Free site book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. crossed the road and was brought into the shop. 'There. It's Dick Swiveller,' said the young fellow, pushing him in. 'Sit down, Swiveller.' 'But is the old min. The Old Curiosity Shop. By Charles Dickens. CHAPTER 1. Night is generally my time for walking. In the summer I often leave home early in the morning, and.

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Free PDF, epub, site ebook. By Charles Dickens. The Old Curiosity Shop tells the story of Nell Trent, a beautiful and virtuous young girl of 'not quite. A Note About The Author. 4. A Note About The Story. 5. The People In The Story. 7. 1 The Old Curiosity Shop. 8. 2 Unwanted Visitors. 3 Fred and Richard. The Old Curiosity Shop is a novel written by the English writer Charles Dickens, remembered as the great novelist of Victorian era for his notable writings such.

After believing Kit has revealed his secret addiction he falls ill and is mentally unstable afterwards. Nell then protects him as he had done for her. Although he knows Nell is dead he refuses to acknowledge it and does not recognise his brother whom he had protected in their childhood.

He dies soon after Nell, and is buried beside her. Christopher 'Kit' Nubbles, Nell's friend and servant. He watches out for Nell when she is left in the shop alone at night although she doesn't know he's there and will 'never come home to his bed until he thinks she's safe in hers'. After Quilp takes over the shop, he offers him a place in his house. His mother is concerned about his attachment to Nell, and at one point jokes, 'some people would say that you'd fallen in love with her', at which Kit becomes very bashful and tries to change the subject.

He is later given a position at the Garlands' house, and becomes an important member of their household. His dedication to his family earns him the respect of many characters, and the resentment of Quilp. He is framed for robbery, but is later released and joins the party traveling to recover Nell. Quilp by 'Kyd' Daniel Quilp , the novel's primary villain. He mistreats his wife, Betsy, and manipulates others to his own ends through a false charm he has developed over the years.

He lends money to Nell's grandfather and takes possession of the curiosity shop during the old man's illness which he had caused by revealing his knowledge of the old man's bad gambling habit. He uses sarcasm to belittle those he wishes to control, most notably his wife, and takes a sadistic delight in the suffering of others. He eavesdrops so as to know all of 'the old man's' most private thoughts, and teases him, saying 'you have no secrets from me now'.

He also drives a wedge between Kit and the old man and as a result between Kit and Nell by pretending it was Kit who told him about the gambling. Richard 'Dick' Swiveller, in turn, Frederick Trent's manipulated friend; Sampson Brass's clerk; and the Marchioness' guardian and eventual husband.

The Old Curiosity Shop

He delights in quoting and adapting literature to describe his experiences. He is very laid-back and doesn't seem to worry about anything, despite the fact that he owes money to just about everybody. Following Fred's departure from the story, he becomes more independent and eventually is seen as a strong force for good, securing Kit's release from prison and the Marchioness' future.

His transformation from an idle and vacant youth to a key helpmate bridges the depiction of the main characters that are either mostly villainous or goodly in nature.

The single gentleman, who is never named, is the estranged younger brother of Nell's grandfather. He leads the search for the travelers after taking lodging in Sampson Brass's rooms and befriending Dick, Kit and the Garlands.

Other characters[ edit ] Mrs.

Betsy Quilp, Quilp's mistreated wife. She is mortally afraid of her husband, but appears to love him in spite of everything, as she was genuinely worried when he disappeared for a long period.

Sampson Brass , an attorney what would now be called a solicitor of the Court of the King's Bench. A grovelling, obsequious man, he is an employee of Mr. Quilp, at whose urging he frames Kit for robbery. Miss Sarah 'Sally' Brass, Mr.

Brass's obnoxious sister and clerk. She is the real authority in the Brass firm.

She is occasionally referred to as a "dragon", and she mistreats the Marchioness. Quilp makes amorous advances towards her, but is rebuffed. Jarley, proprietor of a travelling waxworks show, who takes in Nell and her grandfather out of kindness. However, she only appears briefly. Frederick Trent, Nell's worthless older brother, who is convinced that his grandfather is secretly wealthy when in actuality he was the primary cause of the old man's poverty, according to the single gentleman.

Initially a major character in the novel and highly influential over Richard Swiveller, he is dropped from the narrative after chapter Briefly mentioned as travelling to Great Britain and the wider world following his disappearance from the story, before being found injured and drowned in the River Seine after the story's conclusion. The character was named after the novelist's younger brother, Frederick Dickens. Garland, a kind-hearted man, father of Abel Garland and employer of Kit.

The small servant, Miss Brass's maidservant. Dick Swiveller befriends her and, finding that she does not know her age or name Sally Brass simply refers to her as "Little Devil" or parents, nicknames her The Marchioness and later gives her the name Sophronia Sphynx. In the original manuscript it is made explicit that the Marchioness is in fact the illegitimate daughter of Miss Brass, possibly by Quilp, but only a suggestion of this survived in the published edition.

Isaac List and Joe Jowl, professional gamblers. They are fellow guests at the public house where Nell and her grandfather, unable to get home, pass a stormy night.

Nell's grandfather is unable to resist gambling with them, and fleeces Nell of what little money she has to this end. That same night, he also robs her of even more money.

Chuckster, the dogsbody of the notary Mr. Witherden, who employs Mr. Abel Garland. He takes a strong dislike to Kit after Mr. Garland overpays Kit for a job and Kit returns to work off the difference; he shows his dislike at every opportunity, calling Kit 'Snobby'. Marton, a poor schoolmaster. He befriends Nell and later inadvertently meets her and her grandfather on the roads.

Badruddin Khan in his garden in Khotan. Skrine taken in He received training in subject communities. The aqsaqals often provided intelligence Skrine ; Waugh As the letters to information to the diplomats and carried our his mother indicate, he had consulted about various commissions for them.

In Khotan, it acquisitions of new material with Stein and the was the ex-aqsaqal of the Afghan and Indian Archaeological Department in India. On several merchants, Badruddin Khan, who hosted Skrine occasions he notes writing to Stein and sending and his wife. Skrine understood that his photography, about which Of the two, Badruddin [Fig. His acquistion and sale of antiquities visited them e.

He planned at one point to get himself astutely observed, Badruddin had a great deal into caves in the cliffs at Uch Merwan northwest to do with spreading the word about European of Kashgar which had been studied by the interest in antiquities. Clearly he saw in the Germans in order to photograph the Buddhist antiquities business a good source of profit.

Badruddin also sold material to Captain S. Already on his first expedition Stein was coming to rely heavily on Badruddin for logistics and local knowledge, and as a direct source of antiquities to download.

When Carl Gustav Mannerheim was in Fig. Badruddin Khan in Khotan in , Badruddin introduced him After: Trinkler , ill. A good trade Mannerheim provides an interesting deal of what Badruddin supplied seems to description: Anyone using the Stein material today Not only the inhabitants of Yotkan, but others, must keep this warning in mind and not simply too, carry on systematic excavations here in assume that an inventory number indicating the hope of finding enough gold to cover the a particular provenance guarantees that the expense and leave a small profit.

The objects object came from that location. Where possible p. Information about the Armenian Moldovack is sparser. Historically Armenian merchants had been active in much of Central and South Asia.

Whether this was Moldovack is not clear, although we know that his business contacts also were with Kokand. In , Stein credited the Armenian with having given or sold him some valuable supplements to the more than items acquired that same year from Badruddin: Moldovack, an Armenian gentleman settled in Khotan, kindly added Moldovack ran a carpet factory [Fig.

Skrine was fond of the The German expedition led by Emil Trinkler in man and brought him various magazines and the late s not only stayed with Badruddin news publications when he returned to Khotan. Keraken Moldovack, second from right, standing between Clarmont P. Skrine and Li Amban of Khotan.

Ambolt celebrated Christmas and the covery of antiquities in the s and enable New Year with Moldovack in , noting us to specify the provenance of at least some that his host had been in Khotan some 30 objects Skrine acquired.

When he first visited years already Ambolt , pp. He, not Moldovack, was the one who managed the network of treasure- seekers and seems to have been consistently the largest seller of antiquities in Khotan during several decades. Unequivocal proof that the antiquities had been in the possession of Badruddin was provided by F. Andrews, who included that information when he described for Fig. BM , Harding, in Gallery 33, case On his return visit in , he bad that he had to desist.

He seems to have kept the circ. Other finds were a huge stone flour mill, too big to be turned by hand, and a big earthenware pot, circular, with 2 handles, full of bones, some charred.

This was found 3 ft. Conts [? Amphora obtained by Skrine in Yotkan. Stucco flying Gandharvi, ca. BM intaglios as he had done with ones acquired in , In Keriya in he As Skrine himself seems to have appreciated, recorded in his diary a visit by one Abbas Khan: Went photos are ones he acquired.

His choices may about 12 ft. Identifications and current locations of objects in Skrine photo no. Reproduced with Permission. S 19 ,,0. S 22 ,,0. S 23 ,,0.

S 31 S 32 Bremen, Trinkler Collection pp. Head now missing, though shown in T1 A Skrine photo. T2 XVI facing p. In lower rt. T5 A pp. T8 Other half of this not shown in Skrine photo; so obviously it T9 A was broken prior to Trinkler download. T 10 A pp. V facing p. T 11 A p. VII facing p. T 15 A p. T 16 A or p. Hence he left reveal [Fig.

Of course it is possible that some of the larger mural pieces behind. Photo copyright Geographical Society. Like so many western visitors Harding in Probably the lesson to be drawn from antiquities. Even in the case of these objects the no mention that Skrine had any part in the evidence as to their provenance can obviously matter Stein , II, pp. A closer examination of the Skrine inventory of the Harding collection: Barnett has the honour to report to the collection had now left his shop.

Doubtless Trustees that Mr. Clarmont Percival Skrine, he himself kept no inventories; so we cannot I. It seems likely that valuable collection of mss. We have Donation Reports, — It is List of Oriental Manuscripts. The wooden document Or. Having realized some money their wrapper. The label preserved with Or.

Abbas Khan found them in at a site one [Stein , p. These found at Domoko. Either that, or their agents, middle The manuscript was probably first discovered men such as Badruddin Khan, deliberately split at Khadalik around and the greater part up items to be able to satisfy more customers, sold to Nikolai Petrovskii Consul in Kashgar, thereby earning more money.

We know that it came from of September is well known: After man himself brought to Khotan together with Huntington , some further specimens. One consignment of wooden documents and manuscripts, no.

Macartney reported: It seems to me improbable that only these four sheets were discovered; and, as they Fig. Skrine downloadd 40 Badrud Din has sent me no particulars as to leaves either from Badruddin or Moldovack how he came by the different objects. My own probably in , and Emil Trinkler another 9 in experience of him convinces me that, even if February It is certain that he did not in [Fig. Macartney, Kashgar, to — the Resident of Kashmir, 17 January ].

Possibly Badruddin above from Badruddin or Moldovack. If Skrine was correctly informed that this Fig. Folio 15v of the Sanskrit manuscript was found with Or. They were acquired by S. Five leaves ff. They were acquired by Trinkler in 6th century.

The Old Curiosity Shop

downloadd probably in see February from Badruddin or Moldovack above from Badruddin or Moldovack. Gropp also published facsimiles of fols. If 33 and 34 , pp. According to the wrapper of Or.

Known folios of Ms Or. Khotanese record of receipts of wheat, from Khadalik. The manuscript came from Turkestan Brahmi script v, dating from the 8th or Khadalik. The Skrine folios have been damaged early 9th century. Petersburg, This calligraphic large format manuscript suggesting that the manuscript was split up Fig.

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An almost Or. downloadd ca. SHT , formerly [Fig. It had also been partially damaged Mainz —, , , , Manuscript I is folio of the Book of Hoernle H. Huntington , ill. Huntington F. Folio of the Khotanese Book of Zambasta, written in South Turkestan Brahmi script v, probably dating from the 8th century. One is unfortunately now missing. Acquired by Petrovskii before when he left Central Asia. BL Hoernle collection: Part of a consignment of manuscript leaves sent to Rudolf Hoernle for decipherment in May Since two documents India Office, 25 May They , pp.

Found by Huntington see above. Huntington I Or. In , Or. The collection is described E.

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Some of these references must surely Fig. Ryukoku University Library, Kyoto: Tachibana was in Central Asia between and Galambos Saiikibunkashiryo no. Note the same four letters repeated in Or. These are not languages at the British Library London. She unlike some of the forgeries, also apparently is particularly interested in the history of the from Domoko, which Stein downloadd from Central Asian collections and Silk Road Studies.

Stein papers. Register of Oriental M. Ursula Sims-Williams is particularly grateful British Museum. Report of Donations, Standing Committee reports help with identifications, also to Prods Oktor microfilm for Jan June Roll DH Joan Bulman. London and Glasgow: Blackie and son, He is preparing a volume containing C. Catalogue of Wall-Paintings from for work on a book about the Silk Road.

Delhi, ; reprint Fred H. Ellsworth Huntington. The Pulse of Asia: Manager of Publications, Boston and New York: Houghton, Dutreuil de Rhins Mifflin and Co. Dutreuil de Rhins. Mission scientifique dans la Haute Asie Ernest Leroux, Konow Sten Konow. Julia Elikhina.

Leumann Ernst Leumann. Zur nordarischen Sprache und Literatur. Karl J. Emmerick Ronald E. The Book of Zambasta: A Leumann Khotanese Poem on Buddhism. OUP, Manu Leumann. Ronald E. Gignoux and Albert von le Coq. Von Land und Leuten in A. Imprimerie orientaliste, Berichte und Abenteuer der 4. Deutschen Turfanexpedition.

Emmerick and Margarita I. The St. Petersburg Collections. New Delhi: Reiyukai, Fleming ]. Peter Fleming. News from Tartary: Jonathan Cape, Carl Gustav Mannerheim. Across Asia from West to Francke East in Osterhout, Netherlands:Ambolt celebrated Christmas and the covery of antiquities in the s and enable New Year with Moldovack in , noting us to specify the provenance of at least some that his host had been in Khotan some 30 objects Skrine acquired.

Miss Sarah 'Sally' Brass, Mr.

He is framed for robbery, but is later released and joins the party traveling to recover Nell. Quilp makes amorous advances towards her, but is rebuffed. Clarendon 65th Birthday, ed. Amphora obtained by Skrine in Yotkan. T5 A pp. These are not languages at the British Library London.

He befriends Nell and later inadvertently meets her and her grandfather on the roads. Garland overpays Kit for a job and Kit returns to work off the difference; he shows his dislike at every opportunity, calling Kit 'Snobby'.

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