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Disaster Management - Class 9 notes for Class 9 is made by best teachers who have written some of the best books of Class 9. Download Disaster Management Book Class 9 English by Peravani, IX May Chapter 4 Download NCERT Books, NCERT Exemplar, books issued by CBSE in PDF or E- Book Class 9 - Maths, Science, Social Science, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Urdu, Health .. Disaster Management - Social Science - Class 8 - Download PDF or.

Anyone theme of the following: IV. Forest Society and Colonialism: a Relationship between forests and livelihoods. Case studies: Focus on two forest movements one in colonial India Bastar and one in Indonesia.

Chapter 4 V.

Pastoralists in the Modern World: a Pastoralism as a way of life. Case studies: Focus on two pastoral groups, one from Africa and one from India.

Chapter 5 VI. Peasants and Farmers: a Histories of the emergence of different forms of farming and peasant societies. India — Size and Location 2.

Physical Features of India: Relief, structure, major physiographic unit. Drainage: Major rivers and tributaries, lakes and seas, the role of rivers in the economy, pollution of rivers, measures to control river pollution.

Chapter 3 4. Climate: Factors influencing the climate; monsoon- its characteristics, rainfall, and temperature distribution; seasons; climate and human life.

Chapter 4 5. Natural Vegetation and Wild Life: Vegetation types, distribution as well as altitudinal variation, need for conservation and various measures.

Major species, their distribution, need for conservation and various measures. Population: Size, distribution, age-sex composition, population change migration as a determinant of population change, literacy, health, occupational structure and national population policy: adolescents as under-served population group with special needs. Collection of material by learners on the flora and fauna of the region in which their school is situated. It should include a list of endangered species of the region and also information regarding efforts being made to save them.

Posters: Depletion of forests and ecological imbalance. What is Democracy? Why Democracy?

Disaster Management - Class 9 | Class 9

Why has democracy become the most prevalent form of government in our times? What are the alternatives to democracy? Is democracy superior to its available alternatives?

Must every democracy have the same institutions and values? Chapter 2 2. Constitutional Design: How and why did India become a democracy?

Earthquake: Protection Against Earthquake

How was the Indian Constitution framed? What are the salient features of the Constitution? How is democracy being constantly designed and redesigned in India? Chapter 3 3. Due to continuous rain in a region, the plants and small tress of that region are uprooted from the soil. Due to these factors, soil and rocks run off on a slopy region.

This running of soil, rocks along with other debris is nothing but landslide. Do's' and don'ts' during earthquake are: Location Don'ts' At home Stand still near the corners of the house and sit under the table or any wooden furniture.

Himalayan Rivers

Cut off the power supply at the time of an earthquake. Do not run here and there and create chaos.

Do not stand below heavy objects such as wall clocks, decoration pieces, photo frames etc. In a vehicle or outside the house Park the car in an open area and sit inside it. Find an open area away from tall building, trees or electric poles. Do not stand near tall buildings, trees or electric pole.

The construction of dams creates a huge water reservoir in which a large portion of land is submerged. Thus, these dams cause excess water pressure in the micro-cracks and fissures in the ground near or under the reservoir. Due to this excess pressure, the water seeps into the ground and lubricates the rocks. In the worst scenario, when the water pressure is very high, the water reaches the fault planes and lubricates them.

This lubrication reduces friction between the tectonic plates, thereby causing the slipping of plates over one another. Hence, in this way dams construction can trigger an earthquake.

Page No Question 2: Give scientific reasons. It is safer to find shelter under things like a bed, table at the time of earthquake. In Monsoons, don't take shelter near hillside.

Don't use lifts at the time of earthquakes. The foundation of earthquake-proof building is separated from other land. In monsoon, there is chance of heavy rainfall. The hillsides are prone to landslide in heavy rainfall i.

So, it is never advisable to take shelter near hillsides during monsoon as your life will be at risk as well as you may face problems such as heavy traffic etc. During an earthquake, the power supplies are cut off and you may get stuck in the elevator for long time.

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So, it is advised not to use lifts at the time of earthquake. Note: The question language is not comprehensible. This layer absorbs the pressure exerted by the earthquake tremors on the side walls of the building.

Due to this, the building does not shake with the same intensity as the earth is shaking.

Page No Question 3: If a crowd gathers at the place of earthquake, what would be the difficulties in relief work?Low grounds or viaducts can be created to carry water in a certain direction or underground. They are a result of natural activities and hence known as natural disasters.

India — Size and Location 2. Arabic - Download PDF. Sign Up. Share via WhatsApp. Chapter 5 6. What does Parliament do in our democracy?

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