Joan decided to make Try not to make. I dont want to make waves 2. Do you know where she is?

You know he did something wrong! Item 2 - Phrasal Verbs Study the examples below: Mary has come up with a clever solution to our problem.

Youre late! I came across this really rare book when I went to a used-book store yesterday. Marlees lease comes up for renewal at the end of the month. We came up against some unexpected difficulties. Barry doesnt feel well.

Activity 2 Choose the most appropriate phrasal verb for each sentence. Remember to use the correct form. This must be at least the sixth time! Yeah, right! How do you like that! GLOSSARY Part 2 - Listening carving - artistic tradition - Australia Aborigines - bead - - beaded - bio - clay - contemporary art - continent - egg yolk - indigenous - , , Iroquois people - necklace - pebble - precious stone - print patterns - religion - religious objects - timeless - , to say the least -!

Practically - Entirely - Directly - Frequently - GLOSSARY dive into - dolphin nursery - flock to - , frost - , gigantic - journey - link to - located in - massage - massive - metropolitan area - musical seals - nature walk - nearby - one-of-a-kind - pack more excitement - perfect - per square foot - petting zoo - popular attraction - rainy conditions - relax - , season - shark tank - showtime - spectacular - sugar mill - surrounded by - theme park - tight budget - tourist attraction - tourist industry - ultimate adventure - vary - , walrus - wildlife preserve - world-class -.

A B A B Were there many people at the club last night? In fact, not much was happening. Are you finished yet? I just have a little more work to do and then well go. There arent a lot of movies on TV this week that I want to see. A B Why are you downloading another tie? Youve got lots of them. But I really like this one. There werent many people at the beach.

Robert has little interest in any of his college subjects. I think its sad that I forgot my purse! How My dads not working so we Most of my exams have finished so Jenny has Have another cookie.

I dont think about it now. I have little leisure time. I had studied for hours so I answered No one left early, but My exams are just starting so Jenny knows Have another cookie. I made. You must visit New York. Will you hurry up?

In fact, its nearly black. Those twins are so much alike that I cant tell one from the other. A B Id like to try on those white sandals, please?

Which ones? The ones with the bow? My brother is the one with blond curly hair. Could I have another cup of coffee, please? My family all exchange e-mails with one another. Can you tell the others that Ill be late for the meeting?

They look exactly the same to me. A one B other C another D others I have some donuts. A one B other C one another D another 9.

A one B other C others D each other. A the others B one from the other C others D ones A one from the other B another C each other D one A one another B another C the other D ones A one other B another C one another D other A ones B others C another D one Theyre next to the bread.

A another B other C ones D each other. A B Ill take two kilos of apples, please. The red or the green ones? Would you like anything else? Have you told anyone else yet about the wedding? Have you heard from your sister lately? Of course. Is baby Daniel your only child? So what happened in the end? Are these the boxes you want to get rid of? Did you listen to his advice? These cookies are delicious. What were your students making so much noise about? This is obviously the wrong time to be discussing this matter.

The book is apparently based on her own life and what happened to her as a child. Personally, I would prefer to employ someone with more work experience. Activity 1 Choose an adverb from the box to replace the underlined part of each sentence. As you would expect, we did everything we could to help them solve their problem.

It wasnt right for the two boys to be accused of breaking the window. Its surprising that, she didnt deny that she had known him for many years. I lacked good sense and believed everything he told me.

It was fortunate that nobody was injured when the airport caught fire. Without thinking, she threw her bag on the table and knocked over a glass of milk. Youll most likely have finished cooking the meal by the time I get back. In most circumstances, an intensive language course is ten hours per week for four weeks. All of you will agree that theres no point in trying to help them now. Nancy is giving all her attention to thinking about taking up that job offer in Seattle.

You are without any doubt the best-dressed woman here. To say what I really feel, I couldnt have finished the job without Brians help. Item 2 - Words that look similar or have a similar meaning Study the examples below: Im sorry I lost your book, but I promise to replace it for you. It was great. Activity 2 Choose the most appropriate word in its correct form. Im really into My, goodness!


Getting up early this morning was murder! Can I take a message? Math is behind us! There go the lights again! I cant shake this cough. REVIEW TETS Part 2 - Listening acoustics - adhere to - , attract - audience - behind-the-scenes - buffet meal - chat - crew - cultural event - director - drama - eye-opening - Kabuki - lecture - off the ground - on par with GLOSSARY comic strip - compete with - concentrate - countless - creator - dialogue - direct at - elementary school - exhibit - funny story - genre - global warming - hero - hit - , humorous - , hunger - ideal for I saw this great movie on TV last night.

When we were in England, we spent a week in London. We need to get off the train at the next stop. Stella went into the room and sat down. We drove around the city, looking for an apartment. Activity 1 Put the correct preposition into each sentence. Use on, in, at or into. We spent the afternoon at the zoo and looked at all the animals. Ill go back to the parking lot and get it. There werent enough cashiers. Item 2 - Word-Level Grammar Study the examples below: A B June and Fred are getting married.

Yes, and everyone is delighted for them. Theres going to be a thorough investigation. Nicol is very creative.

She tells her children wonderful stories shes made up. My uncle used to smoke, but he turned over a new leaf when his health problems started. By trying to keep everyone happy, Bob is just sitting on the fence and not making a decision. You must put your foot down and stop that class being so noisy. Ive been racking my brains all day trying to think of an authors name! To make a long story short, the police managed to find my stolen motorcycle.

Activity 1 Choose a set phrase from the box to complete each sentence. I cant think of a solution. Theres a lot more! I never expected it! Were all unemployed. Lets forget about it. Us winning the lottery is just 3. What the newspapers are saying is just We left the demonstration before things My boss offering me a promotion came. Prices have really increased. We all 7. Nobody has a job. Everyone is 8. Well only finish this on time if Youre too sensitive.

You cant. Itll never happen. Weve been working for fourteen hours. Say what you believe! Dont Lets just say our argument is. If you want to prove how old you are you have to show us a passport or birth certificate. The news bulletin will be on at nine oclock. A woman came up to me in the street today and asked if I would take part in an opinion poll.

Even though shes a famous actress, she still gets bad stage fright. The news didnt have the entire interview.

People in the area are so scared that the volcano will erupt that nearly everyone has left. The other man is being held by the police. Activity 2 Fill in each blank with an appropriate noun.

I was just about to say the same thing! A lose B would lost C was losing D could lose 8. Then I would be able to download a new car. A rather B prefer C would rather D would prefer Ms. A had listened B listened C listen D listening. Andy was very nervous during the interview. A would prefer to play B prefers playing C would rather to play D prefers The TV program came on very late.

The fire department arrived very quickly. A whereas we went anyway. B in spite of we went. C but we went anyway D while we went. Vocabulary Choose the most appropriate word or expression for each blank.

A crawl B stroll C tiptoe D march 4. My feet are covered in blisters! A considerate B convenient C comfortable D natural Have you seen my glasses? A watching B glancing C staring D observing.

A packs B chains C sections D cartons A glance B brush C glimpse D view. A something B anything C nothing D none Would you like some dessert? A no B nothing C any D anything 8. A oneself B yourself C themselves D itself Did you enjoy the concert last night? I dont now yet. A down to B up against C down with D up with 4.

A touch B particular C progress D person What was his point? A making out B getting at C dealing with D putting over. A in for B out of C across D up with My salary has been reduced.

A shortage B deficiency C reduction D lack A delay B warning C sound D success. A jobs B tasks C errands D chores Its no good putting it off any longer. A brand B logo C mark D product. A the others B another C others D other 8. A classically B classical C classics D classic. A many B plenty of C so many D lots of I dont want to go to school today. Pick up your bag and lets go. Have all the students brought their costumes for the play?

Not really. Wheres everybody? A belief B believe C believable D believing. It had a beautiful interior and a wonderful garden. A delight B delighting C delighted D delightful. A wondering B waving C wandering D focusing. A work B employment C skill D labor A anger B rage C temper D fury. A search party B mind reader C side effect D opinion poll.

Example 2. Would Due to 4. Seeing 5. As a result 8. A viewing 2. A washed 3. B rushed 4. C watching 5. A crept 6. A peel 7. A dry-cleaned 8. D saw 9. D tidy A limped Item 2 Activity 1 1. G Example 2. Activity 2 1. Item 2 Activity 1 1. A now that 3. D due to 4. C because of 5. A Since 6. D as a result 7. A because 8. D Seeing that A so B Since C as B Because C As a result C because. B wasnt raining 2. B had 3. D to make 4.

B had won 5. A would finish 6. D stopped 7. A were coming 8. A would hurry 9. D could see Nevertheless, people continue using their cars Item 2 Activity 2 1. Although it rained every day, we still enjoyed our vacation. I couldnt really afford it but bought the car anyway. I slept for fourteen hours; however, I am still tired.

It was freezing cold yet Thomas still went out without a coat on. She lives in a nice place though her house is small.

It was dark in the room but Chris still kept her sunglasses on. The weather was very hot; nonetheless I continued working in the back yard. My brother is over two meters tall, whereas I am very short.

I wasnt sure if I like the color; however, I bought the dress. However, I bought the dress. B bowl 2. A bag 3. B sheet 4. C bar 5. A slice 6. C package 7. A bouquet 8. B carton 9. D bunch A flock Activity 2 1. No matter how much he practices piano, he still plays badly. There were strong winds yet we still went fishing. Although the teacher said I had to do my homework, I didnt. I like comedies while my girl friend prefers romantic movies.

However, she does have two dogs and a cat. I may have been tired but I went to Carlas birthday party. Even though I wasnt really hungry Even so, small children shouldnt use them. C anything 2. B no one 3. A anybody 4. A None 6. D anywhere 7. B Nothing 8. A something 9. D nowhere D none C nothing B anywhere Activity 2 1.

How 3.

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FCE Exam Guide analysing all four papers of the format: Self-study edition with a Self-Study Guide that includes: A very useful resource for FCE teachers ans students. FCE Fast Class: This book prepared for students to practise their grammar, vocabulary, reading and written English skills at the early stage of FCE. It includes: It systematically helps students develop and improve their reading skils necessary to succeed in the examination.

Practice Tests with revision lessons and 3 free audio CDs. Extensive and varied exercises after the presentation of each grammar point giving plenty of practice of what has been taught. Special vocabulary units concentrating on phrasal verbs, prepositions, word formation and words easily confused. Ten complete Use of English practice tests.

Revolving around 12 key exam topics and including realistic exam practice for all five papers in every unit, Target FCE offers an effective and fun route to exam success. The engaging texts, a focus on personalization and excellent teacher support make it easy to plan lively, communicative classes. The engaging texts, focus on personalization and excellent teacher support make it easy to plan lively, communicative classes, while the rigorous exam training and practice ensures students are thoroughly prepared for their FCE exam.

It provides all the practice students need to sit the exam with confidence. Packed with CD-Rom containing computer versions of the 5 tests plus 2 additional tests. It includes the listening material to all the tests in the SB. It consolidates and builds on essential areas of grammar and vocabulary. It also develops the speaking, reading, writing and listening skills required to pass. Spotlight on FCE also works well with the new online preparation course My FCE, which offers over 40 hours of additional test preparation.

How to Pass FCE: Exam Practice in Reading - Brian Orpet - Focusing on reading FCE Paper 1 , this is one of four titles which provide students working on their own with question-and-answer practice for the First Certificate English exams. The questions are graded, so that students can take themselves in easy steps up to FCE level in each part of the paper.

Explanations of answers are included as well as examination tips and advice on preparation. There is also guidance on self-assessment so that students can judge for themselves how well they are progressing. The book can be used to supplement a coursEbook at this level, and is suitable for use in the classroom, for homework, or for self-study.

This is the edition with key.


Adrian Simmons. Burlington Books. Missing pages is tapescripts section. The exam-based exercises will familiarise any student with the tasks they will face in the test, boosting their confidence and leading them towards successful results. The answer key also includes clear explanations and analysis of model answers. Composition development, guiding students through the production of a specific piece of writing. Model compositions, achievable by First Certificate students and actively used in tasks.

Exam practice, giving students the chance to practise what they have learnt as homework. Updated for the exam. Key features: A systematic approach to word formation prefixes, suffixes and irregular forms , Grammar focus, providing essential First Certificate grammar practice, A phrasal verb reference section with definitions from the Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners plus a list of collocations and patterns with a reference section at the back of the book SKILLS for First Certificate Listening and Speaking Full Set - Malcolm Mann - Macmillan.

Contains 12 theme-based units referring to each of the exam parts. In total: Macmillan Mission FCE Full Pack - is a motivating CoursEbook with a challenging approach for students preparing for First Certificate Exam in English or any similar examination - the perfect combination of language development and extensive exam training for all five papers Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening and Speaking. Mission 1 is intended for intermediate learners.

CoursEbook contains bright pictures and provides with grammar and speech exercises. Test and revision sections also are available. This text revises the main grammar points at the level of First Certificate as well as providing practice in key lexical areas.KeyScarlett Johansson photo 1 and Hunter Johansson photo 6 are twin sister and brother.

He went back tohis old ways more or less as soon as he got back toEngland. Thelift took ages to arrive. Page 1 Ecology, 79 8 , , pp. Then I would be able to download a new car.

Can you tell the others that Ill be late for the meeting?

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