Nicolai V. Pedersen presents a concise and practical repertoire for Black within the Benko Gambit. eBook. PGN+CBV+site+ePub Studying this book will allow you to play the Benko Gambit with confidence in your own games. For an opening that really loses a pawn, the Benko Gambit has a terrific reputation. It is just as feared as Benko himself, playing Black, was given the opportunity to play the gambit. From the .. Pedersen,C−Mikhalevski,V/Politiken Cup Benko, Pal - The Benko Gambit - A Dynamic Winning Strategy for - Ebook White must secure his Queenside before he can think of active play and the 28 QR-K2 R-R8 29 Q X R B X Q. Gerusel-Pedersen. continued: 12 N-Q2 ?!.

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"Play the Benko Gambit" by Pedersen and "Attack With Black" by .org/web/ / Play the Benko Gambit (Everyman Chess Series) [Nicolai Pederson] on As a note, go to Everyman Chess website to view pdf files on most books they sell. Mr. Pedersen mixes instructive prose together with variations quite well, and he also mixes all the latest theoretical nuances with some original analysis of his.

Bd3, perhaps White's best try, goes unmentioned.

More importantly, when Ward suggests 6. Bd3 Bg7 for Black, what is he planning on 8.

Good Books on the Pirc and benko

Nf3 is the Modern Main Line, and 8…a6 9. I also have problems with some of the lines he chooses for Black, and of course all the White side systems aren't covered, but that's the nature of a simplified repertoire.

So to summarize: I think anyone starting out with the Benoni, especially from but even a master-level player, could both enjoy and get great recommendations from this video. At some point, of course, you'll want to supplement it with something more serious.

Attila Schneider's massive 3-volume work on the Benoni pages! Like other Dreier publications, these are solidly put-together hardbound volumes.

Good Books on the Pirc and benko

The text is in German, but mostly consists of assessments which will often be comprehensible to the English-speaker, and introductory descriptions, which probably won't be. It is very much a variation-oriented book, however; and the openings fan who wants information rather than instruction should not let language be a barrier.

There are two contrasting features which most stand out about these books. On the one hand, Schneider thinks for himself, makes his own assessments, and is clearly not just copying older books, as many authors do. The negative side to his approach is an apparent ignorance of other's analysis and an over-reliance on the results of games to assess positions stemming from those games.

As a result, they make intriguing reading for a Benoni veteran, and should appeal to anyone who consistently plays the Benoni as Black; but the inconsistency and sometimes low quality of the analysis makes this a mediocre general reference. If one is firmly committed to a particular way of play as White, one might consider getting the appropriate volume to help. Bf4 and 7. Bg5, the latter only with e3 or Nd2 following. Volume 2 covers the Classical Main Lines 6.

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Be2 , combinations of e4 and Bg5, and the Knight's Tour 7. Nd2 and 8.

Volume 3 includes the above-mentioned Modern Main Line with e4, Nf3, h3, and Bd3, including the ways for Black to avoid this such as 7…a6 above , the line 6. Bf4, and the Fianchetto Variation with g3. Schneider's treatment of the Four Pawns Attack reflects his work as a whole, and shows how in these days, it is almost a necessity to have a good electronic database and analytical engine.

If we compare his discussion with that of Vaisser Beating the King's Indian and Benoni Batsford, , we find their conclusions repeatedly in conflict in the 9…Re8 There are also important differences in the Re8 More importantly, Schneider shows his independence by advocating the unusual 9…Nbd7'!

With a load of original analysis, Schneider does a thorough job on the line 9…Nbd7 Ng5 c4!! Bg5, when I think that 12…Qb6 And right after 9…Nbd7, Nd2 transposes to a known 9…Re8 Nd2 line not even covered by Schneider without …a6 and a4 in, by the way.

This bypasses some of Black's better defences to 9…Re8 Vaisser likes After Black does better with Bologan, Biel Moreover, after capturing on e7 the bishop will find itself having difficulty escaping once Black plays However, moving the queen back to the defence of the pawn allowed the Norwegian genius to consolidate his queenside.

More- over, the queenside is the area of focus for Black and to remove an attacker from there diminishes the pressure on the white queenside pawns. Fol- R N Q R lowing Carlsen- V.

Play the Benko Gambit

Later, Bologan took exces- sive risks and lost. Gierth, correspondence The rook on a3 can aid in a potential kingside attack. Milanovic, Bad Gleichenberg The critical continuation is He was paired against a player, and everyone understood that his opponent was going to be eviscerated. Walter was White, and the game began 1.

The Complex Benko/Benoni Complex

Incredibly, Black outplayed his prestigious opponent in the opening and Walter had to struggle to make a draw! Afterwards, embarrassed by the result, Browne shouted: The point of this story was not to humiliate Mr. Browne who had Fischer on the ropes when they played! The point was to drive home a great truth: The Benko Gambit is one hell of an annoying opening!

The book begins after the Table of Contents with a bibliography, which tells us that the author went over all the key books and DVDs on the Benko why reinvent the wheel?Obviously threatening mate. R-QN 1!

Afterwards, embarrassed by the result, Browne shouted: Product details Series: This maneuver seemed to be too slow for Black. After 32 K-R4 White's last trick.

E2 The advantage of 1 1. Black's P-K3 center break. White varied in Agdamus-Gheorghiu. I also have problems with some of the lines he chooses for Black, and of course all the White side systems aren't covered, but that's the nature of a simplified repertoire.

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