This manual is also contained as a PDF file on the CD-ROM supplied with the unit. .. Bracket enclosed with the unit and Panasonic .. 3 Install the AW-HE camera by following the procedure starting with step 3 on page 9. IN NO EVENT SHALL Panasonic Corporation BE LIABLE. TO ANY PARTY OR .. with the scene files of the AW-HE as shown below. AW-RP display. AW-HEW white Model. AW-HEK Black Model. Preliminary. Black Model. AJANVIS - HAMDA. AW-HEW (White Model). Panasonic. AW-HE

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An integrated remote video camera with a pan-tilt head, the new AW-HE has a compact design Want to talk to Panasonic?. Download pdf - MB. Connection with a Panasonic camera controller is also possible via. Panasonic's equivalent to the AW-HE will be applied. Preset Speed [1 to 30]. AW-HEK Webcam pdf manual download. Security Camera Panasonic AW- HEKE Operating Instructions Manual . Connections Connections with an HD monitor HD Integrated Camera AW-HE HDMI signal, HD-SDI signal or.

In addition to preserving compatibility with remote controllers designed for earlier remote camera systems, the AW-HE supports remote operation via an IP connection as well. The camera is designed to be easy to install and is available in two colors, pearl white and black metallic, to match a variety of usage situations.

The AW-HE has a 20 x zoom lens that covers an extended range of focal distances, from wide-angle to ultra-telephoto - This optical zoom lens is also supplemented by a 10 x digital zoom function. A 3-MOS configuration is used to ensure excellent color fidelity. It processes fine image rendering such as gamma and various detail enhancement functions with exceptional precision.

The AW-RP50 remote controller, available separately, allows the recording of up to preset positions. Of course, the AW-HE maintains compatibility with other optional devices employing serial and other pan-tilt systems manufactured by Panasonic. This makes the AW-HE an ideal choice as a replacement camera for existing systems.

Its attractive appearance is less conspicuous and blends better with the situations in which it is used. It is available in two colors to match a variety of decors. The pearl white model AW-HEW is suitable for settings such as chapels and wedding halls, while the black metallic model AW-HEK is ideal for capturing theatrical performances or events.

Change the direction of the nameplate. Remove the cable cover.

Disconnect the cables. Page Stand-alone Installation when The Mount Bracket Is Going To Be Used Stand-alone installation when the mount bracket is going to be used The same steps are followed as for the kind of installation where the unit is suspended from an overhead surface pages 8 to Check the mounting space. Page 16 Stand-alone installation when the mount bracket is going to be used continued Check the mounting.

Connect the rear panel connectors.Push in the part indicated by the arrow, and pull out the nameplate. The control wiring consists of a standard LAN cable, greatly reducing the cost of installation. A gamma curve and knee slope are estimated to match the contrast of each pixel, and applied in real time.

The AW-RP50 remote controller, available separately, allows the recording of up to preset positions. Screw diameter Clamping torque 1.

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