This is the secondary level of Oxford Progressive English series. The books have been written according to the UK and Pakistan National Curriculum guidelines. Introduction. The Teaching Guides for Oxford Progressive English Books 6, 7, and, 8 are designed to complement and extend the Students' Books. To maximize. Oxford Progressive English Book 7 [Rachel Redford] on raudone.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is the secondary level of Oxford Progressive.

Oxford Progressive English Book 7

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download a cheap copy of Oxford Progressive English Book 7 by Rachel Redford. Free shipping over $ Oxford Progressive English Book 7 by Rachel Redford and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at raudone.info OXFORD PROGRESSIVE ENGLISH 7 This is the secondary level of the new English Salient features of Student Book 7: 0 An impressive range of entertaining.

You said those other people had funny accents. Were they Australian?

She was thinking hard. Or is it just anywhere? In the Square garden. Inside the tower. Suppose the doors let you in to a different sort of life? Just say what you were going to. And if it had happened differently, you might be in Australia with those people. And they think you are really there.

He found that he did not want to hurt her feelings. My dad….. Playing football. Only he had an accident to his knee. So he had to decide what to do.

He must be crazy! Girls can know about football just as well as boys. They can play it too. Then suddenly, Stephen felt bad. Millions, probably. Do you think your dad ever thought of going out there? She stood up. Be seeing you. Explain why Stephen is confused and disturbed by his recent experiences. What was this opportunity and why did he not take it? What led to Alex and Stephen becoming angry with one another?

Writing 1. This is an extract from The If Game. Write out the dialogue.

Now rewrite the dialogue above as reported speech. Begin your reported speech this way: Alex asked what these people were like.

For example: Alex asked, curiously…. Play the If Game: Who would you choose to be if you were not yourself? Extended work on Unit 3 Speaking and listening page You and your partner are Sherlock Holmes and you are going to plot a mystery crime story — and solve it.

You may like to use one or more of them: a red-headed man a poisonous snake a man with a white face a large blue precious jewel a frightened young woman a large sum of money messages in code a secret passage disguise When you have plotted your story with your partner, write it out. The reading will stop before the end of each story so that the class can try to be Sherlock Holmes and solve the mystery.

Finally, the class will hear the end of the story. Vocabulary Words in Use: incredible; incredulous; incredibly; incredulously; credible; credulous, page 66 1 You are late for school because you overslept.

Your answer: I missed my dinner, but even so, I missed the beginning of the play. Or: Even though Richard missed his dinner, he still missed the beginning of the play. In it, you are going to include an interview with Daud, and a short re-enacted film about his experience with the ghostly figure and his bicycle.

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Make them probing questions which will lead to full answers from Daud. Did he look more like a man, or a creature? Why is it so mysterious? Explain your reasons for either believing or disbelieving this story. Key: a swim b swam c swum 10 Choose from these words to describe the following: Incredible incredulous credulous credible incredibly a a person who believes too easily b a story you can believe c a vast, almost incomprehensible distance d someone who doubts what he hears e a far-fetched excuse you cannot believe f the way that someone made a truly amazing recovery Key: a credulous b incredible c incredible d incredulous e incredible f incredibly 11 Fill in the gaps in the following sentences with a part of one of the following verbs, or the adjective: to miss to go missing to be missing missing a I……you.

Are you………me? Key: a miss missing b missed c been missing d went missing e missing f missing 12 What is the name for a sentence like the following where the words start with the same sound? Minnie Mouse mimics Micky. In the s William Herbert was placed in an office in Berlin, where his father, an Englishman, was a merchant. The working hours were tedious and long, with no respite even on weekends. Thus Walter Lippmann in his influential Drift and Mastery , stressing the "scientific spirit" and "discipline of democracy," called for a strong central government guided by experts rather than public opinion.

Many cities created municipal "reference bureaus" which did expert surveys of government departments looking for waste and inefficiency.

Oxford Progressive English Book 9

After in-depth surveys, local and even state governments were reorganized to reduce the number of officials and to eliminate overlapping areas of authority between departments. City governments were reorganized to reduce the power of local ward bosses and to increase the powers of the city council.

Governments at every level began developing budgets to help them plan their expenditures rather than spending money haphazardly as needs arose and revenue became available.

Governor Frank Lowden of Illinois showed a "passion for efficiency" as he streamlined state government. La Follette Sr.

In Wisconsin, La Follette pushed through an open primary system that stripped party bosses of the power to pick party candidates. Its high point was in , after which they detoured into a disastrous third party status. Modernization of society, they believed, necessitated the compulsory education of all children, even if the parents objected. Progressives turned to educational researchers to evaluate the reform agenda by measuring numerous aspects of education, later leading to standardized testing.

Many educational reforms and innovations generated during this period continued to influence debates and initiatives in American education for the remainder of the 20th century.

One of the most apparent legacies of the Progressive Era left to American education was the perennial drive to reform schools and curricula, often as the product of energetic grass-roots movements in the city. Such enduring legacies of the Progressive Era continue to interest historians.

Progressive Era reformers stressed 'object teaching,' meeting the needs of particular constituencies within the school district, equal educational opportunity for boys and girls, and avoiding corporal punishment. Historians of educational reform during the Progressive Era tend to highlight the fact that many progressive policies and reforms were very different and, at times, even contradictory. At the school district level, contradictory reform policies were often especially apparent, though there is little evidence of confusion among progressive school leaders in Seattle, Oakland, and Denver.

District leaders in these cities, including Frank B. Cooper in Seattle and Fred M. Hunter in Oakland, often employed a seemingly contradictory set of reforms: local progressive educators consciously sought to operate independently of national progressive movements; they preferred reforms that were easy to implement; and they were encouraged to mix and blend diverse reforms that had been shown to work in other cities.

The old system whereby ward politicians selected school employees was dropped in the case of teachers and replaced by a merit system requiring a college-level education in a normal school teacher's college.

By in Providence, Rhode Island , most women remained as teachers for at least Yet the progressive movement was split over which of the following solutions should be used to regulate corporations. Trust busting[ edit ] Pro- labor progressives such as Samuel Gompers argued that industrial monopolies were unnatural economic institutions which suppressed the competition which was necessary for progress and improvement.

Yet, these large corporations might abuse their great power. The federal government should allow these companies to exist but regulate them for the public interest.

Oxford Progressive English Book 7

President Theodore Roosevelt generally supported this idea and was later to incorporate it as part of his " New Nationalism ". Social work[ edit ] Progressives set up training programs to ensure that welfare and charity work would be undertaken by trained professionals rather than warm-hearted amateurs.

The purpose of the settlement houses was to raise the standard of living of urbanites by providing adult education and cultural enrichment programs.

The goal of these laws was to give working class children the opportunity to go to school and mature more institutionally, thereby liberating the potential of humanity and encouraging the advancement of humanity. Factory owners generally did not want this progression because of lost workers. They used Charles Dickens as a symbol that the working conditions spark imagination.

This initiative failed, with child labor laws being enacted anyway. In a wave of major strikes alienated the middle class; the strikes were lost, which alienated the workers. In the s the unions were in the doldrums; in they supported La Follette's Progressive party, but he only carried his base in Wisconsin. The American Federation of Labor under Samuel Gompers after began supporting the Democrats, who promised more favorable judges. The Republicans appointed pro-business judges.

Theodore Roosevelt and his third party also supported such goals as the eight-hour work day , improved safety and health conditions in factories, workers' compensation laws, and minimum wage laws for women. They believed the consumption of alcohol limited mankind's potential for advancement.

Constitution in The golden day did not dawn; enforcement was lax, especially in the cities where the law had very limited popular support and where notorious criminal gangs, such as the Chicago gang of Al Capone made a crime spree based on illegal sales of liquor in speakeasies.

The "experiment" as President Hoover called it also cost the treasury large sums of taxes and the 18th amendment was repealed by the Twenty-first Amendment to the U.

McGee , [55] the largest government-funded conservation-related projects in U. Reclamation[ edit ] In addition, Roosevelt approved the Newlands Reclamation Act of , which gave subsidies for irrigation in 13 eventually 20 western states. Another conservation-oriented bill was the Antiquities Act of that protected large areas of land by allowing the President to declare areas meriting protection to be national monuments.

The Inland Waterways Commission was appointed by Roosevelt on March 14, to study the river systems of the United States, including the development of water power, flood control, and land reclamation. Chief among these aims was the pursuit of trust busting, the breaking up very large monopolies, and support for labor unions, public health programs, decreased corruption in politics, and environmental conservation.

At the time, the great majority of other major leaders had been opposed to Populism. When Roosevelt left the Republican Party in , he took with him many of the intellectual leaders of progressivism, but very few political leaders. These journalists publicized, to middle class readers, economic privilege, political corruption, and social injustice. Their articles appeared in McClure's Magazine and other reform periodicals.

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Some muckrakers focused on corporate abuses. Ida Tarbell , for instance, exposed the activities of the Standard Oil Company.

Other muckrakers assailed the Senate , railroad companies, insurance companies, and fraud in patent medicine. Theodore Dreiser drew harsh portraits of a type of ruthless businessman in The Financier and The Titan In The Jungle , Socialist Upton Sinclair repelled readers with descriptions of Chicago's meatpacking plants, and his work led to support for remedial food safety legislation.In this situation there is a dire need to establish a wide and contextually relevant criteria to evaluate the textbooks to check their appropriacy or otherwise in a given context.

How did Mr Falkland show his gratitude to Jim?


The study shows that the writers have incorporated their own views and ideology through the course contents as a hidden curriculum to westernize the minds of the young learners. Prospective authors of journals can find the submission instruction on the following page: By ch mumtaz. There is a wide gap between the needs of the students and what they are learning from these existing textbooks.

Moreover, there are other political incidents of history that focus on the role of London, not only in the country but also worldwide.

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