There are several ways to get ready for PMP certification exam. Studying from PMP books, PMP audio books, PMP prep books or PMP exam. For those who opt to self-study or who want more references, PMP exam prep books are affordable and accessible resources. Below are the. If you are looking to download the Best PMP Book for the certification Exam Prep, you are at the right place. In this article, I have have done the review and side-by-side .

Pmp Exam Prep Book

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Review the Current PMP Exam Content Outline; Familiarize yourself with PMP Sample You can also review self-study books published by R.E.P.s and other. Here is a link to download on site: PMP Exam Prep, Eighth Edition - Updated: Rita's Course in a Book for Passing the PMP Exam: Rita. The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the gold standard for project managers. It opens up more lucrative job opportunities and helps you.

Be sure to also do your research and ensure that the guide you are downloading matches up to the newest edition of the PMBOK Guide. As a project manager, you want the primary source information to be totally up-to-date in your field. Some of the books on this list you may want to keep as you move forward managing projects, but to be totally honest, some of them are really just exam prep books. It is the definitive guide to project management.

This is clearly the text you should know best. CONS It can be pretty boring.

PMP Exam Guidance

Hopefully, you like project management, which is why you want to take the PMP exam. There are no practice questions. In fact, you probably want more than just practice questions… you want a test-prep simulator that will give you the full experience. But any resource worth its while will have practice questions. I used it personally, and I compare it against Head First PMP because 1 both are shown to work, according to the many folks who have used each and passed and 2 Head First is the second best-selling book behind Rita.

PROS The practice questions are excellent. Though the tone of the practice questions is a little different than the PMP exam, I found them extremely useful to test my knowledge of the chapter.

It gives you everything you need to pass the exam and then some.

Pmp Exam Prep: Rita's Course in a Book for Passing the Pmp Exam

The way the book synthesizes the information is invaluable. It feels like a personal PMP coach. The prose reads like someone is really coaching you to complete the exam. I loved it, because it felt like someone was watching me.

I know several project managers who managed hundreds of projects during their career and sat for PMP exam without a proper preparation. Of course, failure in most of the cases. Because, PMP certification exam assesses your theoretical knowledge with your practical experience on applying project management techniques when managing projects.

After helping thousands of professionals to pass their PMP certification exams, we recommend at least hours of PMP study for professionals. Considering that the most of the PMP aspirants are full-time working professionals, it takes around five to six months to get ready and pass the PMP certification exam. Before listing PMP books, it is better to give a short information about the other ways of getting ready for PMP exam.

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One of the PMP exam requirements is attending a 35 contact hours project management education. Therefore, you must have completed a project management training before you apply for PMP exam.

The main disadvantage is these PMP exam prep courses will have four- or five-day intensive schedules. There is a huge content to get ready for the PMP exam and grasping all the exam-critical details in an intensive program will not be easy.

You will have to study on your own after attending the PMP classroom training as well. After s, with the help of technology and emerging online education options, online PMP training options started to be popular as well. There are many advantages of attending an online PMP training. First and the most important one is, online PMP training options help you to follow the training at your own pace and in any place!

Since the PMP training is provided online this brings a big cost advantage for the students as well. It covers more than lectures, over practice questions, downloadable handouts, supporting documents, cheat sheets and several other PMP prep materials.

PMI works on changing dynamics of the project management world continuously. A PMP exam prep book will have sections aligned with the knowledge areas of PMBOK and it will have several practices, quizzes, and other resources to get you ready for the certification exam. What are the PMP book options in the market? Which PMP exam book is the best?

What is PMP audio book? We will explore all these now. However, we do not review our book to provide an unbiased review of all available PMP books.

We have just listed the features and strengths of our PMP book. After helping 50, professionals to pass their PMP certification exam with a Majority of the PMP books in the market cover theoretical project management knowledge with outdated teaching style.

If you did not receive, make sure you check your spam folders and add masterofproject. While learning PMP exam content, you will be able to see the practical implications of theoretical knowledge and this will help you to grasp the details of PMP exam content easily.

Although it is a great source of project management knowledge, the structure of the book is designed in a way to concentrate on inputs, outputs and tools and techniques of project management rather than how to apply them.


The structure of the book is easy to follow. End of section quizzes help you to assess your knowledge after you completed a section. Several practices teach you complex concepts easily.You need to give up clarity to get one step forward towards the exam.

Best PMP prep book ever! Top 5 Project Management Training Sites.

At the end of it you are more confused than you have learned something. What is unique with the book is that the discussion follows the order of the process groups rather than the knowledge areas.

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