PART 1 DATABASE ADMINISTRATION. Chapter 1 SQL Server Editions and Engine Enhancements. 3. SQL Server Enhancements for Database. Microsoft SQL Server Internals. Kalen Delaney et al. ISBN Inside Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL Querying. Itzik Ben-Gan, Lubor. Jan 25, The Microsoft® SQL Server® Notes for Professionals book is compiled from Stack Overflow Documentation, the content is written by the.

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Get the basics in SQL to store, query, and manipulate data in a relational database. Experience a strong foundation in the concepts of tables and joins in SQL. shot (if you fail to get certified at first attempt); Relevant software; Free eBook access SQL Server ; Windows Server ; Windows 7; Sharepoint . Configure MinRole Search and Cloud Hybrid Features in SharePoint Server and Office Free · Introducing Microsoft SQL Server Free.

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As a result, the job opportunities in the Networking and IT Infrastructure Management are huge and multifold. As per an IDC survey, 3,75, Networking jobs will be created by , which will create a shortfall of around 1,00, skilled professionals in this domain.

Thus, there will be a huge shortfall of skilled professionals in this domain. The course focuses on skills beyond networking, thus, making the students ready for the fastest growing domain of IT services.

Learning computers here is so easy, you will become an expert in no time. The SWIFT programs are designed for students, working professionals, executives, school children, parents and elders; in short, it is meant for just any one interested in learning computers. I am trying my best to do demo practice on Optimization module too. For example, if they ask what execution plan iterator will be used for a specific query. Hey, Manoj thanks for the detailed information about the test format.

I hear different things from trainers regarding what I should focus on for this test…a lot of it is conflicting. Nice to have the particulars from someone who actually took the test. Yes, you are correct, trainers would say these things because they want you to get trained by them. I took my exam last week and I failed.

So I would like to have some advices. How do I work with the training kit? Thank you already for advices, sincerely Guy. You will have to do a lot of hands on, exercises, work with realtime scenarios and really delve in TSQL coding. I would not suggest you to go through any other training or practice exams or dumps. You will definitely pass this time.

For you can start with Book no 1, 2 or 5. Which Version of sql server i have to select for exam? I have started preparation from this month. From which book i have to start reading.? This is gr8 Sumit… congratulation on earning the certification… and best of luck for next ones. Can I clear exam with Training Kit. You can check the training kit book which available in site or other sites, link: I used your advice on here coupled with the Training Kit Book.

Thanks for the insight! This is good passing mark Patrick… way to go for next level of certifications… all the best. Hello Manoj — I would just like to drop you a note to say thank you for this very helpful post. I had a question regarding the exam. Did you get any question where you had to write the code. I was sitting this exam on 31st Jan and no questions with writing the code.

The website you were trying to reach is temporarily unavailable.

I also attended training course recommended for this exam and we have been told that they take off all questions with writing the code. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Manoj for this website, I found it quite helpful while preparing for the exam pass Hello manoj , i have to take this before 31st.. Yes, Prashanth, Doing certification not only boost up your career, but your self confidence.

Certifications helps you to give yourself a different identity among others. Go ahead to clear up your exam and good luck.

Check following blog post for complete cert path: Can I also appear for exam querying microsoft sql server ? But yes, for advanced certifications, you have to clear the basic certifications. Check my another blog post for complete SQL Server certification path, link: I am planning to get certified. Is this book good enough: Yes Vineeth, The book is good and will be enough to crack the exam passing mark of , but to get top score you will have to do some hands-on also.

More focus will be on TSQL new features. For details what will be asked in exam check my post above. Can anyone please tell me whether there are any questions on DMO and whether you need to know the different ones? As per Indian Rs????????????? My score was Will check and let you now. Hi Viswanath, I paid the money in the same way. We can use any of our CreditCards to pay the money and the respective bank will convert the money into USD. Goodday good people, I have a few questions , Do you know the result immediately after the exam, Anyone know how the scoring is done questions ???

Yes, you will know the result of the exam immediately and receive a hardcopy with the seal of the prometric center on it. First of all thank for the quick responce! Yes it answers my second question.

Do you have any idea about the first one? As when I appeared for this exam, I just wrote the SQL Queries, used column alias also like you mentioned, and validated the syntax and submitted the answers. Hello I have a question about typing code questions in exam.

Is there only one possible way to answer those questions right? For example if I wrote alias to sum function in query or wrote column names without table name? Another question is there would be any mark that my query at least has right spelling? I hope this answers your question. Thanks for sharing data with all of us ,I am planning to write Exam ,Can you please explain me how to schedule the exam means how to pay the exam fee and how many attempts for one time payment..

Is there anytime period to write the exam after paid the exam fee. You can contact any nearest prometric center at your location. There you will get all the details about the exam schedule and mode of payment. You will get a voucher, which is valid for some months, and there is only one attempt for each voucher. But sometimes Microsoft comes up with some deals like free retake of exams, but very often. Also, working on Integeration Services and Analysis Services.

As I explained you above that am planning for a certification. Actually, I would like to do a certification in Business Intelligence; could you please guide me what all necessary exams I would require to take in order to get BI Certification? There is no sequence, you can give any exam in any order. All 3 exams will award you MCSA. For these 2 exams above 3 MCSA exams are prerequisites.

I am planning to take certification exam Exam And how much time would it take to prepare for this exam if you have a good experience working on it? Its simpler and is fun to learn the new features. This will defeat the purpose of taking certifications and knowing your self-worth. I need some info about getting the certificate after passing the exam. But I need to know whether we will get any hard copy from Microsoft for passing the exam.

Can you please let me know the process of getting the certificate?

No Srikanth, they have stopped sending hard copies now. You can download the PDFs from the site, and can get them printed. Thanks everyone for the updates here… I have been looking for such info since long time…. Srikanth, Congratulations firstly, have 2 questions for u. Manoj, are u really sure that we can skip an exam and directly go to after , because when I spoke to one of the customer care executives of Microsoft they said we should take the certifications in sequence….

If anyone can share that would be of real help for me…. Yes,it would be the same for everyone even though the number of questions change. Hi Anusha, Yes, you can give the 3 exams in any order. Otherwise it will defeat the purpose of certifications and your self-belief. Hello Gaurav, You need to register yourself at Prometric https: Once you are successfully registered then you need to login and schedule your exam as per your convenience. The cost for this exam is 80USD. Yes, you can jump to directly, there is no specific order to give exams.

Hello Manoj, Today I have passed the exam with all the support and guidance u gave here. Thanks a lot , i expect this to continue with you ahead in future.

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Thank You Manoj, I have one quick qsn, As i wrote and passed it, now can i jump to BI and then write , or should we go in order given by Microsoft? Hi there, just wanted to thank you for your post as it was the single most useful resource I found for the exam. Passed with Congrats again Dirk, wow I started studying and fell off track, can you share some of your studying materials? What material did you you to study.. I need to get back my motivation. But I suggest finding a instructor who compresses this in two days.

Hello, Thank you so much for the information you have posted, I really need to get my certification.

I am a SQL Novice and would like to make a career change. I want to schedule the exam first for motivation to study the material. How much time do you recommend I give myself to study? To add, do not think to skip any of the topic and at least try to prep with practical SQL queries and hands-on. Hello Manoj, As u said that we have 54 questions in the exam, Is that same for everyone or will it change? And the pass mark u mentioned is at one place and in the above comment, Can u plz confirm the pass mark?

No Srikanth, the number of questions can vary. I got 54 questions and 3 hrs to finish. Some of my friends got the same, but some got lesser questions with less time, like 40 questions in 2.

Sorry, for the confusion, the correct passing mark is Thanks for pointing it out. Thank You Manoj for the confirmation.. What I understand finally is the maximum number of questions will be 54 I scheduled my exam on May 2nd and hope I ll get through it with all the information you gave which helped me a lot. Passing mark is out of Thank you.

And you cannot verify the SQL query results. Can you explain further, thank you. For Objective responses you get radio buttons, so you cannot select more than one. With Multiple Choice you get check-boxes, so you can select more than one. Check following link for more info: Could you elaborate please. So, most the questions in my paper were of this type. Few were Multiple choice and Subjective type. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Passed Exam: Share this: Like this: Like Loading Comments Trackbacks 13 Leave a comment Trackback. Just passed my 3 hours ago. Manoj Pandey. Thanks in advance. Hello manub22 I have some question to ask you please. Please if you can help me that will be helpful. I would suggest the following link reference to the indexed views: Thanks for all your support and useful tips.

Now working on ,Hope to clear it soon. Sobhan Dutta. Hi Shivraj, Could you please let us know about the writing queries? On which topic those were based on!! Hi, congrats for your certification. Thanks in Advance.

Thanks a lot! Good luck to everebody and keep studying! Congratulations Nicholas, and thanks for your comments. Best of luck for next exams. Hi I am working in MNC from last 1. Please help me. Waiting for you reply. I got 44 questions Thanks Manoj for your guidance. Dear David, thanks for your comments. But I do not support going through dumps here.

For study material check the books and resources mentioned above. Thanks, Manoj. Mohammad Tuaha. Congrats Mohammad. Hope you are doing good… I would like to do a microsoft sql DBA certification. How to register and where can i get the study material and cost of the examination etc.. Thanks, Shabeer. Hello Shabeer You can register at any Microsoft authorized testing center near you. NIIT is one of them. All the best. Happy Learning. And thanks happy reading! Thanks Tom.

Hi Tom, thanks for your comments. Good luck and Thanks. Some points to be noted. I am appearing again in the third week of September. HI Amir, I sadly failed my first attempt of this exam on Monday. Sorry Amir for getting back to you so late. Best of luck for your second shot!!! Check my responses below, and good luck for the exams. LMK if you need any help.

Is the test simular to the Microsoft Press Practice Exam?

It seems too easy. Do, let me know if you need any help in learning materials. Ok sir, thank you for your kind of information. Hi, Is it enough to prepare Training Kit Exam Please help! Hi Esha, Thanks for the appreciation. Let me know whenever you need any help. Thank you so much for your quick response. Thanks Esha. Lamia, I think you should give exam in the language you are comfortable with. So, I think english is the only option for you. Took the exam today and passed!! Icacmba, congrats, and best of luck for Plz, share your experience here.

Please do not try to SPAM this bog post by such comments. I passed the test on March 10th! Thank you for your help! Good luck! No problem Amir. I had already passed on March 10th and I also had query typing questions,. Good luck to everyone! Did you have any questions where you had to write queries? Hi I have recently passed the exam database fundamentals and i am considering taking the exam. Hi manoj, can you send me some materials to me on p.

Lyns Morais. Sir, I have still not got any certificate from Microsoft.. I am starting to worry now.. Hello Manoj, I am thinking to give Thanks Pavan. All the best!!! Hi Hari, first of all congratulations on passing the exam. Hello Manoj — Thank you for all your advise and direction you are blessing us with on this site. Hi Megha, The training kit would be enough for you to take the exam, but you should also do lot of hands on with practice on TSQL queries on all topics.

Best of luck for the exam. Let me know if you want any help. Hello Manoj Thanks for Sharing all the info about certification.

Please advice Thanks. Thanks a lot for the quick response! And let me know when you pass. Hello Manoj, Your blog is too good, it is a guide for all those who are interested in giving Certification. Please Manoj let me know what exam will be good or Thanks a lot for the blog!! Hi Arpita, thanks for your comments and that you liked my blog.

A good link for XML is mentioned below: All the best! Muktadir Alam. Michal Pawlikowski. They are not the same questions, but I think that most of them will be helpful. Nice blog Manoj, Keep the good work…….. Hi Manoj, Please let me know the procedure to apply for exam second shot. Phil Dickson. Best of luck. Anyways, Thanks! De Dragon. Thanks De-Dragon for your comments. Hi Manoj , Which Version of sql server i have to select for exam?

Database - Introduction to SQL

Go with , what all books do you have? Thanks RADL!!! Yes draj, there might be questions where you will have to write SQL queries. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Manoj for this website, I found it quite helpful while preparing for the exam pass Zdenek. So, all the best for your next certifications in the path. Is there a prerequisite for this MCSA? Hi Pulkit, yes you can.

Vineeth Vasudevan. Hi, I am planning to get certified.

No, there will be no questions on DMO or any other admin related questions. Hi, Can anyone please tell me whether there are any questions on DMO and whether you need to know the different ones? Thanks you in advance so muchhhh! Hi, Manoj! Vishwanath Dalvi. Nice Inormation keep up the good work. Hi Manoj, Thanks for sharing data with all of us ,I am planning to write Exam ,Can you please explain me how to schedule the exam means how to pay the exam fee and how many attempts for one time payment..

Hi Kesav, You can contact any nearest prometric center at your location. Best of luck!!! Hi Manoj, I appreciate your quick reply. Could you please suggest me in context to following: Also, what should be the sequence of exams?

Thank you very much! Thanks, Neha. Hi, Is it worth downloading dumps to prepare for these exams? Thanks, Nikki. Study books, online blogs, MSDN and practice. You will definitely pass. Hi Manoj, I am also planning to write exam can you please suggest any book for exam. Thanks Parashuramu. Hello Manoj, How are you doing? Thanks in advance..! Srikanth M.

Thanks everyone for the updates here… I have been looking for such info since long time… Srikanth, Congratulations firstly, have 2 questions for u. If anyone can share that would be of real help for me… Thanks everyone in advance… Anusha.

Wish you all the best for ur exam.. How to enroll for this exam and what is the cost for enrollment in india?? Wish you all the best..!!! Thanks, Srikanth M. Hi Dirk, Go luck on the exam, keep us posted and thank you for the information. Dirk Fabricius. Thank in advance, Narda.

Narda, sorry for getting late to you on this. Well, what all Dirk mentioned below, you can go with it. Thanks in advance Srikanth. Thanks, Srikanth. Software development bookmarks Ordo Rerum. Preparing for Exam: Prepare for your exam? Clint Huijbers' Blog. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

Name required. Blog Stats, since Aug 3,, hits. Current Visitors. Leisure blog: Disclaimer This is my personal blog site. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join other followers Follow. Alexa Rank.For study material check the books and resources mentioned above. Watch this video also.

This is good passing mark Patrick… way to go for next level of certifications… all the best. Even after going indepth there is lot to know in SQL Server space.

Your blog is too good, it is a guide for all those who are interested in giving Certification.

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